Penis gay negro Nathan has a hot toned bod and puts his bare

Penis gay negro Nathan has a hot  toned bod and puts his bare
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To be honest, the trousers were OK but just a bit too tight.

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There may have been a time when I would have taken them but these days I tended to go more for comfort than sexy looks. So I said; "I think I'll just leave it thanks. I didn't like the other colour really and they were the only ones that fitted me." "OK." he said, "&hellip.but &hellip.erm……while you're here, is there…erm&hellip.anything else I can do?" Always a bit slow on the uptake, I just responded in the usual, boring way; "No, not really, thanks.

That's fine." Perhaps it was that second "…erm…" that did it but as he turned and left, I don't know what made me do it but before I knew it, I had muttered the words; "Chance 'd be a fine thing!" He stopped dead in his tracks, paused, and I thought, "Oh shit! That's done it.

I'm in for trouble now and there's no way out but past him!" But he just turned his head back towards me and raising those lovely silky eyebrows, said; "Oh, yeah?


Why is that then?" and stepped back inside the cubicle, letting the curtain fall closed behind him. I thought I had better be careful and diplomatic at this point. He was young and cute alright but also fit and an East-End lad to boot, so he was just as likely to knee me in the groin as anything, so I gave him a sort of submissive shrug and responded apologetically; "Sorry, I was just being a bit cheeky that's all……I didn't mean anything by it." He looked at me a moment.

"Oh………don't you fancy me then?

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I thought…………you know, the "Aids" badge 'n all." He had me, fair and square. I always wear a little red "Aids" pin on my jacket. "Well………&hellip.yes, I guess but&hellip.I'm sure I'm not your type." "Why don't you let me be the judge of that." He just stared at me.

Well, I didn't need telling twice! I couldn't believe my luck but I wasn't fooling myself. I thought, "He's horny, that's all, and he knows I'm a pushover and will give him a quick suck and a wank in the middle of the day, which is just what he needs!" As he just stood there, and I just stood there, I slowly and nervously reached both hands out and touched his sides, just above his slim waist.

Through his soft white shirt, I could feel the warmth of his body. He stood, motionless.

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His tight black trousers covered a beautifully rounded backside and in front, there was the perfectly-formed bulge of a young man, visibly divided at the crotch to reveal the outline of his testicles. A shiver went up and down my spine as I drank all this in. I pulled him gently towards me and he moved willingly forward until our bodies touched from chest to thigh. We were exactly the same height. I couldn't help myself; I just put my arms right around him and held him tightly to me, burying my face against his soft neck.

And then I kissed him, first on the neck and then, full on the lips. Gosh, that kiss! He tasted simply delicious almost exotic. His lips were dry but full and as our mouths engaged one another, I felt his tongue quickly and eagerly exploring mine. My word, he was actually enjoying this! I reached down to his bulge with one hand, while our mouths remained as one and my other hand now cradled his head, with my fingers entwined in his soft black hair.

I found the zip of his fly and pulled it all the way down in one move. I feverishly felt at his waist for the buttons to release the waist-band of his trousers. Meanwhile, I could tell that his bulge had already become extremely hard and we continued exploring mouths and tongues.

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But at last I released his trousers and I pulled at his white shirt, to reveal the milky flesh of his tummy and the elasticated waist of his underpants. I wanted to see them before I discovered what was inside, so I now dropped to my knees in front of him, as he remained standing there in the changing-cubicle at the back of the shop. I prayed that business remained slack in the shop and that no-one came in to one of the other cubicles next to us.

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His underpants were white with a black trim and black waist-band. They fitted him perfectly and his engorged bulge filled and stretched them, as I now fondled my beautiful prize package and nuzzled my face against it and into the warmth of his groin. But I couldn't afford to waste time. I gently pulled the waist-band of his underpants forward and down to reveal the black hairs of his bush and, at last, to release his tool before me.

It was a good 7 inches and uncircumcised. Now no longer constrained by his briefs, it stuck out, dead straight and rock-hard but what I hadn't expected was that he was wearing a cock-ring, which seemed to grip like a vice the base of his swollen tool.

His balls beneath were quite tight and hairless and I nuzzled and licked at them, while I held his organ against my cheek. Then as I held his tool in one hand and played with his balls with the other, I teased my tongue inside the end where the skin was not yet drawn back. It tasted salty and I realised that he was making pre-cum in his excitement.

I pulled my face back and looked at his organ as I slowly drew the skin back. As the swollen head of his penis was at last revealed, I heard him let out an involuntary gasp as I felt a pulse go through his tool and I saw a drop of pre-cum appear at the mouth of his manhood.

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But before I could do anything else, I heard him let out a groan and then, "Oh, shit!" as I suddenly felt his body shudder and a white jet of jism shot out, quickly followed by two more spurts as his tool convulsed in my hand and his semen shot over my shoulder. Quick as a flash, I thrust his tool into my mouth and grabbed his buttocks with both hands as he groaned again and I felt him throbbing into my mouth as it filled with his juices until I had no choice but to swallow.

Only when the throbbing of his organ had stopped and his heavy breathing had subsided, did I pull away from him and allow his organ free of my mouth. The taste of him clung to my throat as I tried to clear the rest of his cum by swallowing hard with all my own saliva.


I looked up at him from my position on my knees in front of him and he looked down at me. He raised his eyebrows as he said; "Sorry. I tend to get a bit carried away sometimes." I stood up and cradled his face in my hands. "I wish I could carry you away now!" I said, as I kissed him again. Then, he quickly pulled his pants and trousers up and I thought that was it, until he said; "Come on, it's your turn now." And he dropped to his knees and grabbed at my waist to unbutton my trousers.

I was speechless and, much as he had done before, I stood there praying for no intruders! He lost no time. Before I knew it, he had my trousers undone, my pants down and my erection in his mouth. He sucked and deep-throated me in a surprisingly experienced manner for such a young man he couldn't be more than about 20 but he knew what to do alright! While part of me was savouring the moment and wanted it to last, I was only too aware of the risks of our being interrupted, so I just let go and within seconds I felt a great aching surge from my groin and balls as I held his head steady and fondled his tousled black hair.

The surge built without mercy and I pulled his head hard towards me as my first load shot up my shaft and down his throat. He gagged and I had to let him pull back but he still wanted it all, as I shot about 4 or 5 more loads into his eager mouth.

The trouble was, our jism was everywhere; his own first shot had gone over my shoulder and left a great wad on my shirt and while my first convulsions had gone clear down his throat, he had gagged and now my own semen was all in my pubes and around his face; in fact, he looked a bit like a rabid dog at this point!

There was only one thing I could do. I grabbed the new trousers I had been trying-on and used them to clean us both up! "I take it that's a sale, then" he said, with a smirk. "Sale of the Century," I replied, as we left the changing rooms and headed back towards the till, where I gave him my credit card and my phone number.

His name was Josh.

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