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Blonde tranny spreads her tight ass for plump shecock
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It was a cool spring morning as I drove the hour and a half to meet my daughter and her class for her field trip. I pulled up and parked in the visitor parking and waited for the buses to arrive.

I went to the gate of the park and paid for my ticket as the buses finally arrived. As I walked towards the sidewalk to meet my daughter I see my neighbor Jen. "Hey, what are you doing here?" I ask as she gives me a smile. "I am meeting my son for his field trip…" she said as she gave me a hug. " we should have carpooled!" She exclaimed after breaking our embrace. We said hello to our kids and waited as the teacher told them the rules and accounted for all of them.

"So how have you been? I haven't seen you in months it seems like." I asked Jen. "Busy with the kids and boyfriend" she responded. "How are you and the boyfriend doing. I think this is the longest I've seen you with someone." I stated. "We are actually not doing very well… I think he's cheating on me and I gave him a week to get out." She said coldly.


"I'm sorry to hear that, you seemed happy…" I responded. "I'm getting over it, I'll find someone who appreciates me and my body." "I know you will Jen, you're a beautiful woman and deserve to be appreciated." She smiled and gave me a hug, whispering in my ear that she really needed to hear that from a man and that it meant a lot to her.

We followed the crowd of children into the park. As I walked behind Jen I admired her athletic legs in her black skin-tight leggings. She had on a gray jacket and was carrying a backpack so I couldn't admire her ass due to it being covered by both. We walked and talked as the park guide told the children about whatever history they were learning about. The temperature was rising and I was getting warm in my sweat shirt. I told Jen I was headed to the car to put my sweatshirt there.

I walked back to my car and threw my sweatshirt in the backseat and quickly caught up with the group. The group was getting ready to move on and Jen said she would be right back and she'd catch up.

When Jen returned she was no longer wearing the gray jacket and I could see a flimsy summer top covered by only a holey white cardigan. She was also wearing the backpack higher on her back.

As she passed me to walk ahead I had a great view of her tight ass framed in her black leggings. I could clearly make out her panty line through the tight fabric. We made our way back towards the parking lot to eat lunch.

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The kids all filed on the buses then back off with their lunches in hand. Jen and I went to our cars to get our lunches as well. We sat down and waited for our kids to join us.

They came running over and took a seat by us and started eating. After we had finished eating the children had to file back on the buses to put away their lunch bags, Jen said she had to go to the rest room and asked if I'd wait for her. I nodded and watched her ass sway as she walked away. When she returned the kids had already made their way to the next exhibit. She asked which way the group went and after pointing her in the right direction she took the lead in trying to catch up with them.

As I followed behind her I noticed that the panty lines that were very evident before going to the restroom were no longer there.

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Her leggings actually seemed to be pulled up even higher giving her a slight wedgie. We soon caught up with the group in time to take a seat and watch them reenact some battlefield tactics. Jen placed her bag between us and unzipped it as she asked if I wanted a water. I told her I would love one as the sun was beating down on us. She opened the bag and as she dug for her water I saw a pair of red panties she must have removed when she went to the bathroom.

I could have sworn she smiled as she pushed them aside in the bag and pulled out two waters. She handed me one then opened hers and took a long swig. I drank some of mine as the sun continued to heat us up. The kids finished their reenactment, and we were led up a hill to a house. It looked like an old southern plantation house. We were split into three groups to go to different areas of the plantation.

We went into the house and looked around for a bit before we filed out and went into the Cook's quarters. It was dimly lit and very cramped with such a big group of us.

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I was against the wall in the back while all the kids as well as Jen were in front of me. The "cook" asked everyone to step back so she could show everyone what she does. As everyone scooted back Jen backed right into me. She looked over her shoulder, smiled, and said sorry. Her ass was backed right into me and though she apologized she made no effort to move away. With her ass pressed against me, my cock began to respond and get hard. I could feel my cock pressing into her ass cheek.

She moved her hips slightly as my hard cock fell in between her cheeks. She pressed back more firmly and stood up on her toes before slowly dragging her ass down the length of my shaft. I was rock hard and was 100% sure this was no accident.

As the tour guide continued her description of how the life of the cook was, Jen continued her grinding on my cock. The guide finished and as everyone filed out Jen reached a hand back between her ass and me and grabbed my cock through my pants and gave it a squeeze before following the group. The tour was over and we followed the rambunctious children back towards the parking lot.

The class was stopped for one more bathroom break before the bus ride home. Jen went in the women's room as I went into the men's room. I got my hard-on under control enough to pee and went out to wait for the kids and Jen. Just thinking of her ass grinding on me and how she grabbed my cock still had my cock semi erect. She came out of the bathroom, smiled at me and we both said goodbye to the kids. We walked towards our vehicles laughing about how much gas we could have saved carpooling.

Jen asked me which way I was heading home and I told her I was going the back way to avoid accidents and rush hour on the interstate.

She asked me if she could follow me until she knew how to get home. I told her of course she could and that once we reached the road that led us all the way home I'd give her a thumbs up so she could go faster than me if she'd like. She hugged me and thanked me and we both set off, me in my truck, her in her car. She followed closely behind until I gave her the sign that we were on the road that led back to our city. Of course we were still over an hour's drive from our neighborhood. As she passed me on my left I looked over and noticed she has removed her white cardigan and was wearing a loose fitting low cut blouse with a white bra easily visible through the deep cut arm holes of her blouse.

She stayed in the left lane as no one was behind her. My dick stirred in my pants as I though about her ass, and how she ground against my erection before grabbing it with her hand.

My dick was doing the thinking as I sped up to take another glance at her. As I came up beside her she turned towards me, smiled, and waved before speeding up in front of me. My dick was stirring as I sped up again to get another look at her. As I finally caught up I pulled along side her and looked down into her car. A white thing was sitting in her lap caught my eye before I raised my eyes to see the tan flesh of the side of her breast. She had taken off her bra! My cock stood at full attention.

I looked at her face as she looked over at me with a naughty smile, waved and sped up around a slower car causing me to have to slow down. As I made my way around the slower vehicles and caught back up to Jen my mind was spinning with what I could see this time and my dick was wondering the same thing as it tented my pants. I finally sped enough to get up beside her and as I looked over her bra was now in the passenger seat and her left leg was raised onto her seat.


Her hand was rubbing her pussy through her tight black leggings. My hand immediately went to my hard cock as I continued to stare at her rubbing herself. She then slipped her hand down inside and began rubbing again. I unzipped my jeans, pulled my dick out, and began stroking it while watching her.

She took her other hand off the wheel for a second to pinch her nipples quickly, then she sped up and left me dying to see more. We were coming up to one of the small towns and as I slowed down to the town speed limit Jen gained some ground leaving me about a mile or so behind her. As I came around a corner into the center of town the stoplight had just turned red and Jen was stopped at the light. I pulled beside her to a stop and looked over excitedly to see what she was doing or not wearing this time.

I see her bare thighs! She had actually taken off her pants and is sitting in her car naked from the waist down. She winked at me as she lifted her left foot onto seat and dropped her hand down between her legs and started pumping her fingers in and out of her surely wet pussy.

I stroked my cock with the movement of her hand pumping in and out of her sex. I heard a horn honk and I looked up to see the light had turned green. Before I could react Jen had already pulled away as I rushed to try to catch up.

As we made our way towards the end of town she was still more than a few car lengths in front of me. As Jen reached the end of town and the increased speed limit she gained some ground but I quickly sped up to try to catch her.

She was passing a tractor trailer when I heard him honk his air horn. I figured he must have gotten a great view of Jen from his high vantage point. I sped around him hoping that his horn had not scared her into covering back up.

As I finally caught back up, my dick throbbing to see more, I looked over. She was completely naked, her tan skin glowing in the sunlight. She had her free hand tugging on her hard nipples. I was drooling just thinking about sucking on her hard little nipples. She then stuck three of her fingers in her mouth and licked around them while she lifted her left leg on to the seat. She took the three fingers wet from her mouth and lowered them down to her spread pussy and started rubbing then pushing all three into her sex.

I took my phone out and snapped a few pictures. I put my phone down and started stroking my cock in rhythm with her fingers pumping in and out of her pussy. She sped up her hand movements and added a fourth finger while rubbing her clit with her thumb. I matched her speed with my own hand stroking my hard cock. As her tempo increased again her body went stiff and suddenly she shook and squirted over her hand, the seat, and some on the floor of her car.

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My cock exploded at that sight and sent load after load of semen shooting into the air and falling back down on my cock, my pants, and some on my shirt.

I had never shot a load so high or so copious before. I saw Jen recovering from her intense orgasm as well when she looked over, smiled at me, before licking her fingers off that were covered in her juices. She abruptly slowed down and got behind my truck and as I continued straight she pulled off at our exit.

I was so distracted by her I missed my exit.


I hurried and got off at the next exit and went back to my exit. By this point I knew I couldn't catch her unless she slowed way down.

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