Hot boyfriend fucked dolly and alura in the kitchen pornstars hardcore

Hot boyfriend fucked dolly and alura in the kitchen pornstars hardcore
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This one is completely the work of my depraved imagination. (With some inspiration from Jade Dragon and Eucher). I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Less sex more plot than the last ones, just some near the end, the calm before the storm :0 (M/f, nc, inter, rape, humil, bdsm) Secondly this is an adult story, if you are younger than eighteen DO NOT READ!!!

If you liked it drop me an email [email protected] if not, fuck off. Chapter 4 : One Chance Kailya felt herself relax for the first time in a week, after the exhausting oral rapes it felt good not to have black cocks thrust in her face. She took a deep breath and gazed sadly over her capital. The Kalashite's had wasted no time in removing all the nobles from their estates and demolishing any religious icon or shrine to Nustress erected in the city.

A draconian curfew was in place and infringers were hanged in the marketplace. She gulped as her gaze fell to the large wagons in the castle's courtyard. Kailya took another deep breath and rubbed her face with her hands. They would be leaving soon, when the slave caravan camped on the plains of Merrypuddle they would be just two days ride from the Red Saddle Valley portal and freedom. She would awaken her adept pattern and together with Chandra escape this nightmare. "I am not going in that thing, never!" Kailya put her hands on Chandra's shoulders, "Chandra listen to me, when they transport us we will have our best chance to escape.".

"But mother, the wagon will be locked, we should try and escape now.". Kailya shook her head, "The Kalashite's are watching too closely, let them think we have accepted their barbaric customs. Remember their laws prevent them from touching us. Then, when they let down their guard, we escape and head for Krinova.". "But how mother?" "Leave that to me, now relax and make Farouk believe you accept him, we have to convince them.".

The afternoon passed quickly, Kailya realised she hadn't actually talked with her daughter in years, freed from her duties she found herself laughing with Chandra on the bed. "Why didn't you tell me about Farouk?" "Mom, you were busy preparing for war and I was wrapped up in my career, why didn't you tell me about Khalim?" Kailya blushed a little under her daughter's stare. "I, well I was married to Valdis and I…" "Exactly." Chandra smiled triumphantly.

Kailya stroked her hair, "We have to be united Chandra if we are to succeed, we act as one or fall as two." "I will be ready mother." "Good, I could always rely on you, now quiet, somebody's coming.".

The door to the guest suite opened and Kailya recognised several of her servants enter the room. The young naked girls looked fearfully at the leather whips their accompanying Sadakaur carried before laying down the trays and leaving. One of the Sardakaur smiled evilly, Kailya gulped, it was Wazim she had served the sadistic sergeant several times during the week.

He sneered and spat on the tray of food. "Whores don't eat nice food, they drink cum." He unzipped his pants revealing his half hard cock. Chandra's fists balled, Kailya calmly laid a hand on her daughter's shoulder. "My humblest apologies but I am now master Khalim's slave and only he can take pleasure from me." She said calmly. Wazim cracked his slave whip in the air, "Fucking stuck up bitch! I am going to give you a beating you'll never forget.".

Kailya stood tall, shot her daughter a stern look and turned back to the brute. Wazim advanced, the Galadrian queen wrinkled her nose as his foul odour. The other guard moved between him and Kailya, "Have you gone mad Wazim! You touch her and we will both be flogged at dawn, no way am I taking a beating because you can't keep you cock in your pants! Find a bitch down stairs.". Wazim growled and then smiled at Chandra, "Well the princess slut!

Tell me are you as good a cock sucker as your mother? She's a fine whore with a great mouth, did she tell you how many times I came all over her infidel face?" he laughed mockingly.

Kailya ignored him and shook her head at Chandra. "Wazim, let's go, if General Farouk finds us&hellip." The other soldier pulled him towards the door. Kailya shrugged off her shame, she would make these Kalashites pay for what they had done to her. "Forget himcome let's eat, I'm starving." The queen's eyes set on the sliced fruit.

Chandra's hungry stomach conquered her anger and she dove into the platter of cheese and fruit. Khalim entered as the slaves were finishing, the two Galadrian's were sitting on the bed, he smiled happily at Kailya's naked body and felt his cock twitch. She had to try and escape soon, he grumbled. Kailya looked up at the black mage, excellent she could see the lust in his eyes and a growing erection bulging his silk pants, if she could keep leading him on, he would relax his guard.

She turned her body slightly, offering him a better view of her breasts and managed to smile. "I, I trust the food was acceptable?" Khalim managed to pull his eyes away from her alabaster mountains, trying very hard to not think about sucking them.

"Thank you master, your slave is grateful.", even Chandra blinked as her mother delivered her line. Khalim smile widened and he walked up to her, perhaps she had reconsidered? "Excellent! Please ring the bell if you require anything more, within reason. I unfortunately cannot offer you any clothes, it is Kalah's law, a slave must be naked until she accepts her master.".

"What if I accept you?" Kailya knelt on the carpet before him, she smiled to herself, his poor dick twitched, the Queen's eyes widened, by the goddess he was massive! She found herself licking her lips, but angrily dug her fingers into her palms reigning in her weak body.

She would escape these monsters and settle in Krinova until the Alliance was ready to retake her kingdom, maybe then she would take a man to her bed.

"I, ah, then Kalah has truly blessed me. I pray to Her that she will show you the wisdom of your words. Sleep well my slave, may the All Seeing Goddess grant you pleasant dreams.". "Of you master." Kailya's batted her lashes with a sexy smile as she played with the black mage. Khalim gulped, he reached down and tenderly stroked her cheek before leaving the chambers. "What was that!" "That was playing with his dick, don't look at me like that, they have to believe us Chandra before they lower their guard.

You will do the same with Farouk." "Never!" "Chandra." "Okay, I'll play the game.". "Good it will be a three days to the portal, just pretend to be his docile slave until then, we will have the last laugh.".

* * * Khalim paused in the corridor with a smile, she was perfect, a beautiful body and a clever mind. The young mage had dealt with too many treacherous djinni and backstabbing Shai-ir to fall for her schemes.

He was almost sure that such anger did not fade in a few hours and that she was using her body to distract his thoughts. The black adept sighed at his still hard dick, he would have to find a pleasure slave to drain his dick again tonight, at least he could fantasise about breaking his new slave in. He shook his head before he started walking to his quarters, yes she was perfect.

* * * The next few days passed quickly for the two Galadrians, apart from servants bringing plates of food and dealing with the grumpy Sadakaur guards, they were left alone. Kailya watched the preparations anxiously, everything had to go smoothly, the slave caravan was almost ready to leave. The fourth morning, Kailya and Chandra had just finished bathing when the door opened.

It was the first time Farouk had visited. Following her mother's lead, Chandra fell to her knees. "Master, your slave greets you." Kailya used the Kalashite greeting. Chandra hesitated for an instance before echoing her mother. Farouk smiled broadly at his brother before walking up to Chandra, "Good, you have a hot body slave, your master will enjoy fucking you." Farouk's brown eyes challenged his slave.

Chandra dug deep down and managed a smile "Yes master, thank you master.". "Farouk" Khalim reminded his twin.

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The large black warrior grumbled and walked to the window. Kailya smiled sexily at Khalim, the mage returned her smile, he offered her a hand and the beautiful blonde stood before him.

Her master sighed happily at her two large mounds, wide ass and pouty lips, Kalah was asking a lot from her servants! "The caravan leaves tomorrow morning, I will have to chain you hands and lead you out, it is our custom.". "I understand master, thank you." Kailya watched his eyes sweep over her body. Khalim smiled and motioned to his brother, the two adepts left to finish the preparations. "I do not know why we are treating those treacherous bitches so well, I should go back in there and give her a beating she will never forget.

Did you hear that false surrender?" Khalim smiled at Farouk, "Patience brother, they have yet to act on their sinful thoughts, follow the plan as we discussed, I promise you she will be yours and Kalah will be pleased.". * * * The next morning Kailya and Chandra put on their makeup and high heels shoes and waited for the door.

Kailya knelt as Khalim attached a golden chain to her collar and a pair of matching manacles to her wrists. He smiled and gently flicked a loose piece of hair out of her face.

"You must wear this today." Khalim showed Kailya her Galadrian crown, the queen gulped and managed to stay in control. The Kalashite mage waved a hand and the crown floated through the air before resting on her head, with high heels his slave was as tall as her six foot master. "Put this on and hurry up." Farouk snapped at Chandra, the princess picked up her tiara and a diamond necklace.

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Khalim walked around Kailya and ran a hand along her shoulders, praying Kalah would answer his orgasmic plea to let him fuck his new slave, but she was silent. "This will look beautiful on you." He murmured in her ear, breathing in her perfume.

He laid the Star of Galandria around her neck, it was an ancient piece, passed down from Queen to Queen, a single large sapphire was set inside a platinum necklace, encrusted with diamonds. Kailya bit her lip as Khalim ran a hand down her back and gently breathed in her ear.

"Come brother, before you dishonour Kalah." Khalim rescued his brother from fondling Chandra's ass. Kailya shot her daughter's firey eyes a warning before smiling at the silk robed adept. The Galadrian queen kept her head high as she was lead through the castle, all the recently enslaved women were being lead to the courtyard.

A task master with several scrolls of paper was recording details, the less ranked slaves, the silver and bronze had numbers on their simple collars, several of the slaves burst into tears as they were stripped of their names. "Number 22, get your miserable ass over here!

Looks like you need another whipping." One of the Sardakaur woman cracked her whip. "Please no, please I'll be a good slave." The young girl whimpered. Thr guard kicked her in the ass towards the wagon, "You better, number 23, don't make me come and fetch you whore." Kailya took a deep breath, "I also do not approve." Khalim talked close to her ear. "New slaves should be treated well and learn to love Kalah, not fear her, I hope your heart will warm to Her love. The wagon with the golden tarp is for you and your daughter.".

The queen's gazed over the wagons, the other slaves were packed twenty in each. "Thank you master.". Khalim touched her red lips before moving to speak to a red robed priestess. "Well well what do we have here?" Kailya instantly shivered, it had been four days since she had heard that terrible voice.

"Mistress Jarzia." Kailya said with a small bow. The tall black woman walked up to the two Galadrians. "Don't give me that! I know you bitch, your master is a fool, treating you like an honoured slave! Infidel slaves don't deserve Kalah's love, they deserve to be raped and beaten every day and every night." The slave trainer's face was inches from Kailya's.

The queen called on her many years of diplomacy and stayed calm. "Don't worry bitch, soon I will be flogging your wide ass again, Khalim's good fortune is going to come to an end and then you will be mine. General Majid has graciously agreed to let me train you and you cumslut daughter for him. Enjoy your brief freedom infidels while it lasts." ,the trainer smiled at the fear in the slaves eyes before stalking off. Kailya breathed out and smiled at Chandra, it would never happen, they would escape soon and leave the monstrous Kalashite's forever, perhaps the next time they met Jarzia she would be kneeling before her.

The Queen smiled and then reigned her daydreams in, first thing was to escape Khalim.

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She had just begun to relax when General Majid stormed into the courtyard, he flicked the slave whip in his hands. "Do you think you could get away from me slave? Your boyish master is not going to save you from my whip bitch, you dare whore your tits to another man! I'll make you beg for mercy." he screamed.

"Chandra do not move, Chandra!" Kailya snapped. The lack of attention or any real fear in the queen's eyes just enraged the Sadakaur General even more, he raised the whip, Kailya gulped but stood straight. The General brought his arm down and blinked, his whip was hovering in the air. "General, I suggest you step away from my slave.", a nimbus of swirling blue mist surrounded Khalim as he confidently stepped forward. "You little cow turd, you dare raise a spell to me!" Majid screamed, his Sadakaur drew their swords, the army soldiers responded by drawing their swords, Farouk cricked his neck, casually flicking his black scimitar.

"Stop this now!" a commanding voice cut through the air, the Voice of Kalah pushed her way into the courtyard. "Kalah will not have her faithful fighting, especially over some infidel slave.

Now General Majid, I suggest you leave immediately before Kalah judges you. General Khalim, load your slaves and leave. I will not repeat Her will." "Yes high priestess, as Kalah wills." Khalim bowed low. "This isn't over yet whore, mark my words, you will be mine." Majid smiled evilly at Kailya before walking away.

"Come, your carriage is this way." Khalim gently tugged her chain leash. The carriages were simply ox drawn carts on which a cage of bars had been built, the mages had coloured the bars golden. So they could be displayed like animals from the circus.

Kailya tried hard to bury her anger, Khalim was watching her, his intense brown eyes noticed everything. He lead her to a small set of stairs. "Accept Kalah's will and she will be merciful". He gently supported her as she climbed the stairs. Once inside the adept waved his hands and the two women's manacles dropped off. Kailya managed a smile. "Thank you master." The Galandrian royalty watched as their subjects were loaded onto the carriages and a large contingent of soldiers formed around them.

The gold collared slaves were instantly the subject of their attention. Kailya gulped as the black soldiers crowded the carriage, eager for the first look at the prized slaves. "Is that the Generals? Goddess she'd be a hot fuck!" "Is that the Queen? Look at those tits!" "I've never seen white pussy before, look, their skin is like white marble." "Bet you crack nuts in between those ass cheeks!" "Come on slave, bend over and show us your holes!" another jeered.

"Chandra stay calm." Kailya cautioned her daughter. "Hot fucking infidels, come on baby, suck my dick!" "Chandra. Ignore them." "What in Kalah's name are you doing!" A voice broke up the guards. "Nothing, general, just uh looking.". "Get to your post before I give you my fist to look at, now move." "Yes sir!" the men quickly saluted and left. Farouk smiled hungrily at Chandra before a scowled covered his face and he stormed off.

"Just remain calm Chandra." "Easier said than done mother, these Kalashites are disgusting.". "Enough, now just play docile.". Kailya felt the wagon jerk forward and turned her back so Chandra could not see her tears.


* * * The citizens of Galandria were forced to line the streets, Kailya noted some crying and more than a few swearing at the royals. "They killed my husband and took our shop! This is all your fault, sitting on your precious throne, Nustress take you!" "Yeah!

This is your fault, you failed us and now we have to suffer!" "I hope they make you pay your highness!" a hobbling hobo spat at the carriage. "Listen to you! Is this how you treat your Queen?" Chandra screamed at them. "Chandra, come away from the bars and try bring the tarp down, they don't understand.", Kailya hugged herself, willing her tears away.

"But mother…" "Come away Chandra, I can do nothing more for them now. Let us focus on our welfare." * * * Kailya and Chandra had to admit that the brothers were treating them very well. Large cushions covered the carriage floor, and thick blankets were neatly piled in one corner. The Galandrian's fumed at the steel bowl and water provided but at least they could go to the toilet. The brother's were looking after their property Kailya bitterly thought as the carriage rocked back and forth down the trade road.

At sunset the carriage stopped and the soldiers began preparing a campsite. The other Galadrian slaves were led out in small groups, the women squealed making the soldiers laugh as they were forced to stand and washed down with cold water.

Afterwards they were forced onto their knees and chained in a line. Kailya looked away as the soldiers began paying for blowjobs. Worse still the Kalahsites had brought pleasure slaves, freshly collared from the Silver Dutchies and the sound of the woman crying in, Kailya prayed was false ecstasy, rang through the camp until early in the morning.

There had been some grumbling when the gold collar slaves were not let our of their cage for service, Chandra couldn't hear the words but Farouk's booming voice cut through them and the soldiers settled for the silver and bronze collars. The royals were given a simple meal of trail bread with some cheese and nuts, a far cry from the roasted pheasant and potatoes that Kailya was accustomed to, but a thousand times better than the foul slave food she had been forced to eat for a week.

Afterwards the two women were allowed out of their cage shortly, Khalim approached them and silently watched his slave stretch her legs.

"Dinner was acceptable?" he asked softly.

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"Thank you master, your slave is thankful." Kailya batted her eyelids. "We should reach the Silvercreek portal by tomorrow evening and move onto the Merrypuddle plains, the temperature will drop so please make use of the blankets.". "We will and thank you again master.". "I hope you mean it slave.". Khalim paused, a slight pain crossed his face before he walked off. * * * "He knows we are up to something." Kailya stressed when they bedded down for the night. "Mother, please relax, he knows nothing, I never realised how much of a love sick puppy he's become, you really stole his heart mom.".

"Chandra, yes well that was then, I hope to keep him distracted until we reach the plains, then we will make our escape.".

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"Mom, how exactly are we going to escape from a locked cage?". Kailya smiled in the darkness, "Leave that to me, you just watch the guard shifts and the horse corral.". Chandra hugged her mother, Kailya softly stroked her daughters hair until the brunette fell asleep. She took a deep breath and prayed to Nustress her daughter was right. * * * "Seven days brother, seven long days without breaking a new slave in, it's just not human, Kalah, the goddess be praised, can not be so cruel to her faithful!!!" Khalim sighed, his brother was suffering aloud.

"We are honouring Kalah brother, it is through Her grace that our slaves live, we must show Her thanks.". "You may have the holiness of one of Kalah's angels but I have needs!" "Never fear brother, it may be an impure thought but I secretly wish they would try and escape.". Farouk smiled as the brother's rode next to each other. "But brother the cage is locked, they will not be able to escape, we should arrange for the cage to be left unlocked." The big adept grinned evilly.

"And she would suspect a trap, no brother, they must escape without our temptations, we must know they are acting on their corrupted thoughts and if they do not, well once they are on the ship, they will have to accept us. But perhaps we should sweeten the prize." That night the slave caravan camped near the large stone portal and the Kalashite war mages began to attune the gate.

Farouk and his brother approached the golden slave carriage. "Comfortable?" "Yes, thank you master." Chandra answered after a cautionary glare from her mother. "I have something to show you.", he motioned and Chandra leapt to the bars. Two stablehands brought over a silver horse.

"Starr!" "We found her wondering the battlefield, injured from the blast that threw you, the healers did a good job, Kalah likes horses." Farouk stroked the beautiful horse's nose. "I will send her with Rayed to my father to breed, he likes her already, she of course needs some discipline.". Chandra glared angrily at her tormentor, Farouk held her gaze, enjoying the war of wills. The brunette grunted as Kailya joined them at the bar and pinched her daughter's behind.

"Thank you for saving her master." The gold slave finally said. "You see slave, if you submit to my will and serve me faithfully, I will treat you well." He smiled before walking off. "He's a fool." Chandra said as she watched Farouk enter his tent. "On Starr no rider, not even Farouk will be able to catch me!" Kailya played with her hair and smiled, "We must watch the guards again, tomorrow night we will rest on the plains." Kailya shivered as a buxom dutchy slave bounced up and down on a Kalashite's soldier's black dick, just a few yards from the golden cage.

* * * The next morning the slave caravan prepared to cross the gateway. The Kalashite mages channelled their magic through their Djinni, Dao and Madrid, the portal ignited with green flames, Farouk steered Rayed through the awaiting gate, Kailya shivered as the green flames engulfed her cage, she closed her eyes as she began to feel the magic working.

She opened her eyes and breathed out, the plains were dark and stormy as usual for this time of year. The caravan slowly trundled down the muddy trade road, the wind began to pick up and Chandra thanked Nustress she wasn't being forced to march in the drizzling rain, her eyes settled on Farouk and she felt her temper rising again, a part of her wanted to escape the cage, and force that arrogant general to a rematch but Chandra wasn't completely sure she could beat him.

She cooled her fierce pride, better to escape and return with an army as her mother suggested. A small encampment had been set up, not far from the Galandrian's crushing defeat, Chandra looked for the crows but saw none, at least the Kalashite's had the decency to bury the dead. Farouk smile widened as four slaves quickly descended on the two brothers. "Master! We missed you so much! Please allow this slave to pleasure you.". Shalisha babbled hugging Farouk's leg, "No master!

Please allow this slave the honour." The Kara-tur slave Yuioko hugged his other leg., Farouk's dick hardened at the sight of her large naked breasts. "Now that's more like it." The general patted their heads, the young slaves smiled hornily.

The older Dravithian Gauri bowed low and rubbed her cheek against Khalim's silk pants, Miringko, their oldest slave, gently stroked his leg. "Master must be tired after suffering these infidels and their accursed weather, please allow this slave to pleasure you.", she whispered softly. Khalim sighed and leant down stroking her cheek, "Ashara prepare my tent." He ordered his djinni, if he could not have Kailya, well he would have to settle for Gauri and maybe Miringko as well.

* * * That night as the camp settled down a tall woman approached the golden cage. She was dressed in black leather, not unlike Jarzia's costume, a slave whip resting comfortably on her one hip. She had light brown skin and long brownish red hair worn in a tight ponytail. She stood and smirked, watching the new infidel slaves. "So these are master's new slaves, I'm not impressed, you white infidels break like cheap pottery under a slave whip.

I watched the trainers snap some dutchy nobles, weak, pathetic, you will be no different.". "Chandra pay her no heed." Kailya cautioned her daughter. The woman's eyes fell on Kailya, she had almond eyes, like a cat, brown with the hint of green, her high cheek bones and arching eyebrows left the Galadrian Queen wondering if she was actually a changeling.

"So this is the high and might Galadrian Queen, you look like a fucktoy begging for cock." She snorted derisively" I bet 10 domarii master will have you wailing like a baby after your first beating.". Kailya reached out and grabbed Chandra's wrist. "I intend to be a well behaved slave, master will have no need to punish me." The matriarch answered smoothly.

The woman laughed and ran a riding crop along the bars. "You might fool master, but you don't fool me fucktoy, the other girls can't wait for your infidel ass to fall from his favour. My name is Nahid but you will call me mistress, enjoy your food and freedom while it lasts infidels.". The woman looked down her nose and stalked off, her hips swaying across the campsite. "What a bitch!" Chandra scoffed. "We leave tomorrow night, watch the guards again tonight." Kailya smiled at her daughter and silently prayed to Nustress for good fortune.

* * * The sun had long set, even the sounds of sex had begun to die down, it was early in the morning and more importantly it was time. "Mom, the shift will change in one hour, the guards will be tired.".

"Good, then get ready." Kailya whispered back but her mind was on other things. The Galandrian queen took a deep breath and began to clear her mind, one image stayed, one image she could not get out of her mind.

It was his fault! A dark voice filled her mind, He was a general in the sultan's army, he must have known of the attack, he played us for a fool, the voice whispered in her mind. Yes! She had been so stupid to believe him when he has professed no knowledge of the attack. This was all his fault. But a little voice quietly asked, being his sex slave, she could still remember his lips, the feel of his muscled chest, to be free of her duty and responsibility and only serve his body, would it be such a bad thing?

Yes! The other voice screamed, Kailya's fingers curled, she would be no man's plaything, no matter how strong and handsome he was, she would see these Kalashite's burn in hell for taking everything away from her, especially her beloved Gemma.

Kailya wiped the tears away, she would find her baby, no matter how long it took or how difficult it was, but first she had escape. "Mom?" "Yes, now be quiet, it's been a long time." Kailya snapped back and instantly softened her tone, caressing Chandra's hand.

"Since what?" her daughter now asked curious. Kailya gathered her thoughts again, it was much easier since she had won her mental battle. "Are you focusing, but mom, you are not an adept, are you?" Chandra whispered as her mother focused her pattern. The magic eagerly answered Kailya's summons, her pattern filled with eldritch energy, she could feel it in her fingertips. "But I don't understand." Chandra said stunned, her mother and father had never mentioned it.

"It was a family seceret, your grandparents, like your father and myself did not believe an adepts life was suitable for a princess." Chandra could still recall the fierce fights she used to have with her mother and father when she decided to join the army and train as an adept. "But you're an adept!" Chandra whispered. "Keep your voice down, yes eventually my parents had a tutor brought in, he schooled me and taught me the Galadrian tradition.".

"So you're a sorceress, wow!" her daughter gushed. "Quiet, yes well it has been many years since I practised, I have not channelled energy since you girls were born, but I was a skilled learner. Now watch the guards while I cast my spell.". Chandra smiled, hope filling her, with her mother by her side nothing would stop them.

Kailya cast the spell, animating the iron lock, she held her breath until the lock turned it's tumblers and sprung open. "Wait Chandra, we need to cover our skin, this cage is magically heated but we will freeze on the plains." "What are we going to do, I can attack some of the guards.". "Only if necessary and do not kill anybody.". "Mother, they defeated our army, captured our country and enslaved us, why not!" "Chandra!

I cannot believe you would say that, now please, no killing.". "Fine but we still need clothes.". "Be quiet, I am concentrating, bring that golden blanket over here, the dark one with black stripes.". Chandra mystified brought over the blanket and watched her mother cast another spell.

The blankets buckled and writhed as the Galadrian sorceress filled them with magical energy, the threads began to unravelled at high speed and reweave themselves again. Kailya was deep in concentration, this was a slightly more complex spell and she wasn't used to the drain caused by spell casting. The sorceress was panting a little as the last blanket threads neatly reweaved themselves.

Chandra look impressed, the blanket had reshaped itself into two roughly human long coats. "There, these will keep us warm and concealed." Her daughter squeezed her hand, seeing a new side to the tired stressed matriarch her mother had recently become. "Nice job mom, follow me." The Galadrian's removed the impractical golden high heels and tied their hair in a tight pony before donning the makeshift coats. Stealthily Chandra opened the gate, there was little sound in the quiet camp, she landed softly on the wet grass and helped her mother down, the two women slowly creeped toward the line of tents.

Kaiyla paused to check the astral, there were a few spirits around but they were just messenger mephrits lazying around.

The sorceress shook her head, she was being paranoid, she half expected to see Khalim's djinni smug face just waiting to tell her master.

She had to put her faith in Nustress, Khalim was fast asleep, or playing with the pleasure slaves she had seen walking into his tent. Kailya bit her lip, she couldn't believe her own words, he was not playing, he was raping those poor women, it was the brain washing at the Kalashite's hands, she needed several weeks in Kraitova to heal and recover and she would return to her old self. Chandra pulled her mother close to one of the tents as a guard stumbled nearby.

The princess threw a small stone over his head and as the tired guard turned his head her leg flicked out catching him on the side, he fell like a stone. The two Galadrian's crept across the campsite towards the horse corral.

* * * Ashara watched the golden cage caught in the throws of boredom. Since the caravan had left, her master had ordered her to watch his fleshy plaything from a distance. Then to add insult to her already wounded pride he had ordered her to observe as a lowly air mephrit! Shape changed into a lower caste, it was so demeaning. Well at least his mind was occupied and he had less opportunity to beat her.

Perhaps she could try escape again, rename herself and be free again. The Djinni caught herself in the fantasy and bit her lip, the pain of the terrible earth spikes still made her shiver in fear, they would catch her like the last time, there was no escape from her fleshy prison. Her eyes narrowed as she focused on the task at hand forcing her mind to think of other things.

She grudgingly had to admit her master had good reason not to trust the Galadrian Queen, there was something about her. "Hey baby, your looking too cool, take a ride on my cock and I heat things up.". The two foot air mephrit turned her head, a fire mephrit had flown over and was jerking his firey cock in her direction. "Amala take you Magma breathe, come any closer and I'll turn your dick into a lightning rod." She spat, lightning crackled over her skin for extra effect.

"Ohh, sparkly, I like my sluts with some energy, come over here baby and we'll have a good time." "Drop deap ash for brains, I am tasked, don't you idiots take the hint!" the winged creature suddenly grew in size and changed into Ashara's mortal form complete with a wreath of thunderclouds.

The fire mephit cough a fireball and fled as fast as his firey wings would carry him. Ashara contemplated throwing a lightning bolt after the pest but magical words softly drifted across the clearing. The Djinni paused and turned, her magical ears listening, the hushed words drifted through the quiet astral space, usually muffled by the ether, these words were clear, magical, somebody was casting a spell.

A smile crossed the magical creatures face, an adept and a mage, it all made sense. She watched the lock to the golden cage full with multi hued light and quickly resumed her Air Mephrit disguise. A Galandrian sorceress, Ashara had fought their hated golems during the battle at Merrypuddle plains. The Shai-ir could not pierce astral with their magic, they had to rely on their empathic link with their summoned servants but the Galadrians had mastered the second sight allowing them to naturally see in the second realm.

Well at least peer like a blinded Calamshite beggar, the djinni decided not to take chances and waited in her disguise. Sure enough the two fleshly playthings emerged, were some kind of dress, the mephrit turned up her little nose and sniffed, no sense of style what so ever, absolutely hideous. Master's cow's eyes blazed in the astral but she didn't look twice as the messenger spirit.

Ashara watched them creep off, a small dilemma absorbed her. Her master only requested she watch the cage, he had in his distracted state said nothing about actually alerting him should the Galadrian's escape. She could happily watch them flee and report to her master, she frowned, but then he would beat her for no reason and order her to recapture them and if they did truly escape he would be in a very bad mood.

Ashara had already seen the smiles his new plaything brought him, when he was in a bad mood out came the hated earth rod. Ashara grumbled and cursed before changing shape, she floated off to find her master. * * * Khalim relaxed in his favourite chair reading his spell diary. He groaned a little, frowned and tapped Gauri's bobbing head. "Slowly." He muttered annoyed, "Yes master, apologies master, it's just has been so long since we have tasted your glorius cum." The beautiful Dravithian slave whispered.

Gauri glared at Miringko, the other slave stopped sucking their master's balls and returned to gently kissing them. Khalim put his diary down and sighed, he still couldn't get her out of his mind, he had somehow managed to study, his latest spell was still a mystery to him, but that's what the mage liked about research. Finally the tantalising Galadrian had invaded his mind and he had stopped for a hard workout. Pushing his body had not helped to clear his thoughts.

"Oh slave, I pray Kalah show's you the wisdom of surrendering to me." He caressed a drawn image of the queen that had somehow found its way into his dairy. Miringko and Gauri exchanged annoyed looks while sucking, the four slaves had gossiped, peering out of their master's tents at the white skinned infidels.

That fat uddered bitch had enspelled their master's mind! "Now suck whore! Oh slave, yes that's it, surrender to me." Khalim moaned in his fantasy, the two slave obediently increased their pleasure giving. Ashara watched from the entrance, she knew better than to interrupt her master while he was busy. "Suck it all you sanctimonious bitch, choke for all I care, take it all, that's it my slut!" Their master moaned as Miringko pushed Gauri off their master's hard black shaft, reasserting her position as first slave, Gauri glared at the easterner before caressing her master's thighs and throbbing balls.

The eldest slave expertly deep throated the large manhood before their master groaned loudly warm cum spurting inside her mouth. Gauri watched jealously as their master exploded inside the eldest slave's mouth, Miringko opened her eyes triumphantly, sucking his copious orgasm. "Oh yes that's it slave, now you are mine Kailya." Khalim moaned, his eyes firmly closed.

The two slaves looked annoyed before cuddling up to their master. Gauri opened her mouth and accepted the Karaturian's cum present. Khalim smiled as the two slaves swapped his seed, soon Kailya, he promised. Ashara licked her lips wondering what his cum tasted like, she growled at her weakness, it had been many months since she had been allowed to orgasm.

She entered, the djinni noble fell to her knees, her head touching the floor. "What is it djinni, I am busy." Khalim snapped as the slaves began caressing his cock hard again. "I thought master would like to know, he did not instruct me, but I would tell him out of the kindness of my heart.".

Khalim looked up and waved his hand, "Tell me what?" "Your slave is escaping" "What!" Khalim pushed the two slaves away and stood, hurriedly dressing. "How?" "Well she is a Galadrian sorceress.". "A, ah, Shar's black heart." Khalim cursed himself for not seeing the signs, two daughter adepts, she used to play Kings Champion, he had been such a fool. His thoughts turned to anger, she had deceived him all this time. "I think they are heading for the horses." A sly smile crossed the mages face, of course, it was the logical thing, showing the daughter's horse and sending Nahid had worked perfectly.

"Perfect, come with me djinni, we have my slave to recapture.". * * * Yuiko was kneeling doggy on her master's bed, Farouk large cock pistoning in and out of her wet slit. "Little fucking bitch, you like that." The black warrior growled as he slapped her ass, his rough fucks making her tanned breasts sway in rhythm.

Yuiko grunted back, slamming her hips back to meet her master's thrusts. The twins had tamed her spirit within a few months of taking ownership, the Karaturian warrior smiled blissfully, master would never look at that pathetic pale skinned bitch, she would convince him to sell her as soon as they reached Sherazad.

Farouk pushed one of his thumbs up his slaves tight asshole making the pleasure slave moan loudly in ecstasy. He allowed himself a triumphant smile soon Chandra would beg to suck his cock.

Shalisha was kneeling near the headboard, her fingers a blur as she rubbed her brown pussy lips, her other hand pulling her nipples hard. "Better get sopping whore, I will fuck your ass next." Farouk grunted between hard thrusts.

"No! master, please this slave begs to be fucked in the ass, use me! Fill me with your cum!" Yuiko groaned as another massive orgasm swept her away. Shalisha glared at the slightly higher slave, "No master, fuck me, my ass is tighter, I love master's black cock up my ass!" Shalisha vied for their master's attention.

Farouk smiled, these slaves bent easily to his will, he eagerly anticipated the challenge of breaking in his new bitch. Khalim entered and shook his head, "Brother we have work to do." "Ugh, Khalim can't you see I'm busy, take it filthy whore." He slapped the warrior's tight ass again.

Khalim groaned, his aroused cock still demanding release. "Our slaves are trying to escape." Farouk instantly pulled out of the silver collar and jumped off the bed with a wide smile. The Karaturian slave cried out in frustration and glared at her master behind his back. Khalim shook his head and threw him brother a shirt. "They are heading to the corral? "Of course, it's the logical choice, did you post a small guard?" "Yes two shield bearers but I do not understand why?" "Brother, they must feel opposition; if we dismissed all the guards she would sense a trap and make alternative plans that would make her unpredictable." Khalim could not conceal a happy smile, finally a slave with the body of an angel and the mind of a Sultana, yes she would have to broken and tamed, but finally a pleasure slave he could talk to.

Farouk clasped his brother on the shoulder, "Less day dreams brother, first we catch your bird and you teach her respect.". Khalim's dick twitched, he was looking forward to it. * * * The two Galadrian nobles crept through the quiet camp, there were a few guards around but Chandra had chosen the perfect time, near the end of the midnight shift, the guards were too tired and rubbing their eyes to notice the women sneaking towards the corral. Kailya's hands were shaking by the time they reached the corral, two young guards were half asleep at their post.

Chandra balled her fists, her mother shook her head and knelt down by the ground. She choose a large rock near the small stream the encampment was built around and began softly chanting., Kailya grunted and pushed her magic into the stubborn earth, almost reluctantly the rock slowly grew small legs and sauntered down the stream. Kailya waited until the rock had passed the guards before finishing her spell, the boulder jump a small distance in the air before plunging into the water with a loud splash.

Startled the young shield bearers investigated. Chandra smiled at her mother before following. The guards reached the stream and peered into the dark water, the young black man felt a tap on his shoulder and turned, his eyes widened as the white fist connected with his nose.

She quickly kicked the second guard between the legs, the Kalashite groaned and fell to his knees. "No Chandra." Kailya cautioned in the darkness. Her daughter raised his head and swiftly kicked him into unconsciousness. The two Galandrian's smiled, Kailya hadn't felt this close to her second born in many years. She allowed hope to blossom in her heart, they were almost free! Then she would have her revenge. The two women returned to the corral's gate, Chandra pulled off the simple latch when soft light bathed the area.

With growing fear Kailya turned around, despair crushed her burgeoning hope, Farouk, Khalim and his djinni walked towards them. "So you think you can just leave me slave." Khalim eyes bored into her, Kailya pushed her daughter, "Go, get on your horse and ride!" she cried out.

"But mother." "Go now and do not look back, I will hold them off." Chandra waited for an agonising second, her eyes met Farouk's before she sprinted into the corral. Farouk ran towards his fleeing slave, Kailya's hands flew through the threads, her fingers remembering the motions her mind had tried very hard to forget, several of the spare poles used to build the corral jumped to life and leapt in front of the running warrior, Farouk growled and drew his sword.

"Very impressive slave, slow and rusty but still impressive, I will of course have to punish you for concealing the truth from your master but you will make a perfect pleasure slave.".


"Never, I will never be your slave! Do not take another step forward or I will be forced to strike you down!" "Now, now slave don't want to make your master angry." Ashara smirked. Kailya smiled as her hands began to weave simple threads, "She's up to something master." The djinni narrowed her eyes.

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"Of course she is up to something, my slave is as intelligent as she is beautiful, do not worry slave, soon you will worship my cock and satisfy both my body and mind.". "Be your pathetic plaything? Never! Do not move Farouk, I will strike you down, ride Chandra!

Ride!" Kailya called out behind her wondering what was taking her daughter so long. Farouk grinned as a cry of frustration erupted from inside the corral.

Chandra ran inside the corral pushing past the confused horsessearching through the brown and black until she saw Starr, the silver horse raised her head and snorted impatiently. The princess smile widened Triumphantly she navigated through the horses in the dim light and grabbed her steed's rein. Something was wrong, the reins were caught on something, cursing the adept reached forward and her hope plummeted. Starr's reins were padlocked to the corral fence! With growing fear she looked down, two steel chains and manacles were fastened to the mare's legs.

Chandra screamed in rage, it was a trap! Farouk had somehow known she would try and escape. "I am truly disappointed that you cannot see the depth of your predicament my slave. You see slave, unfortunately I knew you would try and escape, I just didn't know you were an adept." Khalim's eyes hardened, "For that deception you will be punished, but if you surrender to me now, I will talk to the priestesses and ask for a lesser sentence." The black adept took a step forward, his eyes softened.

"Please Kailya, accept your slavery and I will treat you well, please do not make me do this." He pleaded. Kailya throat was dry, inside she was desperately fighting the irrational urge to give into to him. No! She was the Queen of Galandria, these Kalashite's beasts had taken everything away from her, she could still escape and save Gemma.

"Her hands, the mud." Ashara suddenly pierced the sorceress's threads. "Never!" Kailya flung her hands filling the mud with her magic. The earth answered her call and threw itself, wrapping around the djinni's face. The magical creatures horrified wail was silenced as the enchanted mud encased her face.

She struggled for a moment before falling to the floor. "Impressive, very well slave." The mage flexed his hands, "Let us begin.". "Come out slave! This is your last chance!" Farouk called out, he folded his arms confidently.

His face dropped as Chandra broke out of the corral on a black mare, ten horses following, Farouk quickly dove out of the way. He stood with a bigger smile, his slave wanted to play. Chandra wheeled her horse a short distance away. "Go, what are you waiting for!

Ride!" "But mother, I cannot…" "Ride that damn horse now! And don't look back." Kailya felt a tear fall. Chandra paused for another second before her eyes fell to Farouk, he spread his hands with a smug smile, the adept turned her horse and fled, Kailya quickly strengthened her enchantment to the poles.

"Brother she is escaping!", the adept said frustrated as the fence poles again encircled him, the sorceress maintaining the enchantment. "Enough play slave." Khalim began weaving threads in astral, the Shair-ir tradition was most channelling through an elemental servant, it was possible but much more difficult for the elementalists to channel unaided but Khalim though young was an accomplished mage, seventh in line to the Four Chairs and he loved a challenge.

His eyes widened as Kailya enchanted several of the stable hand's tethers, the snakelike leather strips leapt at him. Khalim dropped his spell and quickly cast another spell, thankfully, owning a djinni servant, air magic came naturally to the young adept. The leather strips slowed and stopped, as the air thickened around them. He smiled at the frustration on his opponents face.

For a moment neither mage said anything as they both strengthened their threads, Khalim had the advantage of youth and practice. "Quite a predicament you have yourself in slave.

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Go ahead brother, the poles are powered by her magic, but she is no warrior so you should be able to bypass them. Remember the ritual, you have the amulet.". Farouk nodded before feinting forward, Kailya quickly controlled her fence poles, beads of sweat beaded her forehead as her unfamiliar hands tried to keep both enchantments alive.

The large warrior smiled at his brother and nodded. Khalim increased the intensity of his solid air and the leather strips began to sink to the floor. Kailya desperately picked up her second enchantment's threads, Farouk jumped to the side, the poles followed, he then dived into a roll and leapt between the four wooded poles racing for the corral.

"Rayed stop sleeping!" he thundered. "No!" Kailya cried out, fear, anger, despair filled her she turned back to Khalim, her eyes blazing. A war broke out inside the Galadrian, Drop the reins, push all our magic into the fence poles and impale that smug bastard, then we can kill his brother and be off, a cold clinical voice commented.

No!, just surrender, it what you really want!another emotional voice pleaded. Kailya was torn caught between the extremes, could she kill to escape and save her youngest daughter? No, Gemma would never forgive her if she took life to rescue her and besides for all her plans, the queen had no idea where to look for her precious baby. On the other hand she couldn't just surrender, she had to escape, Kailya was no longer sure from what but her mind was made up.

The fence poles began slowly sinking to the ground as Kailya threw all of her magic into the leather reins. Khalim hastily dropped his one spell but the sorceress's rage filled magic was too powerful, the reins wrapped themselves firmly around his body pulling his arms close against his chest, further strips pulled his legs together preventing any movement.

Kailya fell to her knees, her breathing laboured, she smiled triumphantly, she may not be a twenty something maiden any more but she had done it. The young black man was balancing on his constrained feet with a smile on his face. His slave looked up, her eyes still angry. "Why are you still smiling, stop smiling dammit!" she panted. The Kalashite carried on smiling a strange adoring look in his eyes. Pick up the fence pole and bash his head into the ground, now!

The cold voice demanded. Surrender, escape is futile! The other voice demanded. "Perfect, a beautiful mind and body, you will learn to respect me and then you will serve my every wish." "Stop saying that! I am not your slave.", ' The adept just carried on smiling. Farouk burst out of the corral riding Rayed, he reined the black stallion in, both rider and horse's eyes glowed with a faint light.

"It's under control brother, go." Khalim informed him calmly. Farouk shook his head before charging off into the night. Kailya gulped as she stood up, Khalim's calm confidence was beginning to worry her. "I, I am leaving, do not try and follow me." The Galadrian matriarch said finally catching her breath.

"I am sorry slave, I cannot let you do that, my brother will return shortly with your daughter, then you will learn to respect me." He closed his eyes in concentration, suddenly small flames burst alight across his body, he was quickly engulfed in hot flames. Kailya watched stunned as the black adept became a human bonfire, what worried her the most was that, though engulfed in fire, he wasn't screaming.

The leather strips did not last long within the extreme heat and burning strips fell to the ground. The flames died down and a now naked magician stepped out of the bonds. "No!" Kailya whispered already exhausted by her previous battle, the sorceress's stubborn hands refused to give up and she animated several of the fence poles again. Khalim stepped forward, the boyish grin had faded, his eyes bored into her, "Enough of your games slave, time to know who your master is." He paused before flinging his arms out, a powerful gust of wind pick up the fence poles and threw them across the corral.

Kailya cried out in despair, the naked black mage advanced, he finished another spell and she felt the air around her throat begin to solidify. Instinct took over and she quickly wove the astral threads forming a magical barrier, pushing the solid air away from around her throat. Khalim took more steps forward, weaving more threads strengthening his spell.

Kailya tried desperately to fight the simple yet brutally effective attack but for every thread she managed to weave to her spell, Khalim wove another two.

She began to feel her barrier fail under the strong pressure applied. She cried out as she panicked and missed a critical looping thread, several of her strands instantly began to unravel and the spell pattern shattered. Khalim adjusted his spell as Kailya desperately clutched at her neck, reducing the pressure, he didn't want to snap her neck.

The Galadrian queen tried to unpick the adepts threads, desperately attempting to dispel the strong elemental spell, she could feel the air start squeezing her throat. Khalim carried on approaching, now within a few feet, he could see the fear and panic in her blue eyes, and clinically he carried on casting, strengthening his threads. Kailya struggled, her fingers slipping in astral, more and more threads completed the complex spell pattern.

Her lounges were burning, desperate for air. The naked mage stood in front of her as Kailya sunk back down onto her knees, their eyes met and Khalim reminded himself she was a treacherous infidel. "Let go my slave, sleep now, we will talk soon.". Kailya shook her head, she fought like a wild animal but it was no use, her mind became foggy and she started to black out.

"Sleep, you are mine now slave." The Kalashite watched the fight drain out of his feisty slave, her hands fell to her sides and her eyes closed. Khalim released the spell, he knelt down and made sure she was still breathing. Only then did the adept sink to his knees, his body covered in sweat. He stroked her cheek tenderly with a triumphant smile.