Gay porn Jared Lysander is a remarkable young boy with a taut and

Gay porn Jared Lysander is a remarkable young boy with a taut and
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------------------------------------------------ The sequel to the sequel/the end This may seemed a little rushed, I was trying to finish it quickly. Please comment/rate if you like it! Now, enjoy. --------------------------------------------- Blackjack!

Part 3 --------------------------------------------- In a crack in the doorway was his aunt, stark naked, with one hand rubbing her massive tits, the other buried deep in her pussy. Her eyes were half closed, with her mouth wide open. It was quite a sight. Her eyes opened fully and she looked through the crack.

When she caught us staring at her, her expression changed completely. She suddenly had a very angry look on her face, and she put her arms by her side. She then burst into the room and started yelling, "WHAT DO YOU TWO THINK YOU ARE DOING?

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I THOUGHT I SAID NO ONE WAS HAVING SEX TONIGHT! YOU ARE COUSINS! WHAT YOU HAVE JUST DONE IS ILLEGAL!" He felt a bit scared of her as she continued to shout at them. When she had finished her rant, we stood there looking sheepish. Annie's tits were still covered in cum.

Dan noticed that Amanda's pussy looked rather moist, considering the mood she seemed to be in. Her nipples also seemed quite erect. Seeing his naked aunt again tonight made Dan's cock spring back into life, and soon enough it was 7 inches again.

He caught Amanda glancing at it quite a few times as we stood in silence. After a while Annie gained some confidence. "Why were you fingering yourself earlier?" she said, boldly. "What! How dare you! I was not doing anything of the sort! I am disgusted from your behavior young lady." Amanda snapped back.

Annie's comment seemed to give Dan a little confidence also.

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"Yes you were. You were looking at us while rubbing your tits and fingering yourself just a minute ago." he said. "You shut up! You're turning my daughter, your own cousin into a whore!" Amanda replied. "Look, let me show what you were doing." he said, hoping giving Amanda some attention would stop this stupid act.

While she was still stuttering and protesting, Dan walked up to her and casually reached for her massive juicy tits. He had wanted to do this ever since he first saw the gorgeous globes on her chest.

He squeezed the milky flesh around the areolas, and then began to tweak the nipples. He also made sure to press his rock hard cock into her stomach. At first she moaned softly and arched her back. But then she remembered that she was meant to be angry. "What do you think you are doing?

How dare you! I am your aunt! Get your hands off me!" she protested, trying to wave Dan's hands away. As she tried to get his hands off her beautiful tits, Annie said, "C'mon mum, we know you like it. And we know you liked watching us have sex. Just relax and have a good time. Besides, it's not illegal if no one finds out." Amanda seemed to give Annie's comment a little thought. As she thought Dan continued to rub her juicy breasts. Another soft moan escaped her lips.

Dan then leant forward and planted a long, wet kiss onto her lips. At first she was hesitant, but then she finally gave in, opening her mouth wide with Dan's, their tongues dancing in the hot moist caves of their mouths.

She weaved in and out his teeth, as he did the same with hers; she ran her tongue along his gums, licking the inside of his mouth. Their tongues then wrestled between their mouths, before Dan won by pressing her tongue to the bottom of her jaw. All the while Dan still played with her beautiful tits. Before long Amanda broke the kiss and took hold of Dan's large cock. It was still soaked in juices from Annie's pussy. She stroked it slowly, up and down its huge length.

Dan moaned as his cock received a great massage from his aunt. He'd been waiting for this the whole night. As he stood there, Dan suddenly leaned forward and casually started sucking on Amanda's left nipple. It was very erect and the areolas around it were bumpy and hard. He waited to see how Amanda would react. He heard her give a slight moan, so he carried on.

After giving her left breast a good licking, he moved to her right tit, where it got the same treatment.

He moaned around Amanda's nipple as she continued to stroke Dan's cock. While this was going on, Amanda noticed Annie sat on the bed, rubbing her pussy, her tits still covered in semen. She quickly motioned her to come over. Annie got up and trotted over to her mother, planting a long wet kiss on her lips.

Amanda noticed how she was much less aggressive than Dan. He was a good kisser, but Annie was much tenderer, making the kiss much more passionate and loving. Amanda had never imagined of being a lesbian, or even bisexual, but this kiss with her beautiful daughter certainly made her consider it.

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Before long Amanda broke the kiss and bent down slightly. Without a word, she stuck out her tongue and began licking Annie's firm perky boobs, sucking all of Dan's cum off of them. It was still hot and tasted salty. Amanda made sure to lick up all the cum, swallowing everything. A she did this, her free hand wandered down below and slipped into her soaked pussy, making her moan on Annie's tits. All the while she stroked Dan's rock hard pole as he continued to suck her tits.

After a while, Amanda pushed Annie away and brought Dan's head from her boobs. She then started to kiss his tanned muscular chest, working her way down past his flat stomach, finally reaching his stiff penis. She then kissed around the mushroom-shaped head, then down to the shaft.

She then gave his balls a few licks, before slipping the head into her hot wet mouth, bringing another moan from Dan. She swirled her tongue around the sensitive head and pushed her head forward, inserting a few inches of his shaft into her mouth. She kept her eyes focused on his, never breaking eye contact as she continued to swallow more of his large member. Amanda was a good cock sucker. She must've had a lot of experience from Annie's father.

Luckily Dan had already cummed once tonight, so he didn't cum straight away. She started bobbing her head up and down, using her tongue to stimulate the over-sensitive head of Dan's cock. Dan moaned as she managed to fit all of his 7 inches into her warm mouth, the tip of his stiff member touching the back of Amanda's throat. She then pulled all of it out, making a loud pop as the head ran through her tightly closed lips.

Dan then remembered another thing he had wanted to do to Amanda, so he told her get up and lie on the bed. She did so and he got up and straddled her stomach, his dick landing just short of her incredibly large breasts. They were so big and juicy; he just had to do this. He then positioned himself so his penis was just above her tits. He then parted them and stuck his cock in the wide valley between them.

Amanda had worked out what he was attempting and so she waved his hands away and grabbed hold of her boobs. She then pushed the round fleshy lumps together, and Dan's cock disappeared between them. Dan then regained his senses and started to thrust his cock in and out of her tits, like they were her vagina. In and out he kept thrusting, building up into a very fast rhythm. While he did this, Annie came up behind him and found her mother's warm moist pussy.

She could clearly see the stimulated clitoris poking through Amanda's tight vagina lips. She gave it a few rubs before inserting her index finger straight into her mother's pussy. From the moan at the top of the bed, she got the impression that Amanda enjoyed it. She continued to pump her finger in and out of Amanda's tight wet cunt, adding another finger, her body shaking violently from the wild titty fuck she was receiving from Dan.

Amanda then opened her mouth wide and stuck her tongue out. Each time Dan thrust in, she gave the tip of his cock a small lick. She squeezed her tits together even tighter, bringing Dan closer and closer to his climax. The feeling of Amanda's beautiful tits, added with her licking of his cock and the picture he saw in front of him, Dan felt the cum burst out of his balls.

He felt the tingle as it ran through his shaft, spurting straight out of the large swollen head. Dan moaned as he sprayed his cum all over his auntie's face. Her mouth was already open, so some went in it. Some landed on her tongue, her cheek and her forehead. Her face was covered. While Dan came, Annie also sent Amanda over the edge, and so both Dan and Amanda cummed at the same time.

While she was moaning her face kept getting splattered with cum. Finally the thick white ropes stopped exploding out of Dan's cock.

Dan got up and left Amanda lying on the bed. He watched as she licked all the cum around her mouth, then used her fingers to spoon the rest of it into her mouth. Once Amanda's face was clear of cum, she swirled her mouth around a bit and then finally stuck her tongue out, to show all of Dan's cum, cupped on her tongue. Dan then picked up his camera and quickly took a picture of Amanda's cum filled mouth. Then Annie came over and gave her mother another big wet kiss on the lips.

Dan continued to take pictures as Amanda shared her nephew's semen with her daughter. A few times they pulled the kiss apart slightly, exposing the thick strands of white between their mouths. Once they had finished, Dan took pictures of them both sticking out their tongues that were covered in sticky cum.

They both swallowed it all and lied back down on the bed. The pictures turned him on so much that his cock was hard again within seconds.

Dan wasn't done yet. He set the camera to video mode and rested it on the desk in his room. He then walked over to Amanda and made her get up. He bent her over the bed, so her ass was poking out and he could see her puffy vagina lips poking through.

He then got in position behind her and rubbed his cock on her sensitive clit. He then guided his cock into Amanda's tight pink cunt. She was very tight for a married woman with three children. Not as tight as Annie though. Luckily, the previous blowjob she had given Dan; combined with his precum and the juices from her previous orgasm made it easier for Dan to slip his cock into her warm pussy.

Dan felt brilliant. He was fucking his aunt from behind! He gradually eased his cock into her well lubricated pussy, bringing moans of pleasure from Amanda. She had never had this from Richard. Not as good as this. He was getting old and couldn't get hard as much. Plus, his cock was slightly smaller, so he could never fill Amanda up and fully satisfy her. Dan's cock however, was just right. It was young and big and hard, bursting with sensitivity, ready to fuck anything that moved.

Soon enough Amanda felt Dan's massive penis tickle her womb. He was ball deep in her and she was loving every second of it. Finally, she felt full up, like she couldn't possibly fit anymore penis into her pussy. She was satisfied.

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She then felt Dan slowly pull out of her. Just as he was down to the last inch, he slammed back into her, making her moan loudly in ecstasy. He repeated this, his pace speeding up with each thrust. After another orgasm from Amanda and several more minutes more, she got a new idea. She told Dan to stop and pull out. After seeing his disappointed look, she reassured him that he'd soon be fucking her again.

He then smiled again and pulled out. Amanda then pulled herself onto the bed so she was on all fours, her ass still wiggling in the air hanging off the bed. She then said in her sexiest voice to Dan, "Now, fuck my asshole." As she said this, she reached behind her and spread her tight virgin anus in Dan's face. Dan couldn't have been more happy to oblige.

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He licked her ass out first and then pushed his cock into her. Amanda winced in pain as she felt the large intruder enter her ass. Dan pushed until just the head was in. He felt her ass stretch to accommodate his cock.

Once he was ready, he pushed further in. Again, Amanda moaned in slight pain, but this time there was more pleasure in it. As Dan forced more of his cock in, she moaned more in pleasure than pain.

By the time he was all the way in, she felt no pain at all.

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Dan then, like with her pussy, pulled out of her and then rammed his cock back in. She moaned in pleasure at this, and he continued to repeat this. By now, Annie had calmed down and so Amanda beckoned her over. Annie crossed the bed to see her mother being fucked anally by her cousin. Amanda then made Annie lie down in front of her. She did so and Amanda the licked Annie's sweet teenage pussy as Dan fucked her ass. Annie moaned in pleasure as her mother sucked on her tight pink cunt.

After a while, Annie began to shake violently. She flooded Amanda's mouth with her sweet teenage juices. Amanda simply swallowed them all up. Just then, Dan pulled out of Amanda's ass.

Amanda was surprised at first, but then realized he was about to cum. She pulled Annie up and they lied next to each other at the top of the bed. Dan quickly grabbed his camera and continued to rub his cock up and down. He jumped onto the bed and stood over Annie and Amanda, still jerking his cock off. He continued to film his naked cousin and aunt, smiling at the camera lying on the bed.

Soon enough, he felt his balls tingle and his cock rumbled. "Here it comes!" he yelled, just as a massive stream of thick white semen erupted out of his cock and landed on Annie's sweet face, covering her tits as well. He continued to spurt more cum out, more than both the last times put together. He covered both of the girls entirely. He covered all of their faces, inside their mouths, their tits and their stomachs. As the last of the cum dribbled from his cock, he covered their long smooth legs before taking one last picture, and collapsing between them, exhausted.

His head landed on Amanda's massive tits, acting like a cushion. He slept for the rest of the night on his bed with his naked cousin and aunt covered in his semen. When he woke up he gave the girls another good fuck, before taking a threesome shower, in which lots of oral sex took place.

After they'd all had breakfast, Amanda managed to get through to a repair man, who came and took her car away to be fixed. Before she left, both the girls got dressed in my sister's clothes. Now, my sister is 11. They both picked out a tight white school shirt that was far too small for both of them. They tied up the bottom also, showing off their flat toned tummies.

None of them wore a bra, meaning Amanda's t shirt only covered up half her tits and that was it. They both also put on a short black pleated skirt that only covered half their asses; as well as their sexy heels from last night. I'm sure my sister wouldn't mind. The girls both kissed me, quite passionately, goodbye and then went with the repairman in his lorry. After they'd gone, I decided to put the stuff on my camera onto my laptop.

I hid the files deep in my laptop's hard drive, where no one but me would ever find them.

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While going through the pictures, I found a few that I didn't remember taking. It showed me asleep, but the girls were kneeling, opposite each other.

They had their bodies pressed against each other. In the next photo, however, they had pulled apart slightly, leaving loads of white sticky goo between them. They had pressed their cum covered bodies together. This turned me on so much, I had a wank. The End.