Teen butt banged by stepbro while MILF gives instructions

Teen butt banged by stepbro while MILF gives instructions
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July was almost over. I have had an incredible summer, sex with an amazing woman and some wild fucking times. I was at home enjoying my day off when my phone rings. "Hey sexy, How are you doing?" Rochelle says. I smile, "Hey darling, I'm good. How's work?" "Fucking boring but I got some great news," She says.

The smile on my face gets bigger. Every time she has great news I always have the most incredible sex of my life. "Oh really, well let me hear it," I say. "Well, the ladies you had fun with finally paid up," she says with that sly tone she always has when it's really good. "Oh please don't make me wait, what is it?" I beg. "Well, they got us a honeymoon suite at the Hilton in downtown." "No shit," I reply with my jaw on the floor in disbelief.

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"They got us a whole suite, for a night?" She giggles, "Oh hell no they got us one for the whole weekend." My cock becomes erect with the thought of what we would do with a whole weekend. I feel my heart beating faster, "So when do we cash this in?" I ask. "Well not this weekend, but next" she says. "Damn Rochelle, I'm so hard right now I can't wait to fuck that sweet pussy in the suite," I reply. She softly giggles, "Well I'm glad to hear but there is one stipulation to this incredible prize." "What?" I ask.

"We can't have sex or masturbate in any way till that weekend," She states.

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My cock is already throbbing hard, standing at full erection in my shorts thinking of the weekend but the expression on my face is just pure disbelief. "What do you mean no sex or masturbation?" I yell into the phone. "Calm down baby, I know it sucks but trust me it will be worth it," says Rochelle. I look down at my dick, seeing it strain in my shorts. I sigh, "Alright babe, I trust you so no fun for awhile." "Good, I promise I will make it worth your while honey.

I got to go, love you," she says. "I love you too." I hang up the phone and walk right into a cold shower. The following week was the hardest. Every sight of Rochelle instantly got me hard the first day, but after that no matter what the ladies were wearing my cock was standing at attention.

I was constantly adjusting myself and trying to hide it the best I could.


All the girls noticed and soon the game drive me fucking insane began. Rochelle was of course the ring leader and she new to drive me up a wall. First she started out by bending over, either showing me her huge cleavage or that beautiful round ass. The next thing she did was rubbing up next to me.

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She did it every time she walked by and no matter if it was her ass or hand or whatever she always rubbed against my crotch.

Soon all the girls were enjoying my torture. Cynthia would always come into work and have a little skirt on before changing. And before she changed she made it a practice to bend over in front of me and show off her tight ass. One time she really pissed me off by not wearing any underwear, so when she bent over I saw her sweet pussy. She gave it a little rub then walked off and I was hard all dam day long.

The next day Jill and Sarah dragged me into a closet. Sara was a dark hair short, curvy woman. Her breast where nice, not big but not small either, but her ass was nice and round. Every guy talked about watching her ass bounce as she rode their cock. The girls push me against the wall and then begin to make out. Their hands were rubbing each other as their lips met. Their tongues guided into each other's mouth as the saliva dripped from them.

Soon Jill's shirt was lifted up and underneath she wore no bra. Her breast, perky and pink, was engulfed by Sara's full lips. Her tongue flicked up and down against it. I moved closer to them, my eyes begging but they just pushed me back. "No, No. Must not touch remember," Jill said. Soon Jill's shirt was completely off. Sara kissed up and down her tight body.

Her mouth sucking on her nipples hard as Jill undid her pants and made them drop to the floor. Sara's ass was fucking magnificent. Perfect round shape, tight and when she shook her ass it was so damn beautiful I couldn't stop myself. I began rubbing my bulge in my pants as I bit my lip. Soon the girls saw what I was doing and grabbed my hand, "We were nice but now we have to really punish you," Jill says as she reaches into her pants pockets and pulls out hand cuffs.

"I was going to use this on her but you need them more," she says. Both girls grab my hands, I try to fight off. "Be nice now or we get you really in trouble," Sara says. I bend to the girls will knowing they will do a lot worse than tease me so the put my hands behind my back and cuff them.

" I sat down on the floor as I watch the girls go right back to the fun. Jill lays Sara down and begins to kiss up her inner thigh. Sara softly moans as she lifts up her shirt showing off her breast. My mouth opens up as I see Sara's areolas. They are huge with her nipples full erect. She pinches them as Jill slides her panties off. Sara's eyes are locked with mine as Jill slowly rolls her tongue over Sara's well trimmed pussy. Her pussy already dripping from the anticipation, Sara closes her eyes and moans as Jill begins to press her tongue down on Sara's clit.

My cock is throbbing harder and harder in my pants as I watch Jill eat out Sara. She pulls her tongue from Sara's pussy to show me how wet it is, the juices falling from her tongue as she dives back and begins to work faster.

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Sara begins to grind into Jill's tongue, her hand in Jill's hair pulling her closer to her. Soon Sara's eyes were rolled up into the back of her head as she bit her lip, trying to be quiet as her body shook. Jill worked her tongue faster and faster as her hands massaged Sara's breast.

Sara moaned loud for a brief second before catching herself. I can see her juices dripping off Jill's lips. Jill slowly cleans up and Sara's pussy.

"Oh fuck, come here you bitch," ordered Sara as she kissed Jill deeply. She pushes Jill to the ground and pulls her pants off. Sara takes Jill's breast deep into her mouth and sucks on it heard as her hand rubbed her mound.

Jill looked right into my eyes, "Damn. You must have popped already," she said laughing. I bit my lower lips as I felt my cock throbbing harder and harder. I knew if any one of the girls touched me I would have exploded.

Jill grabs Sara's hair, "I want you to describe to him everything you are feeling," Sara says, "make him cum from hearing what comes out that dirty mouth of yours." Jill giggled as she kissed Sara. Sara then kissed her way down and rolled her tongue over Jill's already dripping pussy.

"Her tongue is so long. Fuck it feels so good on my clit," moaned Jill. I looked right at Sara as her eyes locked on me. Her tongue rolling up and down over Jill's clit as her hands rubbed Jill's thighs. Jill moans softly, biting her lower lip as she watched Sara, "my pussy is so fucking wet, do I taste good baby?" Sara flicked her tongue, "You sure you do, but I think it's time we step this up." Sara moves back to her pants and pulls out a silver dildo.

"Oh for god's sake, get these things off me and I'll show you a real dick," I hissed to the girls. "Oh baby, I wish we could but we promised Rochelle to only tease you," Sara says as she turns the knob to make the toy vibrate. "Oh god baby, stick it deep," Jill says as Sara sucks deep on the toy. Sara soon takes the toy and places it on Jill's clit.

"Damn," Jill exclaims as she jumps from the sensation, "oh fuck that feel so good. My pussy is so fucking wet. Please fuck me now Sara." Sara smiles at me as I begin to fidget. My cock pushing hard against my pants, the good sensation I once had now turning to pain. "Here you go bitch," Sara says as she slides the dildo deep inside Jill. "Oh Yes!" Jill moans as Sara leans down and continues her work on Jill's pussy. Jill's dildo moving in and out of her pussy, as Sara licks her clit. Sara eyes watching Jill now as her long tongue flicks faster and faster on her clit.

The dildo soon becomes a blur as Jill begins to bite her lip, trying not to be too loud. "Oh SHIT!!" Jill screams, no longer able to hold it back. Sara pulls the dildo out and rubs her hand furiously over Jill's clit. Jill is bouncing up and down as her body pulsates, juices squirting out of her and hitting Sara's tits and stomach.

"Holy Shit," I shout as I watch the final juices drip out of Jill's pussy. The girls just laugh as Jill lean towards Sara. Jill first kisses Sara, "Mmm, I think it's your turn now," Jill says. Sara smiles as Jill licks the juices off Sara's body. "I think he hasn't been teased enough," Sara says with an evil grin.

"Fuck, come one," I yell, " my cock is hurting so bad right now I think you girls made your fucking point." "No," Sara says, "I think we can push it a little further." Sara leans into Jill and whispers into her ear.

Jill mouth opens wide from what she says and then shows an evil smile. Sara and Jill look at me and begin to crawl towards me. I look back, my cock pulsating so hard I begin to winch from the pain.

Sara then moves close and begins to hover over me. Getting close to my lips but never letting me touch her, no matter how hard I try. She then pins me down on the ground and lies on top of me. Her warm, wet pussy pressed against my dick. "Oh Fuck," I moan out loud. But before I could feel anything good from it she lifts off me and hovers over me. Sara's hand on my chest as she holds me down, "slide that wet cock into me baby," she says as she licks her lips.

Her eyes begging me to shove my cock deep inside her as her body gyrates above me. Jill smiles and smacks her ass, "Fuck that cock, you slut." Sara smiles as Jill pushes the dildo deep inside her.

Sara moans, her eyes never leaving mine as Jill begins to pump deep and hard inside her. "That's it baby," she says staring at me, "fuck my wet pussy hard." Her hands were running through my hair as Jill worked her pussy harder and harder with the dildo.

My cock was throbbing and dripping so my pre-cum. My mind was racing as she tortured me. "Oh fuck yes," she screams as Jill pumps her pussy harder and harder. Sara's body begins to shake as she lean down close to my ear. "Oh god, I'm cumming," Sara screamed in my ear as her body shook hard.

Moan after moan escaping her as she came all over the toy. Sara soon calmed down and kissed my cheek.

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"I hope when this weekend is over you come find me," Sara whispered in my ear. I smile a little and then lay my head back down. I breathe trying to calm myself down as the girls get dressed. "We better get going," I say as I try to get up. "Yeah we've been lucky so far let's not push it," Jill says.

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The girls get me out of the cuffs. As soon as my hand is free I give each a hard smack on the ass. "I will be coming for both you after this weekend," I say. The girls just giggle as we head out of the closet. My cock still rock hard I decide to find the nearest bathroom and get cooled off before I start walking around.

I walked out of the bathroom and soon saw the girls whispering to Rochelle what just happened. Rochelle looks up at me and just laughs. I become enraged by this. I walk over to Rochelle, "You are going to fucking get it this weekend." She smiles at me, "Good, because I'm ready for you.

I laugh, "You think you are, but trust me you are not." The weekend finally arrived.


I picked up Rochelle from her house and drove through traffic like a maniac. I woke up this morning with the biggest erection in my life and I needed relief. Of course when you want something really bad, everything takes forever to make it happen.

But we finally arrived at the hotel, and we check into the biggest suite I have ever seen. It takes up the entire top floor with a great view of the downtown scene.

The bed is huge; the bathroom is half the size of the room with a whirlpool tub and separate shower. "Damn baby," Rochelle says, "you definitely hit the jackpot." I smile and throw our bags down as I grab her from behind and pin her against the windows. "I told you," I whisper in her ear, "when we got here you would fucking get it." She smiles as I reach around and pull her shorts off her.

"What's wrong baby?" She says with her evil grin, "The girls get you all worked up." I grin at her and smack her ass harder than I ever have, leaving a huge hand print on her.

"FUCK!!" she screams as I pull her hair back.


"I thought you were ready for me?" I say with my own evil grin. "Holy shit!" she exclaims as she looks over her shoulder, "guess I wasn't." I pressed her hard against the glass, making her ass stick out as I pulled my shorts off and exposed my throbbing hard cock. I smack her again making her scream again as I pull her panties off, kissing up her back thigh as I stood back up. I grab her waist and plunge my cock deep into her pussy, pulling back on her hair again as I ram hard and deep.

"MOTHER FUCKER!" she screams as I pound away at her pussy, feeling her pussy walls begin to drip. My balls slap her cunt hard. I pound harder and harder, my cock pulsating inside her. "HOLY SHIT!" she screams out as I feel her pussy growing tighter and tighter as I fuck her. My cock growing more and more inside her as I feel myself growing closer and closer to cumming.

"I'm cumming," I yell as I explode inside her pussy. "FUCK, ME TOO!" she screams as her walls spasm. Our juices mixing inside her as we both shake violently. I slowly pull out of her, seeing our juices drip from her warm pussy, and I kiss her neck, "We are not done yet," I whisper. She smiles as I grab her hand and guide her to the bed. I lay her down on the bed with her head hanging off the side.

She smiles up as she grabs my cock and slides it into her mouth. I lean down and kiss her stomach as my hand rubs her hard, wet clit. She moans as I begin to pump my cock deep into her throat, feeling her drool all over it.

"Oh yeah, gag on that dick baby," I moan as I pinch her clit. She moans as I push my cock deep down her throat. She gags as I pull it out, "Damn baby!

If I knew you act like this when the girls teased you I would have them do it more often," she says. I shove my cock back into her mouth as I pinch her nipples. She screams from the pain, "I think you need to stop talking and suck my dick," I command. She smiles up at me as she continues to suck my dick down. My fingers begin to rub hard on her clit as I suck on her tits, feeling my cock become as hard as before.

I rub her clit harder and harder as she takes my cock deep into her mouth. She soon spits my cock out, "God Damn, I need to ride that cock now," she commands as she pulls me down onto the bed. I smile up at her as I lay back and feel her hover above me. She begins to slowly grind her pussy against my cock, teasing me as her juices drip all over me.

I lean up to kiss her but she pushes me back down, "I love this new attitude of yours baby," she says smiling at me, "So I figure I push you some more so you keep on ravaging me like you are." I give her an evil look, feeling my cock throb under her pussy as she continues to tease me with it.

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She grinds hard against my cock, hurting me as she pushes down with her pussy. I winch from the pain and grab her arms pulling her down towards me. I kiss her hard as I push my cock deep into her pussy. "You are going to so pay for that," I whisper, "Now ride my fucking cock." She grins as she sits back down, sliding my cock deeper inside her pussy.

I feel her walls pushing hard on my cock as she begins to slide up and down. I reach up and massage her breast as I begin to move with her. Soon we were moving in unison and beginning to pump faster. I lean up and smack her ass hard as she rides me harder and harder, "Harder," I moan as she pumps faster and faster. I smack her ass again as I lean in and suck hard on her nipple.

"FUCK," she screams as she pumps faster and faster. I feel her walls tighten as she rides my cock. "Cum for me," I demand as pound harder. "HOLY SHIT" She screams as her body begins to buck wild. I hold onto her hips as I feel cum gush down my cock and cover my balls. She soon relaxes and smiles down as she leans into kiss me. "You think you are done?" I ask. She grins at me as she slides off my cock. I pull her down onto the bed and kiss her.

She smiles at me, "What now, big boy?" I smile back as I lay her on her side and move behind her. I prop one of her legs up as I slowly glide my cock into her wet pussy.

I move close and kiss her neck as I move in and out her pussy. Feeling the wetness cover my cock as she moans, I lean into ear and say "Just lay her and enjoy my cock baby." She laughs at me and then moans as I begin to pick up speed. "I can't believe you said that," she giggles. I smack her ass, "Sorry but all the good lines are with the blood in my dick." She laughs again as I grip her leg hard and push my cock in deeper.

"Oh my god, just fuck me please," she says. I push my cock deeper and harder into her pussy as I lean over and kiss her lips.

My cock pumping harder and harder as I feel her pussy juices drip down off my shaft. We are both moaning as we spoon. Our bodies beginning to shake as I pull back on her hair and fuck her harder. "Oh god," she moans repeatedly.

I feel cum building inside my cock but I try to hold It back. "Cum with me baby, I'm almost there," I moan. "So am I. Fuck me harder please," she screams as I work her pussy. I slam my cock deep into my pussy with each thrust, my balls bouncing off her clit. "Oh Fuck," I scream as I feel cum rush out and explode inside her pussy.

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"GOD DAMN," she yells as the explosion inside her causes her to erupt. Our bodies shake violently as the last drops of cum leaves my cock. I slowly pull out and feel her juices cover my cock completely. I pull her close and we both lay down. Our bodies covered in sweat, I look at her and kiss her lips. "God I love you," I say. She smiles, "I love you too." "Oh my god, that was so worth it," she says. I give her an evil look, "The sex was awesome babe," I sigh, "But please don't make me go through that shit again." She laughs, "Oh well I'll be good for awhile but if you slack off then you get the punishment." I plop my head down on the pillow and sigh again, knowing that one day this is going to haunt me.

"Well let's enjoy this baby," she says, "because the real fun is tomorrow and you will need all your energy."