Boy sex masters and free download gay videos These Michigan folks

Boy sex masters and free download gay videos These Michigan folks
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THE CRACK OF DAWN I've wanted to put this into writing for some time but I don't really know how or where to start. So I'll just plow right into it and try to tell the story of how the last few months have become the dirtiest, sleaziest, sluttiest, sex-filled and sex-fulfilled period of my life, and how good it all felt, the passion pumping, countless orgasms and doing so many things I'd never before dreamt of doing.

And also how bad it felt at the same time, to learn I was such a fraud and a scuzzy tramp and nowhere near being the All-American mom with the All-American family. First, a paragraph about me. My name is Dawn. Age forty-two, thin, 5'-5" tall, 120 pounds, nice perky tits that aren't all that big but look pretty good, and the ass is nice and tight too, thanks to good genes and various workouts.

Blond hair teased in a shoulder-length frizz, green eyes and long legs. I look more like early to mid-thirties, or so I've been told. I have two kids: Ryan, 22, and his sister Gina, 21. Their father and I divorced when they were in middle school. After Dad left we were a pretty close family unit, and Gina and Ryan were very close considering they had lots of the same friends and being so close in age.

Gina looks like me, with similar size and shape and is a senior in college. Ryan is tall and athletic, with brown hair and gorgeous baby blue eyes, and is nearing the end of his studies to become an architect. With them off to different schools and me on my own, we've all drifted apart some in recent years. I've dated a few men off and on, but there was never any magic and they usually didn't click very well with the kids. Once the kids were off to college I dated a few younger guys but that got old pretty quick.

I am a manager at an art museum and there is never a shortage of young bohemians who want to score with an older chick. But I have a hard time staying interested talking with a young person who can't name the four Beatles.

So as you can see, for a number of years my life revolved around kids and work, and sex was often an afterthought. The story I'm about to tell you…how I entered this depraved, whorish, mad-fucking stage of my life…began a few months ago. -- I have a friend named Ronni. There is only one way to describe Ronni: black and beautiful. She's an inch or so taller than I, thin and athletic, and her tits put mine to shame, bigger versions sitting straight up firm and high.

She also has a shoulder-length frizz, but hers is not created in a salon like mine, hers is what she calls 'ebony chaos'. I find it stunning. I've known her for years, but we've become closer over time due to our similar interests. She works for one of the museum's vendors so we've had plenty of interaction, which led to us seeing each other socially.

She is also divorced and has a son who goes to college on a basketball scholarship. One of the things I liked about Ronni from the start was that she was so easy to talk to. She didn't have a man in her life…evidently her ex was a loser and she was glad to be rid of the man problem…so we bonded easily.

We started meeting for a drink every week or two at a local pub and would talk about just about anything…it was okay to say anything to her and she'd be right there with me.

We'd look at the young guys at the pub and quietly joke about them, were they any good in the sack, their penis size, their hideous shirt, the stupid hats they had on their heads backwards, whatever.

We'd laugh at them and flirt with them at the same time, just harmless fun. We'd laugh it up, then say good night and go home. We talked about everything. Relationships, family, ex-husbands, guys we'd dated, you name it. While I'd tried relationships with younger guys that didn't work out, Ronni tended to just go the one-night stand route and just pick up a young guy when she was horny, get her needs taken care of and move on.

Gradually as we became more comfortable with one another, not to mention a drink or two or three, the jokes about the young men we'd see at the pub became more and more graphic.

One night we were seated in a booth and saw a clean-cut, good looking kid at the bar checking us out. Tall, blond handsome type, big blue eyes. Joe College. "You know what we ought to do?" she said. "Take that boy home and fuck his lights out." I was shocked when I heard her blurt this.

It was new ground for us. "What? You can't be serious," I said. "He's probably our sons' age." "That don't make no difference, girl," she replied, shocked at my naïveté. "Every young man's fantasy is to go to bed with two women. Shit, I bet that boy would go home with us right now and agree to paint my house if he could fuck the two of us!" I felt myself blushing, so I took a gulp of my drink.

"You have to be kidding, that boy?" "Could be that boy, could be another, whoever. I'm just saying. You want to take him back to your place, have our way?" Ronni could tell I was embarrassed. She said, "Oh girl, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable. It's just here we are, two hot lookin' salt and pepper cougars sitting here, young eyes always checking us out… they probably all wanna fuck us…and we always goin' home alone.

Seems like if it's there for the takin', we should take it. I say we go for it. What about you?" I chuckled uneasily and demurred. She glanced at her watch, it was getting late. "Well, let me tell you. Usually girl's night is girl's night, but tonight I'm making an exception.

I don't need a steady man in my life, I had one of those and it didn't add up to much. But I do like some young cock every now and then and that young man, who probably has one, is making eyes. If you won't help me out I'll have to do it on my own." She took a pen out of her purse and began scribbling on a cocktail napkin. Then she said, "I was hoping to fuck both of you, but I guess I'll have to settle for college boy one-on-one." Then she leaned toward me and kissed me on my mouth.

"Good night, Dawn," she said. "I'll call you tomorrow." She rose from her chair and walked over to the young man and handed him the napkin.

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She said something, and then he looked up and nodded. She touched his arm, said something else and turned and walked out. Fifteen seconds later the kid slurped down the rest of his beer and followed her out the door. I hurriedly finished my drink and called the waitress to pay our bill. I had goose pimples on my arms, felt a nervous, confused twirl in my stomach.

I wasn't sure if it was caused by my shock at how easily she had picked up college boy, her kiss, or her saying she hoped to fuck me. I drove home in a daze, confused, surprised, jealous, embarrassed, turned-on and sopping wet. Once home in my bed I closed my eyes and masturbated and fantasized about what might be going on in Ronni's bed.

I fucked myself. -- "I'm sorry," she said when she finally called the following night. "I'm sorry I ran out and made you uneasy. But I needed to get laid, you know? But anyway, you didn't miss much, sista, that boy didn't know what he was doing.

Some bonehead jock with a little dick and zits on his shoulders. Finally I just used his face for a dildo 'til I came and then sent him on his way. What a dink!" "You just told him to leave?" I asked. "No, girl, I just walked out. I didn't take that boy home, if I did that I'd never get rid of him!

I booked a room at the Best Western right down the street from the bar. Was hopin' to get you down there too but that didn't happen." "I'm sorry." That was all I could think to say. "You sorry alright, that's for sure," she replied.

There was a pregnant pause. Then she continued. "Look, I'm sorry too, but sometimes I get horny and need to get off. Last night was one of those nights. I'm sorry if I offended you." "I wasn't offended. I guess I was just taken by surprise.

I liked your kiss." "You did? Oh Thank God, Lord knows I've wanted to kiss you for so long." "You have?" I asked with genuine surprise. "Girl, what planet are you living on? I'm been comin' on to you and dreamin' about sinkin' my face into the crack of Dawn for I don't know how long!

I know you're not a prude, so what gives…" There was another long pause. Then Ronni said, "Listen Dawn, sit tight, I'm coming over. I'm bringing drinks." I sat tight. -- "So you've never had sex with a woman?" Ronni asked as she poured our daiquiris from a plastic jug. We had resumed our discussion and were seated side-by-side on the sofa.

"But you liked our kiss?" "No, I never really had sex with a woman, I always had a boyfriend. Fooled around a little, that's all. But yes, I liked your kiss very much," I said. "When I got home I masturbated thinking about you and that college boy. But mainly about you." Ronni liked that. She went on to tell me that every now and then she'd rent a hotel room and then go out to a bar pick up a young guy, sometimes two, and take them back to the room and take them around the world.

Then she'd leave. "But last night…" she said. " I planned on it being both of us. I thought if we could share a man maybe we would…" Her voice trailed off. "May I kiss you again?" she asked. Yes! We kissed, her large mouth taking me in, our tongues plunging, dancing, swirling, our arms clutched, our bodies close. I felt my nipples harden against her, I felt my pussy swell.

I felt her hand between my legs. When our lips parted I said, "I should have been with you last night…" "Yes!" she said. "I wish you had been there. It would have been fucking awesome." She started talking dirty. "You ever eat pussy and get fucked at the same time…?" "Kiss me again," I said, pulling her face to mine.

We kissed long and deep. It felt good. Our hands roamed a little, I felt her breasts and fine ass but I was still so uptight. Ronni was smoother, and as the kiss went on her hand eased open my pants, her fingers parted my slimy lips and massaged my underused clit. I adjusted my hips, aiding her access, helping it happen.

Her fingers delved deep inside me, pulling out an orgasm that had been buried inside me forever and I came with a gush. I shuddered and shook as I recovered, and Ronni covered me with kisses. She tried like hell to get me naked and into bed but I resisted.

What had happened was unexpected and wonderful but I was uneasy… What was next? I'd fucked a number of guys before but this was uncharted waters for me, this was a woman! Ronni was disappointed that she didn't get me in the sack, but she seemed to understand. She told me just to do what felt right, what felt natural, it would all work out.

There's no instruction book. We shared a long kiss at my front door and I felt her firm breasts pressing into mine, her hands squeezing my ass. As she was leaving I already knew we would be lovers. I just had to get used to the idea. About twenty minutes later I was getting ready for bed and the phone rang. It was Ronni and she asked me out on a date, dinner on Tuesday night.

I accepted of course. On Tuesday she picked me up and we had dinner at a nice seafood restaurant, with nice easy conversation about just about everything except what was happening between us, and some nice piano music as a backdrop. After dinner we walked down by the lake and sat on a bench. We held hands and kissed a couple times. When she took me home we kissed goodnight on my front porch.

I asked her in but she said no, not tonight, the time wasn't right. I asked her when the time would be right. She just said not to worry, that when I was finally ready for some black pussy we'd both know it. Then she asked me out on another date. Friday night, I'll pick you up at seven.

I said fine, what are we going to do? "It's a surprise," she said. -- "So where are you taking me?" I asked after I'd gotten into the passenger side of Ronni's sedan and we'd kissed hello. "Girl, We're going to a party. A party guaranteed to get our love buttons enlarged." "What are you talking about?" I asked.

"It's a sex party. Anything goes. You can watch or get involved or jerk off, whatever makes you happy. All girls. Well, mostly all girls, anyway." "What does that mean?

I don't know about this…" "Oh come on, Dawn, you gonna love this. Big bunch of women, all ages, watching male dancers gyrate around taking off their clothes and flopping their dicks in our faces." I laughed nervously and said, "I swear you are a bad influence on me!" "Well, God knows I'm tryin' to be, if you'd just cooperate! Let it go, girl, this will be fun." She hauled my ass over there and we went inside. The place was pretty big, a meeting hall of some kind, with some rectangular tables filling up with females of all ages, shapes and sizes.

We got a pitcher of drinks at the bar and took them to two seats on the end of one table near the left side up front. In a few minutes the houselights dimmed, the spots came on and the pulsating music began. Strobe lights flashed. Then out onto the floor came Batman and Robin.

In full costume from their masks to their capes to their gloves to their boots. And they were incredible dancers, swerving and curving to the raucous beat. All the girls were hooting and hollering at them, moving with the beat, shouting out all kinds of encouragement and a list of all the things they'd like to do to them. After a few minutes of that they jumped down from the risers on the other side of the room and Batman pulled an embarrassed middle-aged woman out of her seat and walked her up to Robin.

Soon this lady was unsnapping some until-then unseen snaps along Robin's side, and in a heartbeat, off came Robin's shirt. A hundred women screamed.

Then Batman danced over our way and when he was about ten feet away he pulled a young ebony hottie up by the hand and she helped him out of his shirt and now we had two topless superheroes dancing at opposite ends and all the women were getting louder and hornier. "All right," Ronni shouted, "Batman likes the sistas! That is one twerky motherfucker!" Soon, across the way Robin's tights were coming off with help from a chunky blonde and soon he was dancing only in a mask, a cape, and his boots.

Oh, and a skimpy, stringy, black and white striped thong that barely contained what looked to be a rather large slab of meat. But I soon lost all interest in Robin because now Batman was just four seats away and his tights were being peeled away by a young Asian girl. Once the tights were off, Batman was reduced to a mask, cape, boots, gloves and…his little black and white-striped thong.

And dangling on a string from the front of the thong was a whistle! Stripped down, Batman was dressed as a referee! Well, that Asian girl burst out laughing but in about a second and a half she was on her knees in front of Batman and was blowing his whistle. Soon there was whistling coming from over in Robin-land too. Batman eased closer to our table and soon another gal was blowing, then a third, a fourth and so on.

Batman was kissing one girl, another one was blowing his whistle and a third one was running her fingers all over his bare ass. And Batman kept moving to the beat with sexy agility. My eyes were on his little referee suit, because it was obvious Batman was very well-endowed, and his meaty mass was growing inside that little pouch. And of course before long some chick was brave enough to yank it off and out popped his massive member.

It was only half erect but still it was huge. As we watched, he moved toward us while receiving various kisses and licks, and soon his cock was long, thick and hard. I'd say Batman was about five-eleven or maybe six feet tall, but he was thin and that rod looked like a horse dick on his lean frame. He paused before an embarrassed-looking woman on the other side of Ronni.

The woman touched the purple monster tentatively, then gave it a dainty kiss and backed away. A woman behind her handed her a twelve inch plastic ruler. She measured him and held the ruler up for all to see, her finger marking it somewhere between nine and ten inches, and the girls cheered and applauded.

Then Batman was standing right in front of Ronni. He was shaved clean, and above his cock, slightly to the right was a tattoo of a woman's lips. Ronni reached over and touched him there and rubbed gently. It was real. As the music pumped and the crowd watched and waited, Ronni looked up at Batman standing before her and held up one finger, asking us all to wait a second.

Then she reached into her purse and brought out a lipstick, opened it and slathered it on her plump lips. Ruby red. Then she handed it to me. Then Ronni took his cock in her hands and looked up at Batman's face. He gave her a little nod. Then she pressed her face to his groin and kissed him. She did this three more times, on his thighs and scrotum, each impression of her lips a shade lighter than the last.

Then she grabbed the lipstick from me, reapplied it to her lips, and handed it back to me. She looked at me, pointed at the lipstick in my hand and then touched my lips and winked. Then she started licking that long dick up and down the shaft. Then she took it into her mouth. I watched with amazement as she sucked him.

Amazed at how she could take something that large into her mouth. And I tensed up. I might be next! Inch by inch that cock disappeared into her mouth and throat. Girls were screaming encouragement over the loud music. Ronni's hands were on Batman's ass and Batman's gloved hands were behind her head.

Only two inches to go. Batman's hips swayed gently as he swung his groin into her.

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Then suddenly he put a little extra into it and pulled her head toward him and there she was, her lips resting on his skin, his whole cock inside her mouth and throat. They grinded into one another for a moment or two, and then gradually he pulled his train out of the tunnel and everyone around was screaming and broke into applause when they saw that monster re-emerge from her mouth.

There was a bright red ring around the base of his cock. Ronni looked at me and smiled. I must have had eyes the size of saucers because I felt like I was in a daze after what I'd just witnessed. That was the biggest turn-on I'd ever seen and my panties had just been filled with a river of juice and my jeans were soppy wet.

I just wanted to take her home so she could put her sexy mouth on me. "Your turn, girl!" she said. She took the lipstick from my hand and applied it to my lips.

"You gonna suck Batman!" Batman sidled over in front of me, his cock in front of my face. I put my hands on his hips and asked him to turn around. When he did I pulled his ass to my face and ground a hard kiss into his left butt cheek.

Then I kissed him again on the right. He had two red souvenirs from Dawn. The girls hooted and loved it. Then that big cock was right in front of my face. He moved closer, I took it in my left hand and kissed it, licked it. Then I put my mouth around the head, took in an inch or two.

I wasn't going to try and do what Ronni had done, I'd probably choke and die if I tried that. Ronni had one hand between my legs and the other massaging my back. I reached down and squeezed her hand as I felt Batman's gloved hands behind my head, pulling me closer, and I felt another couple inches of his cock slip into my mouth.

I reached for him and grabbed his ass cheeks with both hands, my fingertips in his crack. We developed a rhythm together, his mid-section swinging back and forth, his cock swinging in and out of my mouthgoing in pretty far, maybe six or seven inches, then back out, and again, over and over, me giving him head as best as I knew how. I was thinking it must be a let-down to him after Ronni, but he seemed to be into it.

Inadvertently my middle finger slipped into his asshole, and with the cadence of our movements, with each thrust it slipped a little further in. Then the thrusts became harder, and my finger went deeper. I became aware of the crowd clapping and chanting to our rhythm, GO-GO-GO-GO-GO-GO, so I became bolder and sunk my whole finger into his ass and let it dance. Then I realized, oh shit, I'm not sucking Batman's dick, I'm not giving Batman a blow job, I'm not giving Batman head!

No, it's some kid with a big dick and a Batman suit and he's fucking me in the mouth! And I'm finger-fucking him in the ass! I rammed my finger into him harder and squeezed his ass and I felt his hands tighten behind my head and I could feel his hot swelling in my mouth and knew he was ready to come. And come he did. With a groan we all could hear above the music he released his load into my mouth, six, seven, eight spasms… Ronni put her mouth to my ear and said, "Don't swallow all of it, Baby, save some for me!" I loved her for saying that.

Just as I was starting to feel like a totally used and abused slut, she made me feel good about it. I couldn't wait to get her home and tear her clothes off with my teeth! When the kid was done shooting his Bat-wad into me and had removed his Bat-rod from my mouth, I took my finger out of his Bat-hole. I looked at Ronnie and parted my lips slightly so she could see my mouthful of Bat-cum. Girls cheered. Ronni smiled and wrapped her arms around me and kissed me.

Our lips parted and our tongues glided in the slippery nectar, and then she sucked some of it into her mouth. When we both swallowed another loud cheer erupted. Then unexpectedly Batman leaned down to me and french-kissed me, thumbing my hard left nipple in the process. Then he did the same with Ronni, and before he left he said something into her ear. Then he started dancing over to another table. I realized Ronni and I were holding hands. "Can we get out of here?" I said.

"I need to get home and fuck my new girlfriend." I had cum in my pants, cum in my mouth and cum in my stomach. Now I wanted to find out what it felt like to have Ronni come in my face. "Girl, you're a damn mind reader!" We visited the ladies room before leaving and I asked Ronni what Batman had said to her at the end. "He told us to bring a condom next time!" she said.

As we were leaving we glanced over at the ongoing action. Robin was sitting on a table facing a gray-haired woman seated in front of him and she seemed very busy, her head moving up and down mechanically, sucking him. Looked like she was bobbing for apples. Seated next to him on the table was a well-shaped redhead. She had one hand on Grandma's head and the other around Robin's back. She wore a zipper dress that was unzipped almost all the way down.

She wore nothing underneath. Robin was sucking her right tit. I could see her strawberry patch pubes from where we stood.

"Ooh, look at Batman now!" Ronni said. "Condoms. We gotta bring condoms." Batman's bare ass was swinging pretty good, back and forth, as he slung his pole into the pussy of a busty brunette. The girl next to her alternated between sucking her nipples and sucking his. "God I want you!" I said to her. She kissed my lips. "Been wanting you forever, girl," she said.

"Tonight's the night. I just sucked Batman, now I'm going home and eat Wonder Woman!" -- That night I made love to a woman for the first time. We were barely inside my front door and that ebony fox attacked me, and devouring me. Our tops were off by the time we reached my bedroom. Ronni started unhooking my jeans. "Girl, you look hot as hell in these pants, but it's about time they came off." I sat on the bed as she began yanking them off of me.

"I see people staring at your crotch, men and women both, looking at the crack of Dawn, pussy lips pushing at the fabric, trying to get out, ass crack plain to see.

I am so ready to tear you up!" She tossed my pants on the floor and stood right before me and looked in my eyes. Her hair and her eyes looked wild. She was naked above the waste, her ample, firm breasts in front of my face, her nipples hard. There were beads of sweat above her upper lip. I reached for her pants and unsnapped them. I pulled the zipper down and eased her pants to the floor.

Her red thong was soaked. I pressed my nose to her sex and smelled her funk through the saturated cloth. I kissed her thong then lowered it and she stepped out of her pants. She moved a little closer, her dark, heavenly body standing before me, her shaved chocolate sundae inches from my face.

Her black hole beckoned. Our time had come. Ronni dropped her hand to her inviting snatch and said, "Baby, I've been wanting to give this to you for a long time." I scooted a little closer and kissed her right below her navel. She let out a little moan. I trailed kisses from her stomach to her thighs, circling ever closer to her glistening gash. "I looked up to her and said, "I don't want to do anything wrong." "Don't worry, lover," she said. "It's all good." I ran my tongue along the inside of her lips, tasted her seasoned tang.

She tasted good. I did this a number of times, then buried my nose inside of her and pushed. She whimpered and her torso shook. Then my lips moved to her clit and surrounded it. She groaned. "Ooh yes, baby, you know what to do," she said. I felt her hand behind my head pulling me close, felt her groin start a gentle sway. I stuck my hand in my pussy, which as wet as Ronni's, and raised my finger to her buttonhole and pushed.

It slid right in all the way. She reached one hand behind her and placed it over mine to help me ream her, guiding me, gently and deeply. She pulled my head to her crotch and pressed her crotch to my face. Soon her twat, my face and my finger found a perfect syncopation, and our rhythm quickened. "My god, girl you are a natural," she said. "I Love looking down and seeing your sweet vanilla face eating my chocolate fudge!" Our speed increased, and I was quivering as I kneaded her tool and fingered her and licked her and I was close to coming but I kept at it.

"Oh shit girl, I'm gonna come girl," Ronni moaned. "I'm gonna come big. Then I'm gonna have you girl, suck you dry, baby. I wanna fuck your ass with my tongue!" That did it. I came like I never had in my life. It shot out of me like a geyser, splashing over Ronni's legs and dripping to the floor.

"Holy shit girl, was that you? Damn, you're like a fucking fire hose, what you doing, trying to put me out? Vanilla Fudge baby, we are ughhhhhh……" She came in waves, her cum splashing my face, filling my mouth, seeping out of my mouth and nose. She didn't loosen her grip on my head or hand until she was well out of her throes, so only then did I remove my body parts from hers.

We collapsed into each other's arms on my bed and kissed long kisses for a long time. But all that was just the calm before the storm. That was what Ronni called 'Vanilla Fudge'. Well, what happened next I would have to call 'Chocolate Shake'! It was like going to Coney Island and riding the Cyclone. Fucking her was like trying to fuck an electric slinky. She licked me, she sucked me, she fucked me, she kissed me, she chewed me, she screwed me, not an inch of my body, inside or out, was left un-fucked.

She moved like an anaconda, wrapping herself around me and under me and over me and through me and coming out on the other side of me and always finding another piece of me to arouse. And yes, she did fuck my ass with her tongue, and I'm happy to say I returned the favor…twice. What a night. Starting off with sucking Batman, and wrapping it up with a wild ride on a black snake.

Well, I shouldn't say night…we didn't get out of bed until noon the following day, and when we did it was just to eat something and bathe. But we started up again in the bath. Ronni decided she wanted to see me with a hairless pussy, so she shaved me, and after she did, of course she had to try it out. So she did, and of course I came, and then she wanted to sit on my face, and one thing led to another, back in bed and she didn't leave until early Monday morning, just in time to rush home and get ready for work.

-- For the next few weeks we spent a lot of our spare time in the bedroom, and stayed together on the weekends. But Ronni still wanted to fuck men too, and I agreed. So Friday nights became boy toy night. We'd get a hotel room and then go to a bar and pick up a young buck or two. It was so easy. We'd find one we both liked and we'd invite him back to the room, fuck him silly, then we'd clean up and fuck each other the rest of the night.

And somehow, the sex with Ronni always seemed wilder and more intense on the nights after we'd shared some cock.

Then Ronni called me on the phone at work one Wednesday morning and told me she had good news. I asked her what it was. She hesitated, said she wasn't sure she should tell me or I might wet my pants in the front. "Well, darling, don't make any plans for this Saturday night.

You and me got a date." "What?" I asked. "What are we going to be doing?" "What are we going to be doing?" she asked. "We are going to be fucking Batman, that's what we are going to be doing." She went on to tell me that she had learned where the party was being held and had arranged a reservation for two.

"And, I'm going to pick up a pack of rubbers on the way home!" she added. -- We planned our wardrobe carefully for Saturday night. I wore a sexy red chemise that I knew I looked hot in. Ronni wore a skirt with a sleeveless, cream-colored t-shirt with BACK DOOR GIRL written on it. We wore panties but we both hoped they'd be coming off. "Dawn, you look good enough to eat," Ronni said. "I might have to fuck you myself before we ever get to see Batman!" "Oh, no you won't!" I said. I looked in the mirror.

I have to admit that I did look ready to fuck, and I wondered out loud about how I'd turned into such a slut. "You're my slut, girl," Ronni said, and she kissed me. Then we put on our lipstick and were on our way.

-- When we arrived at the party we saw it was a different, more intimate setting than the previous party. There were different type of chairs and tables scattered about, and comfortable furniture, a bar with seven or eight stools on the right side. There was a small stage set up near an exit door so we got some drinks and sat down on a sofa to wait for the show to begin. "I guess they'll be coming in through that door over there," Ronni said, pointing behind the stage.

"Probably out there double-parking the Batmobile as we speak." After a while the show started. With music blasting and lights flashing the dynamic duo danced into view. They went through their rituals of undress to the delight of all the ladies. Then they were down to just their masks, capes, gloves, boots and yes, their thongs, and the whistles started blowing.

Soon enough their bat-poles had popped out of those thongs and into girls' mouths. Batman had already had his fat, hard penis between three sets of lips by the time he worked way over to us.

Ronni had no trouble getting his attention right away. "Look what we got, Batman!" she screamed, holding up a condom. He recognized us, and came over and stood right in front of us with his erect monster in front of our faces.

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Ronni wrapped her big mouth around that cock as she ripped open the condom package. I saw the tattooed lips next to his cock and I leaned in and kissed him twice on his groin, leaving my bright red lip marks on him.

Then, I don't know what happened, but I became bold. As Ronni was putting the sheath around Batman's swelled manhood, I pulled up my dress, whipped off my panties and handed them to him. There it was for him, my wet, shaved cunt, his for the taking if he wanted it. He put my panties on around his neck. And he took me.

He pulled me up by my arms and sat me on the wide arm of the sofa and I leaned back. The angle was right and he lifted me slightly and moved my dress up above my ass in back. He was in position so I grabbed his cock and guided it into me. "You go, girl!" Ronni screamed. "Fuck her good, Batman! Fuck that pussy. Then you can fuck this sista up the ass!" Batman was one hard fucker. I thought he was going to ram me through the back of the couch.

He slammed me over and over and we were both grunting with every thrust. I came with a rush, and he kept poking me until my spasms had been reduced to sweaty quivers. Then he surprised me. He put his lips to mine and kissed me, his tongue in my mouth.

He slipped his tool out of me and Ronni didn't miss a beat. "Here it is, Batman, "she yelled, unzipping her skirt. "Nice piece of black booty for ya, already lubed up and ready!" So Batman assfucked Ronni and girls were screaming like it was Beatlemania all over again. As big as that cock was, no one could believe her asshole could take it all in. But she did, and there he was, fucking my girlfriend in the ass with my panties around his neck.

Little by little that nightstick disappeared into her, and after a few minutes of him fucking and her screaming various filthy obscenities his dick finally re-emerged with a load of his cum dangling from his cockhead inside the condom. When we got home later that night our lovemaking was ferocious and dirty and funky and nasty and terrific. In the morning the bedroom smelled like pussy and the bed was soaked. -- The next weekend Ronni and I were out at a pub shopping for boy-toys but we had to cancel those plans when we ran into my daughter.

I hadn't seen Gina for a while, and of course she'd never met Ronni, so she joined us for drinks. We talked and caught up on things, although I didn't elaborate on the nature of my relationship with Ronni…I'd save that for another time.

She talked about her studies, her activities, and the normal fare. I asked her if she'd talked to her brother lately and she said no, not really. Neither had I, I said, but that's nothing new of course. Typical Ryan, always did do his own thing. When we parted I told Gina to call or stop over when she had time, maybe have dinner. After Gina had left, Ronni said, "Damn, Dawn, your daughter is hot! Almost as hot as her mama! Does she do girls?" I told her to behave herself.

-- The next afternoon I received a call from Ryan, the first one in a while. He asked how I was doing, what I'd been doing, and so on, and I did the same.

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Then he said he needed to get a couple of things that he had stored in the basement, and could he come over and pick them up. I told him sure, anytime. He said thanks, and he'd be over in a couple of hours. I told him that would be fine, I'd be here. When he arrived we hugged and kissed hello and I asked him if he'd like something to drink. He said okay, so I fetched us a couple of iced teas from the kitchen. I sat on one end of the sofa and he sat in a rocker to my left.

We made some small talk, he told me about school, exams, and how ready he was to get out. In a few weeks he'd finally be an architect and not just studying to be one. Then, out of nowhere, he dropped a bomb on me and I swear the floor shook underfoot. "So, Mom, how's your girlfriend?" he asked. It's amazing how four simple words can make your stomach feel like it has ten pounds of cement in it.

"What do you mean?" was all I could stammer. "Your girlfriend. The foxy black babe. How is she?" The silence was deafening. I was at a complete loss for words. "You have good choice in women, Mom, I'll tell you that. How long has…" "It just happened," I interrupted. After a long pause, I repeated, "It just happened." I looked up at him, his eyes burning into mine. "Of course I would have told you and Gina. It's all still pretty new to me." "Well, I'm cool with it, Mom, if it makes you happy.

You deserve to be happy." "Really, Ryan? Oh thank you. We're not lesbians, we both like men. We've known each other for years, and I don't know, she was coming on to me and I was too dumb to even know it. And then, gradually, somehow…" My voice trailed off. I asked him, "How did you find out?" After another awkward pause he said, "There's something of yours I've been holding onto that I need to return." Then he reached into his pocket and the second bomb was dropped.

He placed my panties on the table between us. The same panties that I'd last seen hanging around Batman's neck. I gasped and covered my mouth with my hands. "Oh my god!" I cried, "You are…you must think I'm…" I then burst into tears, sobbing. "I'm so sorry& must think I'm some kind of whore…" I was shaking all over as the tears flowed out of me.

Ryan was quickly beside me with his arms around me, trying to console me. He kissed my cheeks and forehead and hugged me, calming me. "Mom, mom, it's okay, stop crying. It's okay, there's nothing to be ashamed of." "But I'm your mother, and now you must think I'm some kind of…" "Shhhh, Shhhh," Ryan said. "I'm serious, calm down. I was afraid you'd think I was some kind of male whore for doing what I was doing. The Batman thing is something I got into last year on a whim and kept with it because the money is just so damn good.

Not to mention the fringe benefits. But seeing you at those shows were a couple of the most exciting moments of my life!" I looked in his eyes. "I mean it," he said. "Look, my whole life growing up, I was the kid with the hot mom.

All my friends would come to the house just hoping to stare at your tits and ass, they all had wet dreams about you. Shit, even I did." "You?" He smiled. "Oh yes," he said softly. "I always wondered what it would be like. And when I saw you at the parties, I knew it was you and I could you didn't know it was me.

And it turned me on. When you covered me in lipstick kisses I didn't want to wash them off. And your mouth, the way it felt… I couldn't hold back, my legs almost buckled from the pleasure." "Ryan, please…" "I'm not trying to embarrass you, Mom. You are a beautiful woman, and I wanted you as that woman. The second time when I saw you in that red fuck-me dress and you took your panties off I thought that was the sexiest thing I'd ever seen, and wow, my hot mom is not only doing a black girl, she shaves her pussy too!

I almost came right then, and I knew you wanted me and I wanted you." He put his lips to mine and wiggled his tongue into my mouth. I pushed him away. "Ryan no, we can't…" "We already have!

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Mom, we can't undo what's already been done. We're consenting adults here. It doesn't make any difference if it's once, twice, or fifty times." "Ryan, it's incest. It's not healthy…" "Come on, Mom, get real. It's not like I'm twelve years old and you're damaging me for life. I don't want us to make babies. I just want … I just want you." He kissed me again. I stiffened at first but then relented, and parted my lips to receive him. I recognized the kiss, I'd felt this kiss before, only now he didn't wear a mask.

It was a long kiss, a kiss between a man and a woman, not a mother and son. I thought to myself: I must be insane, I was going to let this happen. I felt his hand move to my hard-nippled breast and it felt good, I didn't try to stop him. My hand found its way to his hardened cock. "I can't believe we're doing this," I said. He took me to the bedroom.

He was already shirtless and we rushed to disrobe the rest of the way. He kissed me again hard and then took a lipstick from the dresser and started smearing it on my lips. I finished the application. I knew what he wanted. "Kiss me all over," he said. I finished the application and gave him what he wanted.

I left a trail of sherry red lip prints from his neck to his nipples and southward to the tattoo near his handsome crotch. I licked the length of his cock and kissed his balls. I took one in my mouth and sucked it in. He moaned with pleasure. Then he threw me on the bed and had his way. I learned the difference between fucking someone and someone really FUCKING ME. He fucked like a god.

He was the farmer and I was his field. He dug me, he raked me, he plowed me, he planted me and he seeded me. I sucked that beautiful cock. I couldn't get all of him in my mouth but I got most. I sat on his face and he ate my hot tamale until I came. We fucked twice, and in between his mouth went crazy on my tits. He was rimming my ass when my cell phone rang.

It was Gina but I didn't pick up. She could leave a message while her brother's sperm swam inside me. I was lying on my back with a couple of pillows under my butt with Ryan's head between my legs and as I was checking the phone his tongue plunged into my ass.

I squealed and squeezed his tongue with my sphincter. As I checked my message his tongue stabbed me, reaching for the depths of my ass. Ryan came up for air and said, "I'm going to fuck your beautiful ass." He jumped up and went to the bathroom. "Oh no, you don't," I said. "That big fat thing will never fit in my skinny tight ass!" "We'll make it fit," he said, returning with oil. I checked my message while Ryan lubed his cock as well as its destination.

"That was Gina," I said. "She's coming over in about an hour. So hurry up lover boy!" I don't know how long it took, but we pushed and pushed. I massaged by clit into a frenzy and he had maybe half of his dick inside me when I came. He kept driving, a little at a time, and a few minutes later he let out a crocodile groan and I felt his hot load discharge, stream after stream.

His tremors lessened to quivers and he was kissing my neck when we heard a loud knocking and the front door opened and Gina yelled, "Hello! Anybody home?" Ryan was in me deep and nearly broke his dick off pulling out of me. "Oh shit!" I said, scrambling for my clothes. "Coming, honey!" I called. "Be right there!" I threw on a t-shirt and pulled on my pants. Ryan's cum was dripping down my leg. "Who's shirt is this?" Gina called.

"Oh fuck!" Ryan whispered. He had taken his shirt off and dropped it on the way. We heard her rummaging around and then her footsteps barreling down the hall. He scrambled to get into his pants but it was too late. We had left the bedroom door open and Gina was now standing there. "Oh my god!

Oh Jesus, don't tell me!" she cried, her hands on her face. To Ryan she yelled, "You're fucking Mom? You fucking bastard!" And to me, louder: "And you're fucking my brother?" There was no point in trying to lie, we were busted. "Honey…" "Don't 'honey' me, goddam it!" she yelled.

"You tell me to come by and see you and this is what I find? You're standing there with nipples the size of walnuts jabbing through your shirt and your hair looks like a tractor ran over it. And you! Pulling up your pants trying to hide your ten inch boner? Look at you: it looks like some ten dollar hooker walked across your body standing on her lips! This is fucking disgusting! What's the matter with you, Batman, getting blowjobs from forty girls a night isn't good enough for you so you turn your mother into your whore?" She sat on the bed and started crying.

Ryan walked over and sat beside her. He put his arm around her and said he was sorry.

"So, are you and Mom going to get married, start a family?" she babbled, sobbing. "Gina, please… We're sorry." There was another pause as she sniffled. "This room smells like an elephant's whore house," she said. That cracked the ice a little. We started chuckling, and then Gina did too.

Ryan and I started to explain. How I had happened to go to a Batman show and had "participated". And how with all the excitement and noise and flashing strobe lights I hadn't recognized him. "She came with her girlfriend," Ryan said. "Girlfriend?" she replied with disbelief. "Yeah. Foxy black chick." "Ronni? You're fucking Ronni too? Damn, you've been busy." Then she asked, "So, what about today?" "My fault," Ryan said. "Won't happen again. Mom was so upset and felt so bad when she found out I was Batman that I tried to console her.

I hugged her…kissed her…one thing led to another. I'm sorry." She wiped her eyes and blew her nose into a tissue. "Was she good?" "Gina, please…" Ryan said. "Is she better than me?" I thought she was going to start crying again, but she didn't. She looked at Ryan and said softly, "I miss you." They hugged each other and Ryan said he missed her too. They kissed. Then Gina looked at the confused expression on my face. "Whose lips do you think are tattooed down there?" she asked me, touching Ryan at the exact spot.

A third bomb had just been dropped. They told me their story. They had begun having sex with each other when they were in high school.

They'd always been close but bonded even more after the divorce. It started slowly when one of her friends said she liked Ryan and was going to fuck him. The next week it happened and Gina secretly watched, and was amazed and jealous. Jealous of her friend and amazed at his cock.

She started flirting with him. When he turned sixteen she gave him a blowjob as a birthday present. Three days later he went for his driver's test and she promised him another one if he passed. He passed his test and she blew him in the basement while I was in the kitchen fixing dinner. She said the meatloaf tasted like Ryan's cum that night. But the third time is what kicked it into high gear.

She gave him a coupon. This part was inspired by me she said, as I was a coupon clipper. She wrote it by hand and gave it to him. It was written on notebook paper and read: FREE MASSAGE. This coupon entitles Ryan to a free full body massage from Gina. NSA. When Ryan received it he laughed and put it in his pocket, but a couple days later he redeemed it. She told him to strip naked and lay face down on her bed. Gina oiled him and rubbed him up and down from head to toe, first his back, then his front, and it culminated with her going down on him until he came.

Then she kissed him on the lips for the first time. After that Ryan took a paper out of the pocket of his jeans that were hanging on a chair and handed it to Gina. It was a coupon for a free massage from him. She redeemed it on the spot. She stripped and for the first time they were naked together. He ran his hands over her body, top to bottom and back to front and then he ate her pussy until she came. When Gina couldn't stand it anymore she pulled his head to hers and they kissed deep and hard.

Then she asked him to fuck her. So they fucked and became lovers. They had sex often throughout high school, usually five or six days a week, even when they were dating others. According to them, they did it all, all the time, often right under my nose, and a few times were almost caught.

When Ryan went to college she visited him a couple of weekends his first semester…I remembered this…and slept with him. When he came home for the Christmas holidays they fucked every single day, often multiple times. This went on after Gina went away to college until about a year ago when Ryan started the dancing and they became estranged.

She couldn't accept that. She was in love with him. By the end of their story they were holding hands. Ryan said he was planning to quit the dancing soon anyway because he was graduating. He'd miss the money, but he'd missed Gina more. We ordered a pizza and afterwards I asked them if they would like a drink or something. Gina said, "Mom, if you don't mind, I think I really just want to go to bed." They retired to the spare bedroom.

I took a shower and changed the sheets on my bed, then called Ronni. I didn't tell her any of this, just said the kids were over and it had been a long day. The bed in the other bedroom was a squeaker, the headboard was a banger, and Gina was not quiet in the sack. I finally fell asleep listening to my son and daughter fucking up a storm on the other side of the wall. -- In the morning I whipped up a big breakfast of eggs, pancakes and sausage and then went to their bedroom door.

I heard lips and skin slapping and quiet groans. I knocked on the door and told them breakfast was on table. They found their way to the kitchen, both with wet, disheveled hair, and devoured the food. Then they told me they were leaving. Together. They were in love. Their plan was to move away together to somewhere no one knew them. He graduated a few weeks later and they stopped over before they left town to say goodbye. Ryan's truck was loaded and Gina was going to leave her car in my garage until they were settled and could arrange to come get it.

"Well, Mom," Gina said, "Thank you for everything. Sorry for what we put you through, and sorry if I called you some nasty names…" "Honey," I said, "That's all behind us. Let's just say you have good taste in men and leave it at that." I winked at Ryan. "Well, I think we both do," she said. She looked at Ryan. "Let's show her, Baby." She went to Ryan and began unfastening his jeans.

"What are you doing?" I asked. "We want to show you something." She pulled Ryan's pants down to his knees. Underneath he wore a skimpy black thong chock full of his talented custard launcher.

I suddenly realized that this was the first time I had seen it flaccid. Then Gina moved his meat aside and pointed to a second tattoo right next to the original. "It's your lips!" Gina said. "I took a picture of him with your lip prints all over him and we had a tattoo made. Cool, huh?" "It was her idea," Ryan said. "Is it real?" I asked. "Of course it's real. Go ahead, you can touch it. It doesn't come off." I touched it, rubbed it a little.

It was real. Ryan pulled up his pants. Gina continued, "And I told him, if he ever decides he wants to fuck another woman the only one he can fuck is you!

But only if I can watch." Then she took out a lipstick and rubbed it over her lips. She stepped toward me and kissed me on the cheek, grinding her lips into my skin. Then she kissed me with her open mouth, her tongue slipping into mine. I have to admit I felt a slight tingle between my legs. Then we said our goodbyes and as they were leaving she said that I should come visit them for the Christmas holidays. I said maybe, and to let me know when they found a place.

After they left I went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror at Gina's lips on my cheek. I decided to leave it on there for a while. I fixed a drink and sat on the patio and waited for Ronni to come over. I thought about what Gina had said, about watching us, and about visiting them for Christmas. She hadn't mentioned the sleeping arrangements. But the way she kissed me, could it be wants to watch us, or maybe she wants a three-way under the tree?

But then, Ronni had mentioned her son Darrell would be coming home for a week or so at Christmas. Maybe it would be fun to experiment with a young black man. He's only nineteen but he plays college basketball, he must be pretty good putting it in the hole. Ronni arrived and exclaimed, "Who's been kissin' you besides me, girl? You cheatin' on me?" I'd forgotten about the lips. I laughed and told her it was my daughter. "Your daughter? You kiddin' me?

Where else did she kiss you?" I told her to fix a drink I had a story for her. I didn't plan on it, but I told her everything. When I was finished I asked her what she thought. "Well, girl, there're two things I think. Number one, I think you ought to write this story down. It's too fucking out there to ever get published, but you ought to at least send it in to one of those sex story websites. A lotta folks will get off of that one!" "What's number two?" "Number two, I think you and me need to grab ourselves a couple lipsticks and get our naked asses into bed." We put on our lipstick and kissed each other all over our bodies, put in on again, kissed, again… Our bodies were literally covered with lips.

We took a few pictures just for fun. We looked like vanilla fudge with hundreds of cherries on top. By then we were aching for it and the anaconda came to life and I rode the black snake. Ronni treated me to a Chocolate Shake.