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I love seeing a bbc in my wife cuckold
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The Devil's Pact, The Hell Chronicles by mypenname3000 Copyright 2015 Chapter One: Revenge Note: Thanks to b0b for beta reading this. Tuesday, August 20th, 2013 Yoshida Emi Osaka, Japan My body trembled as I walked past the gates of Yamamura High School. Kaori, Yumi, and Hana would be waiting. I didn't have the money. They were going to hurt me. I clutched my hand to the white blouse of my school uniform, my fingers brushing the red tie dangling down the pristine top.

Why did they bully me? What did I ever do to them? Other students strode by, happy and carefree. None of them had to be afraid of Kaori and her gang. Only me. I wanted to stay home sick again, but my mother didn't believe me. "You were sick yesterday. You need to go to classes," she declared, glaring at me, her hands on her hips, her black hair twisted into a bun. "Now, Emi-chan." "Yes, Mother," I sighed, tears almost brimming in my dark eyes.

I forced myself to walk. The bell would ring. I didn't want to be tardy on top of being tormented. I crossed the courtyard, my shoulders hunched. I pushed back a lock of my long, black hair out of my eyes as I scanned for my bullies. No sign of them. I entered the school, removed my shoes and put them in my cubby where my slippers waited. Along with a note. You skipped school. Are you trying to avoid your debts? Kinimoto is not happy. You owe us another 5000¥. Tanadashi I swallowed.

Kinimoto Kaori wanted more money. They already demanded 10,000¥. All I could scrape up was 7000¥. How was I going to get another 8000¥? Tears brimmed in my eyes as I pulled on my pink slippers, the note crumbling in my hand.

What was going to happen to me today? I walked up to my classroom, 1-C, and took my seat in the back. I trembled in fear as Takahashi-sempai, my homeroom teacher, taught Japanese literature. I hunched my shoulders, trying not to be noticed as my mind whirled in fear. I barely noticed when Chie-sempai arrived to teach us math. I dreaded lunch break. My body grew tense, my skin tightening, strangling my breath as the minutes ticked by. Next was history, and Uesagi-sempai's lesson barely registered on my mind.

The bell rang. Lunch. I stayed in my seat as my classmates filed out, eager to get to the cafeteria. My own lunch was packed in my bag. But I couldn't eat.

My stomach was twisted into knots. "There you are," purred Tanadashi Yumi, standing in the doorway of the classroom. "Why are you sitting in here alone, Yoshida-san?" She sounded so innocent. "Why don't you come eat with us today." Yumi's sweet voice hid the venom of her words. "Yes, sempai," I whispered to the older girl. I had no choice. I stood up, grabbing my bag and trailing after the bully. Her black hair fell in a pleated braid down her back, reaching to her gray skirt.

I wiped my sweaty palms on my own, matching skirt as we walked to the stairs that led to the roof. "You found her," giggled Kishima Hana, a haughty smile on her plump lips. Her narrow face was framed by short, black hair, her red tie loose and her blouse untucked from her gray skirt.

"Kaori-tan is so looking forward to speaking to her." She put an arm around my neck, pulling me close like we were lovers. I shuddered, my olive cheeks burning with a blush.

"I hope you have the money," Hana purred. "Otherwise your apology better be very satisfying." Yumi giggled as she opened the door to the stairwell. "Kaori is very hard to satisfy. But I bet her pretty mouth can do it." What were they talking about? Our feet echoed as we climbed up to the roof. My trembles grew worse. Maybe they'll be satisfied with the 7000¥? Kinimoto Kaori waited atop the flat roof, leaning against the fence that encircled it. I flinched as the roof door was locked behind us, and Yumi slipped a key into her skirt pocket.

Kaori's round face was framed by her bleached-blonde hair, a predatory smile crossing her red lips. She was dressed in the same school uniform as the rest of us with loose, knee-high socks cladding her light-olive legs. "I missed you yesterday, Emi-tan," purred Kaori. "I'm so happy you are well today." "But it was such an inconvenience," Hana added. "We were counting on the money." "But that's why you're going to pay us more," Kaori continued.

"Restitution for the inconvenience you caused." "I am humbly sorry that my illness inconvenienced you," I whispered, bowing low. "Please accept my abject apology as restitution." "I'm afraid apologies are just not enough," laughed Kaori. "But I'm not heartless.

You can bring the extra 5000¥ tomorrow." I swallowed. "I.I wasn't able to get the 10,000¥. I.I don't have that much. I only had 7000¥" I reached into my skirt pocket and pulled out the envelope.

"Please accept this payment and my apologies, Kinimoto-sempai." Kaori's face went still. "How dare you insult Kaori-tan," Yumi gasped. "After her gracious generosity, you spit in her face." "You wound me, Emi-tan." Kaori's smile grew, a hunger in her arms. "If you cannot pay with money, then you'll have to pay in other ways." She strode forward, stopping before my trembling body.

Her finger stroked my cheek. "You have pretty lips." "Plump and succulent," agreed Hana. A wave of fear went through me. Were they going to cut off my lips? Tears streamed down my cheeks. "I.I can get.the money." I sobbed. "Please.don't.hurt me." "Emi-tan," Kaori smiled, "I won't hurt you if you please me." Hana and Yumi grabbed my shoulders, the older girls pushing me down to my knees.

The cement roof rasped at my smooth skin; I winced in pain. Kaori smiled at me, her hands lifting up her skirt. My eyes widened. She wore no panties. Her pussy was cleanly shaved and anointed with her glistening passion. "What?" I gasped. "You can't.I'm not a lesbian." "You are now," purred Kaori.

"To pay your debt, you have to lick our pussies. Every time will count for 500¥. That's how little your mouth is worth. But don't worry. We'll give you plenty of chances to work off your debt." Kaori's hands seized my black hair, pulling my mouth into her pussy.

I squirmed, trying to pull away as her hot flesh pushed on my lips. Her hand had a tight grip on my locks, pain flaring in my scalp as I fought. "Lick, Emi-tan," she purred. "Or Hana-tan will hurt you." "And I don't want to do that," laughed Hana. "You have such a pretty body, Yoshida-san. I would hate to mar it." "Liar, you'll love it," laughed Yumi. "I remember how much fun you had cutting Reina." I shuddered at Hana's cold laughter.

My tongue licked out, sliding through Kaori's pussy. Her spicy, salty juices covered my tongue. I blanched at the taste, hating that Kaori forced me to please her. I licked again, my tongue sliding through her folds. "That's it, little Emi-tan. Lick my pussy. Umm, you love it. You're a lesbian now." "Emi-tan the pussy-licker," taunted Hana. "Lick Kaori-tan's pussy.

She needs to be satisfied. Repay her mercy with your tongue." I licked again and again, my insides boiling in shame and rage. I hated these girls. If I had the strength, I would beat them, kill them.

If only I wasn't a coward. Kaori's hips shifted, smearing her hot pussy across my lips. The juices ran down my chin, my tongue forced to feast on her. Kaori moaned, savoring the pleasure of humiliating me. She gripped my hair, guiding where I licked, moving my mouth up to her budding clit. She purred in delight as I latched on and pleased her. The passion of her voice rose.

"Yes, that's it," she moaned. "Wiggle your tongue in deep." I obeyed her, squeezing my thighs together. My own pussy grew an itch. A humiliating flush of shame passed through me. My panties grew damp as my tongue whipped faster and faster through her folds, sliding deep into her pussy. Hands seized my hips, lifting me up so I knelt like a dog.

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They hiked my skirt and yanked down my panties. Alarm filled me as fingers touched my petals. I tried to pull away from Kaori's pussy, but the bully had a firm grip.

"She has a cherry," Hana laughed. "And the dyke's growing wet." "Do you like licking my pussy, Emi-tan?" giggled Kaori. "Because you're tongue feels so good. Umm, keep doing that. I'm going to cum so hard." I kept licking and it wasn't long before Kaori let out a shriek, her pussy flooding my lips with more of her disgusting juices.

I swallowed them to keep from drowning.

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Her hips bucked, smearing her flesh across my mouth and nose. Every breath I took was filled with her scent. Then she released me. "The little slut made me cum so hard." "You pleased her," Yumi giggled. "I guess Hana doesn't get to cut you." "Pity," Hana sighed.

"Well, at least she's going to make me cum." Tears running down my cheek, Hana yanked my hair and pulled my face into her hairy pussy. I munched, hating her tart flavor. Yumi and Kaori giggled behind me. I couldn't see anything buried beneath Hana's skirt.

"Oh, Kaori. You're going to rip her open with that monster," laughed Hana. "I can't wait to feel her scream on my cunt." "What?" I gasped. "I'm going to make you a woman," laughed Kaori. "Let her see, Hana." Hana pulled my head away from her pussy. Kaori had taken off her skirt and strapped a thick, black dildo to her groin. "No!" I gasped. "No, please! I need to be a virgin!" "She's right, no one will marry a whore," giggled Yumi. "Especially not a lesbian whore," laughed Kaori.

"Yumi-tan, get your phone out. Let's record this happy day for Emi-tan." "Please, no!" I sobbed. Hana pulled my face back into her pussy. Kaori smacked my ass as I licked and sobbed. The end of the dildo touched my wet pussy. I screamed into Hana's pussy as the fake cock broke my maidenhead and invaded me. The pain was intense. I shuddered and sobbed. Kaori pumped hard in and out of me, moaning for joy. Why was this happening to me? What did I ever do to make these girls hate me?

I wish I was L and had the Deathnote like in the anime. There wouldn't be any bullies in the world if I had the power of Justice. I'd just write their names in my notebook and their terrible lives would be over. The pain receded in my pussy, and to my horror, pleasure replaced it. My pussy was enjoying the assault. Was I a lesbian?

Did I want to be treated this way? Kaori's strokes ignited a fire in me. It felt better than masturbation. My orgasm exploded through me. I moaned into Hana's pussy, my sheath convulsing about the terrible dildo spearing into me.

Kaori laughed, smacking my ass. "The slut just came." "What a whore Emi-tan is," giggled Hana. "Oh, yes! She's moaning like a ghost into my pussy. Oh, yes! Drink my juices, lesbian whore!" "Drink her down, Yoshida-san," moaned Yumi. "I'm so hot. I can't wait to feel your lips on my pussy." Kaori moaned, slamming the dildo deep into my orgasming sheath. I couldn't believe my body betrayed me. Part of me enjoyed this. I was such a whore. I hated these girls.

I wished them dead. I bent every ounce of strength into my desire for Justice. But they didn't die. Hana fucked me with the dildo while I ate out Yumi. I came a second time. They left me on the roof, sobbing, my face smeared in juices.

I didn't move. I spent the rest of the school day up there. I stared up at the blue sky, hating my life. If I wasn't such a coward, I would kill myself and end this torment. I looked at the fence surrounding the roof. All I had to do was climb it. The school was three stories. I would probably die when I hit the ground. I stood up, walking to the chainlink fence. I stuck my fingers through the links. Freedom was on the other side. But I didn't have the strength to seize it.

The bell rang. School was over. I walked home and took a shower. I had to scrub myself clean. I was filthy. Those girls despoiled me. I sobbed in the shower, the warm water turning cold.

I shivered beneath the spray. I didn't care. I needed to be clean. My mother knocking on the door spurred me to leave. She would only ask questions and I didn't want to deal with her. I locked myself in my room and turned on my computer. I began to search the internet for some curse, some spell, some way to grant my wish and get my vengeance on my bullies. On an English website called Unearthed Arcana I came across a post. I could sell my soul to the Devil for wishes.

Dozens of people had posted claiming they had done the same. I giggled when I read through the ritual. It was easy. I just needed a steak and wait for dawn. I stayed up all night, filching a steak out of the kitchen while my mother slept.

I lit the small grill we had on our back patio of our apartment. When the first rays of dawn splashed on the horizon, I threw the steak on the grill.

The meat sizzled. "The Shining One, Son of the Morning," I chanted in English, my tongue stumbling over words. "I give this pleasing offering of flesh and ask that you appear before me. The Shining One, Son of the Morning, appear before your humble servant so that she may beg three favors from you!" The smoke curled into the air. I waited, looking at the rising sun, hoping something would happen.

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"Hello, Yoshida-san," A voice said behind me. I whirled. A man dressed in a black kimono stared at me, a friendly smile across his dark face. I trembled before the Devil. He was a powerful kami, radiating a nimbus of light.

I fell to my knees, bowing in reverence before the spirit I had conjured. "What wishes can I grant you, Yoshida-san?" he asked. For a gaijin spirit, he spoke perfect Japanese. "I have only one wish, Devil-sama," I said, looking up at him. "If I write the name of a person in my notebook, I want them to die. Like in the anime Deathnote.

Grant me that wish, and my soul is yours." I would have my vengeance on Kaori and her bullies. They would all pay for what they did. "Only one wish?" he asked. "Are you sure?" "There is nothing else I need but Justice," I hissed.

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"I will bring it to the world. With my pen, I will right all the wrongs." "I can grant this wish with one addendum." I frowned.

"What?" "There are two people your power will not touch: Mark and Mary Glassner." I had a vague recollection of some new cult in America worshiping the Living Gods. "Fine. I do not care about them. I only care about." .my revenge. ".bringing Justice to my high school." A smile crossed the Devil's lips.

"Then we have a Pact." Scarlet light flashed and a contract appeared, yellow smoke curling away. I wrinkled my nose at the rotten scent.

"Read it over, then sign at the bottom." "Sign with what," I asked, taking the contract. He produced a pen and pricked my thumb. A contract signed in my own blood. I looked over, reading the Kanji.

It was very straightforward. I signed my name in sweeping, crimson calligraphy at the bottom. Then the Devil signed his. Then he vanished into the shadows. I smiled, standing up. I felt so free. My soul was his. I didn't need to worry about maintaining a cosmic balance, I knew what my fate would be. I pulled out a notebook and a red pen. I wrote all but the last character of Kaori, Hana, and Yumi's names into my notebook. Once I wrote their final character, they would die.

But not yet. I wanted them to know my anger first. I wasn't scared as I walked to school this morning. I strolled with confidence. Justice would be delivered today. My back was straight as I marched into my school. I no longer had any fear. I had changed today. The Devil had made me into a new woman. The embodiment of justice.

"Well there's my favorite lily," Hana laughed as I walked in. I didn't mind her insult as the other girls giggled around me. "I can smell their sweet scent on you. Have you been sniffing many lilies lately." The scent of lilies was slang for a lesbian. I stared at Hana. "I curse you with Shinigami's baleful gaze.

He will strike you down within the hour for the torment you heaped upon me." Hana threw back her head and laughed hard. "Do you think I'm afraid of your little curse? How can I be afraid of you after the way you defiled yourself yesterday?" She whipped out her phone. "Look at the dyke." The video of my humiliation played. I didn't care. I smiled at Hana, a deadly smirk, my notebook clutched to my breasts.

Everyone laughed at me. The girls hurtled insults at me, jeering as they reveled in my delight. They would all learn. I slipped on my slippers and strode past them, disappearing into the bathroom. "She's going to go and cry," Hana laughed. "Maybe I should go in there and offer her my comfort. She enjoyed it yesterday. Look at Emi-tan savoring my friendship." I sat on the bathroom stall and wrote the last character for Hana's name.

The laughter turned to shrieks. I strode out of the bathroom, a wide smile on my lips. The girls all stared at me in horror. "She should have apologized to me," I pronounced, not hiding my pleasure.

I swept my gaze around them. "Justice has been swift. All of you should apologize." The fifteen or so girls were all stammering their apologizes when the teachers arrived. I had no fear. I was in the bathroom when Hana had died. Sure I had cursed her, but people didn't really die of those.

Classes were disrupted while the paramedics wheeled off Hana's body. My classmates all stared at me with a fearful edge to their eyes.

Justice had been delivered to one bully. I sought out Yumi during lunch.


Her back grew stiff when she saw me. "I don't know how you killed Hana," she hissed at me, pushing me against the locker. "But after school, I'm going to beat you into a pulp." "Was she your lover?" I loudly asked. "Would you like to join her?" Her eyes narrowed. "Are you threatening me, whore?" "I call upon Shinigami to put his gaze of Justice upon your foul face. You are cursed, Tanahashi Yumi. You will be dead if you don't grovel and beg for my mercy." Yumi spat in my face.

"And you'll be dead after school." She strode down the hall, the other girls giving me fearful looks. I smiled at them. "I'm hungry.


Who's going to buy me lunch." "I.I will," a fearful, trembling Ayane said, her hands stroking her gray skirt, smoothing it over and over. "I.I've always been nice to you, Emi-sama." Sama. Lord. I savored the respect true Justice brought. I put my arm around her shoulders. "You have," I whispered. "Come with me and you can show me how nice you really can be." Ayane trembled like a fawn as I led her into the restroom.

My panties were soaked. Dispensing justice was.intoxicating. She didn't resist as I led her into the stall. I stroked her face, leaning in to give her the sweetest kiss on the lips.


For a moment she froze and my fingers tightened on her face, then she kissed me back, her tongue flicking. I reached beneath my skirt, pulling down my panties. I sat on the toilet, spreading my legs. "Show me, Ayane-tan. Prove that you're not like Hana and Yumi." "I'm not," she swallowed, falling to her knees. She shook as she pushed my skirt back, moistening her dry lips.

She lowered her face down to my pussy and licked. She took a long sweep through my folds, her tongue stirring delight through me. I squirmed and moaned, shuddering as I humped my face against her hungry tongue. I let out a moan, stroking her face as she showed me respect. Her eyes flashed up at me, glistening with fear. I shuddered, humping my face. The pleasure swelled quickly inside me. Her tongue parted my labia, exploring my folds.

"That's it," I purred. "Love me." My head lolled back, the pleasure surging like waves through me. My toes curled in my slippers. I moaned, my legs spasming. Her tongue grew more bold, swiping with more force through my folds. Her lips found my aching clit, sucking it between her lips. "You are so wonderful, Ayane-tan," I purred. "If you always love me, you will never have to fear my justice." "Yes, Emi-sama," she moaned, licking harder, eager to please me.

I gripped her hair, bucking my hips as the heat swelled. I spasmed on the toilet. "Ayane-tan!" I groaned, my voice echoing through the bathroom. My thighs squeezed about her head as my pleasure burst through my body. "Yes, yes! Your worship is so pleasing!" I collapsed back, letting go of her hair.

Ayane leaned back, licking her lips. "Was that enough, Emi-sama? Or, do you need more.satisfaction?" I smiled at her. "Go and buy me lunch. I'll be there shortly." She nodded, licking her lips. "And do not clean your face. I want you to be adorned with the scent of lilies." Her cheeks darkened. "Yes, Emi-sama." The movement she was out of the stall, I pulled my notebook from my bag and completed Yumi's name.

I shuddered, squeezing my thighs together as another orgasm trembled through me. Justice had been delivered once again. There was panic in the cafeteria when I strode out. Yumi lay in the middle, staring up in sightless horror. My gaze swept the cafeteria, landing on Kaori. Her face paled and she trembled at her seat. The other girls all stared at me in fear, then they stared at Kaori. "Please, Yoshida-san," Kaori gasped, striding to me.

She fell to her knees, then pressed her face to the floor at my feet. "Please, spare me your curse. I am humbly sorry for my actions and any harm they may have caused you." The teachers arrived, calling for help, panic in their voices. Two students dead in one day. "I'll do anything for restitution," sobbed Kaori. "I'll give you money." I leaned down, pulling up her blonde hair so I could look into her tear stained face.

"You need to come to my house and bring that strap-on. You are my toy now.

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You must work off all the mean things you have done to me. Only then will Justice spare you." "Of course," she sobbed. The teachers sent us home. Kaori trailed after me. I wasn't going to be gentle. My mother wasn't going to be home for hours.

My pussy dripped with anticipation. Kaori trembled as she followed me into the house. I savored her fear. Justice was so sweet to deliver. "Strip, worm," I ordered. She didn't argue or complain. Her hands yanked off her red tie, throwing it to the floor.

Her fingers fumbled with haste to undo her blouse. She slipped it off, her round breasts clad in a lacy, pink bra. She reached behind her, unclasping it and dropping it to the floor. My hand shot out and pinched her nipple, my fingernails digging into her small nub. "Please, Emi-sama," she moaned, her knees buckling as I abused her nipple. "Did I tell you to stop stripping?" "No," Kaori sobbed, tears streaming down her face as I twisted.

Her hands found the zipper to her skirt, yanking it down and dropping her gray skirt to the floor. She rolled down her slutty panties, exposing her shaved pussy.

I could still feel that hot, disgusting cunt on my face. Kaori had defiled me. "Undress me," I commanded. "Yes, Emi-sama." Her hands shook as she undress me. Her touch was light and gentle. She carefully folded my clothes, setting them on the couch.

She knelt to remove my panties, her eyes locked on my pussy. "Follow," I ordered once I was naked, turning and striding to the bathroom. Her feet padded after me. "What are you going to do?" she whispered. "Kneel in the tub," I commanded, pointing and snapping my fingers. "Yes, Emi-sama," she sniffed, stepping in the tub and kneeling on the floor. My pussy itched. I stepped in after her and grabbed her blonde hair. I pulled her face tight into my pussy, grinding my hot flesh against her lips.

Her tongue dipped in. She didn't hesitate to lick my pussy, the pleasure tickling through me. But she needed to be really soiled. "If you resist, I will curse you, worm," I hissed, keeping her face tight against my pussy. "Yes, Emi-sama. I understand." I relaxed my bladder.

My piss streamed into her mouth. She gasped in surprise, choking and spluttering. I watched the urine squirt around her lips, running down her face, covering her in my filth. I groaned as I degraded her, my pussy growing hotter with every moment. "Drink it down! You love my piss! That's what you are. My piss-whore." Kaori didn't answer, but she swallowed.

Her fear of my righteous Justice made her drink my piss down like it was ambrosia. I humped my hips, the last of my pee squirting onto her face. And Kaori kept sucking and licking my twat. I leaned against the shower, my orgasm swelling. I closed my eyes and let her tongue carry me away. "That's it! Apologize with your mouth. This will be your life. So long as you please me, the curse shall not strike you down." "Yes, Emi-sama," she panted, her mouth latching on my clit.

"Oh, yes! Stir me up!" My pleasure swelled, my orgasm growing. I moaned load as the pleasure burst through me, my juices squirting out and into her hungry mouth. Her hands squeezed my ass, pulling my pussy tighter, making sure I experienced as much pleasure as I could. I panted when my orgasm passed, pushing her face away from my pussy. "Did I please you?" she asked, trembling in the tub, piss leaking down her body.

"Fetch the strap-on," I smiled. "You still have a lot to apologize for." She did. Kaori strapped it about my waist when she returned. Then she knelt before me, presenting her pussy to be fucked by the monstrous cock. But I shoved it up her ass. Her cries of pain were music to my ear. She sobbed and gasped, crying for mercy as I pounded her dry bowels. Every time I thrust into her, the dildo pressed on the edge of my clit.

The pleasure swelled through me, her cries as sweet as the pressure on my clit. I fucked her harder and harder, my fingernails biting into her hips as I pounded her. Kaori's blonde hair flew about as she body shook in pain. I took my Justice out of her body as my orgasm raced through my body.

And I kept fucking her. I came and came, raking my fingernails down her back. When I pulled the dildo out of her, she sobbed in a ball on the floor. "Now you have tasted Justice," I smiled.

"Every day you'll get to taste it. Doesn't that sound wonderful?" "Y-yes, Emi-sama," she sobbed. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Friday, February 7th, 2014 The sound of breaking glass stirred me from my sleep. I sat up in my bed, Ayane and Chisato on either side of me. They were two of my favorite slaves.

The people of Osaka had quickly learned that my justice was to be obeyed. I wrote down the name of every politician, reporter, and police officer in my notebook thanks to some digging on the internet. They all had learned to keep quiet and let me dish out my Justice, or they would face it themselves. The Wormwood Plague had made it easier. The world had grown so strange. I remember watching Brandon Fitzsimmons almost take over America in the span of a weekend only to be undone by the Living Gods.

Mark and Mary Glassner. The two beings I couldn't kill. But they were in America. They were hardly a threat to my rule here in Osaka. Not like the Samurai. I needed to learn the name of the Samurai that was taking over central and northern Japan. He had far more power than I did. If he encroached farther south, I would have to be ready to dispense my Justice upon him.

I strained my ears, listening for more sounds that disturbed my sleep. "Kaori," I said. "Did you hear the sound of breaking glass?" The slave stirred, uncurling from a ball at the foot of my bed.

She was shaved baldher nipples and clit pierced—that had been so much fun, she had screamed so much—and her body was striped with cane marks. Ayane had been quite enthusiastic last night when she beat Kaori. Ayane wanted to keep pleasing me. My slaves knew if they didn't keep pleasing me, the curse would fall on them. Ayane was a favorite, and I would hate to have to kill her like I did Mother. "I didn't, Emi-sama," Kaori answered, trembling in fear as she cowered like a dog.

"Go check with the guards." I had plenty of guards protecting my large house—it had used to belong to the Mayor. Many of my guards were former cops who now served me in fear of my curse.

Kaori walked to the bedroom door, reaching for the knob. It burst open, throwing the girl back. Men charged in dressed in black camouflage, weapons pointed around the room. My hand shot out for my notebook. "I will curse you," I screamed. "If you lay one finger on me, you and all your loved one shall perish. You would not be the first cops that fall victim to my Justice." The man laughed and said something in English.

Fear clutched my heart. These weren't Japanese police, but towering gaijin. I had no idea what their names were. My slaves all cried out in fear as the soldiers threw them to the floor.

A pair of strong hands seized me and slammed me to the floor. A boot pressed on the back of my neck. "Who sent you?" I screamed in English. "Was it Omura? Does that spineless politician think he can attack me without consequences?" A woman strode in, her skin dusky—a Hispanic. "The Living Gods sent us," the woman purred. "You are the Warlock Emi Yoshida?" I spat as I struggled to get up.

But the gaijin were too strong. The woman knelt down and pulled out a perfume bottle from her pocket. She sprayed me in the face and.I wanted to cooperate. I wanted to do whatever this nice lady told me to do.

She grinned.

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"Are you Emi Yoshida?" "Yes," I answered. "And did you make a Pact with the Devil? If so, what did you wish for?" "I did," I proudly announced. "I wished for the power to bring Justice." "How?" "If I write someone's name down in my notebook, they die." "What?" Kaori gasped. "That stupid journal of yours is the key to my life?" "What a vicious thing you are," the woman said.

"What do you think, Sergeant Millner?" "I think we should put a bullet in her head, Desiree." Desiree nodded. "Emi Yoshida, I condemn you to death for violating the First Commandment of the Theocracy: you shall not make Pacts with Demons." "I brought Justice," I protested.

A gun cracked. Then I was falling, falling, falling into darkness. The darkness gave way to fire. I screamed as I burned before the Devil, connected to him by a fiery chain. One thought stayed in my mind as agony consumed me—Justice was worth this pain. If I was strong.

I would one day dispense it again. That cunt who killed and her false gods Mark and Mary would face true Justice. I howled out my devotion to my principals, ringing louder than all the pitiful moans of the damned. A single voice answered mine. A man.

Another lover of Justice—Brandon Fitzsimmons. To be continued.