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Bisexual sluts love cock tube porn
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She really loved the summer weather, she mused, as she stepped through the doorway of the health club into the picture perfect late afternoon. A warm breeze, heavy with the sweet aroma of the azalea bushes planted beside the walk swirled around her, gently stirring her shoulder length blond hair and giving her a rush as it caressed her bare thighs and curled under the hem of her tiny nylon skirt.

She looked down at her stiffening nipples pushing against her thin cotton tank-top and wondered if a hard workout, in front of a group of admiring males, affected other girls like it did her. "Yo! Jo-Ann! Over here." Jo-Ann squinted into the low sun, and saw her brother's friend Tyrone waving at her from behind the wheel of his beat-up, black Ford F-150.

At the sight of Tyrone an image uncontrollably materialized. The image was of Tyrone, dressed for his college homecoming dance last October.

He wore all off-white, a color that many would call cream. Tux, tie, cummerbund, shoes, socks and even a cream colored carnation.

His jet black skin and brilliant white-toothed smile completed the picture. He was the handsomest black man she had ever met. "Hey Tyrone. What are you doing here? Where's my brother?" "He was called into work. Your cell must be off. He couldn't reach ya' to say I'd be picking you up." "You know what? My brother's a big jerk.

I can't wait 'til next month when I get my own car and won't have to beg that asshole for rides." She was beside the truck now, close against Tyrone's arm hanging out the open window. Her face brightened into a sexy, yet sweetly innocent smile. "You're certainly not a jerk, even if you are big. Thanks for coming to get me," she said softly while lightly running the tips of her fingers along Tyrone's arm and up over his bicep. Tyrone leaned across the seat to open the door for Jo-Ann and reached down with his left hand to adjust his dick that was painfully bending up against his shorts.

His erection had kicked-in as soon as he saw her exiting the club.

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Hell, as soon as he pulled into the parking lot and knew she would soon appear. He knew several sixteen-year olds, but none looked anything like Jo-Ann. In fact, most of the girls in his college classes didn't look anything like Jo-Ann. Her body was nearly perfect with long shapely legs, a perfect heart shaped ass and firm c-cups breasts. Judging by the way her nipples were always erect, you would swear that she was constantly turned-on.

Jo-Ann climbed in and slid across the bench seat to settle next to Tyrone, ignoring the fact that her short wrap-around skirt rode higher up her smooth, perfectly tanned thighs. When she turned to put her gym bag behind her seat Tyrone was treated to a view of her beautiful, curvaceous bottom only partially covered by her shear, high rise panties.

Tyrone's stare was drawn to her breasts as her twisting exaggerated her cleavage, loosened her tank top, and gave Tyrone a nearly complete view of her magnificent young breasts. She was wearing a clip-in-front, half-cup bra that seemed much too small, exposing a large part of her dark areola and leaving little else to the imagination.

"What's in this bag, Ty'?" she said as she turned back, placing the insulated bag on the front seat, wiggled her butt and settled up against Tyrone. Tyrone needed a few seconds to recover from the unexpected visual treat and to get his pulse rate back to a range that would stop threatening to blow out his ear drums before he could answer.

"Beer. I was going to head to the lake after I drop you off, watch the sun set, and have a cold one." "How about we skip the drop-me-off part and I go to the lake with you? No one's going to miss me at home.


That's for sure. My mom's either still at work or out with her latest boyfriend. My brother's working and my kid sister could care less if I ever come home. Besides, I could really use a cold one, myself." "I'm cool with that. Let's go." "But jeez, don't tell my brother! He'll kick my ass and then have my mother ground me for a month." "No Problem, pretty lady." Tyrone said.

"You're a doll", she said as she leaned in closer, danced her fingers along the inside of his leg, pressed her breast against his rib cage, and softly kissed his neck just below his ear, flicking her tongue against the sensitive skin as she pulled away. Jo-Ann grabbed a beer, popped it open, took a good swallow, belched softly, looked at Tyrone and smiled, "Good beer." Tyrone looked down to make sure his cock hadn't worked free.

He then shifted his eyes to see if the flimsy bra was still able to contain its treasures. It was, for now. As he accelerated out of the parking lot, he wondered if he should tell Jo-Ann he also had condoms and the two rolled joints in the side pocket of the cooler bag. ***** They were parked overlooking the eastern shore of the lake at the end of a little used, narrow, dirt-track.

The sun was starting to set behind the rolling hills west of the lake when they lit up the first joint. Jo-Ann had readily agreed to smoke so he knew that this was not going to be the first time she toked. But, to appear concerned, he asked, "You sure you can handle this?" The sexy, provocative smile appeared on Jo-Ann's face again.

She took a deep drag, held it and slowly let her breath out as the familiar feeling of numbing lightness started low in her chest and spread outward to her extremities. Before passing the joint she took another deep hit, holding it behind the devilish smile. There was no doubt that pot amplified sexual feelings. Now she was really feeling horny, and aggressive! The joint was passed back and forth with Jo-Ann drawing in the last hit. She held it. Got up on her knees, pulled Tyrone's head in close with one hand, locked her lips on his, exhaling slowly into his mouth, while she slowly rubbed his cock through his shorts.

She unbuttoned his shorts and pulled them down below his knees as he lifted up to assist her. His boxers went the same way. She held his cock in both hands and just admired it. It was big and black. It was hard and velvety smooth. To her young eyes it was a perfect prick, the most beautiful she had ever seen.

She looked up at him and smiled. She could feel the heat from his throbbing cock as she began slowly stroking him. With her left hand she reached down and hefted his balls.

His balls were large and heavy, covered with soft, fine black hair. She gently rolled them back and forth in her hands as Tyrone moaned softly. "Wait", Tyrone said breathlessly. He reached out, took hold of her tank top and slowly raised it over her head, rubbing his thumbs across the tips of her hardened nipples on the way.

Next he unhooked the bra, freeing her luscious tits. Tyrone was in no real hurry. He could tell this gorgeous, young, white teen was his for the taking and he was going to savor every minute. He began lightly massaging her breasts and brushing his palms across her nipples.

It was her turn to moan. While still massaging her right breast and caressing its rock-hard nipple he leaned in and began licking the other breast, starting on the sensitive underside, ending by circling and then sucking on her engorged nipple. He then slowly slipped his mouth along her nipple, capturing it between his lips and teeth, stretching it longer than seemed possible.

He let her nipple go with a small popping sound, reached down and slid his hand under her skirt, rubbing her wet, hot slit through her sheer panties. Now it was her turn to raise her hips as he slid her panties down and completely off her legs. He was able now to run his fingers along her wet, womanhood with no interference. Jo-Ann moaned louder as Tyrone passed one finger along her outer lips and then entered her, while gently rubbing her clit with his thumb. The first knuckle of his finger disappeared into moist enclosure, then the second knuckle.

Curling his finger tip forward, making contact with her wet pulsing inner wall, he found the slightly bumpy patch he was seeking, her g-spot. "Damn, you're wet! Do you always get this wet for your men?" Jo-Ann just moaned in reply, too far gone to do anything but enjoy the warmth spreading through her loins.

Tyrone leaned in and kissed her, his tongue probing, her tongue responding in kind. His kisses were soft and tender at first and then, seeming to sense her need, his kisses became harder, more demanding. She felt two fingers in her, stretching her cunt lips, moving faster and faster, rubbing her clit. He was assaulting her mouth now, biting her lips, lashing out with his tongue, while mauling her breast and pinching her nipples hard.

She knew she was close. And it was going to be a fantastic orgasm. She had never been finger fucked like this before. Older men really knew how to treat a woman, she thought. He could sense she was close. Her cunt muscles were squeezing his fingers.

He quickly jammed a third finger in that hot, dark pleasure place. He watched her ass bouncing off the seat as she fucked back against his fingers. Her eyes glazed over and she was moaning continuously in a higher and higher pitch.

Tyrone didn't even mind that in her euphoria she had stopped stroking him and was barely touching him. He knew he could get her to satisfy him later. For now he would just enjoy the sight of this beautiful, young, teen slut spread wide before him and relish the control he had over her.

"Oh shit! Oh shit!

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I'm cumming! I'm Cumming!" Tyrone squeezed her clit hard and bit her nipple. She felt pain, but it was pain that somehow added to the pleasure. As this first orgasm racked her body, she fell back against the passenger door shaking uncontrollably. Tyrone reached forward, drove his three large fingers deeper still into her love nest and, with no gentleness now, began violently pounding her.

Before she could recover even partially, she felt a second orgasm building. She couldn't believe what was happening to her body.

As she wallowed in the pleasure of this second cumming on the heels of the first, she felt herself drifting off. Tyrone was sitting behind the wheel, lightly stroking his dick, drinking a beer and looking at her when she opened her eyes a few minutes later.

She was lying prone on the seat, her legs spread. Her right leg was on the floor and her left knee was bent and pressed against the seatback near Tyrone. Slowly she sat up, put her arms around Tyrone and gave him a passionate, wet kiss. She grabbed the beer from Tyrone, took a gulp, did her soft belch, smiled and said "Thanks." "Looks like you enjoyed yourself.

How about returning the favor?" he said, as he took her hand and placed it on his rock hard cock. She didn't hesitate and started to slowly stroke him.

"That's nice", he said, "but I want you to put it in your mouth. Surely you've sucked cock before?" He put his hand firmly behind her head and pulled her towards his throbbing member. Jo-Ann hadn't really sucked cock before.

She had licked and kissed one guy's dong, but that was as far as she had gone. But, she wanted to please Tyrone. It was only fair, of course, after the immense pleasure she had received from him. "No, I really haven't", she confessed, "but I'm willing to do it for you." "Just start by kissing and licking my dick.

Concentrate on the head. I'll tell you what to do next. I'll teach you all the things that make a guy feel good." She lowered her lips, kissing the blood engorged head of his rigid cock. Her tongue licked around and around the rim and then traveled the full 8-inch length down to his ball sack. "That's it baby. You got it. Now, lick under my balls and around my balls.

Oh, yeah. Oh yeah. You got it. It feels so good." She licked, kissed and nibbled carefully all the way pack to the bulbous head. She ran her tongue around the rim of the head and over the top, collecting the drops of pre-cum leaking from his slit. She was pleasantly surprised that it tasted sweet, not at all salty.

She had sampled one boy's cum on a dare and it was rather salty. This was not sticky and much sweeter. She licked over the slit again and collected more of the moisture. Yep, it was sweet. "Ok. That's enough of that. Now, take my dick head in you mouth and suck on it while you jerk me slowly with your hand. Use plenty of spit, lots of moisture." Jo-Ann wrapped both of her hands around his huge black member, and jerked him off slowly as she opened her mouth wide and began to suck the head of his cock.

One hand just wouldn't make it all the way around. His cock was hard but the skin was velvety smooth and soft at the same time. His dick was leaking more pre-cum and when she swept her tongue across the slit to lap it up Tyrone moaned. Encouraged by his reaction she worked her tongue around continuously as she sucked and jacked him. Strangely, she thought, those warm feelings were starting in her loins again.

Could sucking a man's dick lead to an orgasm? Well, she would soon find out. Tyrone was enjoying the sight of his large black cock penetrating the little sluts white mouth, her blond hair caressing his rich mahogany thighs, her mouth stretched wide, her cheeks collapsing rhythmically as she sucked.

"Keep sucking, get up on your knees and spread your legs." Jo-Ann obeyed. "Now, start moving you head up and down while you suck. I want you to take as much of my black cock in your mouth as you can." Again Jo-Ann obeyed. She wanted to please him, and starting bobbing her head, moving up and down the top three or four inches of his blood filled cock. Tyrone reached around with his large beefy hand and started to caress her exposed pussy and ass crack.

She felt him slip two fingers into her wet slit and start fingering her again, slowly. The warm feelings were spreading from her loins.

Was she going to have another orgasm?

Until now, she didn't believe that she could have multiple orgasms so close together. Not that she was complaining! His fingers were moving in synch with her head bobbing when she felt Tyrone's thumb circling and pushing against her asshole!

Jo-Ann could not see the grin that appeared on Tyrone's face. It was a grin of satisfaction. He was pleased with the way his little white teen slut was performing. She had a long way to go before she could deep-throat his 8-inch cock, but he knew she would get there. If he played his cards right, she would want to do anything to please him and he was a master card player.

Tyrone reached under her body and gently lifted her by her breasts off his cock. Still on her knees he brought her lips level with his. Putting one hand behind her neck and one on her ass he drew her tight against him, kissing her passionately.


She opened her mouth in response and their tongues danced a duet. "Baby you are the hottest." he said, breaking the kiss. "You sure you never sucked cock before?" "Never, Ty'. I liked the feel of your cock in my mouth, though, and the drippings from your dick were real sweet.

I hope I did it right and didn't disappoint you." "Baby you could never disappoint me. You're the best." Tyrone had slid over to Jo-Ann's half of the front seat and the insulated bag had ended up against his door. Tyrone reached for the bag, extracted a condom and handed it to Jo-Ann.

"I'm sure you know how to put on one of these." "Yeah, we did this in seventh grade," she said with a giggle as she tore open the foil wrapper, placed the condom on the head of his cock and began unrolling it. "Only, the banana wasn't this big!" she said with another giggle. Tyrone reached over, grabbed her right leg and lifted it over his lap so she was straddling him with his one-eyed monster sticking up between them. "I think you're wet enough", he said, grabbing her ass with his two hands.

He lifted her and positioning her snatch above his erect cock. Jo-Ann looked down at the black mushroom-shaped cock head parked at the entrance to her love hole. She wanted so badly to please Tyrone. She was as aroused as she has ever been and wanted this gentle black stud to fuck her brains out. But, she was scared shitless that his huge black cock would split her apart. "Wait! Stop!" Tyrone struggled to keep a straight face and not laugh. He tried to show concern.

He knew the little bitch had never been fucked by a big nigger cock and was probably scared shitless. He also knew she would grow to not only love black cock, but to crave it. He used the kindest, gentlest voice he could muster. "What's wrong li'l bear? Are you a virgin?" "No, Ty'. It's just that I've never made love to anyone as big as you are." Tyrone really had to keep from laughing, now. Make love? What was the bitch slut thinking?

This was fucking, pure and simple. He knew exactly what to say. "We'll just take this real slow and easy so you can get used to big ol' Ty'.

Or if you want, I'll pull up my pants and we'll call it a night.

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The last thing I want to do is hurt you, Sugar." Jo-Ann wrapped her arms around Tyrone's neck, hugging him with all her strength. "Oh Ty', you are so thoughtful. I want you as much as you want me. I know you'll be gentle," she said as she reached down, spread her count lips with her fingers and slowly lowered herself onto the head of his cock.

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And he was gentle. He extended only his head into her hot pussy and moved very slowly.


With each stroke he pushed in a bit further, while talking soothingly to her. "Does it hurt Babe? We can stop if it does?" But of course it didn't hurt. As her cunt lips stretched to take more and more of his thick black cock the warmth spread throughout her young teen body again.

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She was surprised as a small orgasm quickly rippled through her body. Now Tyrone was lifting her in his strong hands and dropping her, letting her free-fall on his juice coated, rock-hard black cock.

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When his cock bottomed out and their pubic hairs were nested together he stopped and held her close rubbing her clit against his pubic bone. Instead of dampening her arousal this unexpected action brought on a second small orgasm and an accompanying cry of pleasure.

"Squeeze me with you tight hot cunt, Honey Buns" She didn't know exactly what he meant, but she tried to obey. She wanted to please this caring man who had been so considerate and treated her so kindly. She concentrated and felt her inner muscles gradually begin to squeeze Tyrone's throbbing cock.

Again and again she squeezed and then she felt him flicking his cock in response. As she squeezed and his cock twitched and bounced deep inside another orgasmic wave roiled through her! And another! And they were building, getting stronger. God, she thought, older men really know how to treat a woman. Tyrone felt her body convulsing with repeated orgasms and new it was the time to finish. He grabbed her waist tightly this time, easily manipulating her feather weight body, and drove her faster and harder up and down his massive black cock.

Her body was shaking and trembling. Her screams had become one high pitched keening roar and suddenly stopped. She had passed out. Tyrone figured it was enough for the first night and he allowed himself to explode into the condom as he masturbated with her young teen body. She saw Tyrone sitting behind the wheel drinking the last beer when she regained consciousness. His dick was half hard and still encased in the sheath filled with his cum. She sat up using what little strength she had left.

Reached for Tyrone's beer, took a big swallow, belched softly and smiled. "Wow," she said. "Give me your panties." She reached down, picked up her panties and handed them to Tyrone. He wrapped them around his dick, using them to remove the cum-filled condom. After wiping his now soft dick and his balls with the non-soiled part of the panties he tossed the soggy mess out the window.

Next time, he thought, I won't use a condom and I'll have the little white slut clean by dick with her mouth. Jo-Ann pushed her skirt down, retrieved and put on her bra and halter-top and, with a smile on her face, told herself that next time she would have to bring a washcloth or a second pair of panties. ******* As they pulled into the apartment complex, Tyrone poked Jo-Ann. "Wake up Babe. You're home." Tyrone parked the truck, put his arm around Jo-Ann, gentle pulled her close, leaned over and softly kissed her parted lips.

"Thanks Ty'. That was fantastic. Remember now, you promised not to tell my brother I had a beer with you at the lake," she said as a big smile erupted. Tyrone returned a smiled. "My lips are sealed, Sugar" This bitch is going to make my summer, he thought, as he pulled onto the main road. He couldn't wait to continue the training.

In a few weeks she would be craving more and more of his black cock. She would deep throat him, let him fuck her tits while he came all over her lily-white face and beg him to take her in the ass. Then, if she learned everything real good, he might even let her meet some of his basketball teammates. -- The End --