Prisoner grab and fuck tied up paralegal

Prisoner grab and fuck tied up paralegal
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I was still sleeping, when Amy came in and undressed and laid down next to me. She kissed my open mouth and slid her tongue inside rubbing my tongue with hers and reached down to stroke my morning wood. "Hi sweetheart&hellip.

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how are you this morning," I said as my cock responded to her gentle touch. "Just great and today I can take my time and fuck you all day if I want" She squeezed me softly. "Huh all day all day" "Yeah its Saturday no school and my parents will be gone most of the day, so I can suck and fuck you all day" She engulpped my rock hard dick into her sweet mouth and began bobbing her head up and down.

"Oh yesss suck me baby suck my dick" I watched her devour my hard love muscle. " So good auuugh good" I pulled her legs around and dove into her wet opening, sliding my tongue into her little slit probing her tight fuck hole and brought a hand up so I could rub and stroke her harden clit and with the other I fondled her tits, switching back and forth pinching her nipples gently as I hungrily ate her little twat.

Her slow sucking and licking of my dick and balls began to cause them to fill rapidly, I knew I wouldn't last long at this rate, so I pulled Amy off my cock laid her down on her back and moved back down to her wet hot cunt, shoved my tongue as far as I could and munching her mound with my lips.


Sending her off into her first orgasm of the day. As she flooded my mouth with her sweet little girl juices I rubbed her anus with my finger, she jumped and moaned and trembled as another climax ran thru her like a runaway freight train.

"Auggggggg cummm cumming ughhhhh ohhhhh fuckkkk I'mmmmm cumming EAT Meeeeeeee" I ate and licked her as she came and came, finally her breathing and her body slowed to normal. "Oh that was so so good' she cooed. I raised up to her mouth, kissed her and shove my enlarged cock into her wet hot snatch all the way in to her bottom, all seven and a half inches of me.

"Damn its so big ohhh fuck it fills me so good fuck me fuck meeeeee" I started pounding her hot tight cunt like a blacksmith beating apiece of hot metal forging it into shape. She groaned something I couldn't understand, wrapped her legs around my waist and bucked back at me driving her pussy onto my hard member, as if she could pull me farther inside her steaming cunt.

God did it feel good, my dick wrapped in her hot flesh, smooth hot slick tight velvet flesh encircling my cock, sliding up and down from tip to base, my balls slapping her ass with each stroke. I never had a better pussy than this little 13 year olds, she was fucking me as if her life depended on making me cum inside her.

And I was going to cum deep inside her tight young twat; I was going to fill her with my seed over and over and then over again. "Ohhh Bill fuck me auggg fuck meee fill my pussy with your sperm fuck me cum in mee fuccck meee" As she gasped for air.

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I drove my spike in and out of her hard and harder as my balls filled to the breaking point, her cunt was spasming again as another climax ravaged her tight young snatch and as she exploded coating my dick and balls with her hot cum, I couldn't hold back any longer and my white hot sperm shot out of me into her waiting womb filling it to overflow, forcing our mixture back between my dick and her cunt walls flowing out her man hole and down the crack of her ass.

I shot load after load of my hot baby cream in her wet tight pussy. " I'mmm cummmming cummmmin augggggg" "Yesss fill my pussy cum in mme make me pregnant cum in meeee" I collapsed on top of her, my dick buried completely inside her as we both gasp for air, as the last bit of my cum ebbed into her.


I finally slipped out of her and rolled to her side, she cuddle up to me and kissed my cheek. "That was the best you love my pussy don't you?" She whispered hugging me. "Oh yes Amy," I answered, " give me a few and then you can get on top" As she nibbled my ear "I'm gonna fuck you all day and you love it Don't cya?" "Yep, but first lets eat I'm starved, then we'll do act two" I got up and put my hand out to help her up, went to the bathroom then to the kitchen to fix breakfast for us.

As we ate she began rubbing my dick and balls with her foot. And my cock started growing hard again. Suddenly I jumped up pushed her over, food flying everywhere spread her legs and plowed my harden pole into her tight little girl snatch and began pumping in and out of her hot wetness like a steam engine, driving my dick deep and deeper into her as she cried out.

"Ohhh damn not so rough Bill Bill slow slow down augggg" I kept pounding her pussy like a man possessed " Your pussy so so fucking good" I gasped " So fucking tight so hot fuck". As I fucked her, her hormones took over and bucked her hips back into me driving her onto my hard cock "Ohhh Bill Fuck Me FUCK ME BABY Give my that dick fuck my cunt fuck meeeee" She groaned " Harder Harder fuck me" Her young 13-year-old body slowly began to tremble and shake as I hammered her hot little cunt with my enlarged love pole driving both of us to our mutual orgasms.

My balls were swelling again as I pumped her hot tight pussy, she felt my dick swell up inside her and knew I was close to filling her cunt with my hot seed. "Ohhhh Bill fuuuck mee cum baby cum fill my cunt shoot that love juice in meeee" As her pussy spasmed with another climax of her own.

"Fuck I'm cumming your pussy so hot so tight cummmmmin" And I filled her young twat with my sperm again shooting deep into her womb, interjecting my seed in her, in hopes of making her pregnant. As we laid in each other's arms basking in our orgasms, she kissed me and said softly, "I love you" "Me too" We spend the rest of the day napping, watching TV and of course fucking each time my dick got hard.

I had my cock in her so many times that day I lost count, you know first in one hole then the other. In fact once I almost came in her mouth, but pulled her off me in time and crammed my dick in her open snatch and with two/three strokes filled her young pussy with my baby making cream again.

As we cuddled I thought back to the evening I picked her up. She was walking in the rain; a cold rainy evening having walked off from the boy who had took her virginity a week earlier, but always wore a condom each time they had sex, all three times, which wasn't what she wanted. Amy wanted to get pregnant, her and her girl friends, six girls in all.

All wanting to get knocked up by the same guy, so their children would be brothers and sisters, sounds weird I know, but I'm enjoying it.


She offered her pussy to me, if I would cum inside her, in hopes of becoming pregnant. Well of course I obliged her and came inside her, here in this very house, which I'm was working on for the owner, while he's out of the country on business.

In fact this house was become impregnating central, as she brought first Joanne, then Linda here for me to take their virginity and to knock-up. And let see there's Susie, Glenda and Sandy for me still to meet and take their virginity and impregnate.

Can life be any sweeter, six girls for age 11 to 14, five of which virgins, who all want to have my children. And it seems they can't get enough of my cock, well the ones I've met so far anyway.

As we laid there I began rubbing the mixed cum that was seeping out of Amy's tight little fuck hole over her clit and anus slowly, she moaned, "Bill honey that feels so good" She leaned over and began licking my growing cock, I felt her warm breathe across the head of my dick just before she took me into her mouth once again.

Her hot mouth sucked gently on me, making me fill her sweet mouth with my harding cock. I pulled her up over me and guide my dick to her dripping hot cunt, she lower herself filling her young twat with my harden member completely. As she moved up and down my shaft, I leaned up and sucked on her erect nipples, switching from one to the other while rubbing and pitching the other. " Oh Bill suck my tits&hellip. auggggg your dick so hard&hellip.

so gooood fucck its good" She grinded her hips into me pushing my cock as far into her as possible over and over.

" Amy your pussy so hot fuck me baby fuck my dick make me cum in you" "Yesss fuck it good so gooood ughhhhh" Then Linda walked in with a beautiful woman who looked to be around 20-22 something.

She had long dark brown hair, blue green eyes, fantastic tits and great figure. 'Oh shit' ,was my first thoughts, 'we've been caught, fuck I'm going to jail' Amy just smiled and kept on riding me. 'Well hell', I though, 'if I'm going to jail, might as well enjoy this last piece of young pussy' Linda spoke up " Amy you little slut how long have you been here" "Since about eight this morning, augggg it's so fucking good" "Damn girl are you trying to kill him?" "Nnno just fuck himmm aaaagg" Linda began undressing " Bill this is Susie, Susie this is Bill" "Hi Susie howww are youu?" " I'm ok should I get undressed too?" "Linda said quickly as she pulled her skirt off.

" Well he can't fuck you with your clothes on, now can he?" I spoke up " Susie is it wait just sit back and watch I I want to undress you myself " Linda popped off "Why you kinky devil you" " Just shut up both of you I want him to cum again awww" Amy moaned.

Linda finished stripping down and leaned over to kiss me then kissed Amy, as I pulled her mound towards my face " Come here little girl, I want to eat you" "Oh goodie" And she straddled my head lowing her young twat to my waiting tongue.

"Damn I needed this " She groaned as my tongue flicked her clit.

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I couldn't see Susie or anything in fact except Linda's cunt, which I attacked with the lips and tongue of a thirsty man. I felt Amy riding my dick and Linda riding my mouth, knowing that a very cute 14 year old was watching it all, the one I would be bring into our wonder world of love making for her first time, my dick seemed to grow harder inside Amy as she rode me.

"Ohhh Bill you're so hard so fucking hard augggg awwwww" as she came "cummmming ughhhhhh". Linda began shaking also as I stuck a finger up to her anus and nibbled on her clit, as I circled her tight hole, she flooded my mouth with her sweet little girl juice, I though I was going to drown, she came so much.

I shoved my cock up into Amy's snatch as far as I could and exploded inside her, bathing her insides with my hot cream. "AUGGGGGG Bill Bill fill my myyy pussy cum cummmm in meeeee" Amy screamed. We fell apart, gasping for air, letting our bodies return to normal. Susie said "That was the hottest thing she had ever saw, I'm so wet" She pulled her hand out of her panties showing how it was covered with her juice and began licking her fingers clean.

She gurgled " I'm next" We all couldn't help but laugh. "Oh yes baby your next I'll be more than happy to have you, but give me a couple of minutes, these two damn near wore me out" Linda quickly answered " Oh you'll have her alright, in fact she's spending the night here with you" "Huh all night huh how?" "Yeah, we're having a sleep over at my house tonight, well all except Susie she's going to stay with you and we're going to cover for her, Aren't we Amy?" "Oh yeah, I almost forgot " " Don't give me that&hellip.

you just wanted some more of Bill's big dick&hellip. you&hellip. you little slut" "Well you wouldn't turn it down now would you?" Amy popped back.

"And besides I'm the one who found him and his dick" "Girls, girls don't fight over me as long as you don't kill me with your urges I'll be more than happy to sleep with you all" I injected. Both girls laughed "You're such a slut too stud slut that's you" Amy said. "Maybe but look what I've got to work with" I answered. "A fair body, nice hands, decent tongue, and a dick", Linda said, "And Old". "Old old what do you mean old, hell you wasn't complaining awhile ago" "Now now Bill you know we love you after all, we give you all the pussy you will ever need".

Susie added, "Me too" I reached over and pulled her to me and kissed her tenderly. "All night, just you and me here in this bed, sounds like heaven to me" I reached up and softly squeezed her firm breast as I slipped my tongue into her mouth. "Mmmmmmm" Was all I heard from her, as I slid my hand into her blouse and touched her harden nipple for the first time, she moaned groaned, it was the first time any male had ever touched her tits.

We kissed deeply and Amy took one of Susie hands and placed it on my flaccid cock "Feel him Susie, feel his manhood," We continued kissing for a short time as she stroked my dick.

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Then I pulled back "later baby" I looked into her eyes "Later sweetheart, don't worry before tonight's over you'll know what's it like to be a woman again and again" I sat back and asked, " Linda, so you and Amy will be leaving shortly then, huh how long before you need to leave?

"Well I've got to go home and help my mom get ready for the sleepover and Amy needs to get home and change before her parents get home" She thought for a few seconds " I've got maybe fifteen twenty minutes before I gotta go, Amy went does your folks supposed to get home?" Amy looked at the clock "Shit I need to go now" She grabbed her clothes dressed quickly leaned over and kissed my cock saying " Bye Bill, fuck you later" And like that she was gone.

"Twenty minutes huh" I looked at Linda, turned to Susie " Susie why don't you undress for me slowly and maybe Linda will help" Susie stood up and Linda joined her and began slowly stripping her down to her beautiful bare body, both girls running their hands over the others body and kissing occasionally.

Damn it was so hot watching Linda licking and rubbing Susie's body as more and more of it was made visible. Finally Susie's body was there in front of me without a single stitch of clothing, bare as the day she was born.

She was fanatic her long brown hair fell over those luscious tits of hers hiding her quarter size light brownish auroras with the smallest nipples ever, almost not even there, her stomach was flat, without any fat whatsoever and just above her tight puffy looking slit was a small black patch, kind of a strip really about a half inch long disappearing into that tight slit and she had all the right curves. My dick looked like a flagpole standing up from my pelvic area swaying in the breeze, Linda reached down and stroked it asking " For me?" "Yes" I groaned " for now " And I looked up at Susie "And for you later" Linda swung a leg over me and guided my dick into her hot wet little girl pussy, spearing herself with my hardness.

Susie watched closely as I slipped up inside her friend's twat, all the way in, as I disappeared into her cunt, Linda moaned. "Oh yessss feels so good you're so big it fills me so so much" Susie was amazed that Linda could take all of me inside her little pussy, and she whispered. "Linda you little slut, how can you take it all, he's so big and you're so small" Linda just began riding me, moaning and shaking, working me for her first injection of my sperm of the day. I just laid back and watch Linda enjoy herself, fucking herself with my dick.

"Susie come here baby, let me play with you while Linda brings me off inside her" She moved to me kind of like on auto pilot as she watch Linda fuck me, I turned her head and kissed her, but like a moth to a flame she turned to Linda's tiny slit moving up and down my cock. I ran my hand over Susie's tits and pinched her nipple, but still she watched Linda's slit, so I pushed Susie towards our meeting point and told her "It's ok lick Linda's cunt, baby and my dick too if you want" As I slid my finger into her tight wet pink folds moving up and down from her clit to her anus slowly.

She shivered and stuck out her tongue and hungrily attacked Linda's mound, I could feel Susie's tongue on Linda's clit and my dick. Linda came quickly and Susie lapped up all Linda's little girl juice that escaped from her cunt as she pumped my dick. The wondrous feeling of Linda's pussy and Susie's tongue was taking toll on my balls as they filled rapidly to the point of bursting. As they blew Linda dropped fully on me driving me as far as possible and then some into her and I filled her womb with my hot semen, shot after shot as Linda climaxed again forcing some our mixed cum down her cunt around my dick and into Susie's waiting mouth, which she drank as if she hadn't had a drink in a week as I played with her clit.

And as I pinched it slightly Susie exploded in her own orgasm covering my hand with her sweet little girl cum, which I licked up. We all laid there shaking and twitching for seem hours, but really only a few seconds and finally Linda squeaked " What&hellip.

what did youuu two do to meee" As she still trembled, basking in her orgasm. "You two could kill a guy" I barely got out" Damn that was good".

Susie just nodded once and smiled like the cat that ate the canary, licking her lips. "Mmmmmmm." I laid back saying " Why don't you girls put on a show for me" Susie looked at me funny "Excuse me what?" Linda answered "come here Susie Bill wants us to eating each other, he likes to watch, and I'm sure he'll join it shortly" And she pulled Susie flat on the bed and straddled her face lowering her just fucked pussy to Susie mouth as she leaned over and stuck her tongue into Susie's twat.

Both girls moaned and started devouring each other's twat, Susie was shoving her tongue as far as she could into Linda's cum filled pussy as if she was trying to eat all of me out of her friend's cunt.

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I just watched stroking my soft dick slowly as these two girls savagely ate the other. As both girls came humping each other's face, I began to rise to the occasion and was stroking my erect prick once again. I raised Linda up off Susie's pussy and replaced her tongue with my own, tasting her sweetness for the first time right out of her soon to be fucked virgin hole.

As I munched and sucked on Susie, she moaned into Linda's cunt causing Linda to growl lowly. I reached up and grabbed Susie's tits and fondled them, tweaking her hard erect nibbles ever so often, she screamed into Linda causing her dam to break as her pussy juice flowed out of her like a tide wave into Susie's mouth making her body shake and her body spasmed as another orgasm ripped thru her pussy.

I lapped as much as I could of Susie's nectar but there was too much and her honey ran down the crack of her ass onto the bed. I raised up and kissed Linda taking my erect cock and stuck the tip into Susie's hot wet pussy, slid in just the head and moved it around inside Susie's entrance, holding it there.

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Linda looked down at my dick saying "Do it do it Bill fuck her stick it in take her cherry do it" But instead I pulled back out and drove my tongue back in, munching on her twat and tonguing her clit.

Susie pushed Linda off her face and gasped for air " God what are you doing to me? It's it's so fucking good, damn Linda, you nearly drown me…… ohhh augggg Bill eat me eat my pussy" As I tongued her she humped her hot mound onto my face "Augggggggggggggggg" Linda spoke "he's good isn't he?" As she slid off and laid down next to Susie and me, watching and smiling.

" He's so good it feels sooooo gooood I'm gonna gonna Cum" " cum Susie he wants you to cum so cum baby" "Cum cummmmmmin owwwwwwwwwww" as she climaxed again. I raised up and placed the head of my dick just into her hot spasming pussy, sliding in slowly till I met her maidenhead, just touched it and pulled back and then back in till touch and back again after several times.

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Susie moaned " augggg that's feels weird but so good oooooooooh" And I again pulled out completely and stuck my tongue back into her wet steaming snatch as I mouthed her clit and tweaked her nibbles and she came again flooding the bed creating a large wet spot under her ass.

I ate her thru this orgasm and another, then raised up placing my rock hard cock into her tight wet hole once again and again I moved in slowly till I touched her cherry and pulled back slowly stroking her opening. I leaned over and kissed her mouth sliding my tongue into her lips just as I was on a up side of my stroke, then with a huge shove I shattered her virginity into the past as I filled her tight wet hot twat to the max, she moaned into my mouth as her cherry split and this little 14 year old had a dick completely in her little girl pussy for the first time in her life.

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I held still for a moment then pulled back till just the head was in her then shoved completely back in enjoying her tight hot wet cunt squeezing on my hard dick. As I stroked her pussy with my cock slowly at first I began to build up some speed every eight or ten strokes I would hump a little faster and Susie would moan a little louder. "it's it's so good owwww ughhhh fuck me ohh Bill fuck mee " "Sus your pussy so tight so good yesssss" I panted, as I fucked her little girl snatch.

Linda added " that looks so good your dick sliding in and out of her tight pussy, Susie I wish you could see his dick fucking you, I think I'm gonna cum just watching" Susie raised her head and looked down between our bodies and saw my cock sliding in and out of her slit, feeling it, her pussy twitched and spasmed as a huge orgasm ripped thru her from her toes to her tits and settled in the pit of her stomach, only to explode out her cunt.

"auggggggg gooooood cummmmmm soo so so ughhhhhhhh" She groaned. I rammed my cock into her now, hammering her tight twat as I was feeling that warm tighten sensation in my balls, knowing I would be filling her hungry cunt with my hot sperm soon.

I was pounding her insides making it ready to receive my seed, as I felt every inch of her wet hot tight pussy wrapped around my dick, squeezing and sucking on it, trying to draw out it cream to fill her womb, to her waiting eggs, in hopes of giving her a child.

"Bill Bill fuck me me fuck my pussy fuck meeeee" "Fuck her Bill fill her cunt with your cum Fuck Her" "yessss fuck fuccck meeeeeee" I was pounding her as hard as I could driving my dick deep into her as I felt her cunt spasm and shake, just before she blew again.

"auggggggg I'm cumming cummin FUCK Meee" As she drenched my dick and balls with her sweet hot honey. "Sus I'm gonna gonna cum cummmmmming" My seed shot out of my dick into her hot pussy with a tremendous rush, load after load I blew, filling her as I shoved it deeper into her with my pumping cock spurt after spurt of my thick hot sperm was deposited into her belly.

I collapsed on top of her, feeling her incredible body twitch and sputter under me, her tight pussy milking my balls dry thru my cock still lodged deep inside her.

I finally rolled off her to the side as we both calmed down. Linda spoke up " damn that was so good I nearly came myself" Susie squeaked, " You should have felt it from my side God was it SO GOOD" Linda then asked " Susie you ready for me now" "you what do you mean you now?" " Hell girl I'm gonna eat Bill's cum out of your pussy" As she drove in between Susie's outspread legs moving her tongue to Susie's open cum filled twat.

"OOOOHHHH augggggggg" She moaned as Linda's tongue penetrated her pussy lips, I watched as Linda began eating out Susie's cunt, my dick responded in kind and was hard again not having enough time to shrink, so I moved in behind Linda taking my dick in hand and guided to her hot little snatch, placed the head in her folds grabbed her hips and shoved my hard dick completely inside Linda's pussy driving her face into Susie's cunt.

Again and again I shoved and Susie yelped each time as Linda's tongue invaded her cunt. Over and over till Linda came basting my dick with her juices screaming into Susie's cunt causing her to blow, spilling her juice into Linda's mouth to the point of overflow as Susie screamed. "Eat Me Bitch eat me I'm cumming" And I unloaded a load into Linda's pussy not as much as before but enough to fill her little twat.

We all feel apart panting and trembling recovering our breath. Linda then cooed " look Bill, your cum its leaking out of me again" Susie said "huh" and quickly leaned over to lick it off her friend's thigh. "Yummy mmmmm" I just laid there, didn't care, just had to get a bit of a break.

Linda looked at the clock " oh shit " Jumped up ran into the bathroom cleaned up, came back out, grabbed her clothes dressed, kissed both Susie and me and was gone almost before I realized she was off the bed. I looked at Susie and smiled "guess it's just you and me now kid" "Yep I guess so, now what?" "Well first I get my wind back then we get something to eat and drink, then we settle down to some serious fucking" "Serious you mean there's more, it's gets better, damn I'll be dead by morning" I kissed her saying " yeah but what a way to go" "Newspaper story read 14 year old nude girl found fucked to death, male suspect found dead still inside her" as she laughed " smiles can't be removed" I joined her in her laughter, so hard we cried holding our sides.