Classy honey Anissa bends down for sex

Classy honey Anissa bends down for sex
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It was a warm night and the event was a hit. She sipped her glass of champagne swearing it would be her last and her eyes searched the room for him.

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They had developed a synergy over the years and it took her a matter of seconds to spot him. Like clockwork his eyes met hers. She lifted her glass in a silent toast to their success and he returned the gesture. He sent her a quick smile and surveyed the room. They had successfully packed a 25,000 square foot venue and everybody who was anybody was here. Everything about the setup was awesome: the location, decor, food, and music was perfect and the energy in the room was electric.

And together, they had made it all happen. He was happy he had made the right choice. The venue point person caught her with a half empty glass and refilled it, much to her dismay. She had had plenty, but she wasn't wasting a glass of this champagne. She opted instead to find a seat instead of walking around clumsily in 5-inch heels. Unfortunately, the only seats in the place were cocktail height and because she was short, she almost took a tumble trying to get in the seat.

Champagne, 5-inch heels and cocktail seats did not mix. He watched her and to ensure his partner didn't take a spill that would embarrass her for life, he excused himself from his conversation, went to her, and helped her in the chair. "You alright?" "Yeah, just clumsy as ever." "It's the shoes. They bad." "It's a big night. I had to show out. You look fantastic your damn self." "I feel it too. I am getting macked on in here tonight. Might actually pick up a side piece." "Get em tiger." "Your boy is over there.


He's staring you down tonight." "I noticed him too, but with him you can't feel special cause he looks at everybody like that." "He's a pimp. You alright to see this to the end? I can handle it." "Not going anywhere. I just need to sit here a sec and stay away from that amazing champagne." "And it looks like your boy is making his way over here." She winked at him.

"So make yourself scarce so I can engage in a lot of a harmless flirtation." He laughed. "You are a trip. Alright then, I'll come find you in a couple of hours." He dapped up the brother, approaching and made his way into the crowd.


He turned to glance back at her quickly but she was engulfed in the arms of the other man. That made him feel some kind of way.

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Two hours flew by and she was so grateful to the brother who helped make the time pass by so quickly. She liked him a lot and was enjoying the flirty banter they were engaged in. He wanted to make a move, rubbing his hand across her knee ever so softly. His touch made her tingle and as many times as she had imagined this moment, she knew she was not going home with him tonight.

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He came really close, staring into her eyes and rubbing his nose against hers softly, whispering, "Let's get out of here." She smiled but saw her partner coming their way. He had cleared the space, sans a few stragglers who were a lot of drunk and not ready for the party to be over.

He and the brother dapped it up again.

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"Hey", the other brother said, "I got her man. She's in good hands." She started to interject but her partner spoke up first. "Naw man, the night isn't over for us.

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She's still got work to do." He looked brother in the eye - brother looked back at her and she shrugged and smiled - and he came to give her a goodbye hug she would remember. He whispered in her ear, "I can wait for your outside." She squeezed him back and he nibbled on her ear, and whispered something else naughty. She laughed and begin to pull away but replied, "To be continued." He gazed at her longingly, but released his grip. He shook her partner's hand and made his way to the exit.

She avoided looking at her partner cause she knew he would lay on the guilt. She glanced up at him and he hit her with the coldest side-eye. "You are going to fuck that dude eventually." "Maybe. I'm not planning on it." "Straight Jezebel." "I'm not, but shit happens." "I just don't want your husband coming after me or his wife coming after you!" "The least of my worries.

I'm not in love with the man. You overreact, expecting the worse out of people. And you flirt with reckless abandon and don' trip off of having a wife while you're doing it." "I flirt to help her out. Takes the pressure off." "Get the fuck out of here! What's sad is I know you actually believe that malarkey. Can we leave now?" They did their final lap around the venue, making sure all loose ends were tied up and thanked the owners for their assistance.

He led the way to the car they had waiting curbside to take them back to their hotel. The ride there felt so long and for a second she wished her partner hadn't cocked blocked. She didn't want to lay alone tonight. But she was a long, long way from home.

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He reached out for her hand, picked it up and kissed it. "What's that for?" "For tonight. You made that awesome success happen. Your client, your event planning, your success. Congratulations." "Our success. This entire enterprise is ours.

I couldn't make anything happen without your support." She looked him dead in his eyes and smiled. "I need you so the success is shared, but thank you my dear. I do feel like I can rest easy for a bit. Take a vacation finally." He returned the smile and kissed her cheek. He appreciated feeling needed by her and she never hesitated to remind him of that fact - he loved that about her. "Vacation? Where you going without me?" "Anywhere!", she teased and he shook his head.

When they reached the hotel he held the door open for her and they made their way to the elevators. The residual effects of the champagne were kicking in.

She glanced at his big frame and broad shoulders in a custom tailored suit, tie loosened around his neck and the first few buttons of his shirt undone and felt her body heat up.

"I feel like snuggling", she muttered. "Hope you got an extra pillow." "Fuck you jack." "I'm just saying." "I wasn't asking you, I was just saying." "Uh huh. You ain't ready." The liquor was giving her courage to explore unknown, yet familiar territory as she moved closer to him. She grabbed his face with both hands, pulled him closer and gave him a soft, sweet kiss on the lips.

She opened her eyes first to find him staring into her soul, his lips still engaged in the kiss. "I've been ready", she said and didn't flinch. The elevator came to a stop and the doors popped open, but they held their gaze. She exited the elevator with all the confidence in the world and walked to her room, feeling his eyes follow every move of her body and he literally took in every ounce of her being.

How many times had she walked through the doors of their office and he thought of this moment? She was his partner in the truest sense of the word - he needed her and in this moment, more than ever, he wanted her. She slid the key into the door and felt him walk into her, his dick hard as a rock.

His lips brushed against the back of her neck and she melted into him, unable to open to door. His hands covered hers and opened the door stealthily, but keeping her body close to his. His tongue begin to trace the places on the back of her neck his lips had just discovered and they fell into the room, the passion between them eradicating all space and time.

They reached for each other with an unsatisfied hunger, tore off their clothes and began to explore each other on the floor. The only item that stayed on were her shoes. She had imagined what it would feel like to be wrapped in his arms and her imagination could only provide her with an ounce of what the real thing was like.

She smelled and tasted ten times better than he could imagine. She was so soft next to him, and he liked how she wanted him, but also seemed nervous about his body on top of hers. He pressed his dick into her to get her wet and felt her body shudder and squirm.

He was going to ravish her. He had his way with her on the floor, then picked her up and put her against a wall and took her again.

She held on to him, her legs in the heels wrapped around him tightly. He put her arms against the wall and drilled into her until she screamed for mercy and then he took her to the bed. She stood at the foot of the bed, the heels making her a perfect height for him for rear entry and she looked back at him, the plead in her eyes for him to give it to her.

He hungrily obliged and she let him wear himself out inside of her.

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She awoke to the sound of her cell phone alarm going off and had to wriggle from underneath him to shut it off. He feet felt sore and she looked down to see she still had her shoes on. She took those suckers off and looked over at him. He was rubbing his eyes, slowly awakening from the night before. As she watched him, there was a part of her that wanted to play house with him for awhile longer, cuddle in his arms and sleep like this was how their lives were.

But they still had work to do and this would make their partnership so much more complicated. This door to their relationship was now open but it would be to their discretion when they passed through it again.

She wasn't going to make the first move the next time.

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She hopped up and got in the shower. The marriage finally consummated, the groom rolled over and went back to sleep as he listened to his second wife in the shower.


This wouldn't be the last time he was sure - in fact he would have her as soon as she got out of the shower and then take her back in that mug and have her again. He only needed to rest up for a minute. He changed position to find the most comfortable position on the king-sized bed and as he shifted, he knocked those 5-inch heels to the floor.