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Hentai erutenes shikyu kou de sex wo suru hentai shitei movie
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I woke up to lauren moaning,harsh sunlight and loud music in my ears. "Wus goin-" lexi kissed me and I saw samantha eathing lauren out. "Oh so this is a thing now. Im down for it I grabbed lexi and kissed her deeply and started to finger her as deep as I could go. "God baby that's it! Now fuck me and her and her." she smirked and they all jumped on me. "Who wants first dibs?" they all looked at each other and smiled.

"Samantha was begging for it in her sleep I swear!" lauren pushed her forward and she blushed. "Naughty girl.

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Eating your sister out too." lexi was grabbing her and whispering in her ear. "She not naughty just horny." I said and samantha grabbed my cock and squeezed. "Toys don't talk." She got on her back and pulled me in and started kissing me. I slowly slid my cock into her and started fucking her. "Oh sam fuck youre bigger than I remember. Damn!" I just fucked her as hard as I could until she finally gave in and came spraying my cock with cum.

"Tag out!" lexi jumped on me and pushed me down. "I hope you stay hard enough to finish all of us toy." she sat on my cock taking it all.

"Mmmmmm so big I can barely get on it." I grabbed her hips and she pressed her hands on my chest. She started bouncing up and down wildly, moaning and panting. "God I love riding you. It's the best ride in this crazy place!" she leaned down and kissed me hard. "God im gonna cum gonna fuckin…YESSSSSS!" She came and rolled off my cock. I looked around for lauren who I couldn't see at first then I felt hands on my shoulders.

"Mmmmmm damn…I cant believe its my turn." lauren was behind me and grabbed my cock. Im not fucking you today…poor you right?" she was stroking me hard and had a death grip on my shaft. "But I am milking you so it's a win,win win win.

All of us win I get to make you cum and you get to cum and lexi and samantha get break fast." and she winked at her sisters. She pumped my cock as lexi and samantha had their mouths opened at the head of my cock. I tensed up and moaned as I cam into both of their mouths. "Holy shit ladies.

I don't think I can walk." they all laughed and kissed me. "Were going out for a while be safe knuckle head don't do anything dumb." they got up and hoped into their showers and I walked into emilys room and just stopped cold she was getting undressed.

"Oh shit im so sorry I shoulda knocked!" "No sweetie youre fine. Wanna join me?" I just stood their slack jaw and dumb. "Cmon big boy lets see if we cant get a little freaky." we climbed into the shower and got under the water.

I turned her around and washed her hips and slowly worked my way between her legs and she moaned softly as I rubbed her pussy. "Oh my some ones curious." she shoved my head down and I buried my face in her cunt. I tongue fucked her, fingered her and bit her clit. I was feasting on her pussy like I was starving. As I was eating her I felt her squeeze my head with her thighs and soon enough my face was coated in her cum.

"Miss Emily I want to fuck you." I said flatly. "Say please sweetie and youll get what you want and morethan that what I want." "Please emily can I fuck you? Pretty please?" she opened her legs sitting on the shampoo rack. I grabbed her hips and slammed my cock into her as deep as I could go.

"I am going to fuck you so hard you cant walk for a month." I whispered into her ear, pounding her pussy so hard it was as loud as the music. "Oh my goooood sam please&hellip.please fuck my pussy!" she was clawing my back and whimpering. I never felt more on top of a woman in my life. I bent her over and slapped her ass and shoved my self balls deep inside her. "Oh fuck emily!!" She was grinding against my cock and moaning something. "What was that? I cant hear you slut." I whispered to her.

"I want you to cum in me baby!" And with that she shoved me to the ground and rode me like a race horse. "Im gonna get you to cum in me weather you want it or not mister!" She had her hand on my throat and the other hand on my left shoulder, bouncing up and down on me. This was pure ecstasy! "Emily im gonna cum!" I was moaning and groaning begging for her to let me cum.

She did the unthinkable. She hopped up, walked out and left me with the biggest blue balls ive ever had. "Emily please…please help me?" I begged her walking after her. "You have to be a good boy today and ill let you finish." she kissed me and walked off to her room and locked the door. She most likely was doing buisness of some kind I did hear her mention Raul or something. So I got dressed and headed to the elevator.

I had big plans today or atleast id make plans. As I went down I checked my phone the girls were out at a local party and emily sent me a picture. It was of her hips and they were buised and under the picture it said "Good job big boy, ill let you finish tonight;)" I was shocked at my handy work. I closed my phone and walked into the lobby. I grabbed my keys started my car and drove off.

I was contemplating weather to find the girls or find new prey. I hopped in and took off down the main strip and looked around and found a mall and hopped out in the parking lot and walked around. I was impressed at the size of the place and wandered around but what caught my eye was a young girl at a bench crying.

She seemed very upset so I did what any good hearted man does and I sat beside her. "Hey heeeeyy whats wrong? Are you ok?" she looked up at me and shook her head and just kept sobbing. I handed her a handkerchief and wrapped my arm around her. "So tell me whats wrong. You don't seem to be from around here?" she looked up at me and I felt my blood run cold.

This girl was a vampire. Her eyes were a dead give away. I could smell blood on her. "Im going to just ask this now. Was this your first feeding? Who was it you killed?" she looked up at me and kissed me. "So im not alone? And your names sam? And I killed my dog…I was so hungry…" "Who turned you?" I then just laughed and looked into her mind and I was shocked to hell and back. "Come with me now!" I picked her up and flew literally to my car.

I put her in the passenger seat and sped off. "So your dad did it? He raped you and did it then…that sick fucker. And yes I know we just met but I know your plight and I can help you." "How?!

How can any one help me…? Im a freak and a monster…no one will get me now." "I get you and I know what your going through and im no vigilantie but I cant let your fathers actions go un punished. Cops will think your nuts and write you off as a lunatic." she looked down and started to smile a wicked smile.

I could feel her intentions were foul now and she was laughing. "Youd kill my dad and keep that man away from me? All over this?" I knew what you were when you sat down beside me. I let you see what I wanted you to see!" I felt searing pain run across my chest and neck and I blacked out.

When I awoke I was upside down and I could feel my chest and neck closing up. I felt hands on me and I was being pulled out of my nissan by a large marine and what looked like his son. "Its ok son we got you you." I heard an explosion and felt something hot go into my side.

"AHHHH FUCK ME!!!" I blacked out again and when I woke up the second time in a room I didn't know and my wounds werent healing like they should my leg was still gashed and had a big hunk of metal in it. "Son you know who you are and where you are?" Abu Dhabi. Sam minshew and im 18." "Good and to be precise your in our hotel room.

We brought you here and bandaged you up. We can take you to a hospital if you like?" "No&hellip.please I have a doctor for a mom and she can patch me up its not a big shrapnel piece any way." I pulled the hunk of metal out of me and screamed.

"See…no…big deal." I was fine enough to walk and gave the man my adress."By the way sir thank you for your sevice." he shook my hand and smiled. "Maybe you should be a marine. Youre a tough bastard and this adress… its this hotel son. So youre technically home." he helped me to a wheel chair and patted my head.

Good luck kid ." I wheeled my self to the elevator and pressed the up button. "Moron…maybe helping people just aint for you anymore." I was talking to my self when the door opened and I saw all four of them all panicked and teary eyed and I was just looking down in shame and I started crying.

I heard lexi yell and I felt them all pick me up, showering me with kisses. "Oh my god his leg!" lexi screamed. "Sweetie what happened?" Emily's voice was shaky and she could barely speak. "Room then speak blood…not working." we got to the room where they laid me down on the sofa and stated looking over me.

"your wounds arent closing as fast as usual. But youll live. So what the hell happened?" lauren was glaring at me and had her arms crossed.

"Well I went to the mall and saw this girl crying so I asked her what was wrong and she smelled like blood so I creeped her brain and she basically killed her dog and her dad raped her slash turned her into a vampire. Soooooooo I took her to get street justice and basically she cut me open and jumped out the car. I proceeded to black out for I don't know how long, got saved by a marine and my car may have blown up&hellip.oh and she kissed me&hellip.oh and shes a vampire who is kinda better than me at mind games." I was heaving and huffing from speaking to fast but before I could open my mouth again I felt fire go through my leg and I saw lauren had her tumb plunged into it.

"So you basically fucked up so bad you don't even deserve your gift?!" "AHHH!!!!!" I slapped her in the head and she reeled back.

"LAUREN AND SAM QUIT IT NOW GODDAMN IT!" emily had us boy by the throat. "sam didn't think clearly and that will be dealt with later but for now we have to get home and see if he can get some help with his leg. Normal doctors cant handle this shit. All my buisness is done anyway. So were getting out while we can. Lauren back sams suit case since you wanna be a big bitch about all this.

We all hopped into the truck and drove to the airport at a rather faster speed than most other cars. When we got there I got some crutches and we boarded. All I thought about was my actions. How foolish I was and if they could still accept me. I slowly drifted into sleep. Soon I awoke and I was still on the plane with lauren lexi samantha and emily. I was sat beside lexi and emily lauren and samantha were asleep behind us.

"Shhhhh" I heard emily shush me as I felt her unzip my jeans and pull my cock out. I feel bad for snapping earlier sammy but maybe this helps.

I felt her take my entire cock in her mouth and she let it grow in her throat. I wanted to moan and whimper but if I did then the whole plan would wake up so I bit my knuckle. "so thick.god I couldn't stay mad at you." she slowly slurped on my cock making sure to hit me where I was weakest. "Do you like that, my king?" she slowly pulled her lips off my cock and smiled. She slowly started jerking me off and I was almost in tears. I was gonna cum and I couldn't tell her. I shoved her down onto my cock and she took all of my rod in and I just unloaded in her hot wet mouth.

"Welllll now arent we bossy this evening?" I just grinned and laid back feeling like things would be better when we got home.

I awoke the next day at home with a tall blue haired woman standing over me."May I help you maam?" I said looking her over. "You can start by taking these pills and not meeting strange women. You really need to straighten up mister." she winked at me and walked out of my room.

I got up and looked around to see my room hadnt changed. I was home and I afew people to see I walked into emily's room to see her doing her makeup and hair. "Uhh e-emily…can I ask you a question?" "Of course baby what is it?" "Are you mad at me?

And if you a-" she walked over to me and hugged me. "No I cant be sam you are family now and I cant be mad at you it wasn't your fault. Now I have to go out and talk business ill be back tommorow around 3 so be safe and stay off that leg ok? Oh and there is a thing in the garage for you its from vince he said youd love it. Now I have to go. Bye yall im going!!" she walked out to her taxi and I was alone in the house with three girls.

So I ignored all that pusie for a simple gift. Or so I though. I walked into the garage to see a blue tarp covering a large object and on the tarp was a card. "Heard about the wreck. This ones free but don't wreck it. Bro hug, vince." I ripped the tarp off and saw a car I though was pure movie exclusive. It was a 2015 dodge viperblack and gold. "Damn vince…are you god?" I ran into the house and ploped on the couch.

"If youre still pissed at me lauren we can settle it on the track!" I heard her door open and she appeared in mere milliseconds.

"kay." and then she was gone. I hopped in my viper and looked it over, black and gold stipes. I saw it only read up to 190 on the speedometer. I drove off to the lot and saw a mass of people partying and looking over cars.

I was home and I knew that I was safe at last. I got my crutches and hobbled over to vince. "So…how much work do I have to do for you to pay you back?" I punched him in the arm and he laughed. "We gonna talk buisness later hauss.

Now I belive lauren is lining up and shes in a new toy I believe." I looked over and she was leanin on a new corvette and she looked so fine. Black crop top booty shorts and black jordans. I could fuck her brains out in front of everyone and not give one fuck. I drove over to her and just said "Hurry you cock tease and revved my engine up.

We sat at the line and when I heard I floored it and smoked her not even looking back. She was eating dust and seeing my cars ass end. I drove home and called robby. When he answered he sounded up set. "Bro, fuck bro I need you. I cant even walk im bleeding all over the place I don't wa." And the phone died. I didn't even think or get outta the car and drove to his place and found him on the drive way covered in blood.

"Robby!? Hey robby get up!" He groaned and I took him to my car and called the cops.


"Yes I need an escort. Chargers please my friends been assaulted im in a black viper on 231 north please hurry." and hung up. Soon enough I had officers in front and back pushing 130mph and swung into the hospital. A gurney crew was waiting and the sheriff pulled me aside and started questioning me.

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"now son what all do you know about this?" "Nothing officer I just got a call and rushed over. I noticed two gunshot wounds in his stomach and he was beat to hell and that's it.

Hes tough so the skin under his nails and busted knuckles tells me he fought back, hard." "Well we will be in touch son just come to the station tommorow at 12:30 sharp." he walked off and headed to his car.

I called aaron knowing full well that he wasn't aware I was alive. "Herro? Who dis?" Hey&hellip.Birdman.its me…" "Sam? Is that you gurl? How are you alive do your parents know? Who knows?" "You and robby and a group of people exclusive to me. Look ill explain it all later but robby's been shot and beat up. He may not make it but I just…" I was sobbing into the phone.

"I am so sorry bro I shoulda called sooner." "Im glad youre alive.so howd you do it?" I gulped hard and sighed. "So all those stories about blood suckers arent so far fetched…" He laughed hard and I could hear him fall over.

"So youre a vampire?" "Yes. Yes I am." "Well im coming home next week so we shall see boy but text me. I got to go to class. See ya man." he hung up and I just looked down. I heard a car pull up behind me and I felt hands rest on my shoulders.

"you know.for a dead man you get around a lot." I spun around to see samantha and lauren standing there. "You shouldn't be so public yet.

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Always fucking up." I just walked into the hospital. I felt her crawl into my mind and I didn't care anymore I just walked into the waiting room and just blocked it all out I could see her in front of me.

She was pointing and yelling and I just sat there. I felt her slap me an I stood up. She towered over me. I just spit in her face. "when you almost lose someone that close after just losing your sister talk to me, or talk to me when you arent being an ass hat. Thanks." When I got into my car I broke down again. Sobbing, snotty blabbering kind of break down. I was shaking and trembling. I felt so alone and I didn't know who to turn to.

So I just drove. Crying and cursing at an invisible man. I finally pulled over to take a break at a mcdonalds and just stood against my car daging long drags from my last cigarette. I heard a truck pull up next to me and I saw kylie brylie and some frat boys get out of the truck.

I was still sobbing and tossed my cig into the grass, and as I did I heard some one whisper my name and I could hear some guy ask what I had up my ass and I snapped. I flew off the handle on him. "Wanna speak up boy?! Ill put a hole in you so big I can run a semi through you and I wont think twice about it.

Now then the only thing I have up my ass is my best friend dying and the girl who didn't hate me hates me for no reason, my best friend." he was dead silent. I looked down and just sighed. "Look that was brutal im sorry bro its been a long night and I am sorry. I shouldn't have snapped." he laughed. "Damn man I should be sorry I shoulda kept my lips zipped." we shook hands and kylie draped her arms over my shoulders. "You ok? I mean aside from all that shit that happened?" "yeah just a little upset and stuff but ill be fine." She leaned in close.

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"I bet I could cheer you up sammy boy. I bet I could make you more than happy." She was hungry for dick and her eyes showed it. "I uh I don't." I was still trembling and shook up. "Oh honey youre shaking…I can feel your heart pound.that soft sweet heart." I looked at her tears and all and simply said yes and she kissed me.

"We should go. I don't share well and these biys don't have what you have and brylie wanted an orgy…so I guess youre stuck with me." she winked at me and told brylie her plan and I heard a your loss and I am so much bigger and in response she gave them all the bird and we walked over to my viper.

"Ohhhh my you got a new toy! And youre limping. Why may I ask." I pulled my jeans off till my bandage was and I pulled it back and she gasped. "Howd you get a shrapnel wound like that? And why is gtr burned on your thigh?" "Well I had a wreck in my nissan and it blew up, like an IED type deal and I guess I got a little reminder of my baby." I pulled my jeans back up and wiped my eyes.

"Lets go. You can rest when we get to your place and ill make those woes melt." We drove and made small talk about my vacation and when we pulled up she helped me into the house and we sat on the couch and she giggled.

"Sit in the floor. Im gonna try something." so I got in the floor and she put her legs over my shoulders and played with my hair and rubbed mt shoulders. "Wow youre super tense sam. Its like rocks." I sighed and I got a good look at her legs and she was toned as fuck.

Calves carved by god and tan as hell. She was singing go to sleep little baby from O brother where art thou and she had the voice of a sea siren with the looks to match. "So tell me about the wreck. I want to know." "ill tell you if you get me that bottle of red juice right there." she walked over to the counter swaying her hips and ass as she did and bent over to get it off the automan and I almost died.

She was a beauty and I heard her giggle. "what is this shit? Its super thick!" I laughed and drank from it. "Its basically every thing my body needs. Its not for you.

Trust me youd vomit. It resembles eating a can of old sardines, like the taste." she laughed and resumed playing with my hair. "I think your so sweet. All you do is say sorry and youre very respectful to anyone and every one. Buuut." She moved her feet over my crotch and rubed my cock through the denim.


"Is your heart the only thing on you that's big." she pressed down and I moaned." Well maybe you find out or maybeeee you cant it." I was fully hard and I heard her gasp as she felt my cock with her feet and she moaned. "I can find out real quick mister." She slowly got up and placed her self between my legs and licked her lips. "now lets see what all the noise is down here." She slowly un did my pants and carefully pulled them off.

"Jesus christ its huuuge!" she had my cock in her right hand and was ogling it like a diamond ring. I smirked and puffed my chest out. "Well now you know that the cars arent compensation for size." she slowly took me in her mouth. Gripping my cock harder than most times ive gotten head and she went at it like a pro, taking all of me in her mouth. ALL of it. I just moaned and groaned as I felt heaven on my cock. "Now then, lets see how you feel in this pussy." She stood up and slipped her pants off.

"Ohhh my fuck." she had a landing strip. Perfectly cut and groomed. As she readied her self over me I heard her laugh. "Done let me break you ok?" she slammed down onto my cock and started to ride me furiously throwing her head back and clawing my chest. "Oh shit kylie you are really fucking tight I cant even…uhhhh" she grabbed my throat.

"You don't speak pretty boy or ill make this worse." I was choking a little and tried to speak but as I started she clambed one hand on my balls and squeezed hard. "Ohhh baby youre full! Fuck I want all that cum in me as soon as possible." I was trying not to cum and she could tell. Just let it go sammy. Let my pussy have it." She slowly ground her self against me and bit my neck and ear.

"If you think you can out last m-" I rolled her over and started fucking her missionary as hard and deep as I could. "Oh fuuuck sam im gonna cum! Fuck you. Youre too good at this shiiiiit." I felt her tighten up and she she came hard right as I did. "OHHH fuck meee kylie shit." I shook and shot the biggest wad of cum in her pussy as deep as I could I could get it.

"Wow sam…youre the only mother fucker to make me cum. No lie." I laughed and rubbed my neck. "Well im good I guess." she laughed and cuddled up to me.

"So wheres the girls? And their mom?" I shook my head and laughed. "I know emily is away on buisness but the girls I don't know about." She smiled and ran her her hands through my hair. "why were you crying earlier? Who got hurt?" I looked down and just scowled. "One of my only friends.robby bailey he was stabbed in the neck and I will find those who did this and I will make them pay." "How noble.

You don't care about yourself much do you?

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I mean like you wanna be a hero type guy?" "I mean I see some one I love.i help them and I try and make it all ok for them." My phone rang and I picked it up.

"Hello?" "Hey sam where are you? We looked all over for you and cant find you anywhere." "Im at the house lex where are yall?" "Hospital.

You need to come meet us now." "Ok be there in a few." I hung up and reached for my keys and found a slip of paper. Id look at it later and got out to my car and kylie was questiong why we were leaving so soon.

"Hos pital…now" I was getting woozy and I got my bottle of blood and one of those pills and took it, draining the whole bottle. We drove off like a bat outta hell. When we got there I saw them sitting in laurens corvette. They all looked worried as fuck, like I had been gone for weeks. I walked up to the car and lexi slapped me, apperently I almost fell over. "où diable étiez-vous salaud!" I Just kinda stepped back asked her what the hell?

"French for where the hell were you You bastard." lauren walked over to me and scowled at me. "You owe us an apologie stupid." I let my head fall and just sighed. "Im sorry for getting hurt and abusing my gifts…and more importantly not being a better person. Ive been a little childish lately." "Apologie accepted." "Damn girl.you basically knocked his ass out." Kylie was laughing like crazy and luaren just giggled.

"Its all all about the back hand. Lexi showed me how to slap guys like that. But I let her do the work this time." "So why are we here again?" "Come in with us. You are wanted in your frinds room." I didn't even grab my cruches.

I just ran into the hospital, asked where he was and busted it to the room. "Is he ok?" I looked around and saw all of mine and robbys friends. I was fucked if I didn't think fast. I looked them all in the eyes and just simply said. "Yall havent met me. I just came here as a friend of robby." All those people knew me pretty well and they just simply for got. Like it was nothing. I had that much power. "Bro what was that?" Robby said from behind a breathing apperatus. "Just one of my many talents" I said whispering to him.

"Dude are you ok? When will you be outta here?" "They said one week and im good bro just tired and shit." I just laughed and grabbed his shoulder. "I gotta go bro.

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I have a interrigation thing with the cops tommorow. Ill come by after that." "Ok bro be safe fuck the police." I laughed and walked into the lobby. Shit the cops will print me and find out im a dead man walking.

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Fuck what was I to do. I went up to the girls and asked them about it and they laughed. "Just make them forget. Duh." I laughed and just sighed. "I guess that works too." kylie was on her phone and looked at me and pouted. When she hung up she walked over to me and kissed my cheek.

"Gotta go cutie text me." she slipped a piece of paper in my pocket and walked off. WOW what a week.