Demure darling is riding on studs pecker ferociously

Demure darling is riding on studs pecker ferociously
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This is my first story. So I welcome any kind of criticism, constructive or otherwise, to improve my future work if any. This story is based on a theme of incest. If you don't like this sort of thing kindly proceed no further. This story is purely a work of fiction. Acting on this kind of impulse (incest) might destroy lives and families. Be sensitive. Hi peeps. This is my story from a week ago.

I'm Shawn and I'm 18 years old.


I'm as average as you can imagine; 5'11", weighing at 147 lbs., neither too lean nor too stocky. I don't have any nicely cut muscles as I don't do much gym work but I always help my dad with his farm works and hence have a pretty well-toned body that I can be really proud of. In my family, I have my loving parents John and Mary and of course my sweet little sister Jamie who just celebrated her 16th birthday two weeks ago.

Jamie was the little princess of our house and my parents' darling. Jamie is the fun loving type in our family; always cracking jokes and up to something naughty. She has always been like that since her childhood. At 5'7" and 123 lbs., with her smooth dirty blonde hairs and hazel eyes she is a beauty to die for. She is neither voluptuous nor petite. In fact she is very "model-like" thin but yet sports nice 32C tits with perky nipples that I occasionally have a chance to feel with my eyes through her bra-less top.

Even though I am not that bad myself I've never had any serious luck with girls; just a few random effortless opportunities to bang some of the school and college sluts which were surprisingly not very satisfying experiences.

So, more often than not I found myself sitting in my room with Jamie's panties in my hand and masturbating ferociously as I secretly lusted for her. I had seen her with a fair amount of boys in the past, all of whom she hated to call "boyfriends". But I was sure Jamie wasn't a virgin. And every day watching her big bouncing tits and that tight wide ass swaying from room to room made my inner animal fill with insurmountable lust.

Night and day I would only dream of humping the brains out of her. So badly I was in a need of letting out my sexual frustrations that to my dismay, part of my brain was planning to rape her in her sleep. When things were turning to get worse in my mind I finally got that opportunity I was looking for. Our parents were away for a week to attend our uncle's funeral up north.

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Jamie and I were watching TV after a busy day's work at the farm. To my secret pleasure, Jamie had a habit of snuggling up to me while she watched TV. Suddenly Jamie stood up and playfully skipped to dad's room.

When she came back she was holding DVD discs. I asked her what those were. "Dad's secret porn stash!" she faked a whisper with a wink.


I was surprised at the casual way she said that. Even though we were very loving to each other we never talked about sex or never ventured in that line of thought. Her sudden boldness puzzled me. She quickly put a disc into the player and came back to sit beside me to my left.

She took the remote and skipped the introduction. In the movie that was on display now, two naked teen couple were making out with each other in a brightly lit bedroom.

The girl on the screen was stroking the boy's cock fiercely and was passionately kissing him at the same time. The boy too was returning the favour by rubbing and fingering her profusely wet pussy. The girl's pussy was making loud slurping noise with the fingers lapping her juice viciously. When the girl on screen broke the kiss and began to moan "ohhh my sweet bro" in ecstasy I came to realize it was a make believe incest porn.

Suddenly I realized Jamie was rubbing my crotch over my pyjamas. I looked at her hoping to meet her hazel gaze. Instead, I saw her staring at the TV screen with her left hand buried under her panties and rubbing herself. The way she was biting her lower lip when she was doing that almost put me over the edge of my lust. I took a deep breath and laid my head back with my eyes closed trying to savour the amazing feeling I was experiencing.

Then I ever so slowly slid my pyjamas and let my cock hang out freely. It wasn't a monstrous cock, but at a little more than six inches and a big fat girth I was quite proud of my boy Junior. I looked at Jamie and she was gaping at the sight of my cock. I slowly took her right hand and put it around my cock. She tried to feel it by grasping it hard and squeezing it.

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"Do you like what you see Jamie?" I asked. She could only nod.

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She was still marvelling at my fat cock. "Do you want to stroke it?" I asked again.

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At this, she stood up and knelt in front of me and began to slowly stroke my cock. I could see her left hand was still buried deep in her pussy and she was rhythmically fingering herself with the moaning on the screen. After slowly stroking my cock for about a minute she pulled out her left hand, spitted on her palm and then began stroking with her left hand. At this point I was almost at the point of my climax but miraculously I was holding myself. I looked at her beautiful oval shaped face.

Her eyes were full of lust and she was gradually speeding up her stroking. I bent forward to grab her face in both my hands and almost forcefully pressed my lips upon her. For a moment she froze, and then Jamie started kissing back, and when I opened my mouth a bit she pushed her tongue deep into my mouth. I too kissed her with equal vigour. I was savagely eating her luscious full lips, tasting her saliva with each warm breath of her.

We were both gasping and panting for air in each other's mouth loudly as we were reluctant to break our kiss. Finally I looked deep in her eyes and asked, "Will you suck my dick Jamie?" Her eyes lit up and she replied with broad grin, "Of course bro. I've been dreaming about it for a long time now." She then took my cock in her right hand and gently licked at the top while massaging my balls with her left hand.

I was never ever sucked before and so the feeling of her tongue licking the slit at the top was both ticklish and amazing.

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Jamie slowly put the entire length of my cock in her mouth and soon began bobbing her head up and down. I was now almost beyond control and grabbed her head tightly with my cock buried deep in her throat and exploded a thick burst of cum.

I squirted 6 thick ropes of cum into her mouth which were leaking through Jamie's lips. She tried to swallow all of it and caught all of it that were trickling down her mouth.

After swallowing, she continued sucking my not-so-limp dick and rubbed the top of my cock all over her face. That was the most erotic seen I ever witnessed in my life. My spent dick was growing fast soon enough. That brought a smile on Jamie's face.


"Still not finished bro?" she smiled devilishly. I replied, "Fuck me." At this, she took all her clothes off and jumped naked into my lap and descended on my big fat cock pushing it into her wet glory hole. Her pussy tightened around my cock with a vice-like grip as she let it in further into her womb.

I grabbed her tits and started sucking her perky nipples. Those sumbitches always titillated me like mad and I was now biting and sucking them like a randy animal filled with lust. Jamie was moaning like a bitch in heat:"ohhh yessss… suck those nipples big brother.

ummmm… squeeze those tits… fucckkkk"… Jamie was moaning wildly in pure ecstasy now. "ahhhhh… I'm fucking my sweet big brother… my goddd… ohhhh yess. you are so huge!!!! Fuckkkkkkk!" Jamie was now moaning loudly & ceaselessly. When her pussy hit the base of my cock she slowly started moving herself up and down with each movement producing an erotic moan.

She was now leaning against my chest and was whispering to my right ear,"You want to fuck your little sister, huh? So fuck your cock-whore sister already!! Commeeee on… yeah… faster… thrust deep into my pussy brother… you know you want that pussy so bad… that wet velvet you've been always dreaming about. to wrap your big fat cock around… your dick in my tight pink pussy… so fuck me harder… FUCKKKK&hellip." She was now humping ferociously all the while whispering to me, "Make me your bitch Shawn… I'm your whore tonight.

show me you are a randy animal. show me&hellip.

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Fuck me like the whore I'm… treat me bad Shawn, treat me rough…I've been a naughty little sister… I'm a fucking cunt&hellip. So FUCKKKKK THE HELL OUTTA ME!!!!" Incited by her words my inner animal was unleashed and I grabbed her hair tightly and pulled her face to mine.

She was grinning madly with lust in her eyes. I said," you want my fat cock in you? You wanna get ravished? I'll fuck the fucking shit out of you tonight. I'll make you my bitch and paint your fucking womb with my seeds." With this I started pounding her viciously with her pussy milking my cock with each thrust. With my vicious pounding she was now shaking and spasming violently.

I was spanking hard at her ass. "yessss&hellip. spank that ass&hellip.

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Fuckkk…" She moaned with a voice that sounded almost broken and crying, "show me you're an animal Shawn&hellip. Treat me like a fucking whore dammit… oh shitttt… yessss yessss… " She was now nearing her orgasm with all the humping and spanking. "&hellip.I'm cummingggg Shawn… don't stop… don't you fuckkking stopppp…arghhhh.

O my god o my god&hellip. oh fuck fuckkkk you asshole…KEEP FUCKKKINGG ME&hellip." I grabbed her waist tightly and started pounding with much more force. Jamie was now moaning and screaming out of pleasure very loudly & uncontrollably and as she cummed her body shuddered & convulsed.

Her huge squirt of pussy juice wetted my crotch&hellip. The mesmerizing odour of her pussy juice drove me to an overdrive of euphoria and without any more thought I pushed my cock deep into her womb and pumped spurt after spurt into her and she kept shaking until I was totally spent. Jamie kissed me softly and laid her head on my chest.

I caressed her hair and whispered, "Thank you Jamie. It was wonderful." She looked into my eyes and planted a long passionate kiss and said, "I love you Shawn. You are amazing.

The way your cock filled me… The feeling of your cum hitting my insides…" she closed her eyes momentarily to feel the pleasure of cock buried deep into her and then continued "… I hope we can do this more this whole week." "I assure you sis, there'll be a lot more of this." I said. We both grinned and walked off together to the bathroom to clean ourselves up.