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Japanese shemale cumshot
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Hi y'all!! JoDee here… It's been so cool chatting with so many of you, that I decided to sit down and write out a few of my experiences and maybe find a few more 'Friends'… I'm gonna start with my First Time!

But before I get into it, let me tell you a bit about myself. I'm 25, blond hair and brown eyes, 5'3" and 115lbs… I think my tits are too small, they barely fill a B-cup, and I think my butt is a little too big, but&hellip.


I've always been very sexual. I remember my mom always slapping my hands when she caught me with them down my pants… and I remember how much I loved getting hugs and kisses from my daddy!

It didn't happen a whole lot, but when he did pick me up and love on me, I'll never forget how it would make me feel. All warm and tingly.

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I felt so safe being wrapped up in his big, strong arms. And I loved the way he smelled, especially if he hadn't showered in a while… I also had an uncle, my dad's younger brother, who would give me big hugs that made me feel the same way. But there was something different about his hugs and the way he smelled… I don't know why but I liked my uncle's hugs better than daddy's… though, I still LOVED daddy's&hellip.

So by the time I was 13 I'd hugged lots of guys, both men and boys and mostly they were real innocent. Though some of them made me tingle and warm, like daddy's and uncle's… I discovered that everyone's touch is different, just like everyone smells different. I even kissed a couple boys and that made me get really hot and tingly… And by that time I also masturbated almost every night.

I'd always played with my little pussy 'the kitty' I used to call it ever since I can remember, especially when I was alone in bed at night. I was 12 the first time I gave myself an orgasm and a year later, I sometimes had three or four a night… We were out camping when it happened.

Mom and dad had a whole group of friends who would take a week vacation in tents in the middle of the woods. Joe - or at least that's what I'm gonna call him - was the son of one of my aunt and uncle's friend, or something like that… it was the first and only year that his family camped with us.

He was soooo cute!! Hot! He was tall and lean with dark hair and bright blue eyes. And he was so much older than me well at the time the 4 year difference seemed a lot bigger than now. Looking back, I see that I teased the hell out of him.

I knew all about sex and I couldn't wait to try it. I'd heard that doing it with a guy was even better than doing it yourself. I thought it was incredible by myself, so I could only imagine what it would be like with someone else… with Joe??? So it was like the third day camping and I'd been flirting with Joe the whole time. I flirted with him so much that this other boy, I'll call him Bobby, who I'd known for years and I also knew he liked me, started teasing me about Joe being my new boyfriend.

Bobby was just jealous… even some of the other girls noticed how much I was going after Joe. But they were flirting with him too… I think we all had crushes on him. And he didn't pay much attention to me, not at first anyway.

But then that morning, he gave me a big smile at breakfast and patted the log beside him and I went and sat next to him. He was nice to me all morning and after lunch he asked me if I wanted to take a walk. Once we were out of sight of everyone, Joe reached over and held my hand. I remember the big smile on his face when I looked up at him and he squeezed my hand a little.

A little while later we stopped and sat on the trunk of a tree that fell over. Joe put his arm around me and kissed me. now like I said, this wasn't the first kiss I ever got, but it sure as hell felt like it was.

No boy had ever kissed me like that. I'd even tongue-kissed before but none of those boys moved their tongues like Joe did. Talk about getting hot and tingly… I could even feel myself getting wet between my legs.

Really wet!! And he smelled so good, so manly and strong. He even smelled better than my uncle!!!!! Then Joe started touching my chest. I barely had any boobs back then, no more than mosquito bites, but it felt really good when he was touching them. And it felt even better when he put his hand inside my shirt and played with them. Then he took my hand and put it on the front of his shorts.

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I couldn't believe I was touching a guy 'there'!!! I remember thinking that I wasn't sure what I was feeling inside his shorts, dick or balls, I knew it was all there but&hellip. Then Joe stopped kissing me and lifted up my shirt and started licking and sucking on my tiny tits. I started to moan and he put his hand over my mouth so no one would hear. He did that for a little while, then he took his hand away from my mouth and told me to keep quiet.

Then, still licking and sucking on my chest, I felt his hand move down my belly. I was wearing a pair of loose, cotton shorts and cotton panties. Joe never even felt me outside my clothes.

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His hand went right down, inside my panties and he started rubbing my pussy. I started to make a noise, but Joe hissed 'Shut Up!' and gave my little booby a pinch and I managed to keep from crying out.

I never felt as good as I did at that moment. There was a man's hand down my panties feeling my little 'kitty' and it felt better than anything I ever did to myself.

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After a bit I felt his finger wiggling more and knew that he was trying to put it in me. I was about to get finger fucked by someone other than myself. I got a little nervous and I took my hand from between his legs and covered my mouth to keep from getting loud.

Joe grabbed my wrist and shoved my hand back to his shorts and at the same time I felt his fingertip move inside me a little. I had to bite down on my lower lip to keep from groaning. it felt soooo good!!!!! Joe's finger didn't get too far inside me when he stopped pushing more in. I felt him wiggle it around a little and knew what he'd found.

Like I said, I spent a lot of time playing with myself, and I knew what my hymen was. I played with it a lot, that felt really good when I masturbated, but I was always very careful not to break it. I remember sitting there with Joe's finger inside me wiggling over my cherry and wondering if he was going to pop it. I hoped not. At least not with his finger.

I wanted it to get popped by a dick, not a finger. So Joe says 'You're a virgin.' It wasn't a question and I nodded. He asked 'You ever do anything with a guy?' and I told him that I'd only kissed boys before.

He asked 'You wanna jack me off? well, I knew what that was, but I'd never done it or even seen it done. But I said 'yes' so he pulled his hand out of my pants and sniffed his fingers, then unzipped his shorts and pulled his big hard dick out.

Looking back now I guess it wasn't that big, but it was the first hardon I'd ever seen and it seemed huge… He took my hand again and made me wrap my fingers around it and showed me how to stroke it. After about a minute Joe started breathing real hard and his body started to twitch and he started to sweat. I couldn't believe I was doing this to this big, strong man.

I could tell he liked what I was doing, just like I loved what I was doing. When his body really started to shake and he was panting like a dog, he made me stop. He asked me if I wanted to try something else. I asked what but knew I'd do anything he wanted anyway… He asked 'Do you know what a blow job is?' I'd heard about it of course, I knew that it was when a girl let a boy put his dick in her mouth.

But all I could think about was that he peed with that thing. That seemed really gross to let him put his pee-thing in my mouth. But I did.

I was on my knees on the ground and he was sitting on the log with his legs spread and his shorts wide open, both his hard dick and his balls hanging out.

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I took a deep breath and couldn't believe how different he smelled down there. I just put my lips on it like I was kissing it.

He said 'Come on baby, open your mouth and suck it.' So I did. Just a little at first, but then he took my head in his hands and shoved me down on it. It was too much and I gagged.


He let up a little but didn't take it all the way out. This is all I have time for now… If you wanna hear more, send me a pm or email at [email protected] See y'all… JoDee…