Sexy Babes Have Hot Fun With Boss In An Orgy

Sexy Babes Have Hot Fun With Boss In An Orgy
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The mondagi captain ordered his vessel to cruising speed and left the bridge.

He was determined to extract vital information from their prisoners, deciding to oversee the interrogation personally. The humans were amassing a defense in his sector of space and he would do anything to break through their lines.


"Leave us," the mondagi commanded as he strode into the ship's holding cell. The guards saluted, a snap of the heels and a nod of the head, before filing out. "They are prepared for your questioning, Captain Marn," the chief interrogator said as he marched out. Marn looked over the prisoners, several small humans in matching military uniforms, running an appendage along the table of metal utensils. They had been shackled along one wall.

The four were bound by the hands and feet, tight enough to prevent any movement. The mondagi was a frightening sight, standing a foot above the tallest human prisoner, his green skin glistened with sweat from the bright light of the chamber. He wore no uniform, only a belt and several holsters adorned with military insignia. His arms appeared boneless, only a sensitive feeler at their end of his tentacle where fingers would be on a human.

"You will tell me what I seek to know," the captain's voice said, unquestioningly. The words were breathy, filled with a guttural sound, startling the men and women. He spoke to them in English, "There is no choice." "You won't get anything but our names!" One of the humans shouted, fear overpowering her voice.

Marn could tell by her uniform that she was the commanding officer in this group. He would make an example of her, he thought. The woman started screaming as Marn freed her of her shackles and wrapped his wet tentacles around her body, easily holding her in place. "You are the example, the others will watch." "I am Captain Tulane.

You won't get anything more from me," she spat. "I will," Marn said, looking at the others. "Or I will get what I need. Your kind should understand that.

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You are filled with fear and sexual desire, like animals. You will give in to your fear or you will give in to your animal desires. I will see to that." The mondagi captain loosed one tentacle, easily holding the woman in the other, and began to tear the uniform from her body. She screamed as her flesh was suddenly pressed against her captor's skin, feeling the hot alien sweat run down her body.

"This is what will happen to you all if you do not comply," Marn told the others. "I will have you all." He looked into the woman's blue eyes, her reflection visible in the mondagi's dark, cat like pupils, and said, "You have all ready made your choice." The woman screamed, struggling in vain to break free of the mondagi's inhuman grasp.

She thrashed her head wildly, sending her red curls flailing between the two. She felt his wet tentacle run over her backside, teasing her asshole as it explored her body. She immediately stopped struggling, seizing up as she felt the large, fleshy appendage force its way slowly into her. "No, please!" Tulane whimpered. She pleaded with her eyes but said nothing as the mondagi pushed his tentacle several inches further inside. The mondagi exhibited remarkable control over his appendages as he continued to explore the young captain's body.

With the end of the tentacle he used to restrain his prisoner he was able to squeeze her breasts and playfully massage her vagina. The tentacle in her ass flexed, a wave like motion that stretched her anus slightly, causing the woman to gasp. The other prisoners shouted, pleading of the alien to stop his torture and release their captain. "Torture?" Marn questioned.

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"Your captain desires this. See how she begins to writhe in pleasure?" Tulane moaned reflexively as the tip of the alien's restraining tentacle darted into her vagina, a twirling motion sending her into an orgasmic fit.

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Marn looked at the helpless human, working his tentacles harder as her body rested its entire weight in his single coiled grasp. She was breathing heavily, her eyes rolled into the back of her head as her delicate chest heaved. "She would not want me to stop," Marn explained. He grinned at them in a way he hoped was frightening and added, "Nor will any of you." "Yes!" Tulane moaned.

She looked into the mondagi's eyes and repeated, "Yes! Don't stop!" Marn was taken aback when he felt her hand on his member. The young captain managed to wiggle her arm down between his legs and take a firm hold of his erect tentacle like penis. "Don't," Tulane said, drawing up all her strength and gripping the mondagi's cock tighter. "Fuck me with this!" Marn pulled his appendage out of her wet pussy, dripping body fluids on the floor, and drew her body closer to his.

He jerked her onto his green, cone shaped cock, pushing his other tentacle deeper in her ass. Tulane was able to wrap her skinny legs around the monstrous body of her captor, trying frantically to take his conical shaft to this hilt.

"I knew you would beg for this," Marn said. He let his restraining tentacle slide up her body and forced the end of it into her mouth. Tulane began to suck it hard, moving her head back and forth as she worked it like a human cock. She moaned as she sucked his tentacle, squeezing her legs tightly around his body.

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Tulane felt her body begin to give way to the sensation. Every time he would thrust his monster cock inside her the tentacle up her ass would slide out a little and every time he pulled back his cock the tentacle in her ass would fill her up.


The sensation was maddening, if not for the tentacle in her mouth she would have screamed, but instead only moaned, whimpered and cried. She felt as if she were in heaven but every time she opened her eyes she was sure the devil was ravaging her body.

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She tried to scream as her body convulsed. The climactic wave that washed over her body was more intense than anything she had felt in her life. If she could have told her captor to fuck her harder she would have done so without a second thought. Instead she could only suck on the alien tentacle, tighten her asshole and let the flood come pouring out of her dripping pussy.

Marn's dick exploded inside her.

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She felt hot fluid fill her pussy, spreading its warmth further than she could have imagined. She felt pressure build against her bladder as massive amounts of the mondagi's cum flowed into her, pouring out her pussy with every thrust. Tulane gasped as her body released a stream of urine to make room for the alien's thick, hot flood.

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Tulane bit down hard on the tentacle in her mouth as she came, her body convulsing violently. Tears streamed down her face as her body went suddenly limp in his coiled tentacle. Marn moaned and let the young captain fall to the floor. Her breathing was labored as the alien continued to idly trust one tentacle up her ass.

"Who wants to be next?" Marn asked the others threateningly.