Banging of pretty teen hardcore and blowjob

Banging of pretty teen hardcore and blowjob
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CHAPTER SIXTEEN "Friday Night" Friday, December 22nd. Night The girls had all gone to bed and were apparently asleep by eleven o'clock. Jennifer turned in not too long after them. Dave stayed up to watch the late news. Olivia stayed with him, curled up against him on the couch in a flannel nightgown and socks. Dave thought she looked adorable. After the news was over, Olivia begged him to stay and watch the beginning of Letterman with her.

Dave relented and didn't go upstairs until after midnight. When the two finally did go upstairs, Dave, much to Olivia's surprise, dragged Olivia into his bedroom with him. "I thought I was sleeping elsewhere tonight." "You are," Dave told her after closing the door and pulling her into his arms.

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"I just wanted to say good night properly before you went." He kissed her hard on the lips, their tongues dueling inside their mouths. Olivia could feel Dave's erect cock pressing into her stomach as they kissed. When they broke the kiss, they stood there, holding each other for a long moment. "Do you want me to help you relax?" Olivia asked. Dave pulled away a little and looked down at her. She gave him a shy smile. "That sounds like a wonderful idea," Dave told her with a smile.

A moment later, Dave was naked and laid out on the bed. Olivia had stripped off her night gown but left her panties and socks on. She climbed onto the bed on her hands and knees between David's legs. She rubbed his solid cock up and down for a moment. Dave had his eyes closed and was surprised when her lips touched his cock. He gasped as she licked around the tip and then sucked half of his length into her mouth. She then started sliding her lips up and down his cock, going all the way up to the mushroom shaped head, swirling her tongue around it and then sliding back down slowly, taking a little more of his cock into her mouth with each down stroke.

Dave had managed to keep it a secret that his cock had been semi hard most of the day thinking about what might happen that night with his very attractive, young niece.

He had considered a number of times taking Olivia, Jennifer or Emily upstairs and getting some relief but had forced himself to remain in his chair with his book. He had felt it would be wrong to use one of them to ease an erection caused by thoughts of Molly. He realized at some point that he felt, in a way, he would have been cheating on Molly. Olivia's offer there in the bedroom was simply too much to resist and with all four girls now in bed and asleep by all appearances Dave wasn't sure he'd get any relief if he didn't take Olivia up on her offer.

There was the chance that Molly was just talking and that she had no intentions of playing her cards or maybe she wouldn't do it that night.

Dave knew he'd never be able to sleep without some relief and, considering he had at least three women in the house willing to help, masturbation just was not a satisfactory alternative. Dave fucked his hips up as Olivia's mouth slid down and relaxed his hips as her lips slid up to the tip of his cock.

He slid a hand down into Olivia's hair and rubbed her head and the back of her neck, sending shivers and goose bumps down Olivia's spine. David groaned, pushed her head down on his cock, and exploded inside her mouth with a long, drawn out groan of relief.

Olivia swallowed all of it, very much enjoying the taste and then licked him clean before crawling over him until they were face to face. "Satisfactory, Master?" "You are an incredible woman. You know that?" Dave asked, still gasping for air. "Thank you, Master. Will there be anything else?" "One more thing." Dave grabbed the back of her neck and pulled her lips down to his and kissed her again, hard, passionately but full of love and tenderness.

When the kiss broke, Olivia smiled down at him. "I love you, Master." Dave looked into her eyes and could see her love for him there. "I love you, too, my wonderful slave." Olivia's smile grew larger and she kissed him once more, real quick, before scampering out of the bed and retrieving her nightgown. Dave watched her dress, gave her one more quick kiss, and watched her hips sway as she left the bedroom, closing the door behind her.

Dave laid there, relaxed and happy for a while. He then sat up, leaned back against the headboard of the bed, pulled the blankets up over his legs and cock, picked up the novel he'd been reading all day, and began to read again. He hoped to finish it that night. He had another novel already picked out from Jennifer's large collection to read the next day.

It was almost two in the morning and Dave had only two chapters left in the book when there was a slight knock on his bedroom door. Without waiting for a response, the door opened and Molly slipped into the bedroom. She quietly closed the door behind her and smiled at him. Dave set the book down on the nightstand and waited. "I see you're ready for me," Molly said, noting his lack of clothes and the slight bulge beneath the blanket.

Dave looked down and realized he was already semi-erect again. "Would you do me a quick favor before we get started?" "What's that?" Molly asked. "Since you're dressed, would you run down to the kitchen and get me a bottle of water?" She stared at him questioningly for a second. "This isn't a trap or a trick, is it?" Dave smiled. "No, it's not a trap or a trick, Molly. I've been sitting here reading for almost two hours without a drink.

I'm thirsty. And I'd imagine we're both going to need a drink before the night's out. Don't you?" Molly looked at him, long and hard for another moment, then nodded.

She crept back out of the room, leaving the door cracked open behind her. Dave waited until he heard her footsteps on the stairway before throwing off the blankets and going to the dresser. He opened the top drawer, which held his underwear, and shifted things around until he saw the glove and the two bottles of liquid.

Dave had been thinking all day about which formula to use. He wanted to use the SLuT10. It was painless and covered a plethora of topics but would prove difficult to administer under the present conditions. The SLuT9 had side effects but would be much easier to use in this circumstance.

Then there was the fact that Dave wanted a little revenge. He didn't appreciate Molly's tactic of blackmail to get what she wanted. Dave listened but didn't hear Molly returning. He pulled out the glove, slipped the pin from it's pocket, quickly opened an alcohol swab and cleaned the pin. He opened the bottle of SLuT9 and dipped the tip of the pin into the formula. He set the pin on the top of the dresser to dry as he closed up the bottle and returned it to it's hiding spot. He then slipped the pin into the pocket on the palm of the glove.

He carried the glove to the bed and slid it under his pillows. Dave climbed back into the bed and did his best to return to the exact spot he had been sitting in before.

A moment later, he heard Molly coming up the stairs. For the first time, Dave was glad his sister's house was so large. Dave's cock had softened during Molly's absence but Dave felt it leap back to full hardness almost as soon as she stepped into the room again. She had two bottles of water with her. She carried them over and handed one to Dave. They each opened their bottle of water and took a drink, Dave taking two or three drinks to give himself time to think.

"So," Dave said, setting his bottle of water on the nightstand, "what do you want?" Molly sat on the edge of the bed. Casually, as if she did it everyday, she took hold of the blankets and pulled them down to expose Dave's hard cock.

Without saying a word, she reached over and took hold of it. Dave couldn't stop himself from gasping at her first touch. Molly smiled at his reaction. She set her water bottle down beside his own, slid back on the bed a little, and leaned forward, laying herself over Dave's left leg.

She opened her mouth and took the head of his cock into her mouth. Dave gasped again. Molly wrapped her left hand around the base of his cock and began to jerk him off as she sucked the head of his cock.

Dave laid his head back and groaned. It was immediately obvious that this was not the first time Molly had had a cock in her mouth. She began to jack him off faster as she slid her lips up and down the top half of his cock. Dave slid his right hand under the pillow and searched for the glove. When he found it, he carefully balled it up in his fist and pulled it out. "Molly," he said.

She stopped sucking, lifted her head and looked up at him. "Don't get me wrong, I am very much enjoying the blow job but I usually kiss a girl before it gets to that point." "Uncle Dave, I'm not interested in kissing." She then lowered her head again and took him into her mouth once more.

Dave was now very grateful that Olivia had blown him earlier. Otherwise, he was sure he would have already shot a load down his nieces throat. Thinking about it, about whose mouth his cock was in, was enough for his balls to tighten and he could feel his orgasm building.

"It isn't gonna be long, Molly," he told her. He got nothing but "mmmrumph mm" in response. With Molly's full attention on his cock, Dave was pretty sure she had her eyes closed as well, Dave used his left hand to rub her back and brought his right hand out and over her back.

Behind her head, he let the glove hang down and got it organized so he could slip it on quickly. Dave stopped rubbing with his left hand, moved the glove from his right hand to his left and then slipped his right hand into the glove. He didn't get his finger through the small loop but he figured it was enough. Dave closed his eyes and forced his orgasm back for another moment. He then placed his right hand with the glove on it on her upper left arm and pressed the pin into her skin.

Molly jerked, sat up, and grabbed her upper left arm. "Oww! What the hell?" She quickly examined her arm and then looked at the glove as Dave was casually removing it. "What is that?" "You said you wanted some of what Emily and your mother got last night, right?

Well, this is what your mother got." Dave let her examine the glove but wouldn't let her hold it. "It's called SLuT9 and it's a mind control formula. Anytime now, you're going to have a pain in your stomach, your eyes will stop showing any emotion, and after that you will do whatever I say for the next six hours." "Bullshit!" She rose from the bed only to double over, grabbing her abdomen, as the SLuT9 kicked in.

"Told you," Dave said with a smile. "Now, why don't you remove those clothes and finish what you started." Dave could see in Molly's face that she really wanted to protest, but even as she fought with herself over whether to complain, she pulled the nightshirt up and off over her head.

Dave could see Molly was surprised she had actually removed her nightshirt. She was even more surprised when her eyes caught up with her hands and realized she was pushing her cute little yellow G-string down her legs. "Stand up straight. I wanna look at you," Dave told her with a smile. Dave looked her up and down starting at the black hair hanging free past her shoulders and moving to her sparkling green eyes, her tanned skin, her delicious-looking tits with tiny little areolas and nipples, her flat belly, rounded hips and short, shapely legs.

He checked her feet as well just to make sure that this really was the right twin. He noted the deformed toenail's on her two little toes and smiled. Dave's eyes then went back up to her hips and to the area between her legs.

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Her pussy was covered in thick bush of short, curly black hairs that covered her mound completely and continued down between her legs. He thought back to when he'd seen her in her bikini over the summer and decided that she must shave herself during the summer but had let it grow back once it turned cold.

"Very nice. You are a beautiful young woman, Molly Santiago. Now, why don't you get in the bed and finish what you started earlier." As Molly pulled the blankets down, tossing them to the foot of the bed, Dave opened the drawer of the nightstand and dropped the glove into the drawer. "You are not to open that drawer or touch that glove.

Understood?" Molly, now laying on her belly between Dave's widespread legs, looked up, nodded, and turned her attention to his cock. One of her small hands wrapped around the base of his cock once more and then her lips encircled the head of his cock and she literally sucked him into her mouth. "Make sure you swallow," Dave told her. He laid his head back and relaxed as Molly set to work on bringing him off.

With his cock already hard from thinking about what was going to happen, plus Molly's earlier efforts to suck him off, the blow job was short lived. Within seven minutes of her taking him into her mouth, Dave was shooting a huge load of cum down his sexy, little niece's throat, groaning in ecstasy as he did so. "Clean it up," he ordered when she pulled away.

Molly's head dipped back down and Dave watched as she gave his now semi-hard cock a complete and very thorough tongue bath. Dave found watching it very erotic and found himself getting hard again. It dawned on Dave that just a few days earlier he had ended up with his daughter in his bed and had regretted it ever since.

He felt downright guilty about what had happened even though Em had initiated it, begged for it. Now here he was, in bed with his niece, who was even younger than Emily, and he was getting seriously turned on by her. At that moment, he didn't feel any guilt or regret. In fact, he was enjoying it. Dave knew that it didn't make it right or even justifiable, but she had asked for it and she had blackmailed him.

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When Molly slipped the head of his cock back into her mouth and her tongue circled it, all those questions of morality flew from Dave's mind.

He wanted this girl!

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"Roll over!" he ordered. He grabbed her shoulder and rolled her over onto her back. She scooted up on the bed so that her head was on the pillow. Dave lay down beside her and covered her mouth with his. Dave pushed his tongue into her mouth and she tasted oh, so sweet to him. Molly wrapped her arms around her uncle's neck and she rolled onto her side, pressing herself against him. She could feel his cock pressed between him and her thigh.

She slid a hand down over his shoulder, down his chest, over his stomach and grasped his cock and began to stroke it. Molly's touch on his cock was all it took. Dave shivered and lost any control he may have had. It was no longer a matter of whether he would fuck this young girl.

It was now just a matter of when. Dave pushed her back onto the bed, rolling himself on top of her. "Lay still!" he told her. He then slid down the bed even more until he was laying between her legs. Dave spread Molly's legs wide, bent them at the knee and placed her feet flat on the bed. He could smell her sex and it was making his cock twitch as he laid himself down and buried his face in her already wet cunt.

He lapped at the juices, running his tongue over her clit again and again, drawing moan after moan from Molly. Then he stuck his tongue into her and made circles with his tongue, desperate for more of her sweet tasting nectar. Molly's back arched up off the bed and she screamed loudly as she came on Dave's tongue. Dave grabbed her hips and pulled her back to the bed.

He held her there as he continued his oral assault on her. Molly's thigh's squeezed his head and her fingers pulled at his hair but Dave didn't notice. His entire attention was on Molly's sweet smell and wonderful taste.

Molly moaned continuously and only Dave's hands holding her hips to the bed kept her from arching up off the bed time and again as he drove to one orgasm after another, each one making her scream. After her third scream, the bedroom door flew open. Molly noticed the door open and saw the others in the doorway but was incapable of speaking as she gasped for air. Dave didn't even notice though as his tongue slid over Molly's clitoris again and then stabbed as far into her vaginal tunnel as he could push it.

Once more, he was forced to hold Molly down as she once again had a massive orgasm. When she came down from that orgasm, Dave's right hand slid off her hip and slipped beneath his own chin. Molly gasped and looked into her mother's eyes as Dave's finger slid between her rounded butt cheeks and tickled her little brown asshole.

Dave continued his now double assault as Molly's hips once again came up off the bed and she screamed once more. This scream was enough to make Dave pull away. It wasn't that he minded her screaming. She had done that four other times already and he had barely noticed them. This time though, he noticed. Not because the scream was louder but because it was softer, muffled. He looked up and found Emily now sitting on the bed, her mouth covering her cousins.

Molly had screamed into Emily's mouth. The change in volume and tone of the scream had managed to get through Dave's lust-driven frenzy and made him stop and look up to see what had changed.

He watched as Molly settled back to the bed and watched a second longer as Emily continued the long, passionate kiss. Only when Emily pulled her mouth from her cousins did Dave realize that Emily shouldn't be there.

That made him look around. He turned to the door and found Hayley and Megan both standing in the doorway with Jennifer standing behind them. Hayley and Megan's mouth's hung open and they stared incredulously at the scene before them. Jennifer was glaring at David, obviously furious. Dave turned back and looked down at the young girl before him. His finger was still between her ass cheeks and had slipped through her sphincter up to the first knuckle.

Molly's pussy was drenched with a combination of her own fluids and Dave's saliva. Slowly, the frenzy subsided in him.

He shut his eyes and laid his head on Molly's soft thigh. Jennifer stepped past her daughter and niece and took hold of the doorknob. "Come on, girls," she said as she pushed the girls back and out of the way so she could close the door.

"Come on. Let's go back to bed." "Mom," Megan said but the door shut and Dave didn't hear whatever came next. "Daddy?" Emily said from her place on the bed beside Molly. She waited until Dave lifted his head and looked up at her. "What happened?" "I don't know. I think maybe I lost control there for a few minutes." He glanced down at Molly's dripping pussy.

"God, she tastes good." Emily couldn't help it. She burst out laughing. "You woke the entire house, Daddy. Olivia didn't come out of her room but I'm pretty sure you woke her." "I didn't wake anyone. She did," Dave said nodding towards Molly's head.

Emily wanted to respond to Dave's statement but her laughter stopped her. Dave wiped his face with his lower arm, got onto his hands and knees, and crawled up on top of Molly.


Molly lay there weak as a newborn kitten, unable to move anything but her eyes. Only the fact that it was automatic kept her breathing. She looked up into her uncle's eyes and knew that her night wasn't over.

Dave looked down at Molly and smiled, then leaned down and gently kissed her lips. "You okay?" Molly took a deep breath and forced herself to speak but even then, it was nothing more than a whisper. "I've never." She couldn't say anymore. She swallowed hard and only then realized that her throat hurt. She tried to clear her throat but it had little effect. "Molly?" Dave said. Molly swallowed hard again and then mouthed the words, "I can't talk." "I think she strained something with all of her screaming, Daddy." "Can you talk?" Dave asked, looking down into Molly's eyes.

Molly shook her head and pointed to her throat. Dave looked over at Em again. "Looks like you're right." He turned back to Molly. "Don't worry. It'll get better in a day or so. Do you wanna go on?" Molly's only answer was to grab Dave's head, pull him down to her, and kiss him hard on the lips. "Fuck me!" Molly mouthed when she finally let Dave up. "Sounded like an order to me, Daddy. I'm going back to bed," Emily said as she stood up.

"Unless you want me to stay. You know, clean up any messes you might make." Dave glared at his oldest daughter. "Get out, Emily." "Yes Daddy," Emily said as she went to and opened the bedroom door.


"If you need me, just whistle. You know how to whistle, don't you?" She asked, turning back. "Yes, Emily," Dave said, becoming irritated. "Just pucker up and blow. Now blow!" Emily gave the couple one last look and a smile, then stepped out of the room, and closed the door.

Once Emily was gone, Dave looked down to find Molly smiling up at him. Having regained some strength, Molly lifted herself up and wrapped her arms around Dave's neck and back.

She kissed him lightly on the cheek, then on the other cheek and then her lips covered his and her tongue pushed into his mouth. Dave slowly lowered them both to the bed, lowering his weight down on top of Molly. With all that had happened, Dave hadn't realized that his cock was still rock hard. He discovered this fact when his cock became trapped against Molly's thigh.

Molly realized it too. <=============> Realizing that there was a very good chance that Molly would end up screaming some more before the night was over, Jennifer tucked Megan and Hayley into her own bed, which was in the room furthest from her brother's room. "Where are you going to sleep, Mom?" Megan asked. Jenn shrugged. "I think maybe I'll sleep downstairs." She then turned off the light and shut the door, hoping that it would help keep out the sounds of her daughter's ecstasy.

Jennifer stood there in the hallway, leaning against the wall and thought for a long moment. She had been forced to promise Megan that all would be explained in the morning.

This immediately called forth what Dave and Emily had said about how Emily reacted to finding out about the SLuT formula and how Molly had reacted to, indirectly, finding out about the SLuT formula.

Jennifer couldn't help but wonder if Megan would react as Emily had, as Molly had or, rather, as Jennifer hoped, as Hayley had. "The girl must have the self control and discipline of a nun," Jennifer said to herself thinking of her younger niece.

Jenn had to wonder how the girl had resisted the temptation. It didn't seem like anyone else could. Jennifer rubbed her face with her hands, then started down the hallway.

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As she passed the bedroom where Dave and Molly were, she heard another low moan. She stopped and listened as Molly moaned again and then again. Jenn stood there, staring at the door for a long moment. She closed her eyes, took a calming breath and then made up her mind.

"He's my brother and she's my daughter, damn it. I have a right to know what the hell's going on." She stepped up to the door, slowly turned the door knob, and pushed the door open only a crack. When she saw the line of light flood into the room from the hallway, she froze. She carefully reached over and flipped off the hallway light. She pushed the door open a little more and pressed her eye to the crack and looked inside. There was just enough light in the room for her to see as Dave's hips moved up and down above her daughter.

Without even realizing it was happening, her hand slid between the folds of her robe, down over her belly, and between her thighs. She tickled the puffy pink lips that covered her womanly secrets for a moment as she continued to watch her brother fuck her sixteen year old daughter, both moaning and groaning in pleasure. When her middle finger was nicely lubricated, it easily slipped between her outer lips and searched out her clit and began to give it a sensual massage.

She watched as Dave lowered his upper body, as Molly wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled herself up and their lips met. Dave lowered himself down onto his elbows and began to short stroke into Molly, making only very small movements inside her and driving Molly straight up the wall and over the edge.

Molly didn't scream this time. It was more like a muffled squeal as Dave covered her mouth with his own to absorb some of the expected noise.

Jennifer almost screamed when someone else's arms slid around her. One of the hands slid down her arm, following her hand between the folds of her robe and then pushing her hand away and taking it's place.

"Don't stop watching," the person behind her said as their finger slid between her pussy lips and found her clit.

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Jennifer wasn't sure who it was. It could have been Megan, Hayley, Emily or Olivia, but, at that moment, it didn't matter to her. The finger began sliding over her clit and Jennifer found out that having someone else do it, really did feel better than doing it yourself.

Jennifer kept her eyes locked on her brother as he began picking up speed, thrusting faster and faster into her teenaged daughter. Whoever it was behind her kissed her neck and shoulders. Jennifer didn't even notice when her robe fell open.

Then a hand was on her breast, rubbing, squeezing, and twisting her nipple sending wave after wave of pleasure to Jenn's brain. Without conscious thought, Jenn's eyes closed and she leaned back into whoever it was.

The person turned her to face them and covered her mouth with hers just in time as the pleasure sent Jennifer over the edge and she moaned into the other woman's mouth.

Before Jennifer could regain enough sense to open her eyes and identify her mystery lover, the person leaned her against the wall, gave her one last kiss on the back of the neck, and then retreated.

By the time Jenn was able to move and open her eyes once more, whoever it was had disappeared back into one of the bedrooms.


Jennifer pulled herself together, closed and tied her robe, and quietly shut the bedroom door. She then turned on the hallway light and went down the stairs.

She knew a good couch for sleeping on. She couldn't help but wonder who her mystery lover had been.

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