Hot sexy body nasty big butt blonde slut

Hot sexy body nasty big butt blonde slut
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******* ORGY TWO********** Disclaimer, I own none of these characters. I'm poor suing me is useless. This is LEMON and has no real plot just lots of sex, but that's why you want to read it right giggle.

Now if you hate sex or hate reading about it or are under age, it's best if you find a different fic to read other wise have fun.

Ranma walked down the hall to his room, his father had informed him of his up coming wedding. Ranma smiled knowingly since he and Akane had already talked about getting married. Before all the guys had shown up to play with his girl side and eight other girls. Ranma found a very large smile form on his face as he remembered how great it was to play not only with Akane that very wonderful night but all the other girls, as well.

Then he was able to find out what it was like having sex with a guy as a girl. He liked the fact that he could cum endlessly with out needing to recharge.

Although that night had kept them all so hot for more pussy that the guys seemed more like animals in heat then humans that night. Ranma slapped his forehead as he look down at himself sure enough his manhood was trying to rip out of his black fighting pants. "I did it again." A large grin on his face Ranma headed to Akane's room instead of his own. Ranma walked right into Akane's room with out knocking first to play with his lady love, when he found her lying, on her bed playing with her soft wet pussy.

"Can anyone join in or is this a one person play time." Ranma smirked at her his body reacting even stronger. "Ranma you sneak, if I wasn't so damn horny I'd tell you it was. But I want more, get in here lover." Akane grinned at him like a cat in heat.

Ranma walked over to her bed, then started to tickle her wet pussy himself. Watching his future wife's face. Ranma started to finger fuck her hole. Enjoying the loud moans that left her lips.

Ranma&hellip.You are soooooooooo Goooooooood. Ohhhhh yes …&hellip.Keep,……going&hellip.ooooh, go faster…&hellip.

Go harder pleaaaaaaaassssseeeeeeeeee." Akane was enjoying feeling Ranma play with her pussy making her reach climax sooner then by herself. Ranma not wanting to disappoint his lover did as she asked. Soon his finger was pounding her soft wet hole fast and hard. Ranma felt himself heat up conciderably, needing more. Ranma slipped his clothes off while trying to keep one finger in her hole. "I gotta have your pussy now Akane." Ranma moved up her body while licking her tummy then her large soft tits.

Once he moved himself up enough, Ranma pushed at her wet pussy, his cock sliding in deep to her love hole. Akane shoved her pussy up to take his cock in faster, then continued to push up eagerly feeling his cock slid in to her hole filling her body with his hard meat. The two young lovers were surprised to hear the door burst open. Both look to see who had invaded their place of privacy.

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"Hi Akane, Ranma, Shampoo thought she find you two in here. You let me play again." Shampoo stood at the door wearing a very small nightgown, Ranma looked at Akane he himself didn't mind at all.

But again it was all up to his Akane. Akane looked at Ranma she could tell he was leaving it up to her, which made her very happy. Akane looked at Shampoo, she could feel her own blood run hot looking at Shampoo standing there breathing deeply so her large tits were ready to burst loose.

"Of course Shampoo come on in, we'll have lots of fun." Akane gave her a large sexy grin. Ranma just grin at he thought of two beautiful girls to play with. Shampoo bounced over to the bed slipping her nightie off as she bounced onto the bed with a sexual spreading of her legs to give them both a look at her soft tuff of purple hair.

"I so glad, I feel so hot and Mousse no is home. He out making delivery for Great Grand Mother." Shampoo smiled as she started to cuddle up close to the two lovers.

"So you and Mousse been busy at your place." Akane asked michiviouly as she grabbed hold of Shampoo's large soft tit giving them both a soft then hard squeeze. "Yeah we do, but Shampoo no can stop thinking what we all do together. I want more like that." Shampoo grabs onto Akane's tits squeezing hers the same way. "To feel these beautiful breast again is great happiness to Shampoo, I guess Shampoo big hentai too." Shampoo nuzzled her large tits with her soft cute face.

Akane nodded in agreement, she had enjoyed that night more then she had let Ranma know. Ranma ignored their chatter as he pumped Akane feeling her tight folds around his cock building him upward to explode. Just before filling her pussy Ranma pulled out to keep from cumming and to pump up Shampoo's pussy.

"Ok Shampoo let's do your cunt now." Ranma moved to slide his cock into her waiting hole while Akane moved to her knees to move to her new position. Ranma grinned as he watched Akane placing herself at Shampoo's waiting mouth; she once again felt how great Shampoo was at eating pussy. Ranma was just getting his rhythm going into Shampoo's hot tight pussy a smile plastered on his face as he enjoyed the feeling of her soft womanhood around his cock.

Ranma reached out his hand to play with one of Akane's tits and one of Shampoo's when the door burst open again. All three looked to see a large group standing there, practically drooling on the floor. "Hey you three, if you think you can come in here and play with out us you are sooooooooooo WRONG." Nabiki gave them her panted look.

The three all laughed out loud, at their sex hungry faces. Ranma then happily looked at Akane he knew she'd say yes. "Come on in everyone it's play time." Akane giggled out as the large group made their way into her room.

It was a bit crowded but she didn't mind it made the sensual feeling all the greater. Nabiki made her way straight to Shampoo, wanting her even more then last time.

In her soft hands she held a large full box of new toys to play with. "Sorry Saotome, but I get Shampoo now. You had her for a short time, that's enough for now." Nabiki grabbed Shampoo's arm to pull her away from Ranma's cock. "I be back for more Ranma." Shampoo let Nabiki take a hold of her hips as she moved to give Nabiki easy access as she lowered her self down the side of the bed to her waiting tongue; Shampoo shuddered as she felt Nabiki's tongue go to work on her clit.

"You so good Nabiki, I always come to you for my pussy be eaten." Shampoo held her hands tight against her head making sure she couldn't get away. Not that Nabiki had any desire to do that. Right now she only wanted to taste Shampoo's love juice in her mouth. After a several minutes of eating Shampoo's very wet love canal, Nabiki brought over her feather to lightly tickle Shampoo's titties with. Shampoo squealed with happiness as Nabiki teased her.

Kasumi walked into the room feeling the need to start with someone different. Taking a hold of Mousse, who had informed all of them that Shampoo was gone and where she most likely was. After that bit of news the group gathered very quickly, so they could all join in the fun. Kasumi started to kiss Mousses well muscled chest as she ran her hands all over his body. Feeling him tense up with the wonderful feel of her soft hands against his chest. Mousse then started to play with Kasumi's pussy causing her to get wet against his hand.

Mousse smiled to himself as he played with her. He then pushed her against the wall; Kasumi moved her legs up around his hips. Mousse pushed deep into her wet waiting hole. Feeling her tight pussy around his cock.

Mousse then pushed in hard and deep. He started to thrust in harder and deeper enjoying how she felt when her pussy eagerly took him in then held tight trying to keep him there as he pulled back.

Mousse moaned with pleasure as he felt Kasumi starting to bite his neck. The feel of her soft folds around his hard rod rubbing him to the point of no return, Mousse soon found himself at climax, his cock shooting forth his seed.

"Kasumi, You are so hot" Mousse breathed panting into her ear. "So are you Mousse, shall we go grab Hinako for a threesome? Kasumi smiled sweetly at him. Mousse melted at her beautiful smiled then wrapped his arms under her pert ass to haul her over to Hinako. "Hinako, would you like to join us." Kasumi whispered in her ear. Hinako looked at the two her mouth watering with the thought of having them both.

"Sure lets play." Once they had Hinako confirmed for their threesome. Kasumi whispered into Hinako's ear, then with a devilish grin the two women turn toward Mousse.

Mousse felt a scared wanting feeling come over him, as he watch the two girls. Both girls grabbed Mousse by the arms then pulled him toward the bed that was just vacated. Kasumi produced her set of handcuffs, while Hinako produced a cat of nine tails. Mousse's eyes widen in surprise, "I'm all yours girls do what you will with me." Mousse moaned in anticipation at their rough play.

Kodachi seeing that Ukyou was busy with Akari and Ryoga decided on a threesome with Ranma and Akane. Moving quickly over there before someone else beat her there. Kodachi started to play with Akane's soft large tits as soon as she reached them "Hello Ranma Sama, I do hope you don't mind if I join in with you two." Ranma panted even more as he watched Kodachi start playing with Akane's large soft tits.

All he could do was shake his head no, he wouldn't mind. Akane giggled then reached a small soft hand over to Kodachi's waiting love hole and started to play with her. Kodachi moaned out loud as Akane pinched her clit. Then moaned more as Akane pulled her closer. Slipping her tongue inside the soft lips of her pussy to gently lick her clit then suck on her clit.

Akane kept pushing her tongue inside then nibble gently on her clit again until Ranma then slide out of her hole after filling up Akane's pussy. Akane watched as he played gently with her own tits. Ranma hand was reaching over to Kodachi body; Ranma then pulled her soft rounded ass toward his cock. Reaching his hand between her shapely legs he started to tickle her pussy hair. Ranma then pushed his harden cock inside her tight ass. Feeling the tightness of her ass around his cock he moved slowly at first savoring the feeling of how tight she was.

Ranma noticed Konatsu standing there with an expectant look on his face. Ranma nodded his head then pounded Kodachi really hard feeling himself coming closer to climax, then pulled out before going over the edge. Ranma smiled as he thought of more pussy. "Ok I know what you want have fun with these two beauties, their really wet. Ranma grinned as he pulled out of Kodachi's ass to seek more. The two girls watch Ranma walked off his large hard cock leading the way then grinned sexily when Konatsu climb onto Kodachi's body.

Kodachi smiled as she felt Konatsu slid his cock into her pussy, then start to pump her up very hard. His large cock deep inside her folds filling her completely as he kept pumping her body's love canal. Kodachi moaned some more then went back to work on Akane's soft wet pussy licking her pussy as she moaned some more.

As Konatsu fucked Kodachi he reached over to play with Akane's tits. Akane moaned as she felt the two playing with her. Konatsu smiled cutely at the two girls he was playing with. Then brought out some flavored finger, paints he had taken out of Nabiki's toy box. Using his soft fingers he started to paint on Akane's flat tummy sliding his fingers around her tummy then slowly lick it off.

Konatsu then used his fingers to cover her tits with the paint, swirling them all around her soft harden nipple to her deep valley. Konatsu moved a bit to start licking them slowly his tongue sliding over Akane's right nipple slipping his tongue gently down the valley then up her other soft mound to her other softly painted green nipple.

Konatsu after cleaning Akane up with his tongue used his other hand to paint on Kodachi's tummy. Kodachi couldn't wait to try painting him. Taking the paints in hand Kodachi moved between his legs to start painting his softening cock. Using her index finger she moved blue paint slowly up his cock from the base. Then moved it back down to the dip into the paint container to bring out some green paint on her fingers with red and orange.

Using her four fingers she swirled them around his cock chuckling happily as he grew up hard and proud again. Ukyou noticed Ranma leaving the other two girls so quickly went to him.

"Hey Ranma try my pussy again." Ukyou pressed her large tits against his chest. "Sure thing Ucchan" Ranma grabbed her by her ass then lifted her up. With her body up he flipped her over so her mouth was at his waiting cock. Ukyou was a bit surprised to find herself upside down and staring at Ranma's large hard cock. She didn't care, though as she heard him talking to her. "First though I taste your pussy." Ranma pushed his face into her wet waiting pussy.

Sliding his tongue around then nibbling on her clit, Ranma was soon rewarded with her cumming very fast on his waiting tongue. Licking up her love juices he pushed his tongue in deeper, wanting more of her cum juice. Ukyou felt herself cumming hard into Ranma's waiting mouth, She tried to keep her concentration on his cock but his tongue was making it very hard to do.

Sucking hard on his cock then sliding him in deep she kept it up till she heard Ranma's warning. "Fuck pussy time." Ranma then flipped her back over so she was looking into his deep blue eyes. "Hi handsome." Ukyou gasped then as she felt Ranma filled her tight pussy with his large meat. "Hmmm your so tight, Ukyou it sure feels good." Ranma started to pump into her pussy slowly trying to keep the wonderful feeling of her soft wet pussy to last longer time. Ukyou could only moan as Ranma shoved himself in very slow then slid out slower.

"Ranma your cock feels so good like this." Ukyou moaned some more as she felt herself cumming on his cock again. Ranma just grunted as he kept his eyes closed while he revel in the feel of her soft body. Ranma gave a large mighty heave into her wet pussy filling her with his seed. "I love cumming" Ranma smiled at Ukyou as she giggled happily to have him again. Tofu soon found himself, eating Akane's pussy, while his large hard cock, was getting sucked on by Kasumi.

Soon Kasumi could take it no more. Moving up, she placed her sexy body at Tofu's cock. One fast thrust down had Tofu deep in her wet eagerly awaiting pussy.

"OOOOOOOO Kasumi yes, you're so tight." Tofu tried hard to keep from cumming too soon. After her great tongue work, then fast thrust on his large meat, while eating Akane's wet pussy he was finding it hard to keep his control going. Kasumi reached her hands over to Akane's beautiful tits. She has always loved to look at women's tits and now she was able to look feel, taste all she wanted. Grabbing them in both hands Kasumi played with them then leaned over to suckle them.

Akane held her sister's head there to keep her tongue and mouth working on her tits. All three moaned out as they started to cum one after another. The three split up after kodachi came over and started to eat Akane's pussy, Kasumi moved off with Tofu to a private corner to play. Kodachi licked her soft wet pussy causing Akane to shiver above her face, after a few minutes Akane laid on the bed with Kodachi sitting above her face getting her turn.

Akane enjoyed eating pussy and was happily sucking on her clit when she felt a sudden weight on her body. Looking ender Kodachi she saw Taro's face planted firmly between her chest. "Ummm sorr…&hellip.y ." Taro could only stare as he noticed his face was between Akane's large tits while his nose was rubbing a soft plush ass. "Oooooooh ummm, I mean uh where's Ranma, does he know about this." Taro was at a loss for words. "Yes he does he was with Ukyou but who knows now." Akane giggled a bit at his shocked face.

"You, want to join us since your quite hard now." Akane smiled broadly at him. While Kodachi just laughed. "Sure if it's ok but what about Happosai." Taro started to undo his shirt then pants eagerly looking at all the naked bodies around him. Taro slid his hand over Akane's tit while the other played with Kodachi's ass. "Hmmm you girls sure feel good." Taro slid his body down between Akane's legs then started to play with her soft petals.

Sliding his fingers in between her lips then into her love hole he started to finger fuck her, then started in with his tongue tasting her juices as she came fast and hard on his tongue. Taro couldn't wait any longer he moved up between her legs then slammed his very hard cock up her pussy.

Feeling her wet tightness grip him made him pound her faster and harder. "Wow Ranma" real lucky to have you, your so tight and wet. Taro panted happily. After he filled her pussy Taro moved in behind Kodachi to feel her ass. "You've been moving this cute ass at me just making me want it huh." Taro shoved his cock up her ass, while Akane watch them.

"I want any man and you are so manly." Kodachi started to ram her butt back toward his hard pounding cock. Shampoo was done with Nabiki who really ate at her pussy a lot this time, so was now ready for more cock. Seeing Ryoga leave Hinako Shampoo grabbed his arm to turn him around. "Ryoga you fuck Shampoo now." Shampoo started to play with his cock, which had gone soft but was willing to grow again. "Ooooooh you get hard fast, you like Shampoo's body.

Her tone was anything but a question to him. Ryoga answered any way. "Shampoo, your body is so hot that if I didn't have Akari, Mousse would have competition." Ryoga grabbed her around the waist bringing her in close to his hot sweating body. Kissing her deeply Ryoga ran his hands up and down her back then settled on her butt cheeks keeping her in place.

With a mighty heave upward toward her waiting hole Ryoga dove into her body deep. Ryoga grunted then moaned as he swayed with her body.

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Listening to Shampoo moan while squeezing her legs tight around his waist, Ryoga found himself filling her body fast with his life seed. Ryoga kept pumping away on her since her tight little hole felt to good to give up right now.

Hinako started to give Mousse some head thoroughly enjoying the feel of his large cock deep in her mouth and throat. That's when they all heard the large crashing sound coming from outside. All the participants looked toward the window wondering what the commotion was.

The men not really caring went back to work on the one they had in hands. The girls though wanted to know so all moved away to make sure it wasn't Happosai out there. Looking out of Akane's window down to the ground the girls saw a male body down there lying on the ground with a large grin on his face.

"That's Hikaru, what's he doing out there." Ukyou voiced for all the girls. The guys feeling left out all finally walked over to see what was happening. "What's the little perv doing down there get to much of an eyeful." Mousse snorted.

"Obviously the young freshmen was taken by all the beauty in here with me. Kuno struck a pose till Ukyou tickled his balls, "Women you shall get yours just be patient." Kuno looked at her lustfully.

"Kuno you'd have sex with your self if you could." Ukyou then grabbed his balls and squeezed them tight. Kuno could only moaned as Ukyou kept a tight grip on him. "Well we can't just leave the guy down there, who volunteers to get him." Akane looked around at all the faces.

"Shampoo go he no is heavy guy." With that Shampoo had leaped out the window in all her glory, to gracefully land next to the voodoo boy. Flinging the comatose boy over her shoulder Shampoo leaped back up and through the window with her load. "What we do with him now? " Shampoo had laid him down on the floor. Then sat by him looking at his silly grinning face. "Hmmm, If no one has any objections I'll do something with him." Nabiki grinned, evilly. "Nope I don't." Has Kuno flung Ukyou over his shoulder to give her some of his meat?

Kuno first walked over to Nabiki's box to see what she had he could make use of. Spotting a bottle of heating rubbing oil. Kuno quickly grabbed it up then hauled her over to a corner. "I don't care either." With that said, Konatsu grabbed Akane's hand then pulled her over to the box to see what else there was. "Hey how bout this Akane." Konatsu held up a long string of wooden beads.

Akane looked at them then tilted her head to keep looking. "Ok I'll try anything once let's take them." Konatsu walked off to the bed with Akane. Nabiki walked over to the door as all the others said they didn't mind except Kodachi who jumped suddenly in front of Nabiki. "Let me play with you please." Kodachi batted her eyes at Nabiki.

"Sure drag him over to the end of the bed." "Thanks I will." Kodachi went over to move the voodoo boy.

While Nabiki, walked out into the hall to her room passing by Genma who was out side listening to the door. "Hi Uncle Saotome having fun" Nabiki grinned impishly at him as she passed by. "Uh……uh&hellip.uh&hellip." Genma wasn't able to speak as he watched Nabiki's ass sway and twitch on it's own. Nabiki soon came back in with a blow up male doll and female doll.

She threw the male doll into the middle of the floor where everyone did a double take as a cry, of. "How cute, Francine." A few giggles came from the girls as they watched Azusa cuddle up the blow up man. "You make me squeal won't you Francine." Asuza soon had the doll in her wet pussy bouncing up and down on him, while squealing in a little girl fashion.

Nabiki watch her fucking the dolls enlarged piece of rubber for a moment then turn back to Kodachi "Now Kodachi shall we have fun with Hikaru." Kodachi nodded her head in approval as she took in the lady doll with very large tits.

Kodachi turned back to Nabiki grinning big time. "What are we going to do Nabiki." Kodachi's eyes shone with anticipation.


"First we set him up with a doll. The lady here, we can set her on his face. "The face cool, come on lets do it." Kodachi took the female doll from her then started to position her opening at his face. "Now what Nabiki." Kodachi was getting hot just wondering what was going to happen next.

"Next my sweet nymph we lick his cock till he awakens. Come we can get on either side of him we'll wake him in a way he'll never forget." Both girls laid down then slowly undid his pants to be able to slide them off his lower half.

Once done both girls had to admire the fact that this small skinny guy was well endowed. "I would never think someone his size could walk around with so much meat between the legs." Kodachi licked his cock to get them started. Nabiki watched for a moment fascinated by Kodachi's tongue work then started in her.

After a few licks the girls heard another voice talking out loud which had all of them looking to see who the new comer was. "Well I can see many ladies here wanting more then a kiss from me. I shall grant you the pleasure you so desire from me." Mikado grabbed Shampoo from behind as she just left Mousse for a new lover.

"You think you make Shampoo squeal we soon see." Shampoo turned around to see the guy who had grabbed her. "I no know you who you." Shampoo was puzzled she didn't recognize the guy but he was very cute. "Mikado is my name I am loved by all females who desire my kiss." "Shampoo want more then kiss she want fuck. Do women desire that too." Shampoo gave him a pouty look. "Of course." Mikado started to slide his hands up and down her curvy body delighting in her soft feel.

"Hmm nice hands now do more then that." Shampoo purred to him. Mikado feeling the most horny he ever had was happy to oblige her. Mikado started to lick her neck, then slowly moves his tongue down to her soft large tits. Swirling his tongue around her nipple he was pleased to hear Shampoo moaning as he worked on her.

Soon Mikado made his was down to her soft velvety pussy, sliding his tongue in between her soft petals he softly licked her clit making her whole body shudder against his face. Mikado enjoyed himself he would never tell anyone that this was his first time and he really hoped this purple hair beauty didn't figure it out.

After all he read ever sex magazine he could get a hold of. That should give him enough to fake his way through. Shampoo decided she needed more then a tongue she lowered herself down then placed her soft hands on his chest once there she pushed him over onto the floor then straddled him. "Now I feel how good you are in me." Shampoo pushed her wet pussy slowly and teasingly, down on his large hard cock.

Then brought herself, up again to tease him some more. Shampoo enjoyed teasing his cock since he kept moaning in such loud long drawn out moans she was getting to much excitement from it to give him the relief he was feeling in need of.

Nabiki soon felt a large cock slid in to her butt as she lay on the ground with kodachi licking Hikarsu's large cock, to the point that he was now squirming and moaning softly. "Um, what are you doing in here, Uncle Saotome." Nabiki had never thought he'd have the nerve to come in and have sex with them. "Hey it's not my fault Nodoka's out and you guys aren't very quiet about what you're doing in here." Genma kept pounding away at her soft ass, looking as though he had found true heaven.

Nabiki shrugged her shoulders she really didn't care who she had sex with as long as she got some action. Nabiki kept licking Hikaru with Kodachi then felt Genma leave her body, she noticed him moving over toward Kodachi. Once there Genma laid down under her pussy then started to lick her clit then nibble on her as Kodachi pushed her pussy down toward his waiting tongue.

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"Wow now I know why Ranma's so good. Who'd think his dad would be this good." Kodachi moaned some more as he kept eating her.

Soon Genma moved up then shoved himself into her waiting pussy once again looking as though he was in heaven. Nabiki soon noticed that Hikaru was coming to with a squawk of surprise Hikaru sat straight up holding the dolls pussy to his face with both hands. "Hey there, having fun with the cute dolly." Nabiki smirked at him.

Hikaru promptly fainted again. A few licks and hard sucking by Nabiki aroused him from slumber again. Hikaru peeked out from behind the dolls soft body to see Nabiki smiling at him. "Um…how I get in here?" "We brought you in after you fainted and fell to the ground now shall we play.

With that Nabiki climbed on to his body shoving his cock into her body. "Um…&hellip. Can, you please wait for a moment." Hikaru didn't want to upset her but there was something very important to him. "Sure thing sweet heart whacha need to do." Nabiki smiled some more. "Um no offence but please if you don't mind I'll go lose my virginity to Akane, it's kinda a dream of mine." Hikaru looked at her sheepishly.

"Hahahahhahahahhahahahhahahahaha you, are so cute go ahead guy get her pussy then you can come back to me." Nabiki got up to play with Mikado who had just finished with Shampoo who seemed very pleased from the time with him. As she walked over there she noticed that Kodachi was still getting fucked by, Genma.

A large smile appeared on her face as she figured she'd need to try riding him before the night was over. Hikaru breathed a sigh of relief then went to get Akane. He found her playing with Ryoga who was pounding her soft butt with his meat. "Can I join you two." Hikaru looked scared to death, but really wanted his first time with the girl he had loved for so long.

"Sure you can have my pussy while Ryoga keeps working on my ass." Akane held a hand out to him. Hikaru quickly moved over to her, he started to kiss her tits then moved his cock to her opening. After a few tries Hikaru finally got his cock up inside Akane's soft tight wet pussy. He started to pump her body as hard as he could then slowed down enjoying the feel of her body in a way that made his dreams pale by comparison.

Ukyou walked over to the box of fun to peek into it and see what else Nabiki had in there. "OOOOOh yes this is great." Ukyou grabbed out a bottle of flavored whip cream. Turn to see who see could play with now when she noticed Kasumi leaving her last lover to find a new one. Ukyou quickly ran over to her grabbed her by the tit to keep her from going to some other guy. "Here Kasumi I have something great for us to use." Holding the can up that proudly said cherry flavor.

"Ukyou that looks great come on over to this semi cleared spot." Kasumi led her over to a corner that wasn't filled with to many naked bodies. Ukyou gave the can a few shakes then popped the lid off. Giving her a very generous dosage of whip dream on her tits she then sprayed it down to her pussy. Once she had Kasumi pussy filled with cream. Ukyou went to work on her body slicking her clean with her tongue while her hand slowly played with one of her creamy tits Ukyou made her way down to her pussy.

Once there Ukyou noticed that some of the whip cream had melted so she added more to her pussy with made Kasumi moaned loudly. Ukyou started to lick her love petals then moved her tongue in deeper to her pussy. Licking up all her love juices mixed with whip cream made Ukyou feel very hot. Kasumi was feeling great with the whip cream all over her body leaving her sticky feeling but well worked over by Ukyou's tongue soon wanted to taste Ukyou's pussy with whip cream.

"Ukyou honey let me add whip cream to your pussy so I can taste you too." Kasumi asked in her sweetest voice. Ukyou was very happy to accommodate her. Giving the can to Kasumi, she soon found her pussy filled with the soft cream. Both girls moaned as the other kept licking sucking and fingering the other one.

After a while of playing with each others pussy's Kasumi showed Ukyou the large double headed dildo she had grabbed up earlier. "Oh yes Kasumi lets do each other." Ukyou spread her legs wide while Kasumi stuffed her pussy with one end, then stuff her with the other end.

Straddling her one leg she started to rock back and forth with Ukyou who kept bucking her hips upwards. The two ladies soon had each other cumming very hard. Kumon walked in the front gate hoping to see the nice lady and visit with Ranma and Akane.

He really envied Ranma having such a cute fianc? Kumon walk in through the front door since it was wide open. Looking around he noticed one really important thing there were people engaging in sex in the living room.

On closer inspection he noticed that the couple was Kasumi with some guy he didn't know. Shampoo was done with Konatsu and needed a new lover. When she saw Ryoga, leaving Nabiki with a can of whip cream in hand.

"Ryoga I have something new for you to try." Shampoo asked in a sexy voice. "Sure what ever you want is fine with me." Ryoga just wanted to feel another pussy he didn't care whose.

"OK come with me." Shampoo grabbed him by the hand to lead him out of the room. Ryoga grabbed his private parts in case someone was out there. Shampoo walked through the hall in all her glory not even worrying about the fact that Soun was out there.

Not that he noticed considering what he was doing. Ryoga never noticed his hand falling away from his privates as he watched Mr. Tendo slamming his cock into Mrs. Saotome's body. Ryoga shocked his head as he followed Shampoo down the hall and to the wash room. "What we doing here." Ryoga looked around the room in puzzlement "I want try in curse form you no is cat but you pig form should be able to do it right." Shampoo looked at him with cute pleading eyes. "Um… sure why not I'll try anything once at least." "OOOH thank you Ryoga." With that Shampoo threw water on them both, then waiting to feel Ryoga's pig body start to work on her cat body.

Ryoga didn't wait long to enter her cat body feeling he difference in her cat body from her human one. He liked the human body more then her cat body or with his pig body. Ryoga soon filled her cat body and was glad to see her head for the furo. Ryoga ran for it too but was stopped short by Shampoo's hand. "You eat me while in pig form." Shampoo knelt down then held P-chan to her pussy to feel his snout at her pussy pushed in deep licking her very fast. Shampoo soon found herself cumming on him soaking his small black body.

Kasumi walked in with Mousse to see the two playing then gave Mousse a questioning look. Mousse walked over to the bucket of cold water and splashed himself with it. After Mousse was changed he waddled over to Kasumi's waiting pussy.

Shampoo giggled as she watched Kasumi smile brightly as Mousse moved his duckbill in and out of her pussy. "Shampoo tries Mousse next you can try Ryoga he has good pig snout." Shampoo giggled some more as Kasumi nodded her head vigorously at her. Soon the two girls traded pets then changed both guys' back to normal.

Mousse smiled as he grabbed Kasumi then shoved his cock into her wet hole. Shampoo noticed Ryoga walking out so went over to join Mousse and Kasumi. Mousse had great fun fucking both girls Hinako soon moved over to find a new lover when she noticed Soun out in the hall, moving over to the door she went out to him, with his lover. "Hi Soun, can I play with you." "Sure" Soun looked at her body with desire. "I'm going to seek someone new myself I'll play with you later Hinako." Nodoka walked off to find a new lover.

"Take me Soun." Hinako held her arms out to him. Soun quickly moved into her not even bothering with foreplay as he stuffed his cock into her pussy. As Soun continued to pound her body he suddenly noticed she was getting smaller and tighter. Looking down he noticed Hinako was in her child form.


"I'm so sorry Soun, I must have left my fighting fish in the bed room. I'm sorry to disappoint you." Hinako felt like crying as she then noticed that Soun had not let up on his pounding of her body. He had in fact increased his pounding of her small girl body.

"Umm you don't mind?" Hinako was puzzled she thought for sure he would leave her instantly like this. "Hinako dear I don't mind at all that you're a small girl it just makes it tighter for me and that feels great." Soun kept pounding a very surprised Child size Hinako. Soun was done pounding his little lover and the two went looking for more action. Hinako grabbed up Mikado and started to play with his large hard cock.

Mikado didn't know the little girl playing with him and was quite surprised to have her playing with his cock. "Um not that what your doing isn't great feeling but how old are you." Mikado was having a hard time caring as he felt her sucking on his cock now. "Age is irrelevant, and if you move me toward those fish after you slam your cock into my love hole then you'll see. Hinako jumped up grabbing his shoulders then plunged his cock in deep to her soft little body.

"Uh &hellip.uh …&hellip.uh…&hellip. uh…… wow girl you sure feel great, now what did you want me to do." Mikado now didn't care as he eagerly fucked her body.

"The small bowl of fish, take me over there." Hinako pointed out the fish bowl. "Sure thing girlie." Mikado moved over there and was surprised to find his little girl growing to a big well, shapely women.

"How did you do that." Mikado stop pumping her body for a moment as in took in her soft curvy well shape body. "I do it all the time. I love to have sex as a women or little girl." Hinako giggled cutely at him. "Well lady I'll be glad to screw both forms, but how do I get you back in your little girl form." Mikado was having a hentai thought of going big girl then little girl several times. "Hinako grinned devilishly at him. "All that needs to be done is take me away from the fish in a few minutes, I'll go back to the small girl form." "Then we're out of here.

Mikado started to suck on her large soft tits as he walked away from the fish and out into the hall. Once there, Mikado enjoyed shoving her up against the wall hard while pounding her soft pussy.

His wait was rewarded as she started to grow small and her pussy hole, got tighter around his large hard cock, forcing him to cum and fill her young body with his seed. Ranma walked away from the toy box with several small bottles of oil. He saw Nabiki finishing with Kodachi so decided to play with one of them. "Hi girls can I rub oil on one of you.

Or both." Ranma smiled sexily at them "I'm in." Nabiki gave him a seductive look. While Kodachi started to nod her head then finally was able to talk. "Rub me any way you want Ranma Sama." Kodachi spread out her arms offering her body to him.

Ranma grinned then squirt some oil in both hand then reached over to rub the girls tits with the oil in his strong hands.


Ranma felt himself growing hard as he rubs the oil around on their soft tits. Taking some time to do other things Ranma slid his hands down while he bent over to suck on Kodachi's tits then lick the nipple then slid his tongue over to the other tit, to give it equal time.

After a few minutes of her tits Ranma moved over to Nabiki's soft large tits. Nabiki could feel her pussy soaking his strong hand as he played with her.

"Ranma please fuck my pussy now." Nabiki moaned softly Ranma smiled with pleasure he was eager to jump in to a pussy but didn't want to choose one over the other. Ranma lay down on the floor so Nabiki could straddle him. "Oh yesssssss." Ranma moaned as Nabiki pushed her hot wet pussy down on his large cock. Kodachi then straddled his face, to feel his tongue working on her. Kodachi moaned loudly while squirming over his face as he eagerly licked her clit then sucked on it.

Ranma was really enjoying the feel of Nabiki's pussy while tasting Kodachi's. Soun walked in to see Asuza playing with the male dolls large cock, and felt his own grow at the site. Soun quickly moved over to her. Grabbing her up from the doll, Soun shoved his rock hard cock up her very wet tight pussy. Asuza was surprised to find a man fucking her but she really didn't mind as long as Francine went home with her.

"Asuza so happy have lots of cute men here to enjoy." Asuza started to ram her pussy in time with Soun's rhythm. Mikado had finished with a young Hinako and now wanted to taste other's pussy.

Looking around the crowded room he noticed Akane Tendo with Ukyou Kuonji. Sauntering over to them as they played with vibrators to tickle each others large tits and what appear to be some kind of food type under wear on each of them.

"Hey you lovely girls want some company." Mikado looked at them with expectant acceptance. "Sure if you think you can handle both of us." Ukyou chuckled, micheviously. "I can handle anything you can throw at me. Mikado moved down, to get a closer inspection of the interesting undies.

"These are most interesting may I try them." Mikado looked up at Akane's face she just nodded. Mikado started to lick the undies finding them to be a cherry flavor and quite good. Then started to like Ukyou's undies and found them to be strawberry flavor. "Hmmm both taste very good, I'm going to have to linger on them both." Mikado went back to licking one girl then the other. Both moaned until Akane decided more needed to be done here. "Let me do something for you Mikado." Akane grab, up another pair of edible undies, moving over to slip them onto his body.

After she had them on his large enflamed cock. Akane started to lick at him also enjoying the taste of his blue berry ones. Mikado moaned some more as he felt Akane working on his large cock, with the undies melting against his cock making him feel sticky but very horny. Mikado finally push his tongue through Ukyou's undies to taste more of her pussy, he found her very wet and eagerly licked up her juices. Ukyou squirmed around as she felt him eat her soft pussy, enjoying the feel of his long tongue teasing her love hole.

After a few minutes of eating her pussy, Mikado needed more so knowing that Akane had eaten and licked most of his own pair away he moved from her great tongue and sucking job to ram himself up Ukyou's body.

Mikado loved the feel of his cock up Ukyou's tight hole he gently pushed forward then slowly brought it back out then repeat it. Ukyou moaned in pleasure and then grinned as she noticed Akane bringing her hot wet pussy over to her. Ukyou eagerly grab onto Akane's body to bring her down to her waiting tongue.

Ukyou played with Akane soft large tits while Akane played with her tits. Ukyou slid her tongue along Akane's love petals then used her tongue to tickle her clit, causing her to cum on her waiting tongue.

Mikado soon finished with Ukyou's pussy but of course wanted more, pussy. Grabbing Akane's small hand he pulled her toward his waiting cock. Pushing her down he then lay, over her body shoving himself into her wet tight pussy. Feeling her body tight around his cock made him start to cum right away, with a mighty heave and grunt he filled her soft body up. Akane kept bucking her hips at his cock needing more then he was giving her.

She was happy to feel he was still rock hard and still pumping her pussy. Akane kept pumping her pussy up toward his eager cock. Ukyou not wanting to be left out sat her self down on Akane's face, who eagerly started to lick her pussy then, slid her tongue inside tasting her wet pussy cumming on her tongue.

Akane enjoyed Ukyou's taste so kept working her pussy hard to make her body cum in an endless river of cum juice. Soun was very happy to have daughter and even more happy, to have ones who had lots of horny friends.

Soun had just finished with Shampoo when he grab up the nearest pussy he saw waving in the air as she was sucking on he noticed Genma large cock. Soun rammed himself into her waiting pussy feeling her hot tight wet pussy all around his cock. Soun kept pumping her up when he heard a small sweet voice talking to him.

"Oh my hello father, I didn't realize you were into this." Kasumi smiled happily at her father. She has played with him sooner if she had known. Soun just looked surprised the pussy he was fucking was his daughter's after faltering for a moment he shrugged his shoulders then went back to work on her.

Soon Genma moved Soun out of the way he had always wanted to feel Kasumi's pussy. Sliding himself in he felt her hot pussy tight around him. Pushing in deeper he started to lick her tits then suck them hard enough to leave marks on her.

Tofu was having fun fucking Kodachi while she used the whip on his back, he had never thought he enjoy being beaten on while having sex. Kodachi was enjoying the role of lord and master and had already agreed to play the meek part after he came. Kuno moved over to Ranma with a glass of cold water. One dump on his head gave him the pigtail girl.

"I do hope you don't mind but since you two are the same and I'd really love to feel that tight pussy again, I thought I'd help you out here." Kuno grabbed Ranma chan by her small waist then lifting her up high so her legs could wrap around his neck, Kuno stuffed his face into her wet pussy.

Ranma chan wiggled a bit as Kuno's tongue went to work on her pussy, he/she had kinda thought of changing but didn't want the guys to wonder too much about him, this way though he could get it both ways. Kuno felt Ranmachan cumming so he eagerly lapped up her cum juice.

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"I envy you Ranma you are able to know what it's like as a girl or boy, I wish I could do the same." Kuno felt her large tits with his hands as he lowered her body down. Kissing her neck all the way down to her large soft tits. "We could get some.ummmm …… temparary.oooooohhhhh…&hellip.

stuff,&hellip. for,&hellip. you, …then you could try it as a girl…an…an… and the girls could……aaaaaaah&hellip. try, it as…a… a guy." Ranma liked the thought of a male Akane in his female body.

Right now though he was enjoying the feel of Kuno's tongue licking his tits. "We'll have to" &hellip.suck hard&hellip."look…hmmmmmm…&hellip.into that………" Kuno though wasn't interested in words right now he was enjoying another female body. Kuno turned her around then pushed his cock in from behind thrusting hard up her ass Kuno felt he tight ass around his cock making him wanting to fill her body up with his seed. Kuno reached around to play with her large tits as he kept his rhythm up in her butt.

After Kuno had his time with Ranma chan he went looking for more female flesh the next one he noticed was Asuza, quickly going for his next pussy Kuno grabbed her from behind to give her a taste of anal sex. Ranma chan had thought to change back but found herself being wrapped up in Akane's arms. "Hey lover, going to let me taste your pussy." After her breathing sexily in her ear there was no way Ranma would say no if he had wanted too.

"I get yours too." Ranma panted Akane answered by lowering her soft body down to the ground with her legs spread wide for Ranma's face. Ranma didn't need any other encouragement he placed her pussy above Akane's waiting tongue. Both girls went to work on each other's pussy with great glee. Ranma sucked on her clit then slid her tongue in to her wet soft hole as far as she could.

Ranma enjoyed the feel of Akane's hip moving up toward her exploring tongue, as she shoved her pussy farther down to Akane's tickling tongue. Hikaru watched the two girls play with each other his large rod standing at attention. Hikaru started to play with himself while he watch then he felt Nabiki from behind himself playing with his cock too.

She had oil in her hand so the feeling was more erotic for him. Nabiki soon pulled him down to the floor, she showed him her beads. Hikaru had never seen them before. "What's that." They intrigued him. "Stick them up my butt or pussy or both." Nabiki straddled him. Hikaru took the beads from her hand then proceeded to stick them up her pussy hole the other end he shoved up her butt.

Hikaru smiled as Nabiki moaned at him. Nabiki enjoyed playing with him and was quite happy to see Kodachi join them. Hikaru smiled like a madman, as he shoved some beads into Nabiki's pussy then Kodachi's pussy. Nabiki just plan enjoyed licking Kodachi's tits while her pussy was being played with. Tofu was busy shoving his cock up Nodoka's pussy while feeling Ukyou play with his balls while Nodoka was eating her pussy.

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Ukyou had some chocolate syrup that she used to play with his balls. She would squirt some down on his cock as he pulled out of Nodoka, so then her pussy was getting chocolate filled. Nodoka took the bottle from Ukyou to squirt it up her pussy. Her face was covered in pussy juice and chocolate but she was happy as she squirted more in. Ukyou could only moaned in pleasure as her pussy kept cumming from the pleasure of Nodoka's tongue.

After Nodoka squirted up a generous amount she then licked up her pussy juice mixed with chocolate. Sliding her tongue in as far as she could so she wouldn't miss a drop of her juices. Genma walked by then gave her a pat on the head the thing he loved about her was how kinky and open she was about sex. Genma found Hinako eating Akane's pussy so decided to join them. Genma moved in behind Hinako with several ice cubes.

Genma used his mouth to push several up Hinako's hot pussy, while rubbing a couple more on her tits. Genma enjoyed the feel of Hinako's body shuddering from the cold and the thrill of it.

Genma soon ran out so he knelt behind her then shoved his cock up her tight pussy. Hinako enjoyed the feel of his tongue and loved the way it shoved her face deeper into Akane's wet pussy.

After he fucked her body a few times he pulled out just as she was ready to cum. "Ahhh, man make me cum." Hinako looked at him with a pouty face. "Not just yet my dear." Genma then turned her around knelt in front of her then shoved his face into her pussy, sliding his tongue in deep to her body lapping up her juice. Hinako squirmed happily while eating Akane out.

Genma then slid his tongue slowly up his body tickling her tummy. Once he reached her large tits Genma spent a long time sucking them nibbling, then licking them. Genma then again shoved his hard rod up Hinako's pussy pumping her hard and fast while Akane sat on her face getting eaten by her. Genma then moved over to Akane's hot wet pussy. Eager, to try her out now. "I've been with all the other fianc? now I'm having you." Genma slid his hands slowly over her large soft tits.

Akane shuddered as his hands slid over her tits then down to her pussy, once there his large hand played with her soft pussy lips. Sliding a finger into her then slowly twirling it.

Akane moaned with the feel of his hand playing with her pussy, cumming easily on his hand. Genma then pushed her up against the wall, shoving his large cock up her tight hole fast and hard. After he had himself in deep Genma stayed like that savoring the feeling of her pussy around his cock.

A few moments later Genma started to pump her up hard and fast loving the feel of tight wet pussy. Kasumi noticed when she came back into the room many people were gone to other rooms around the house engaging in sexual positions of all kinds. Kasumi found Genma just finishing with Akane so grab him up for sex. Genma always eager for more sex took Kasumi to another room to play with her.

Genma led her to the back porch. Once there, Genma started to tell her what he wanted. "Kasumi dear please bend over and touch your ankles." Genma smiled as she bent over, to grab her ankles.

Genma quickly handcuffed her wrist to her ankles then started to pound her pussy with a vibrator. "Oooooh Genma oooh this is ooh sooooo good." Kasumi enjoyed the feeling of his rough play, as he started to spank her butt hard. "Oh yes spank me Uncle spank me." Kasumi moaned louder as Genma spanked her even harder. Ranma found himself on the roof with two girls who were taking turns licking then sucking his cock.

Ranma petted Shampoo soft purple hair then brought her up to his face. "I want to taste your tits Shampoo." Ranma licked her large tits then suckled them. Swirling his tongue around her nipples causing her to moan loudly. Shampoo found herself cumming already. Sliding her own hand down to her pussy she felt just how wet she was.

Kodachi smiled as she kept sucking Ranma's hard cock, enjoying having it all to herself for a moment. Kodachi then straddled his body to shove his cock into her tight pussy. Kodachi bounced up and down several times while playing with her own tits since Ranma was busy with Shampoo's tits.

Shampoo though wanted more then her fingers so climb above Ranma waiting tongue. Ranma sucked her clit then nibbled on her. After a few moments of feeling Kodachi's pussy bouncing on his rod, Shampoo switched places with her. Kodachi sat above Ranma's mouth while Shampoo slam the cock in hard, she started pounding Ranma's body with a lot of force, making her cum quickly on his large cock.

Kodachi then reached over to play with Shampoo's tits since watching them bounce was making her hot for them. Shampoo grabbed Kodachi's head to keep it close at her tits while she slowed her pounding. Ranma just kept eating one while enjoying the feel of another girl's pussy on his cock. Ryoga pulled Akane outside to the yard, he wanted to play with her alone with out any other guys or girls helping him.

Ryoga looked at her well trim body as the moon light shone down making her skin glow softly. "Wow your so beautiful Akane." Ryoga felt as though his nose would bleed just looking at her, even if he had made love to her, there was something about her that made his nose heat up.

"Thanks Ryoga, you're a very handsome guy yourself." Akane shifted a bit wondering if he was just going to watch her or play. "Thanks." Ryoga kept staring so Akane started to dance slowly swaying her hips slowly back and forth catching the moon light in different patterns across her skin.

Akane started to really get into her dancing and moved more around the yard while Ryoga just gazed at her with his mouth hanging open. Ranma filled Shampoo's body with his seed then laid back on the roof tile, tired from so much sex. When he heard some interesting noises coming from the yard, sitting up he noticed that Kodachi and Shampoo were playing with each other so peeked off the roof to see Akane dancing around the yard for Ryoga. Ranma felt himself heat up watching her she looked so beautiful and graceful swaying around the yard, that Ranma wanted to jump down and take her right them.

He watched for a moment, knowing Ryoga most likely brought her out her for some alone time. Ranma kept watching as Ryoga moved over to taste Akane's pussy by the pond where she was dancing around it. Ryoga he noticed was ram, rod hard as he buried his face into her pussy. Ranma sighed to himself as he watched his fianc?being eaten by his friend.

*I'm sure glad she's mine, if I missed seeing her ever morning and feeling her every night then life wouldn't be worth It.* Ranma jumped down off the roof when he noticed Azusa cuddling up to Ryoga's side as he pushed himself in deep to Akane.

"Ryoga you play with Asuza please." Asuza looked at him with big soulful eyes. "Um sure let me finish here." Ryoga kept pounding Akane's love hole while trying to talk to her, when all he wanted was to have Akane one last time tonight. "Hey Asuza I'll play with ya while ya wait for Ryoga." Ranma smiled at her.

"Ooooooh Asuza like that take me right here." Asuza looked at him with the same pleading look. "Sure" Ranma grabbed her by her butt cheeks then buried his face into her pussy to taste her juices. Ranma licked up her juices then slid his tongue in deep then swirled it around causing Asuza to cum on his tongue. Ranma then picked her up by the waist to slam his cock up her pussy. Ranma pounded her hard wanted to cum fast so he could continue playing else, where.

Ryoga finished cumming into Akane tight pussy, he looked at her sheepishly while she just giggled. "Hey don't worry go get Asuza we can always play more later if you want." Akane gave him a peck on the nose then let her legs fall from around his hips. Ryoga smiled sadly then walked over to Ranma who looked like he was done since he had slid out of her and was just playing with her tits now. "Hey Ranma is she all ready to play" Ryoga slid his hand over her soft skin then played with her butt while Ranma moved away from her.

"Yeah she's really wet her pussy tight so it feels great too." Ranma moved over toward Akane who stood he pond quietly watching them. "Hey Akane I'm just about had it shall we go to your room for one last fuck." Ranma slid his hands across her soft cheek then kissed her tenderly. "Yeah I am, I'm getting worn out but it's been great fun too." Akane smiled then eeped as Ranma swoop hr up then walked this time through the house to her room. On the way there they noticed many guys in the living room watching several girls dancing around the room for them.

The two watched for a moment as the guys were getting hard with excitement. "Guess they saw you huh." Ranma whispered to her. "Yeah I can see the guys are really enjoying it.

Including you who's growing hard under me." Akane giggled as Ranma turned red. "Yeah well um…lets just go play." Ranma carried her up the stairs to her room, once there he laid her on the well used bed then placed him self above her mouth.

Akane knew he wanted to feel his cock sucked on and was more then willing to do it. Ranma felt himself being sucked so went to work on Akane's pussy.

The two kept it up for quite a while Ranma loved her taste and the taste of many others on her. Ranma then reluctantly pulled away from her marvelous tongue to push himself, in deep. Ranma pounded her soft then hard making Akane moan loudly as she felt him going in the out. After the two came several more time Ranma laid down by Akane soft body and instantly went to sleep. Down stairs Ukyou was playing with Konatsu's long hair against her pussy while he kept licking her large soft tits.

Soon Konatsu repositioned himself above her love hole, he pushed himself into Ukyou's waiting pussy feeling how tight it was around his manhood. Konatsu loved her with all his heart he hoped this would bring them closer together. "I love you Ukyou." Konatsu whispered to her. Ukyou laid quiet for a moment then resumed her upward thrust toward his downward one. "I can't say I love you but I'm really fond of you and well I really enjoy this part of it." Ukyou looked sweetly into his eyes hoping he'd understand.

"No problem Ukyou I'll make sure our love grows you'll soon see me as the only man for you. "You know that'd be nice Konatsu no shut up and just fuck me." Ukyou looked devilishly at him. "Yes mistress." Konatsu shut up and just kept pounding her soft body glad that even if she didn't grow to love him they'd have had shared this wonderful experience together. Konatsu pounded her then turned her over to go doggie style with her pounding her pussy then switching to her ass.

Konatsu like the tight feel there too. Soon the two were done playing after Konatsu felt himself drained of all energy now. Konatsu wrapped his arms around Ukyou noticing that she was getting sleepy. The two fell asleep on the floor after a while Kasumi draped a blanket over the two lovers.

Kasumi led Tofu up to her room, where she laid him down on her well made bed then started to kiss him good night. Kasumi smiled as she noticed Tofu was already sound asleep. "Sleep well my dear lover." Kasumi snuggled up next to him then promptly went to sleep herself. Mousse soon found himself with Shampoo and Kodachi at his cock licking and sucking on him.

Shampoo not wanting to let kodachi have first ride jump on Mousses cock then started to pound him softly, enjoying the feel of his large cock up her pussy. Kodachi wanted more of Shampoo's tongue since their roof time playing wasn't enough stood up at her face so Shampoo could eat her again. Shampoo, gladly grab Kodachi by her ass to bring her in close then started to swirl her tongue around her clit. Kodachi moaned happily as she felt Shampoo's tongue playing with her.

Mousse soon came into Shampoo hot tight pussy, he felt himself to be totally drain for good as he felt a painful surge when cumming but the pain also felt good too. Mousse laid there quietly watching the two girls playing he loved the way Shampoo's tits bounce as she moved around Kodachi's body with an eagerness.

Soon both girls were eating each other while Mousse watches them. Too tired to get it up Mousse soon found himself sound asleep missing the two girls using the double header.

"Mousse give up to soon, Shampoo need more release." As she stuffed the long dildo up her pussy while Kodachi was doing the same with her pussy. "Yeah I noticed the guys are giving it up, but not me I want lots more." Kodachi enjoyed feeling her ass bounce off of Shampoo's ass as they pounded backward on the large double header.

Kodachi was cumming hard then Shampoo joined her. The two girls grinned at each other then took turns stuffing it in to each other's pussy and ass. "Oooooh Shampoo enjoy feeling it in my ass too." Shampoo squirmed around while Kodachi kept shoving both ends in deep.

Shampoo kept cumming hard on Kodachi's hand then slid the two ends out reluctantly then moved around so she could give Kodachi the same treatment. Both girls soon laid down next to each other a hand on each other's tits with the dildo still in each other's pussy. Both went to sleep like that a large smile on their faces. Nabiki laid on her bed with Taro above her his large cock hard and ready for action. Taro then slid himself into her tight hole while grabbing a glass of water. He kept thinking one thing.

*This has gotta be the kinkiest girl I ever met.* Taro changed to his large curse form then heard Nabiki cry out. "Oh my god your, so large, wow pound me hard with all that meat.

Taro pounded her very tight pussy happy his curse form was male and could enjoy the feel of sex with a cute girl. Taro soon slid out so he could give her his large tongue up her wet pussy. Nabiki grunted as his large cock slid out feeling very empty now. Then smiled while a happy giggle escaped her, as she felt his tongue going in deep.

"Wow your tongue is so large and long ooooooooooooh yes." Nabiki moaned some more as he played then screamed as he filled her pussy again. Taro was very excited with the feel of her, but her screaming and constant wiggling around really turned him on. Grabbing her by the wrist to keep her prisoner. Nabiki screamed some more then thrust up ward to play along with the poor little captive. Taro soon filled her so much with cum it leaked out her pussy, then laid down by her on the crowded bed to sleep.

Nabiki was glad for his warm body, she too went right to sleep. Akari found Ryoga pounding his cock up Nodoka's ass while Soun was having her pussy. Akari then decided to play with Kuno who was watching while slowing sliding his own hand up and down.

Kuno felt soft hands at his back, sliding all over when he turned to see Ryoga's girlfriend. Kuno never wanted to displease a girl turn to start playing with her large tits then started his other hand at her pussy. Akari shuddered as she felt him playing with her then moaned loudly as his tongue went into her pussy.

Kuno kept pounding Akari hard with his large cock as Akari thrust herself up slowly enjoying the feel of Kuno's body. Kuno finally filled her body with his seed then rolled off of her.

"Wow I never thought that I'd ever find myself with so many men." Akari gasped out as she tried to get her breathing back under control. "Yes my dear lady the day I came here to find so many beautiful women all needing my attention was the day my life begun to live." Kuno tried to stifle a yawn but was unsuccessful. Akari smiled then found herself yawning with him. Akari snuggled up close then went to sleep. Ryoga noticed his girlfriend was sleeping next to Kuno so grabbed a couple blankets from the couch.

*Who put them there, oh well* Ryoga laid down next to Akari then wrapped an arm around her with the two blankets covering all three of them. Hinako grab Soun by the arm she was in her little girl forms at the time lead him off toward his room. Soun thought, maybe she wanted more sex. "Soun dear I hope you don't mind me sleeping in your bed with you, I'm way to tired to go home." Hinako jumped onto his bed then crawled under the blankets.

A large smile grew on his face as he watched her go to sleep in his bed. "No my little lover I don't mind." Soun crawled in next to her then he too was sound, asleep.

Genma fell asleep in panda form with Nodako snuggled up in their room while Asuza slept with the blow up man doll next to them. Soon all were cuddle up with someone sleeping soundly for what was left of the night while unbeknownst to any of them two boys had been watching for quite some time now. "Well Hiroshi, I told you coming here tonight was a good idea." Deisuke looked at him smugly. "But how did you know they'd be doing this." Hiroshi was stunned to see many naked people moving around the house all engaging in sex with who ever they felt like having it with.

"I'll show you a tape I bought from that small old hentai. You know I bet he has this one on tape too." Deisuke started to drool some more. "Well since they all seem to be finished lets go watch it." Hiroshi jumped down from the fence and headed home. Deisuke looked one more time with a wishful face.

*I'd love to join in on all of that, I'd get Akane first.* Deisuke jumped down then followed his friend home. THE END Ranma's girl