Post Op Ladyboy Diana Masturbating and Dildoing

Post Op Ladyboy Diana Masturbating and Dildoing
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Cho Chang was looking back into his eyes. Harry grabbed her waist and helped her up. He then helped her slide onto his cock and he pushed it as far as he could until he felt some resistance.

He had felt this before and knew it was her hymen. "That's one thing Cedrick didn't take" Harry thought to himself. He grabbed her hips and pushed up into her to break the resistance.

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She gave a high-pitched scream, Harry looked over at Ginny and she looked at him and smiled, "she's the one I was waiting on." Harry then leaned over and kissed her. He then turned his attention back to Cho. He pushed up with his hips to get her going. She then bucked upward and slid back down. Harry grabbed hold of her and moved her faster up and down on his cock. Cho closed her eyes, started moaning by which time everyone else had woken up, and started having sex with each other.

Ginny reached up, grabbed hold of Cho's breasts, and gave them a hearty tug, which she seemed to like. Harry looked closer at Cho's breasts and noticed she have each nipple pierced. Harry then looked down at her pussy, spread her lips open, and saw another piercing down there.

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This had just turned Harry on even more as he picked up speed. Still this was not fast enough for Harry so he grabbed hold and in one quick motion spun her around onto her back and stayed on top. Harry laid down onto her until he felt her breasts press against him. He grabbed her shoulders and pushed into her as hard as he could. Harry pulled out of her until he was about to fall out and then pushed back in as fast as he could.

Harry then started his speed fucking by sliding his cock in and out of her in fast, steady movements. He looked down and her breast looked like they would hit her face if he went any faster. Harry pulled his cock out on Ginny quickly went down to it and stuck it into her mouth. Harry shot his load into her mouth and she took it all without spilling a drop. All three of them laid down right next to each other with Harry it in middle. They laid there watching everyone else finish. Everyone was asleep within a half an hour; it was about two in the morning by now.

Harry was looking up at a house he had never seen before but, somehow, he knew about this house.


Harry walked up to the door and knocked. A tall figure was walking toward the door. Harry heard, "who's there?" from the other side of the door.

Before Harry could say his name he heard himself reply, "It is Severus, I need to talk to you. It is important, a matter of life and death." The door opened and Snape stepped through the door. He then turned around to look at who had let him in. Harry's heart gave a little lurch; his father was standing right in front of him and alive.

"Who's at the door?" Harry heard from behind him and knew that this had to be his mother. Harry turned around and saw his eyes looking back at him.

"Oh hello Severus." she had said. After Severus greeted her, they all went into the living room to sit down. Lily had disappeared into the kitchen and returned with a few bottles of Butterbeer.


When she sat down and Harry started talking in Snape's voice, "I have come here on behalf of the dark lord. He is asking you to join him or he will kill you and your son." James started to stand but Snape continued, "It not me who wants this, in fact I was reluctant to come but he made me. I am grateful for you saving my life, but I must do as I'm told.

I beg you to leave here tonight because the dark lord will not be happy with a rejection and he will show up here. Do not waist any time, Dumbledore might have a place for you to go to be safe and I suggest asking him to add some enchantments." Harry's father had sat back down by now and said, "Thank you Severus for coming and warning us but I shall talk this over with Dumbledore and see what he says.

Thank you for coming and now I must ask you to leave." Harry stood up, Shock his father's hand, and made for the door. "Wait Severus I want to thank you for warning us properly." Severus had turned around and Lily was lowering her dark blue nightdress.

She had a beautiful body, even though it was Harry's mother, and perfect tits. Nice little hand fulls like Ginny's, and she was completely shaved. "Why do allot of women do that?" Harry thought to himself. She walked over to Severus, dropped to her knees and took Snape's cock into her mouth.

She was not bad at it either, he had better but it was enjoyable nevertheless. James meanwhile had taken off his clothes and was walking toward them. He got down on his knees and buried his face into her ass. Harry could see his tongue enter her ass hole and lick it in and out. He then got up, took his cock into his hand, and pushed it into her ass. Lily moaned around Snape's cock as James pushed in as far as he could.

When James pushed, Severus withdrew his cock. When Severus pushed back into her willing mouth, James withdrew his cock. They were really getting a good rhythm going. Lilly looked like she was enjoying herself. Snape withdrew his cock and stripped off his clothes while James grabbed hold of Lily's waist and pulled her with him until he was sitting on his ass on the floor.

Lilly started bouncing up and down as the cock implanted into her ass deeper and deeper. Snape had all of his clothes off and walked over to the couple.


He got down in between her legs and planted his cock into her awaiting pussy. Snape pushed with all he had and bottomed out in seconds.

He pushed and pulled his cock the entire length and was picking up speed. Lilly held her breath started coming around his cock, which made it slicker, and he just moved faster. The three of them were sweating really well by now and Lily just looked even better.

Severus leaned over and took one of her breasts into his mouth. He circled her nipple with his tongue; he then took her nipple in-between his teeth and pulled until it popped out of his mouth. Severus pulled his cock out, grabbed it with his hand, and stroked it ever so slightly. Snape shot his load all over Lily's breasts. Then Harry felt himself do something he had never seen done before, Snape bent over and licked all of his cum off her breasts.

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James then grabbed her hips and pushed in as hard as he could. Harry knew that this was over because he felt himself waking up.

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Harry put on his glasses and looked around the room. Only himself and Ginny were left in bed naked. Everyone else seemed to have left them alone. Harry looked over and saw Ginny still fast asleep so he decided to wake her up in a good way. Harry climbed down the bed and got in-between her legs. He grabbed hold of her hips and stuck his tongue into her as far as he could.

Harry could hear Ginny moaning and he knew she was still asleep. Harry then climbed on top of her and pointed his cock to her pussy. When the head settled in her hole, he leaned over and gave her a kiss, which seemed to wake her up. As Ginny kissed him back, she wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him into her.

Harry took this as a "fuck me" and pulled his cock out of her hot, wet pussy. Harry pushed until he felt their pubic intertwine. Harry decided he wanted to try something new and took her left leg up his chest and put it over his shoulder. Harry hugged her leg and pushed into her. Doing it this way seemed to tighten her pussy for him around his cock. Harry pushed and pulled, in and out of her while caressing her breasts. Harry withdrew his cock and slowly stroked it until his cum shot out and landed on her face.

Ginny just took her finger and wiped the cum off then stuck it into her mouth. They got dressed and cleaned up then set out for the dorm room.

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Ron, Luna and Hermione were sitting there studying. Harry sat down and relived the dream he had just had leaving out the sex part. After a long discussion, they all headed to the Quidditch field where everyone was waiting to get practice over. After a few hours and the sun started setting, they headed off to diner then bed. To Be Continued.