Horny young straighty easily tricked into banging gay dude

Horny young straighty easily tricked into banging gay dude
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My name is Greg and I am amazed at how my life has turned out and the good fortune I have endured in my short life. I am 28, live in the outer suburbs / start of rural living of Melbourne Australia with my girlfriend (or should I say my fuck slut), Lisa. She is a horniest slut I have met and I would not have it any other way. 'No' is not in here vocabulary and she loves to submit to me and do anything and everything to please me.

The more I push her, the more turned on she gets. She is 18, 5'6" tall, perfect sexy build(not all skin and bone) 34C tits, which are so fucking perky, long straight naturally sandy blonde hair that flows down just below her shoulder blades, perfect round ass and the smoothest perfect cunt that I have ever seen. She is drop dead gorgeous and could be a model if she wanted to be. Since she moved in with me 6 months ago, she made a commitment to be my fuck slut and she obeys my every desire.

Although I do not get off inflicting pain on her, I do discipline her in any way I need to in her training to be a better slut for me. This may vary from denying something she needs, like an orgasm through to using my paddles and horse crop on her.

She has a set of rules to follow, such as when the weather permits, she is denied from wearing cloths when home, which includes inside and out. My music career has taken off over the past few years with 2 Albums and 3 singles hitting the top of the charts over the past 4 years and although the record company has most likely ripped me off, money has flowed through the past few years which have set me up nicely.

This enabled me to set up my single Mom up in a lovely house as well as splurge on a larger estate for myself with a 6 bedroom house with pool on 5 acres of land for my dog and horses to run around on. It was fenced and fully planted with trees, so it was totally private, not that anyone could see into my back yard as it backed onto a nature reserve that only included rabbits and kangaroos.

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In addition to be banned from wearing cloths when we were home alone, I also had another requirement of my slut and that was she had to remove her, what I call, 'Voice filter' when she was with me. This included not only talking dirty and filthy when we were fucking, which seemed to come natural with her anyway, but also any thought she had she must share as no information was too much.

Like the time we were sitting at the kitchen table after lunch one day and she picked up a banana and told me how good it looked and she would love to fuck it. I told her to peel it and fuck it in front of me. Without hesitation she smiled peeled it and slowly and seductively licked it and sucked it before sliding it up and down her smooth cunt lips and then slide it deep in her fuck hole.

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I sat back and pulled my cock out and masturbated in front of her as she started to moan and fuck the banana. Watching as she started to get real messy as the banana started to break up with her cunt juices as she rammed it and held it deep in her.

Oh fuck this feel so fucking good deep in my cunt hole, so fucking messy as she rubbed half that had broken off over her cunt. Leaving half in her the other half being spread over herself as her fingers rubbed her clit. "Oh fuck, fuck, fuck, oh shit, Oh God, fuck this feel so good", she cried. "This slut is going to cum" she cried, as she pushed the remaining banana deeper into her cunt. She looked so fucking hot and so inviting I couldn't take it any more as I pushed her off her chair and onto the floor spreading her legs and eating the mashed banana from her cunt.

Licking her cunt lips up and down and around her clit, tongue fucking her banana filled cunt hole.

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Feeling her hips rock fiercely up and down under my hungry mouth. "Fuck yes eat your slut's cunt, eat my dirty banana fucking cunt out, fuck yes, fuck I am going to cum", she cried as I slid my finger deep into her cunt and sucked her clit as he screamed and moaned as she let loose and squirted her cum all over me and the kitchen floor. Licking her cum and eating the remaining banana that was pushed out of her as she came.

I wanted a fuck so bad; I pulled her up to her feet by her long blonde hair and pushed her over the kitchen table. Instantly she spread her legs as I pushed up behind her.

Teasing her, as I rubbed my cock up and down her ass crack, feeling her push her ass back against my cock, my other hand on her throat as I pulled her head back to me, kissing her neck then whispered in her ear. "Hasn't anyone told you not to play with your food"Oh fuck yes, please give it all to me", she begged, as I moved around and stood over her, cock in hand, loving how much of a good slut she had become from the quiet shy girl, she appeared, who I met at a club not move than 1 year earlier.

I held my cock, busting to pee and took aim, first a dribble and then as I watched her rubbing her clit as I started to piss all over her tits watching as it ran down her tummy like a small waterfall down over her cuntone had rubbing it into her tits and the other working on her clit. I then raised my aim and covered her face, head and hair, as she opened her mouth filling it before spitting it over her tits, rubbing it into herself.

Once I was done her she laid back and wiggled like a dog on heat as she squeezed her nipple hard and rubbed her clit and screamed as she let loose and her cunt squirted as she cum.

Fuck she looked so fucking hot covered in my piss and getting off as she does. I went and lay next to her, kissing her long and hard, feeling her pissed covered body pressing against mine, tasting my salty piss on her lips and tongue as we kissed. She looked at me and smiled, "Fuck I love you so much" she said, then continuing, "but fuck I have to piss so bad as well now", with that she got up and sat on my upped legs, my cock a few inches in from of her cunt and started to stroke my cock as it was now at full attention and she lifted her ass from my legs and spread her cunt lips wide and started to piss all over my cock, stomach and chest.

Fuck it felt so good feeling her warm liquid squirt all over me, I am not sure if it is the feel of he juices that turn me on so much or the fact she is comfortable enough and totally uninhibited to be able to be so fucking dirty and slutty with me and be herself.

Whatever it was it had me so fucking turned on I just needed to fuck my lil girl that once she finished I pulled her up a little and watched as she slid my rock hard like metal cock up into her cunt and ride me like a wild horse. Watching as her tits wobbled as I pumped my cock deep into her cunt hole as I shot my load deep into her.

Still wet from her piss I pulled he down onto me, kissing her long and hard, sucking her tongue into my mouth as I started to feel my cock cool down and relax. She smiled seductively at me as she wiggled her way down over my body, licking her piss as she made her way to my cock, licking it clean.


It was a hot day and I was getting hot laying in the sun with my slut, so I picked her up and as she saw where I was taking her, so started to scream and wiggle from my arms, but she knew she was no match for me and I jumped into our pool with her in my arms. We spent the rest of the day swimming and lying in the sun, well Lisa spent time in the sun as I spent it in the shade on the patio watching cricket on TV.

Around 5:00 pm Lisa reluctantly got dressed and went to pick up her younger brother, Brian, from his cricket game to bring him home for the night. She bent to give me a kiss before she left and I told her how hot she looked, wearing a lovely short yellow summer with her white string bikini under it.

I asked her if she wanted to blow her brother on the way home looking like that hot, which she replied, "you never know your luck in a big city" we both laughed as she headed off to pick him up. A couple of hours later, I heard the car return and the two of them laughing as they entered. "Brian got 5 stumps today", Lisa bragged on behalf of her younger 16 year old brother, which I laughed as I knew she had no idea of what she was saying, as Cricket was not her strong sport.

"You mean 5 wickets" I corrected. "Well 5 of something", she replied as we all laughed. "Well that deserves a celebration", I declared as I took a few bottled of beer from the fridge.

"You want a Beer?" I asked to Brian. "I am not allowed to drink at home" Brian replied, "Well you are not at home here, so you can do anything you like here", I said, winking to Lisa, "Sure then why not", Brian replied.

We sat and ate the Pizza that they had returned with, while drinking a few beers, before it started to get cooler outside, so we moved our conversation inside. We sat on the couch with Lisa about to sit between her us, however I suggested she gets naked first. Looking at me with a smile, she said "sure, it's not as if Brian hasn't seen me naked before, especially when we used to get naked when I lived at home and masturbated together while we listened to Mom and Dad fucking in their room", which I laughed as Brian interjected and told her to be quite.

I told him not to worry as I already knew as Lisa and I keep no secrets. Lisa stood and seductively removed her sun dress and bikini slow showing us her strip skills which would have made her a fortune as a strip club, as she stared at her little brother checking her out as she removed her last garment.

She slowly turning, bending gripping her ankles, then slowly running her hands up her long smooth legs, up over her pussy lips, slowly stopping and sliding her index finger into her cunt, then rubbing her clit before brining her finger to her mouth to suck her juices, while her other hand run up her stomach, up around her full perky tits, pulling her nipples, then taking a bow and giggling as she sat back between us.

"fuck you are hot sis", Brian commented. "I bet you miss you slutty sister to masturbate with, hey little bro", she asked Brian. "I can see he loves what he sees now", I mentioned as I saw his tent pole erect in his pants. I then kissed Lisa long and hard as I caressed her tits. As I held my slut playing with her firm tits I noticed Brian was rubbing his hard cock through his pants, Lisa reached over and rubbed his cock through his pants.

"Bro make yourself at home here, as Greg may have told you, you can do anything you want here and you will never get into trouble". She told him I looked across to Brian, seeing him blushing, "no need to be shy here mate, join Lisa and get your gear off and relax." "I'm Ok" he replied. Knowing he was a little shy, Lisa turned to him slightly and bent in and gave him a kiss on his lips.

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Soft at first, pulling back and smiling at him, then taking his hand and placing it on her right tit as she bend in and kissed him again long and hard. This time receiving a kiss back as Brian started to relax, starting to play with her tit while mingling his tongue with hers.

Lisa reached down and was pulling at his hard cock in his pants as they kissed. I stood and removed my pants, releasing my rock hard cock as it bounced loose as my shorts were thrown across the room. I ran my hand up and down Lisa's inner thighs as she responded by opening her legs. Moaning as I gently rubbed my fingers up and down her juicy cuntal lips. She then started to pull Brian's shorts off revealing his rock hard cock oozing with pre cum.

I sat back as she took hold of my hard cock, as she stroked both Brian and me. a cock in each hand. I caressed her left tit while Brian caressed her right. She moaned as we twisted her nipples as she stroked both our cocks.

I then kissed her long and hard as she let go of Brian's cock and wrapped her arms around me, then turned and kissed her brother long and hard, as she stroked his hard cock.

She then looked at him smiling and said "bro I want to suck your cock so bad" and with that she knelt on the couch and lowered her mouth down and took his cock deep in his mouth. Her ass in the air in front of me giving me full access to cunt and ass, as I ran my fingers up and down her slit from her clit to you sweet rose of her ass hole.

Back and forth teasing her, knowing this drives her wild as she wants me to probe her, but I continue to tease her rubbing back and forth up her slit.

Hearing her moan as she deep throated her brother.

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Brian taking hold of her lovely golden hair pushing her head up and down as he lays back on the couch telling his sister to suck his cock.

Fuck this looked so hot my young slut having incest sex with her brother. I slide two fingers deep into her now dripping cunt as I lower my mouth and run my tongue up and down her ass crack, up and down and then into her ass rose, licking around it before pushing it hard into her ass hole.

She releases her brothers cock from her mouth just long enough to yell, "Oh fuck yes that feels so fucking good in my cunt and my ass hole at the same time, take my two fuck holes and show my brother how dirty this fucking slut whore is for you" and then thrusts her ass back to me as she takes her brothers cock deep in her throat again. Rubbing her cunt juices around her ass hole, and then sliding my thumb deep into her ass while my index and middle finger continue to fuck her cunt, loving how she rocks back and forth fucking them.

I then get up and move my cock to my little slut and run my cock up and down her cunt slit covering it with her juices and then rubbing it around her ass before working it in deeper and deeper. Before not to long I was deep in her ass sliding it in and out of her with more ease as she moaned louder. Taking a breath from her head job on her brother as she strokes him and moans and yells, "Oh yes fuck my ass, you ass slut fucking cunt.

fuck that feels so fucking good with your hard cock deep in my asshole, fuck me, yes fuck your slut, whore . fuck I want my cunt filled too" she moans. I then look at her brother, "ready to fuck your slut sister for the first time mate?" I ask. Looking at the stunned look on his face as he seems shocked at how into it his sister is. "yes, fuck, yes", he replies, "I want to feel my cock in my sister pussy" With that I remove my cock after a few more hard thrusts and allow her to position herself over her brother, hands in his shoulders and lower herself down on his hard cock as he positions it into her.

Looking into her brother's eyes, she asked "does that feel good sliding into your sister tight fuck hole" The poor boy looks like he is ready to come straight away as he replied, "Fuck yes sister, fuck yes", she lowers and starts to rock her hips sliding up and down on her brothers hard cock.

Watching as her tits press against his chest as she moves forward to him, kissing him long and hard. watching these two cute kids playing, fuck it had me so turned on. We had played with other couples before, but seeing her fuck her own brother and how cute this 16 year old boy looked fucking his sister for the first time really had me ready for a good fuck.

I held her pressed forward pushing my cock back into her ass. Watching as Brian laid right back with his cock deep in his sister as he felt her rocking up and down on it as per my movements I was pumping my hard cock in and out of her ass controlling the speed of the fuck. Seeing Brian ready to cum, I bend down and kissed Lisa's neck, whispering in her ear," how does it feel to be double penetrated by your boyfriend and your own brother you dirty little incest fucking slut?" "Oh fuck yes, fucking great, I want more, fuck I love it, I am going to fucking cum soon, fuck it feels good" she replies Seeing Brian so ready to cum, I bent forward and kissed the poor boy, which then shock him back a little to hold on, but to my surprise he moaned and licked him lips as did Lisa, who yelled "Oh fuck yes", kiss him again, oh fuck yes that was so fucking hot, kiss my brother again?, she requested.

I looked at Brian, just looking at me with his innocent 16 year old eyes and not moving away I bent forward and kissed him again.

This time longer as he took his hands of his sisters hips and onto my shoulder.


Fuck, although I had pulled another guys cock before when I was younger, about his age after school while my friend and I watched porn at home, I had never kissed another guy, but he was so young and innocent I kissed him longer. Lisa, although sandwiched between us and was trying to look up, she moaned and screamed as she cum over her brother's cock as I pumped deep into her ass.

Within a few minutes Brian too was moaning and he cum deep into his sister's cunt. I took hold of Lisa's hips and pumped harder into her ass, fucking her tight shit hole, harder deeper into her as she now took over the kissing of her brother as I shot my load deep into my sluts ass.

As I calmed down, I pulled out of her ass, as Lisa turned to me, taking my softening cock in her mouth and licked and sucked me clean like the good little slut loves to do. She then looked up at her brother, who was looking at her sucking my cock and then after making sure she had me nice and clean, she took her brothers cock and sucked it clean as well, before dropping to the floor and fingering her ass and cunt as our cum flowed from her fucked holes. She covered her fingers with our cum and licked them making sure she got as much cum as she could.

Spent, I flopped back onto the couch next to Brian and looked at him and said, "fuck I love your sister." "me too" he replied Lisa then sucking her fingers clean, jumped up and sat between us and said "and I love you two also.

In different ways, but fuck I love you both" We sat there resting, my arm around my little girl as she cuddled into me. Massaging her tits, playing with her hard erect nipples, as we sat and talked. "So how did you like your first fuck with your sister?" I asked Brian. "fucking great", Brian replied. Lisa replied, "Oh thank you Bro, I loved the feel of your cock in me too." She continued" When we used to hear Mom and Dad fucking in their room and I would come to your room, and hear Mom moaning and cussing as she was fucked it turned me on so much, and when we would get naked and see you stroking your hard cock and me fingering myself, I would often hope you would come and jump me and fuck me like crazy" Brian replied "your fucking joking, I wanted you to come and fuck me too, but I guess we know it was wrong and illegal.

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But fuck Greg I thank you for being such a nice guy and allowing me to feel so at ease here. Even Mom and dad now see you're a nice guy, even though you took their little girl from home" he laughed "Well Brian, this is my home and I worked hard to get where I am, so in my home it is my rules and fuck anyone who doesn't like them" I advised.

Lisa was running her hand up and down her brothers legs as we talked, her other hand was stroking my cock gently. I looked down at Brian's cock and saw his cock was getting hard again and thinking of how he didn't seem to mind me kissing him, I thought I would press my luck a little more so I reached across and slowly wrapped my hand around his cock.

At first he jumped a little no sure what was going on, what to say, or being shy, then he put his head back enjoying it. I could feel Lisa's grip around my cock get harder as I knew she was getting excited as she moans, "Oh fuck yes, Oh my God that looks so fucking hot" as she lowers her hand and rubs her clit.

"So what made you two so hot with your Mom and Dad fucking", I curiously asked. "Oh hearing her moan, swear and get right into it" Brian replied. "And the slutty cloths she would wear after they fucked, the short skirts, open blouse and no bra or panties", Lisa commented, "Oh, not to mention how hard daddy would get when I went and sat on his lap and cuddled with him before they would go off to their room and fuck.

I often thought he was thinking of me when he fucked mom." She continued. He most likely was", I commented Feeling Brian rock his hips up and down as I continued to stroke his hard cock, Lisa rocking back and forth as I kissed her neck as she rubbed her clit as we continued to talk, seeing how turned on these two were getting talking about their parents.

"So I can sense you would love to fuck you Mom Brian?" I asked I could see him blush, and stay silent, but to my surprise when I thought he was going to change the subject or refuse to answer, he replied "Oh fuck yes, to be honest I do" "Would you like to be in their room joining them both when they fucked?" I asked "Oh fuck yes, I would" he replied. Hearing Lisa breathing get deeper, as she tensed a little "Of fuck I am going to cum", Lisa screamed rubbing her clit, listening to how Brian would love to fuck with his Mom and Dad.

"Oh fuck, shit, Oh My God", she screamed as her cunt squirted, which she usually only does when she is really turned on with something kinky.

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I held her as her entire body shook as I gently caressed her tits, feeling her nipples rock hard. holding her as she came back to earth, back to join us. Knowing I will need to do something about these kids with their parents and may be inviting them to stay over one night. Letting go of Brian's cock, I instructed him to get down and lick up his sisters cum, as she was still shaking trying to catch her breath as I held her in my arms, gripping her tits hard as her legs were still out stretched.

Brian wasted no time getting to work on his sister's cunt. Licking her lower tummy and then down to her slit, then licking her legs, her upper thigh and then deep into her cunt. "Mmm is that how you want to lick your Moms cunt?" I asked him, "right in front of your Dad as he stroked his cock" I continued "fuck yes" Brian replied "Oh fuck yes, tongue fuck Mummy's clit like that" Lisa yelled "Of fuck I am going to cum again", she screamed as she then squirted her cunt again all over Brian's face.

Watching as she trembled again holding her as she slowly came down to earth once more. She then turned and wrapped her arms around me, kissing me long and hard "Oh fuck this slut loves you darling" she told me, as I sucked her tongue as we kissed. I them lifted her into my arms are carried her towards the bedroom. "Come on Brian. You can sleep with us tonight" I winked, and as a good little submissive boy he got to his feet and followed us, as I thought of how I could get the parents to join us at a later date.

&hellip. To be continued&hellip.