Pretty chick fondles fat dick pornstar and hardcore

Pretty chick fondles fat dick pornstar and hardcore
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Drunk Mom visits her Son Part 2 Danny swung over his Mom without breaking the kiss, he know that if he break the kiss his Mom will probably ask him to stop or say sorry again, that is the last thing that he wants to hear now.

He was now laying half on top of his Mom. His Moms hand under him where his manhood laid in her palm. Danny moved his one hand to the front of her panty pressing his hand between her legs pushing her legs open, he felt she hesitate for a Moment. He caressed her thighs and moving up to her panty.

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He felt a wetness on his hand of his Mom's pussy juice. Danny moved the panty over on the side and started to massageher wet pussy lips.

He could feel her shaved pussy, as he began to rub her clit. Taking two fingers and rubbing her clit between the fingers. She moaned louder in his mouth. He lifted her up and breaking the kiss, he moved to her nipple and started to kiss and suck on her beautiful tits. He was in heaven. SO was she. Her free hand was now pinching her other nipple and caressing her breast. She moaned now loudly, "What are you doing to your Mom …… I'm so close to cum" she said in a moan'y voice "don't stop… harder … fuck … I'm cumming Ohhhh &hellip.

Oooo yes … fuck. I'm Cumming" her body was stiffening and shattered in an un-controlling spasm. He kissed her all the way down to her pussy. He spread her legs wide open, or she did. They were both in to it.

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He kissed his Mother's thighs and began to open her pussy lips. He flicked his tongue out and started to lick on her clit. He can taste the unique taste of her cum, from the first taste he was loving it. His Mother's pussy tasted so good, better than any pussy he has ever tasted. He sucked on her clit and licked it all around her opening. She wanted to close her legs because her clit was very sensitive, but the soft liking of his tongue and gentle kissing on her thighs and pussy was bringing her to a new level of ecstasy.

By now she was feeling the wave of a new climax boiling up inside her deepest being, she started to tens up and waited for the big orgasm that she felt only three times in her life and she long for that feeling again in so many years. As she tens up Danny licked his Mom's clit, first just licking it then sucking on the cherry. He then stuck 2 fingers in her pussy and began to pump them in and out of her while he kept licked her clit.

Danny moved pushed his fingers in his Mom's pussy and started to massage her G-spot.Oooo… My &hellip. I'm cumming &hellip. She started to stiffen her body and she went in to a fit like mode and shakes uncontrollable, Danny was still tasting his Mother's pussy when all of a sudden he got sprayed in the face with warm juices from her virginal opening.

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She was squirtingfor the first time in her life she squirted and she was in heaven. Oooo what have Danny her Son done with her. She was practically screaming it felt so good.

"I'm so sorry Danny… I don't know what happened. You done something to me that I never did, not even knowing I was capable of doing. That was the best orgasm I had in my life," Danny smiled and lifted his head from her soaking pussy, he looked like a dog that ate some cream, all shining and wet. "That's ok Mom I love you and the taste of you" With a body that was not hers at that Moment, because she was feeling anything even air on her clit was to match to handle.

She pulled herself up. She kissed him and moved him over to his back. Tasting her juices on him. She laidbeside him on herstomach, her legs partly open, her clit was so sensitive that she couldn't dear to close her legs. She kissed his chest while she reached inside his boxers and let his cock come out.

She leaned down and took her tongue and teased the little hole. All around the head, licking up and down on his hard cock. She stuck him inside her mouth. He moaned. She deep throated her baby boy's cock. Stroking and sucking his manhood, she loved the taste of his precum. Making him nice and wet.

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She reached down played with his balls. She started to give him a blowjob not out of obligation but a sort of willing and satisfied feeling. It felt so right in her mouth and she wanted to taste her Son's cum. For the first time she want to taste and swallow cum, she gave a lot of blowjobs but never swallowed one of her lovers as teen or her husband's cum.

He start to make the right moves to show her that he was about to cum, "Oooo Mommy I'm so close take it in your hand so I can &hellip. Oooo&hellip. Aaaa I'm&hellip. Cumming. A load of come filed her mouth and she swallowed like it was mend to be.She massage his balls to get every little bit out of them.She licked her lips to make sure not one drop of his sweet nectar was wasted. They were both ready to go to the next step, Incest was no laughing matter and both knew what was about to chance.

This will be a bond that only they have to know about. "Are you ok with this that just happened it was not my intention to get you in bed when I came over" Danny smiled to his Mom. "Mom this was my oldest fantasy came true. I wanted to kiss you and love you like a lover from the time I saw you at the beach, when the waves nocked you over and pushed you top over your nice boobs and when we washed the salt of our body'sat the public showers.

You opened the front of your thong to wash out the sand in your pants. I saw that you were shaved clean and I wanted to touch you right there and then. From that time I looked at you as a MILF." Mom looked shocked. "You were about 15 years of age. I thought you did not see, I asked you to turn your back on me… I was not aware that you had a crash on me that is so flattering. I don't want to sound stupid or dumb, what is a MILF…?" Danny smiled at his MILF.

"That stands for Mother I Like to Fuck.

And I did turn my back but not my eyes." Kara kissed her Son on the lips, her hand was moving to his cock and she closed her hand around his already stiffening cock. "From that time I tried to get a glimpse of your beautiful body. Even when you were tanning in the back yard, I could not take my eyes of you, the bonnet and camel toe where like drugs on me. The best was when we played in the swimming pool. Pushing against you was the best feeling in my youth." He was so hard again and she was so wet.Danny climbed up on top of his Mother and he started to kiss her, she willingly accepted his tongue in her mouth.

Kara felt his penis pressing against her wet pussy. "You know that there is now turning back if we do this and no one must know about this. Never ever." Danny looked his Mom in the eye. "Mom it will be our secret and I want to be inside you, if it is fine with you. I love you Mom more than just a Son" Kara smiled and kiss him like lovers do.

"I love you to Danny. It is ok with me if you want to have sex with me." Danny looked at his Mom. "I don't want to have sex with you Mom, I love you to mush for just sex. I want to make love to you." With that hestuck his hard throbbing cock in her wet tight throbbing pussy. He began to thrust in and out of her. With every thrust she tightened on his cock. He started to kiss her lips again. Lying in bed with your Son is one thing, lying in bed whit him on top of you with his stiff cock deep inside you is another story.

It is the first time for so many things tonight. First to get in bed with her Son.

First to get aroused for her Son's half naked body. First to get in bed with any man not her husband, she was a virgin men they got married.

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She only gave blowjobs to her boyfriend's when she was young and they were horny. First time to kiss for so long. First for getting such an orgasm that she squirted, that felt 10 times more intensive than a normal orgasm. First time to swallow cum. First time for having a man's penis inside her that was not her husband. First time for wanting a man so badly that she don't care what happens.

Their moaning was getting louder and louder while kissing. "Ohhhh. Mom I wanted to make love to you for so long. You feel so good, I truly love you Mom." "Mmmm. Yes baby. I know you love me, that is why I came over tonight because this is the only place that I know I was acceptable and loved by someone, never knew how match love you had for me.

Fuck me harder baby. I'm about to cum… FuckMommy's pussy! She screamed in his mouth. He fucked his Mommy's pussy faster and deeper. Kara was on the brink of an orgasm when Danny said. "Mom is it save to cum in you or must I pull out?" with that, knowing that her Son was about to cum, she grabbed his ass and pulled it closer to her and with that strong but firm hold on his bear ass he started to go faster and suddenly froze deep inside her pussy, I'm… cumming… Mom… I'm cumming inside of you Oooo Mom it feel so good.

Kara felt the semen squirt deep in her and next Moment she started with her own orgasm. Keep fucking me don't stop please don't stop Aaaa… I'm cumming to, with you don't stop… With every thrust in or out, her virginal walls were clamping around his pulsing cock and that send another wave of orgasms trough her body.

She pressed her nails in the flesh of his ass and screamed Oooo… fuck me that was great. I think that was one of the best sex I had in my life, if not the best.

"Oh god I love you Mom!" Danny said dropping back to the side of his Mother. Out of breath he laid there thinking of what just happened. The best fantasy of his whole life was there and he can still feel his Mother's wetness mixed with his semen on his cock, the cool air blowing on his cock.