Powerful Monster Cock Ravages Whore

Powerful Monster Cock Ravages Whore
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FINALLY! Finally her overprotective parents agreed that this year she could go to the Carnival with her friends instead of having to drag around with her parents.

All her friends had been going without their parents for years. but not her.

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oh no, her parents didn't think it was safe. But none of that mattered now! She was so excited that she could barely sit still in her seat at school.

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She would be walking home with her bff and eating dinner with them and then her friend's mom would be dropping them off at 7. She would have to wear her school uniform which was a bit of a drag but all the girls had learned early on that they could roll the waist and shorten the plaid skirt to a more acceptable level *giggle* As soon as they were dropped off and the car safely out of sight the girls rolled their knee length skirts up to mid thigh and tied their shirt tails to show off their toned stomachs.

There were kids everywhere and the girls immediately found a group of other kids that they knew to hang with as they made their way around the carnival. The girls received a lot of attention from the guys at the Carnival and the more encouragement they received, the more they flirted.

It was kinda hot to have all these guys (and some of them were definitely men!) paying attention to them. Some of them even bought them drinks and snacks and tried to win them prizes at the midway booths. After about the third lemonade, she had to pee really bad and when they got to the back of the carnival where the bathrooms were set up, she told her friends that she would be right back.

It was dark by then and the porta potties were not well lit but she didn't worry about it - it was a carnival and they were all having fun. And for a change, there wasn't a line either!

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She happily entered the stinky porta potty to take care of business and get back to the fun. He had been watching the girls passing the time - like he did at every stop. It didn't matter what town they were in, it was all the same to him.

Loud music, heavy machinery, parents with a bunch of crying whinny brats, and the only thing that made it worthwhile -- all the slutty girls strutting around showing off their young tight bodies.

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This night the slut with her school girl uniform hiked up had caught his attention and he had kept track of her as she and her friends had made their way around the carnival. When he saw her break off from her friends to head to the darkened area when the toilets were set up, he was ready to jump into action. He waited in the shadows, his cock already rock hard, his switch blade ready in his hand.

He watched her exit the John, adjusting her skirt even higher before walking towards him in the shadows. totally unaware.

The minute she was in reach, he grabbed her, his hand over her mouth to prevent her from screaming - although in reality with all the noise from the rides who would hear her? - and pulled her deeper into the shadows under the ride where the johns had been set up.

He held the knife up for her to see, the blade catching what little light was available. "Listen up slut" he growled in her ear, " it is time to have some fun - well it will be fun for me for sure.

It could be fun for you too. depending on how you behave. You do what i tell you and you will be back with your friends before the night is over. You piss me off and you won't ever see your friends or family again. You understand me?" Her eyes never leaving the 7 inch knife, she slowly shook her head yes. She had no idea what to do but she believed him that he would hurt her if she didn't do what he said.

"that's good slut! " he praised her" now Iam putting my knife right here in easy reach should I need it but I don't think I will. Lets have some fun shall we? " he asked her as he set his knife on a support bar. From another support bar he grabbed a leather strap and tied her wrist to it so that she was now tethered to the ride supports and could not get away or reach the knife. With his hands now free, he slowly slid his hand from her mouth and down her neck to her chest.

farther and farther until his hand was inside her shirt and she could feel his fingers trailing along her tits. "fuck slut, you do have a nice rack. Not super big or anything but nice and tight and high, " he told her as his fingers finally reached her nipples. She let out a whimper and his fingers closed on her sensitive nipple and began pinching and pulling. He laughed, " Fuck yeah go ahead and make noise.

No one is going to hear you under here. " As he continued to play with her young tits, he reached down with his other hand to grab her free hand and force it down his pants.

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"I want to feel your hand on my cock slut. Stroke it now!" he demanded. She had never touched a man's cock before and the idea was repulsive to her but she dare not refuse and as her hand came in contact with his hard flesh she awkwardly circled it and began squeezing and pumping her hand along the shaft.

As soon as she complied, he left her to her work and with one hand mauling her young tits, he slid his other hand around her body and between her legs, cupping her mound over her white panties. He began squeezing and stroking her mound through those panties, working them deeper into her slit with each pass.

"what a perfect slut. Your hand around my cock, your tits begging for my attention, and your slit already getting wet and I have just started!" he teased her. "let's see how tight you are slut!" He hooked the edge of her panties and pulled them to the side, exposing her bare cunt to the night air and causing her to gasp in fear. He only laughed as he began working his finger into her slit, searching for her most private opening. Feeling his fingers playing with her there was making her squirm but from fear or pleasure?

she was not sure. All she was sure of was that no man had ever touched her like this before and she had never felt a cock before either. And the sensations were making it harder and harder to think. She cried out again when he impaled her on his finger. But her cries only seemed to encourage him to thrust his finger farther into her virgin cunt.

He held her there, his one hand playing with her tits, his other hand pumping in and out of her, her hand trapped around his cock by their bodies as he ground into her ass for what seemed like forever. And then he forced a second finger into her small cunt and she cried out again at the pain of being stretched. " that's it slut, you are going to stretch more than that before we are through. Don't you feel how big my cock is? " he tortured her.

At that tears began to stream from her eyes. Somewhere in the back of her mind she had been hoping that he would be satisfied with groping her but now it was obvious that he planned to fuck her before he was through. He turned her, forcing her hand out of his pants and demanded that she grab the support bar with her other hand as well. Doing so left her bent forward, her tight ass sticking out as though in invitation. "that's it slut!

Beg me to fuck that sweet ass of your" he laughed as he flipped her skirt up and pulled her panties down to her knees.

The air on her bare flesh was cold and she shivered in fear of what was to come next. It was only a short minute before she felt his hands on her again. This time prying her ass cheeks apart so he would have access to her most feminine core. He held her ass cheeks wide with one hand as he slowly drug his cock up and down her slit over and over, stopping to tease both her holes. "ennie mennie mighty moe" he chanted " which one shall it be tonight boys?

I think this one! " he exclaimed as he lined the head of his cock up with her virgin cunt and began pushing. "Ouch! No! " she cried out as she felt his cock begin its slow tortuous journey into her virgin tunnel. He only laughed though and slapped her ass cheek hard, leaving his handprint behind in a red fiery print.

"That's it Slut! Squirm for me.


Ride my cock like I know you want to " he told her as he continued to push into her young tight body, abusing it for the very first time. When he finally bottomed out in her tunnel, he paused for a minute to enjoy the feel of her tight body squeezing and caressing his manhood. He hadn't had a slut this hot in several towns and he wanted to enjoy it for all it was worth.

Finally he could wait no longer and he began rhythmically pounding the young girl's cunt to the sound of her tears and moans. Harder and faster he rode her until finally he exploded deep inside her hot channel, flooding it with his seed as he cried out in pleasure, his hips grinding into her ass, fully seated in her hot body.

"Oh fuck sweetheart. You are one hot piece of ass. The boys in your town are going to love you!" He told her as he continued to grind against her, drawing out every second of pleasure. When he could take it no more, he finally withdrew from her no longer virgin cunt and turned her around, forcing her to her knees in front of him. "Now be a good slut and clean up the mess you made" he demanded of her as he forced her mouth open and slammed his still hard cock into her mouth.

She immediately started gagging, her throat constricting around his cock, massaging it with each muscle. "keep it up slut and you will get another load!" he teased her.

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He pulled out his phone and took several shots of her with her mouth full of his cock, her tits hanging out of her shirt.

He didn't really want her to stop and in truth if she continued, he would cum again but the trick to not getting caught was speed and he knew he was at the end of his time and so he stepped away from her hot little mouth, zipping his pants. Before he untied her wrist he took several more photos of her kneeling there, her arm raised above her head, her legs spread with her panties in a tangled mess, her tits hanging out and begging to be played with, her make up smeared with drool running down from the corner of her lips.

"These are pretty good shots" he told her, bringing her attention to the fact that he was snapping pictures of her. "I can get a ton of money selling them on line. Hell, I bet the guys at your school would empty their college accounts for these shots!" "No!


no! please don't show them to anyone!" she begged., " I will do anything. just. just don't show them to anyone." "Well I don't know slut. I could really make money off of these. But I'll tell you what. If you can get the rest of the carny crew to convince me not to sell them, then I won't. But just to give you fair warning. they are a tough lot. A simple fuck like you gave me isn't going to convince them at all. " And with that he untied her from the beam and walked off laughing.