Castration elastrator banding my balls

Castration  elastrator banding my balls
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I went away to College in the early '70s. It was an exciting time. There were a lot of good-looking women to fantasize about, not the least of which was Lydia. All the guys in the dorm were talking about her and wondering who she would pair up with.

She was the cream of the crop. She was the only girl I can think of that had the perfect 36-22-36 body that you always heard about. That wasn't all she had.

She was perfect in every way, with long, brown hair that hung straight down her back, framing a perfect face accentuated by beautiful brown eyes, a perfectly sized mouth, lips and the best tits you ever saw on a real woman, a tiny waist, hips that flaired out at the sides, but also pooched out at the rear, just the right amount, with the perfectly round shape of the globes of her ass.

I almost forgot her perfectly proportioned legs which she showed off often with short skirts and hot pants. A couple of guys I knew claimed to have dated her and they said that she was a hot piece of stuff. When parking, she went straight for french kissing and heavy petting. Depending on how much she liked you, that determined how far she would go. I never heard anyone brag that they had fucked her, until Rocky.

He was sort of a campus stud, played on the soccer team, long lanky, with long blonde hair that hung straight down his back, sort of like a Prince Valiant. He had something else that hung a long way--his dick. I passed his room one day and saw him toweling off after a shower. The thing must have been 9" long hanging limp. That explained how he got a lot of the best women on campus. I noticed the women didn't stay with him long, I guess he was kind of an asshole.

They started being seen on campus and I guess everyone was shocked that the campus baby doll had paired up with the campus rogue. I came back to the dorm late one night and parked my car next to his in the parking lot. I couldn't help but notice that Rocky was laying in the back seat with Lydia, with his hands up under her shirt playing with her perfect tits.

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I pretended not to notice, but I've never forgotten it as you can tell. Lydia must have tired of good boys who were so respectful of her perfection and wanted to fantasize about marriage and family when all she wanted was a good fuck. Rocky was evidently just what the Doctor ordered.

He must have been the biggest she ever had, as I'm sure that she had been very discreet with her lovemaking up to this point.

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Rocky introduced her to aggressive oral sex, bringing her to intense orgasm just with his tongue. Then he gave her the benefit of his big cock, penetrating her deeper than she had ever been probed before.

He brought her to brain-numbing orgasms that left her physically drained but soon wanting more. One day, Rocky stopped by my room requesting a donation for some worthwhile cause. I found out later it was for an abortion for Lydia. I donated $20.00 when that was real money.

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It was the first of two abortions for her. After a time, we all graduated, except for Rocky, who was expelled for cheating on an exam and moved on to complete his education somewhere else. Chapter Two Lydia was frustrated with men after being dumped so suddently by Rocky. She then entered the next phase of her life--Lesbianism. It wasn't just men that found Lydia attractive. It was all sexual creatures including women. A woman shared an apartment with Lydia, right after graduation, named Carolyn.

She was an attractive, big-boned woman who had been a Lesbian for a long time after being shafted by a couple of men. She was attractive, with a sort of an American Indian look to her. She probably had some Indian blood in her with the big, dark eyes, long straight black hair, that hung down her back almost to her asshole.

She also had a monstrous pair of tits that few women could match. She had long since turned her back on men after a series of unsuccessful affiars. She shared everything with Lydia, including her sex toys.

She introduced Lydia to vibrators, dildoes and anal beads.


Pretty soon, Lydia saw that she could get the satisfaction she needed without the excess baggage of a man. One night, Carolyn was in the kitchen, helping Lydia make dinner, when she couldn't take it any longer; she grabbed Lydia and gave her a long, slow french kiss, sticking her long tongue as far back into Lydia's throat as far as she could. She got the desired response; Lydia started french kissing her back with enthusiasm.

The girls were never apart much after that, and Lydia stopped dating to stay home with her new lover, and learned all about Lesbian Love. They started sleeping in the same room, every night was another adventure into sexual gratification.

Lydia learned that a woman had a better knowledge of the female anatomy and could get her off quicker and more thoroughly. Carolyn dived into Lydia's cunt and extended her long tongue, eager to find Lydia's clit. A few minutes of stroking Lydia's clit would have her screaming her head off.

The best part was she had these killer orgasms and there was no chance of an unwanted pregnancy. Also Carolyn was loyal to Lydia and wasn't looking to hook up with other available woman in the apartment complex like she had learned to expect from Rocky.

One Friday evening after dinner, Lydia thought she and Carolyn were going to have a quiet evening at home. They would usually watch TV then eventually go to bed in Carolyn's big queen size bed. They would take turns eating each other to orgasm and eventually go to sleep in each others arms.

About 8PM the doorbell rang and Carolyn jumped up and went to the door. It was Robert, Carolyns friend. Lydia had heard Carolyn talk about Robert. He was part Indian, just like Carolyn. He was tall, good looking, with long black hair and dark eyes. He was very muscular with large shoulders and biceps. The three sat around, talking, laughing, Lydia had a strange feeling about the presence of the handsome man; Carolyn was commited lesbian and usually had no men around.

The three sat on the couch with Lydia in the middle. Lydia was more comfortable now and starting to actually like Robert. Carolyn got up to excuse herself and went to the bathroom.

As soon as she left the room, Robert put his arm around Lydia and pulled her closer. His mouth came down on hers with a powerful kiss, Lydia's tongue instinctively slipped between Robert's thick lips, finding his tongue and carressing it. Robert's hand slid off Lydia's shoulder cupped her right breast.

His hand was large and strong, but gentle. Lydia was beginning to heat up by the time Carolyn got back into the room. The evening went on, they drank beer, and then some wine.

Everyone got a little high. About 1AM, Carolyn suggested that Robert stay the night in the extra bedroom, since he had been drinking so much. Carolyn and Lydia went to their room, undressed and slipped into bed. They went through their usual routine, kissing, carressing, fondling each others pussy lips. Carolyn rolled over on top of Lydia and kissed her lips passionately then moved down to her tits and sucked on the beautiful nipples.


Sliding down, further, Carolyn was soon right over Lydia's tight pussy. She raised Lydia's thighs slightly and pressed her mouth firmly into Lydia's brown-haired pussy, smelling the wonderful aroma.

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Lydia had the best pussy Carolyn ever buried her face in. In no time Lydia was moaning in ecstasy, her orgasm became intense and her hips starting bucking wildly and her thighs gripped Carolyns head tightly as if she didn't want Carolyn to remove her tongue from her wet cunt. Then something happened that came as a shock to Lydia. The door suddently opened and it was Robert, standing in the doorway, naked, his manhood sticking straight out like a piece of pipe.

Carolyn spoke up first, "Come on in Robert, I think she's ready for you." Lydia reached for the sheet to cover herself, "What's going on, what is this, what are you doing?" Carolyn pinned her to the mattress and kissed her lips, "Don't worry, Honey, I've arranged this for you as a favor.

This is all for you, I know you'll enjoy it. Nobody knows what you like better than I do." Robert approached the bed and stood next to it. His erection was huge, at least nine inches long, and bigger diameter than anything she had ever had. Lydia was already turned on from the pussy eating session she just got. Robert raised a knee and got on the bed with the two lovers.

"Damn, she's fantastic, look at those tits and that pussy. " Robert started carressing her thigh, letting his fingers brush through her pubic hair.


He parted her legs slightly letting his finger run down through her slit, spreading the lips feeling the softness of her pussy. Carolyn looked down at the confused young woman, "Like is said, Sweety, this is for you, you'll love him, just like I love you." With that she kissed Lydia on the lips and pulled back a couple feet.

"Alright, Robert, she's yours, take her, let's fuck the Hell out of her!" That was all Robert needed to swoop down on her, his weight pinning her helplessly to the mattress. His mouth sucked in each breast as far into his mouth and possible flicking her nipples with his thick tongue.

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Lydia was moaning in no time. Robert then moved down her perfectly proportioned body, kissing her stomach as he went. His lips passed through her pussy hair on its way to the object of his attention. He spread her legs wide apart and positioned himself between her firm thighs.

His mouth pressed down on her snatch, parted the lips with his thick tongue, savoring the taste, he found her clit and started massaging it aggressively. His nose was pressed hard into her pussy hair, and he was breathing heavily in order to suck in as much of her aroma as he could; it was intoxicating.

Lydia was soon over the edge on another orgasm, "Ohhhh.Ohhhh.Lick Me.Yeaa.Right There.My God. You're Fantastic! Then Robert slid his tongue down and forced it into her cunt as far as it would go. Lydia's hips were gyrating now and were humping Roberts face; he hung on to her thighs and plunged his tongue in and out of her hole as hard as he could. When Robert felt she was close to an orgasm, he removed his tongue and made his way back up until he was face to face with her, his manhood pointing straight down at Lydia's wet pussy.

Carolyn was still on the bed watching the show, "She's ready, Robert, fuck her." Robert positioned his cock at the entrance and leaned into a gasping Lydia. She placed her hands on his hips, trying to keep him from burying his meat in her all at once. "Oh, that things so big, I don't know. if I can take it." She looked at Carolyn for sympathy, but got none. Robert was thrusting harder now, forcing his big stick into her an inch deeper with each stroke. The flaired head was massaging her insides, he was as hard as Carolyn's strap-on dildo.

Lydia was no longer trying to hold his hips up off of her. She now had her hands on his big strong shoulders, head turned to one side, eye lids squinted shut, teeth clinched firmly, she managed to yell out the magic words, "FUCK MEEEEE.OHHH.PLEEEZ.FUCK MEEE!!!!" That's when Robert buried his shaft all the way; when it bottomed out in her, he started drawing it out until only the head was left inside, and then plunged it back into her cunt again.

He was amazed at how tight she was, how good she felt, His hips were literally pounding her now, hammering her deep into the mattress with each impact of his pelvis to hers. Then it happened: Lydia started cumming, and it was a monster orgasm that made her body shake all over; not to be left out, Robert let go with a big one too, and dumped a big load into Lydia who was still gasping for breath beneath her new lover. Lydia glanced over at Carolyn, stroked her thigh with her small hand, "Oh, thank you, that was so good, I never knew.

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did you know he could do that?" Carolyn stared down at Lydia and replied, "What do you think? I used to fuck him years ago. That's how I knew I wanted it for you." The three lay on the bed and cuddled for a while, until Lydia rolled over onto Robert and pulled his half-hard cock into her mouth and started sucking on it.

Pretty soon it was back to its original size and hardness.

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Robert wanted her doggiestyle. Lydia positioned herself on all fours giving Robert access to her well shaped ass. He positioned himself behind her and put the tip of his cock into the opening as he pressed forward, Lydia relaxed and felt the head pass through into the interior of her love channel.

In this position, his big cock seemed to penetrate her even deeper than before. Lydia screamed, moaned, groaned and had at least two orgasms.

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Carolyn moved around in front of Lydia and spread her legs, giving Lydia a clear view of her pussy. Carolyn, heated up by the sight of her old friend Robert fucking her new girlfriend, Carolyn grabbed Lydia by the hair and pushed her into her snatch.

With Robert pounding away at her rear, Lydia licked and sucked on Carolyn's pussy until Robert came again unloading once more in her, she let out a scream with her mouth still buried in Carolyn. The vibration of her scream brought Carolyn to orgasm at the same time as Robert pulled his cock out of Lydia and dumped his cum on Lydia's back and ass. The three lovers slept in a pile for the rest of the night. The next morning, when the two girls awoke, Robert was gone.

Lydia kissed Carolyn on the lips, "Thank-you, Dear, I'll have to see what kind of a gift I can find for you."