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Love's Dance Quinn held Bryce's hand firmly as they walked through the moon illuminated gardens. All the flowers around them seemed to radiate a divine white glow due to the moonlight, but the cherry blossom Bryce had given her a couple days ago seemed to do it on its own, or at least that's what she thought as she looked over at the flower that was still lying on the bench.

Quinn looked down at her hand and smiled, the way their fingers intertwined was perfect, and it was as if they were meant to be that way. She had never been so happy, and neither did she believe she was going to fall in love with him in just a couple days, but she couldn't help it, he was perfect.

The way he gently talked to her seemed seducing, and the way he looked at her, made her feel she was the only girl in the world, but what she loved the most, was the way he embraced her. She could feel his heart beating gently every single time she laid her head on his chest, the way his strong arms wrapped around her delicately was enough to drive her crazy, and yet, what she loved the most about his embrace, was the warmth he made her feel, not only physically, but emotionally.

Suddenly, she noticed they had stopped in front of her chambers. -This is where I take my leave- said Bryce with a gentle smile. I really enjoyed the time we spent together today, and I hope you did too- he said as his face got flushed in a light red tone. -Yes, I enjoyed being with you too- said Quinn with a soft, loving voice. Quinn squeezed his hand gently as she placed it on her chest, where her heart was. Bryce looked at her surprised, he could feel his face getting flushed.

-Lazaron, I ummm…just wanted to say that I…love you- said Quinn shyly as she stared deeply into Bryce's eyes. Bryce had no idea on how to react, his heart was pounding at what seemed to be light speed, and he could also feel Quinn's heart pounding at the same rhythm, they almost seemed to be in perfect synchrony.

As he looked back at Quinn's love filled his eyes, thousands of thoughts ran through his mind, but none of them seemed to perfectly go with the moment. -What will you do? asked a powerful voice from inside his mind. Bryce wasn't frightened by the voice, he knew who it was, it was the death god, Necros. They had met the same day he entered the black water in order to offer him his body and soul.

-So, you prefer to stay quiet huh, well fine by me, she's your problem anyway- said Necros with an annoyed chuckle. Bryce smiled, he loved annoying Necros, but then he realized that Quinn had seen him smile.

She smiled at him kindly. He knew he was in quite a bind now, he had to do something quick. He closed his eyes and leaned in to Quinn quickly, pressing his lips gently against hers, his heart was pounding so fast he feared it would explode. After a couple second had passed, he pulled away from her.

She kept her eyes closed for a few seconds before opening them slowly and looking at him with a huge smile. -Umm, I should go now, sorry for the kiss, good night- said Bryce as he turned around. Before he could even give one step forward, Quinn grabbed his arm. -No need to apologize, I liked it- said Quinn gently. And, I would like you to stay with me tonight, please- said Quinn shyly.

-I really shouldn't- said Bryce as he tried to think of an excuse to leave. -Please, I only want you to hold me- said Quinn as her face got flushed in a bright red color. -Well, I guess I can stay for a while- said Bryce with a faint smile. Quinn smiled as she opened the door and pulled Bryce in to her chambers.

Bryce admired the beautiful candle lit room, it was decorated with elegant furniture, everything in their seemed to be worth a lot. -Lazaron, if you wish you can get changed over there- said Quinn as she pointed towards a corner of the room. I'll change here- said Quinn as she began to undress. Bryce walked to the corner of the room, and began to undress.

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He placed his black coat, and his white wool shirt on a chair near him, and left his black boots next to the chair. As soon as he turned around, his face got completely flushed, Quinn was standing half naked in front of him, and all she had on her was a brown colored wool bra and panties. She had a spectacular body to his surprise, she wasn't necessarily thin, but she had a perfectly curved figure.

Bryce looked at her as she made her way into the bed, she was truly stunning. -Are you ready? - asked Quinn as she bit the tip of her nail. Bryce gulped and walked over to the bed, before getting into the bed he passed his fingers over the blue silk bed sheets, it was soft, and the feeling almost seemed familiar in a strange way. Bryce got in to the bed, next to Quinn and wrapped his arms around her. He loved the way she seemed to perfectly fit in to his arms, and the warmth that built up between her back and his abdomen.

-Do you love me? asked Quinn without turning around. -Of course I love you, I wouldn't be here otherwise- answered Bryce. Quinn turned around and looked into is eyes. -I love you too- said Quinn with a tender smile before kissing his chest. Bryce couldn't help but feel he had been in this kind of position before, but he couldn't remember anything, the oldest thing he had memory of, was the day his damned brother betrayed him.

Quinn adjusted her body a bit in order to get on top of Bryce. He looked up at her as she took of her bra and threw it beside her. -Lazaron, allow me to be bear your child- said Quinn as she took off her panties. Bryce gulped as his face got flushed in a bright red color, and his dick got hard. He couldn't hold back any longer, he needed to have her. Bryce sat up just enough to reach her face. He placed one arm around her waist, and he squeezed her ass with his free hand. -Do you even need to ask?


- asked Bryce in a lustful voice before kissing her on the neck. Quinn's felt a pleasurable tingling sensation every time Bryce's lips gently touched her skin.


Bryce slowly laid Quinn on her back as he got on top of her. Their lustful eyes met for a brief second before Bryce had cupped her breasts in his hands, they weren't very large, but big enough for his hands to perfectly hold them. They felt soft, and every time he gently squeezed them, Quinn's body shuttered in pleasure. Bryce could feel his libido intensify as his face leaned into her breasts. He slowly wrapped his lips around her nipple and sucked on it gently.

Quinn's body stiffened as she moaned in pleasure. She placed her hands on his back and began to gently claw at him. -Lazaron, that feels amazing- moaned Quinn as her hands slowly caressed his toned back. Please, take me now- said Quinn in a lustful tone.

Bryce slowly backed away and spread open her legs, he slowly looked over her body, she seemed perfect in every way, he almost felt unworthy of taking her, but he didn't care, tonight she was his, and he was hers.

He took his cock into his hand and slowly guided it into her cunt, Quinn moaned as she felt his cock enter her body. She threw her head back, and clutched the bed sheets with her hands as Bryce began to thrust his cock deeper into cunt, with every thrust, she could feel a jolt of pleasure run through her body.

As Bryce pumped his cock in and out of her hot, tight cunt, he leaned in towards her, and propped himself on his arm. He looked into her eyes, and slowly leaned towards her lips as they both closed their eyes.

As they kissed, their tongues explored each other's mouths. Bryce began to feel a slight pressure on his lower abs as his balls tightened, he knew he was about to cum, so he started to thrust faster.

Quinn moaned loudly as her body convulsed due to the immense amount of pleasure she was experimenting. -Oh god, fuck me harder- screamed Quinn as she bit her bottom lip. Bryce did as she said and pounded his cock harder into her. Soon enough, he felt his balls stiffen as he pumped string after string of hot cum into her.

Quinn moaned as she felt the hot, wet cum fill her up. Bryce slowly slid his cock out, and leaned in to kiss Quinn. -That felt great- said Quinn in a satisfied tone as she gently bit Bryce's lip.

-Yes it was- said Bryce before he slightly backed away from Quinn. But I'm not done just yet- said Bryce in a lustful tone before flipping Quinn over on her hands and knees. -Well, I never thought you were a tiger- said Quinn as she arched her back. -There's much you don't know about me- said Bryce as he slowly popped his cock into her tight ass. Quinn let out a grunt like moan, as a small sensation of pain ran through her body.

Bryce held Quinn by her waist as he began to pump his cock into her ass, soon after Bryce had begun to pound away at her, the sensation of pain she felt faded, and a sensation of full out pleasure ran through her spine and spread out through her body. -Fuck me, fuck me harder- moaned Quinn loudly as she licked her lips. Bryce leaned in towards her, and cupped her breasts, as he squeezed them, he began to pound into her even faster.

Bryce's libido was at his highest peak, he just loved the way his hips slapped against her soft, round butt cheeks, and the way her ass seemed to hold his cock ever so tightly. Once again, his balls stiffened, and his thrust became faster and more profound, until the point where his cock began to gush out his hot cum. Quinn moaned as she thrust her hips onto his cock, she wanted to dry him up ever so badly.

Bryce threw himself on his back as he tried to catch his breath, he had never felt such pleasure in his life, or what he remembered about it at least. Bryce watched as Quinn crawled over to him and laid herself on top of him, he could feel her breasts against his chest, and her wet cunt on his cock. -Don't tell me you want round three- said Bryce with a cocky smile.

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-No, I only wanted us to sleep this way, and who knows, maybe will get to round three later tonight- said Quinn with a seducing smile. Bryce could feel his cock start to stiffen, but he ignored it and wrapped the bed sheets around them.

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He slowly wrapped his arms around Quinn and kissed her forehead. -I love you, and thank you for that magical experience- said Bryce in a loving tone. -I love you too, and actually, I should be the one to thank you- said Quinn with a tender giggle. As Death spreads, Darkness is born -My Lord, the kingdom of Faven is ours, and as you requested, no woman or child were killed or raped, and all those who surrendered, were spared- said Azriel from atop his stead as he rode towards Bryce.

-Well done Azriel, but just call me Lazaron, it's strange to be called Lord- said Bryce as he placed a black jewel pendent around a young 12 year old blonde boy. The young boy looked down at the pendant with his large caramel colored eyes. He adjusted the pendant around his neck until it was perfectly centered over his elegant green and yellow coat. -Do you like it Prince Alec? - asked Bryce in a kind and gentle voice.

-Yes, thank you very much- said Alec with delight. -Perfect, now remember, you, and your kingdom must pray to the death god, and be loyal to me. If you do, your kingdom will be blessed for eternity- said Bryce as he stroked the boy's long hair.

The boy smiled, and nodded in approval as he ran towards his mother, who was looking directly at Bryce with a smile on her face. -Thank you Lord Lazaron, for sparing our kingdom, and showing us the true path to divinity- said the woman. Bryce looked at the woman, her blonde hair just barely passed her shoulders, and her caramel colored eyes seemed to go perfectly with her long yellow dress.

-Queen Eleanor, there's nothing to thank, as long as you pray to the death god- said Bryce as he got atop his black stead. -Let's go Azriel, I've been away from home way too long, and I don't want to miss the birth of my son- said Bryce as he rode his stead out of the kingdom. Azriel and his soldiers followed behind him, with only a couple high generals staying behind in order to assure the kingdom kept their promise.

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Fenton walked down a narrow hallway as he went towards his classroom. He noticed everyone was talking about a so called "Death Lord", who was conquering several kingdoms in the name of the Death God. The only thing that really made him feel concerned, was the fear on all the elders' faces when they heard the rumors. He didn't understand how they could be so scared of a simple myth some people were trying to revive. -Scholar Lamato- said Fenton with a smile as he approached a small 80 year old man who was hunched over a table writing.

-Hello Fenton, it's a pleasure to see you- said Lamato in a soft tone as he stood up and rolled up the piece of paper. -Scholar, I'm sorry if the question bothers you, but I would like to know why all the elders seem to be scared of the rumors concerning the Death Lord- asked Fenton as he walked around the table.

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Lamato's face turned pale as he sealed the paper with a fancy red wax seal. Fenton could notice the fear Lamato was experiencing, his hands were shaking, and his eyes had widened.

-Lamato? asked Fenton as he approached him on his left side. -Well, it may be hard to believe, but the fear we have is not unfounded- said Lamato as he placed the rolled up paper on the table.

Many of the elders, including myself, had the unfortunate luck of believe alive when magic was still prolific. You see, during that time, there was a powerful man, also known as Dark Lord Tornab. At first, I was like you, I didn't believe in magic, I always thought there was some kind of science behind it all, but then I met Tornab- said Lamato as took a deep breath. He tore through the kingdom of Espen with all his men, but they were useless, nothing but mere spectators as they saw their leader single handedly take out half of Espen's army with some kind of black magic, before charging at the rest on their own- Lamato looked towards Fenton with fear impregnated in his eyes.

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I will never forget how he raised his sword at the sky, and the sun seemed to fade out as a wave of shadows crashed against the Espen army, and one by one they fell to the ground lifeless- said Lamato in a shaky voice as sweat ran down his face. Fenton couldn't understand what came over him, but he was shaking in fear.

-How did the kingdoms defeat him? - asked Fenton as he tried to control himself. -In order to defeat magic, we had to create our magical weapon, so we took the most promising knight in all the kingdoms, Gregor Hormwood, and had him undergo the phoenix ritual- said Lamato as he sat down on nearby chair.

-Phoenix ritual? asked Fenton confused. -As you know, there is a legend about the black dragon god Necros, and the red flamed phoenix Tempest.

Both of them fought hundreds of years ago over the destiny of mankind, Necros believed that after concluding their life cycle, mankind should die, meanwhile Tempest believed that mankind deserved to reincarnate, and so they fought for days, until Tempest sacrificed his immortality in order to defeat Necros.

After their deaths, they would become gods. So, in order to defeat a Dark Lord, you need a Phoenix Knight- answered Lamato. Thankfully, Gregor came out victorious, but I never would have thought something like this would happen again, and less during my lifetime- said Lamato as his body shacked in fear.

-May I undergo the phoenix ritual? asked Fenton with an air of confidence in his voice. Lamato looked at him surprised. In a way, Fenton reminded him of Gregor, a young boy who offered himself to be the vessel of Tempest, but of course, Gregor had battle experience, as opposed to Fenton who had never wielded a sword in combat. Even with that in mind, he had this strange feeling that he could be the one to defeat the Dark Lord.

Bryce stormed through the halls and courtyards of Dawtone castle until he burst through the door of Quinn's room, there were various handmaids running around the room, he also noticed King Arcier and Aurelia were staring down at Quinn who was embracing two baby boys in her arms. As he walked towards her, Quinn looked up at him and smiled.

-You made it- said Quinn with joy. -Of course, I made a promise didn't I- said Bryce as he kissed her forehead and gently caressed his children's soft cheeks.

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-You turned out to be quite the stag huh- said King Arcier with a proud chuckle as he gave Bryce a pat on the back. -What can I say- said Bryce with a laugh as he blushed. -Seems you made it just in time to name them- said Aurelia with a smile. Bryce looked at the boy's and then looked up at Quinn. -What would you like to call them? - asked Bryce. -How about Rai and Jesiah? asked Quinn with a smile.

-They're perfect- said Bryce with an enormous smile.