Horny babe Donna Bell takes advantage of her hot employee

Horny babe Donna Bell takes advantage of her hot employee
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uuugh" i exclaimed rather frustrated about the day i had. i came home that evening and andressed the man at the counter today was sooooo just uuugh. i couldnt explain it i had fumbled around with order nearly spilling the whole thing in His lap when He had looked up at me. i gave Him an awkward smile as He seemed to peer through me. "what the hell is wrong with me." i stammored over the phone to one of my besties. "its like i have lost my touch or something" i could hear her sigh through the phone as she spoke with me reassuring i just had an off day.

i thought about it later as i pulled off my clothes and stepped into the shower. the hot water running over my skin. trickling down. it felt good as i stood there and pondered. something about that man just drew me in called to me, i felt butterflies in my stomach… i growled in frustration and turned up my chin letting the water beat down on my large breasts.

i washed up quickly and sat there a while longer thinking. god He was gorgeous and those eyes! what is it about His damn eyes. i reached down my mind wandering my fingers wandering over the curve of my breasts wet and reddened from the hot water.

this felt surprisingly good i let them move down further my fingers finding moistened folds. I gasped in surprise finding myself wet from the thoughts of Him. I closed my eyes fingertips playing circles as i thought about that Man shivering i started to moan, drawing my lower lip between my teeth to stifle the echoing sound. my mind going places i had once never let it. He had me tied and bound and gagged i was wriggling beneath the touch of a riding crop if i flinched He would smack my bottom harshly leaving a small red welt.

this thought the mere thought of the Dominating eye capturing Man made my skin hot. my nub swelling at the thought i cried out as i came hard beneath the running water in the shower. "oooooo mmmmm." i writhed and shook sinking to my knees. woah. That's never happened before. i thought quietly to meself and dressed for bed only to wake a few hours later of dreams that haunted my sleep.

i went back to sleep until it was time for me to wake and go back to work.

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The next day He was there again. i brought Him his order and as i handed it to Him, He looked up at me again capturing my attention, His hand brushing against mine sending shivers and goosebumps over my skin which felt as if it were on fire.

He just sat there peering at me i was frozen still until some one called my name. He grabbed my hand as i went to walk away.

"so your name is rain?" i nodded as i looked at Him in what must of been an awkward look as my throat lumped up and i was unable to speak. i mustered a smile. He smiled back and i almost melted.

good god why does this man effect me so. "you have a piece of paper?" He asked hushed in a gruff husky tone. i again nodded quietly and reached into the pocket of my apron tearing off a clean sheet from my order pad and handed it to Him. He took my pen from my apron without even thinking about it and handed it to me. "give me your number rain i wish to talk with you later." i obliged all to quickly jotting down my number and putting my name at the bottom dotting the "i" with a heart and walked off to finish my shift.

Later that night i got a phone call, it was Him. " can i come over?" He asked and for some strange silly reason i said yes.

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barely knowing this man i thought myself crazy. but the dreams oh god the dream i would wake up wet and yearning like i never had before. my cheeks burned hot as i recalled this.

the doorbell rang and i nearly jumped out of my skin i had gotten ready in a rush put on my make-up a low cut blouse, stalkings and a skirt that set mid thigh. classy but not trashy and still sexy. i checked myself in the mirror one last time adjusting my large mounds in my bra so that they nestled close together creating a lovely valley between my breasts.


answering the door He entered looking around and seemed as if He took in every detail of my home. " Hi." He said simply. for some reason my cheeks burned hot as if He could see into my mind. "hey." i replied softly peering up at Him through sooted lashes. god that sounded stupid. i thought. "i have a confession." He stated and i tilted my head to the side."oh?" He paced the floor for a moment before ordering me to sit. i did so crossing my leg over the other the hem of my stalking peeking from beneath my skirt.

He drew near to me i could smell His cologne it was near intoxicating, rousing me in a way i thought impossible." since i laid eyes on you yesterday i cant seem to think of anything else but taking you right here right now." this stunned me i found my breath catching in my throat as He come closer my eyes shifted to the floor and i felt my cheeks grow hotter. just then i realized He had brought a case with Him, i wasn't sure what was in there but fear struck through me and i cowered slightly afraid.

"i will not hurt you… " He spoke soothingly and i relaxed a little visibly it seemed because He was now hovering over me taking my wrists into His hands. He pushed them over my head forcefully and His lips pressed hard against mine.

He pushed His tongue past my lips. i moaned softly my hands bound by His grasp. He pulled away all to quickly. "you will do as i tell you." i nodded simply and he snapped harshly. "you will reply yes Sir to me." i quickly whimpered "yes Sir." i did not want Him to stop i found my panties already getting wet, His forcefulness was enticing exhilarating even. He unsnapped His case and brought out a few things my curiosity always getting the better of me i peeked into it seeing rope, zip ties and what appeared to be a crop of sorts and a gag?

was that a ball gag? i had seen pictures of them on the internet but never close and personal. was He going to use that on me? uugghh the thought of that, i wriggled on the sofa becoming wetter by the minute before i knew it my hands were bound over my head and He had slung me over His shoulder like a prize and carried me off to the bedroom. His case grasped in His other hand He laid me on the bed i stilled helpless looking up at Him. oh how i wanted to touch Him. i pulled at the ropes binding my hands together over my head.

"leave them there" He snapped as i tried to bring them down to see His handy work. "yes Sir." i replied quickly and as soon as i did there He pulled my skirt off my hips i arched my back a bit lifting my hips.

oooh! the air on my wet panties was so inviting it cooled down the heat that was emanating between my thighs. He reached down His fingers finding the almost drenched spot in my panties.

His eyes widened in surprise. "you are already wet little whore?" the name rolled off His tongue i would typically find this word offensive but oddly enough it excited me more.i murmured to Him. "yes Sir" and he rubbed my pussy through my panties hard.

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and tried to crawl away i was so sensitive down there. He drug me back down on the edge of the bed " ah ah ah" He stated and barked at me "stay!" i shuddered helplessly against His violating fingertips.

and started to moan. "hush girl or i will be forced to gag you." His voice startled me i clenched my teeth breathing hard my hips rose and fell grinding against His fingers the spot in my panties starting to drip from my lustful excitement.

He turned me over with ease His hands strong and skillful grasping my hips and pulling my ass upward. i heard a snap of something and next thing i knew He was pouring something cool and silky smooth to the crack of my ass.


"no no no" i begged softly "not there." my voice was a mere whisper full of fear. and before i knew it there was a resounding smack across my ass. i jumped and whimpered it stung like hell! " i said hush." He snarled at me. i buried my face in the pillow of the bed and He inserted something into my ass i couldn't see, i didn't want to i was afraid. He slowly and steadily pushed and pulled violating my sweet star. it hurt… at first. He pulled my panties around my knees and spanked me again with what i thought was the crop.

i fought a whimper and balled up my fists. soon i was pushing against it enjoying it. mmmmm He pressed something against my clit and i shivered slowly He was tapping away at it moving the dildo?, in and out of my tight ass.

i groaned and He stopped pulling yet another something from the case. OH NO! as soon as the thought came to my mind and i had opened my mouth the gag was about my neck and the ball shoved into my mouth. He continues torturing my asshole a little harder now reaching beneath me and stimulating my engorged nub.

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"uuunnnf MMM" i moaned, throaty and raw the sound muffled by the ball. "thats a good little slut i want you to cum for me." He whispered heatedly in my ear His breath was warm against my neck and almost just like that i came hard making a mess of my sheets drenching His hand in my cum.

"yes that's it girl" he didn't relent he kept going i wanted to scream the orgasm intensifying. " i am gonna make you squirt." He said simply as He rammed His fingers into my cunt and rubbed hard against my g-spot with a come hither motion. he worked against it fast and hard and soon i was screaming and writhing on the bed shaking. my makeup smeared and a bit of drool running down my chin.

He left me there a bound wet mess shaking and near passing out.

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wow that was exaughsting but i wanted more. How did He do that? i had never squirted before. He unbound my wrists and pulled the gag from my mouth letting it hang about my neck. "mmmmm" was all i could say. i was panting hard and didn't want to move. "good girl" he soothed and put His hand in my hair caressing my forehead. i closed my eyes for what seemed only a moment and woke alone He had gone.