Ravan bin husain porn story porn storys

Ravan bin husain porn story porn storys
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Ranchland - Chapter 2 It was early the next morning when Ben woke from a deep sleep. His first thoughts were of his niece Amy, and the beauty she'd found in the lightning storm of the previous night, her second experience of the majestic power that Mother Nature had demonstrated in as many days. Thunder and lightning were a common occurrence along the Rocky Mountains, but for a girl from eastern Montana, the sheer magnitude of it all was a new sensation.

As consciousness regained its tentative grip on Ben's day, he remembered that Amy should be laying beside him, yet there was no awareness of her presence. Almost in an panic, he raised himself to look for her, only to find her gently sleeping with her head on one of the pillows, light sighs emanating from the soft and light breathing of restful sleep.

She looked so peaceful lying there, and he felt the warmth of her being as it recaptured that part of his soul that had been empty for so long. As much as he felt a need to hold her close to him, Ben let Amy sleep, and maybe enjoy the dreams of the young.

He rolled himself against her back, spoon style, wrapping one arm around her midriff as he allowed that soft security of their budding love to reclaim him, and he drifted back to sleep as Amy unconsciously received his protective embrace by moving his hand to her breast and holding it there.

An hour passed, and Amy was the first to awaken. The feeling of her uncle's hand on her breast gave her a warm glow deep inside.

She'd only known the man for a little over one day, but in that time, he had become a welcome anchor against the uncertainty of her shattered life in Montana. Maybe she had gravitated to him out of fear of the unknown, or maybe there were other reasons that she couldn't identify or label.

No matter. All she knew was that he filled a depressing void in her life, just as she tried to fill an empty place in his. She needed him, and as a result, had found that she wanted him, too. A small questioning part inside her prayed that he needed and wanted her as much as she was prepared to give.

The events of the previous day suggested that he did. In the sleeping position that they had assumed, Amy could feel Ben's naked cock resting softly in the depression between her two ass cheeks.

With fond memory, she relived her first anal penetration by that part of him that now rested against her. Between his ministrations up her ass and his loving attention to her young body, she had experienced a very strong orgasm; one that she would probably never forget. Just reliving the events in her mind made her pussy moist, the juices of her cunt oozing warm and slippery onto her thigh. Amy had a deep desire to pleasure herself, and slipped her hand between her legs in search of her swelling clit.

The first touch of her finger on that slowly-engorging nub sent shivers of delight through her entire pussy. As she continued to lightly tease her clit, her now-turgid nipples pushed against Ben's palm while the memory of his hands on her breasts the first time replayed in her mind.

It was only a few minutes later that Amy felt the growing tingling feelings in her pussy begin to radiate further and further afield, eventually exploding in her head as the self-induced climax engulfed her very existence.

Between her shallow and ragged breathing, and the suppressed desire to scream with the ecstasy of her cum, it was all Amy could do to not wake up this wonderful man holding her, and protecting her from the potential threats of a world she still didn't fully understand.

Ben became aware that his niece was entering the afterglow of her cum as he slowly woke. The thought of her masturbating in his bed while he was laying with his cock against her ass stirred the fires in his loins. He could feel his cock begin to stretch and harden, and the onset of desires to feel her velvety soft cunt enveloping him.

Amy, too, felt Ben's cock stiffening in the crack of her ass, and the memory of him deep inside her bowel as he flooded her with his steamy hot cum only served to make her horny again. Not wanting to disturb her, yet needing to be with her, inside her, a part of her, induced Ben to lean over to nibble softly on her earlobe, and plant light kisses on the ridges of her ear.

Amy's reaction was to present him with a closer access to that part of her young body he was pleasuring. The slight movement of her head wasn't lost on Ben. "Mmm, good morning, Little One" he whispered softly. "How's my girl this morning?" "Horny. I feel that gorgeous cock of yours getting hard, and it reminds me of that ass-fucking you gave me yesterday. Just the memory of it has my cunt flooding juices all over my thigh" she answered him. "Glad I could give you a happy memory, Little One.

Was that a part of why you were diddling yourself?" Ben inquired. "Sorry. I just felt so horny that I had to play with myself. I guess I must have gotten carried away, but it gave me a really intense cum" Amy confessed. "Don't be sorry," Ben softly admonished, "or, as a wise old man once said, 'Live fully, love deeply, and never pass up a good cum'!" "Uncle Ben!

That's not how it goes. . but I love it anyways!" Amy chided him, then added, "but it doesn't bother you that I diddled myself while you were in the bed?" "Nope. As a matter of fact, it kind of turns me on. Just thinking of you fingering off has gotten my cock hard. It's been a long time since I woke up with a hard-on because a woman was rubbing herself against my shaft. Now that I'm hard, I'm quite enjoying the sensations" Ben confessed. In deference to his claim, he involuntarily began to slowly hump his cock against her ass cheeks as it sunk deeper and deeper into her crevice.

Amy pressed her ass tighter to Ben's hips, torn between taking his thick meat up her ass again, or enveloping it with her cunt. She could feel her juices oozing and flowing towards her rosebud, inviting her to lube his cock so that it might take her back door once more.

But the thought of her uncle fucking her cunt had more appeal, and she lifted one leg, then reached her hand down to his engorged cock and directed it against her steaming gash. Ben became acutely aware that Amy was inviting him to fuck her tight young cunt, and the realization made his cock harder still. He continued to hump his relocated cock, her copious cunt juice flowing warm and wet over his cockhead. As he stroked up and down her slit, he became aware that his cockhead was rubbing tightly against her clit, and she was moaning in delight and appreciation.

"Ben, you filled two of my holes yesterday," Amy moaned lustfully, "and I want you to fill the other one. I want you to fuck my cunt this morning, and cum inside me." At the invitation, Ben let his cock slip down Amy's slit, poking his cockhead between her labia lips in search of her entrance.

Amy was torn between guiding him to her cunt and enjoying the feel of his hard cock as it softly slipped over her still-engorged clit. The tip of his cockhead acquiring its target determined her decision, and as it entered her pussy, she felt how tight she was against its intrusion.

Ben, too, felt the constriction, taking his time as he allowed her canal to accommodate his cock. He wanted their first fuck to be something that Amy would remember with happiness and joy.

"Damn, Little One, but you're cunt's tight" Ben groaned softly. "I've never felt a woman that was as tight as you. Let me know if it hurts, and I'll stop immediately." "Oh, it's gonna hurt, alright," Amy moaned, her voice filled with lust and desire for Ben's cock deep inside her, "because I've never had a big cock like yours inside me before." Ben was taken aback at the implications his niece presented.

"You mean, you're still a. . ?" he sputtered in shock and disbelief. "Yeah," Amy injected, "I'm still a virgin. And not by design, either. I had a chance to lose my cherry about three years ago, but the fucking son-of-a-bitch was so drunk that he passed out while playing with my tit. I never did get his cock inside me, and I've always wondered what I missed. Now, I'm gonna find out." Ben's reaction was to attempt to withdraw his cock from her entrance. As soon as Amy felt his hip muscles recede, she reached behind her and grabbed Ben's ass in an attempt to halt his retreat.

"No, Ben. Don't pull yourself out. Please?


I want this, and I want you, deep inside me. I want to feel you pop my cherry, then fuck me until I squirt all over your cock and balls. This might be my first real fuck, but I doubt it'll be my last. Just make it one of my best?" Ben returned to easing his swollen manhood into Amy's waiting cunt, pushing his cockhead gently but insistently against her entrance until it finally popped inside.

With slow and deliberate strokes, he pumped himself into her as her juices flowed and coated the first few inches of his shaft. Once he was a little over two inches inside her, he felt Amy's maidenhead blocking his advancement.

"There, Ben. Right there. Your cock's right up against my hymen. Just let me get used to you being in my cunt for a bit, and I'll let you know when I'm ready" Amy instructed. As her uncle continued to stroke his cock in the first few inches of her love canal, the desire to feel him deeper inside grew in her mind, and in her cunt. Within less than a minute, she knew she was ready; ready to hurdle the gap between virginity and womanhood. Softly she encouraged her uncle.

"Now, Ben. Do me now" she almost begged. The power of her request took a few seconds for Ben to comprehend. He pulled his cock out of her cunt until only his cockhead remained inside her. Then, with some trepidation over the pain he was about to inflict on her, conflicting with the desire to pleasure his young niece's most private part, Ben drove his cock into her until he felt the tissue of her hymen rupture, and his cock sink deep inside her.

He stopped pushing and laid still, waiting for Amy to let him know when she was ready for the full insertion of his hard cock. "Owww! Damn, that hurts!" Amy cried in pain. "Oh God, Ben, what have I done? I knew it might hurt the first time, but not like this!" Ben held Amy tightly in his arms as he waited for her pain to subside, all the while feeling guilty and unabashedly ashamed at being the cause of it.

"Lie still, Little One," he softly told her, "and soon the pain will be gone, to be replaced with a pleasure you've never known before. Let me know when you feel the pain diminish." He kissed her softly and tenderly, gently calming her fears, and reassuring her that he genuinely cared for her, and about her.

It was a few minutes later that Amy began to feel her suffering recede. "Ben, it's lessening now, and I can feel your cock filling me up. God, you feel so fucking good inside me" Amy groaned lustfully, her appreciation of Ben's support beyond mere words. With her trauma becoming less and less, Ben began to stroke his cock slowly in and out of Amy's newly deflowered cunt, and the joy of him filled her to an almost overwhelming degree.

"Oh God, yes Ben!" she exclaimed. "That feels so fucking good! Deeper. Fuck me deeper, and harder!" she pleaded. She had fingered her clit many times over the years, and had made herself cum that way. When she had taken Ben up her ass the day before, her orgasm had been that much more intense for her. But this? This was the ultimate sensual experience, in her opinion. More than anything else, she wanted to feel Ben's hard cock exploring every part of her pussy, the throbbing of him as he neared his cum, the spurting gush of his hot spunk as it sprayed and coated her walls, her cervix, and the inside of her womb.

Just the thought of all that created a pleasurable tingle in her clitoris. For the first time in her life, a man would fuck her, and she would cum for him, her cunt juices squirting all down his thrusting cock, and washing over his balls while he filled her up with his life-giving sperm! Ben had initially stroked his cock slowly into and out of Amy's silky smooth cunt.

God, she was still tight, her velvety cunt caressing his shaft, and demanding his spunk. He withdrew until only his cockhead remained inside her canal, then inserted his full length back into her hot little cunt until he could feel his cock push against he cervix. Amy had pulled her legs up towards her tummy, making it possible for Ben to ram his engorged shaft to the full depth of her. With his available hand, he was now strumming lightly on her nub, finding it becoming as engorged as his cock.

As his tempo increased and he pumped himself faster and faster into her, he felt Amy match each thrust with a rocking of her hips that took every inch of him as deep inside her as she could get him.

The rhythm of his strumming on her clit paced his strokes exactly. Amy's cunt felt so good, too. In fact, Ben became aware that he probably wouldn't last much more than another few minutes. But he wanted her to cum with him, so that their peaks of pleasure coincided.

Just as he was about to slow his thrusting pace, Amy's breathing became shallower and more ragged, indicating that she, too was about to cum. The rhythm on her clit remained constant, but the intensity relaxed enough to allow Ben to catch up to her orgasmic release.

Mere strokes later and he could feel his balls begin to lift as his shaft begin to fill with his boiling hot spunk. He increased the pressure on her clit slightly, and was rewarded with the sensation of her cunt walls fluttering, and her entire pussy attempting to draw him in deeper and deeper.

His first rope of cum exploded from his cockhead, gushing deep into his niece's convulsing cunt, and he gave her clit one last hard flick. That induced Amy to scream in ecstatic pleasure and her body began to tremble and shake, the convulsions in her cunt radiating throughout her entire being. As rope after rope of her uncle's cum blasted into her, Amy was consumed by the fireworks-like sensations behind her clenched eyelids.

Both lovers became as one, their juices mingling and covering each other; Ben's cum flooding Amy's cunt even as her own girl-cum squirted over his cock and balls. Their orgasms seemed to last for minutes, although it was probably about thirty seconds, then the afterglow swept through them, and Amy allowed herself to press against Ben's chest as he held her tightly to him, his warm perspiration mingling with her own. She felt the tantalizing sensation of drifting down like a feather in the wind, protected in the strong arms of her lover.

Ben allowed his exhaustion to pronounce itself to his relaxing muscles, feeling the magic of Amy's love as it flowed through him. His softening cock eventually popped out of her cunt, chased by the oozing of his seed as the excess flowed from her love canal, over his balls, and down his thigh.

"Oh My God," Amy gasped when she could finally breathe, "that was so amazing, Ben. That's what I wanted to feel three years ago, but I'm glad I waited until you came into my life. I doubt a drunken teenager could possibly be as wonderful as you were. Just hold me?" "Mmm, I'm glad your first time was that good for you, and happy that I could make it so" Ben cooed in her ear.

"I have an idea that we're gong to have a lot of loving times together, Little One. I'm looking forward to each and every one, too." They laid in each other's arms a few minutes more until Ben suggested that they get the dy started, with a shower together to get things going.

Amy reluctantly eased herself up, not really wanting to leave the warmth of her uncle's loving embrace. They languished in the warm spray of their shower, Ben soaping, lathering, and washing his niece's body with soft and tender attention, and Amy returning his caresses with some of her own.

Drying each other off afterwards, they made their way into the small kitchen, where Amy fried up some eggs and beef strips that she found in the refrigerator while Ben perked a full pot of coffee. Sitting at the table when the food was served, Ben discussed his plan to ride out on horseback so that he could show his niece some of the features of the ranch that was now to be her new home.

The dirty dished were loaded into the dishwasher, except for the cast iron skillets which were washed in the sink and oiled in preparation for their next use. Then it was out to the barn, where Amy competently saddled two horses while Ben made up two range packs. Besides their sleeping rolls, he made sure that the tent was properly stowed, and that they had enough food to last two or three days.

He didn't expect to be out that long, but experience had taught him to err on the side of caution. Their trek took them six hours along the north fence line and up the western ridge.

From that vantage point, it was possible to see most of the Ranchland spread. Amy was full of questions about the ranch, and those questions showed her knowledge of cattle operations. Despite being just a little over thirty thousand acres, only six thousand or so were suitable for grazing. The dense growth of ash trees on the western ridge made that area unsuitable for cattle, but afforded the local coyote population all the shelter they needed to become a problem in the spring when it was calving season.

"So how far east does your land go?" Amy wanted to know. "There's two sections on the other side of the road that define that eastern edge. I'd like to plant barley and alfalfa in there. That way, I'll be able to finish my cattle for marketing, and raise enough hay for winter feed. I'm still working on buying the equipment to do that, but when it's in place, I should be able to run almost two thousand head" Ben informed her.

"How many are you running now?" Amy asked. "I think there's a few more than six hundred head. Until I can get that winter hay supply taken care of, that's about all this place will handle comfortably.

Right now, I have to move the whole herd every month or so from one range to another, before they graze the grass into oblivion. Depending on how many of those Longhorns you want to bring in, we may have to move them more often.

We'll also have to check to see what kind of prices Longhorns bring. There's not many of them around, and price is part of the reason. Demand is kind of low, too. I'll give the buyers a phone call when we get back, and then we can decide. There are alternatives to bringing your herd up here that might make better economic sense" Ben suggested. Even though it was still early, Ben began to set up an overnight camp, pitching his small dome tent, setting out their sleeping rolls, and building a small fire pit.

Amy helped out every step of the way, and it was just about six o'clock when she began to fry up some cut-up potatoes and two steaks that Ben had brought. He had managed to pack a six-pak of beer, and they washed it all down, then sat back and relaxed in the quiet foothills air. By nine o'clock, the sun was beginning to set, and he suggested that they make an early night of it, for the next day would be a long one. There was no argument from Amy, and she crawled into the tent, out of her clothes, under the cover of her blankets, and into her uncle's waiting arms.

Ben had been seconds behind her, and they were both sound asleep within minutes. The next morning, Ben was woken by his niece's calling to him. "Ben? You might want to get out here and have a look at this. We had visitors last night, and there's cat tracks all over this place" Amy called. Ben was out of the tent almost instantly, still naked from the night's sleep. The cool foothills air drove off any sleep that might be in his body.

"Damn, that cat's moved back down the ridge early again!" he cursed. "Last fall, she took half a dozen cows off that range just below us. I'm gonna have to find and shoot her, it looks like. All I brought was that little two-seventy Browning, too." "If you've got a two-seventy, and we can find that old sow, I think I can probably bring her down" Amy volunteered.

"I'm no competition marksman, but I've shot my fair share of cats over the years. Dad taught me how to shoot when I was about eight, and he and I must have chased cats off the Montana ranch three or four times a year. Wanna see if we can find her, while we're up here already?" Ben was impressed with Amy's claim, but he also knew that the proof was in her actions, not her bragging.

While he retrieved his rifle from its holster on his saddle, Amy began to track the cat's direction as it left their camp area. "These tracks aren't that old," she told Ben, "maybe a couple of hours at the most.

See? She went up to the top of the ridge, and I'll bet she's gone to the south slope, then doubled back along the bottom of the cliff. By the depth of those tracks, she's either pregnant, or running on a full belly. One way or the other, that fat stomach is going to slow her down a bit. We may get lucky and find her before noon.

You ready?" Ben passed Amy his rifle, and she checked it for ammunition, then set the safety and tested its operation. They set off, with Amy carefully watching the tracks left by the cougar, while Ben kept his eye on the trees and branches above them. The last thing he needed was to have a cougar jumping on either one of them.

As they approached the south slope, Amy pulled up short. "Damn, she's gone down the slope and around the back of the ridge!" Amy hissed. "She's probably sitting up on top of the ridge, laughing her fucking ass off at us, right now!

Shit, how could I be so fucking stupid?" Amy admonished herself. "What makes you think she's around the back?" Ben wanted to know. "If she was going to go along the eastern cliff, she'd have gone along that eastern edge to that clump of bushes at the bottom, then gone around them and back along the cliff's base.

But if you look at the grass on that edge, it hasn't been disturbed at all. Even a cat will bend a few blades." Amy glanced towards the path she believed the cat had followed. "Uncle, look at that bush over by the west side of the hill, see where the branches along the bottom of it have been moved? That's where she's gone, and these cat tracks tend to confirm it. I wouldn't be surprised if she's doubled back towards our camp. . and the horses! Let's get back there, before we have to walk home!" They scrambled back over the ground they'd already covered, and as they topped the slope, Amy could hear the horses whinnying in fright.

In the shade of one of the ash trees that surrounded their camp, she spotted something moving, and let off the safety. Ben held back, not wanting to spoil her shot, or spook the big cat. Easing herself slowly upright, Amy raised the rifle and took aim. It seemed like forever to Ben that she waited and held off her shot. When it did come, he jumped at the report of the rifle.

A couple of seconds later, there was a second shot, then Amy dropped the rifle from her shoulder, re-engaged the safety, and began to move slowly towards the campsite. "Y-e-s-s-s! Gotcha, you dumb fucker!" she exclaimed. Ben followed her to the now twitching body of the cougar as it finally succumbed to the bullets that had entered just behind one foreleg. He was surprisingly impressed with his niece's marksmanship, for she had killed the cat quickly and cleanly.

"That pelt gonna be mine?" Amy asked him. "Damn rights! You shot her, so you get to do whatever you want with the kill. That's the way it works around here" he answered her. "Have you got a skinning knife with you, or would you like to use mine?" he inquired. Amy walked carefully to her horse and removed her skinning knife from one of the saddle bags.

She kept her eye on the big cat every step of the way, unlocking the rifle's safety in case the cat miraculously came back to life. Satisfied that it was really dead, she crouched over the animal and began to skin the big cat, doing an expert job in record time.

Ben watched in fascination of her expertise and speed. She really was impressive, he realized, and his pride in her swelled in his chest. It took both of them to dispose of the remains of the carcass, yet they worked almost flawlessly as a team. It took some time to settle the horses down again after all the gun fire, and by the time they did so, it was nearly noon. A quick meal, and they were off and exploring again, with Ben pointing out some of the more important landmarks, explaining their significance, and Amy trying to remember as much of the information as she could.

They covered a lot of ground, and by the time they finally returned to the campsite, it was suppertime. As Amy had prepared supper the previous night, Ben figured it was his turn to cook, and he roasted a couple of grouse they had shot during the day, augmented with potatoes and vegetables that had been packed in their provisions cache. A beer each washed down the meal, although Ben had roasted the birds to perfection, leaving them moist and flavourful.

For her contribution, Amy cleaned up the dishes and campsite, then joined her uncle as they studied the terrain and watched the sun dip towards the western horizon. By nine o'clock, they were both ready for a good night's sleep. It had always been Ben's custom to sleep with as few clothes as possible, ensuring that his body would remain acclimatised to the wide temperature range between the heat of the day and the cool of the evening.

When she asked, he explained the principle to his niece. She followed the logic of his argument, and stripped naked before laying down on the groundsheet, then covering both herself and her uncle with the generously-sized bedroll blankets.

To preserve body heat, she curled up against her uncle's warm and strong body, while he wrapped his arms around her to serve as protection from the cool foothills air. His embrace made her feel not only safer, but also more connected to him. With her head on Ben's shoulder and her soft smooth thigh resting over Ben's, Amy traced lazy paths on her uncle's chest with her fingers.

The result for Ben was a sense of being deliciously hypnotized, and he felt himself beginning to drift off to sleep. As Amy slowly began to run her fingers lower and lower on his torso, Ben became aware through the fog of semi-consciousness that his niece was running her fingers through the mass of his pubic hair.

He felt his cock begin to swell and harden, and the resulting erection she gave him was welcomed. In response, he began to kiss her forehead, then the bridge of her nose, the tip of it, and finally, her soft inviting lips.

Running the tip of his tongue over her own from side to side, he was rewarded with Amy's returned invitation of exploration. Soon their tongues danced back and forth as they traded saliva. When Amy wrapped her silky smooth fingers around his engorged shaft, Ben rolled her over onto her back and began to fondle and squeeze her firm young breasts.

Her nipples began to harden and stand proud of her tits, beckoning him to twist, tickle, and tease them. He happily answered their call, eliciting moans of delight from his niece as she softly and slowly stroked his throbbing cock.

He could feel her finger dipping into the growing pool of his pre-cum, then transferring the warm lubricant over his cockhead and down his shaft. He responded by lightly tracing a line down her tummy, through her silky pussy fur, and into the valley of her slit. Amy groaned lustfully as his finger began to encircle her clit, drawing it from its protective hood as it, too became as turgid as both her nipples, and his excited cock.

Amy bent her leg at the knee, then let it flop over, exposing her waiting pussy to Ben's intimate touch. Amy felt Ben's finger gently sliding into her now-dripping cunt as his thumb rested on her clit, lightly tickling and teasing that hard little nubbin. She welcomed his entry into her most intimate portal with a mewl of pure passion, which became louder as he slid his fingertip back and forth over the ridges of her G-spot.

Within moments, he induced that tell-tale tingling in her clit. Further stimulation had that tingle growing in area, and soon it permeated every part of her. She began to shake and tremble as her body tensed with the exquisite consummation of her being, her cum blotting out everything else except Ben's softly stroking finger. Her mewls of lust became screams of release from the intensity of her climax.

She was dimly aware of the squirting of her girl-cum, as wave after wave of orgasmic delight washed over and through her. Ben's pleasuring fingers smeared the delectable nectar of her cum juices over her entire pussy, with the excess seeping between her ass cheeks and onto the groundsheet beneath her tensed buttocks.

Before Amy had the chance to relinquish herself to the after glow of her cum, Ben repositioned himself between her silky thighs, his cockhead insistently probing for her entrance. In her foggy state, Amy was only slightly aware that her uncle was about to impale her on his throbbing manhood. The probing of his cockhead eventually touched her inner cunt lips, and her eyes flew open in welcome of him as he gently entered her, easing his meaty cock deeper and deeper into her cunt.

When he finally bottomed out, he remained there, motionless, then began to withdraw until only the tip of his cock remained inside her.

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In a desperate bid to hold his cock in her love canal, Amy wrapped her legs around Ben's waist, pulling him deeper, and herself closer to his hips and groin. "Y-e-s-s-s-s, Ben!" she gasped, "take me, deep!

Fuck me like I've never been fucked before!" She was on the verge of pleading, her wanton and lustful desire of his cock's boiling seed spreading to the very centre of her womb. With slow and deliberate strokes, Ben began to fuck his niece in earnest, gradually increasing the rhythmic pumping of his cock in her cunt.

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Within a few moments, he was fucking her as hard as he dared, the tightness and heat of her flooded cunt demanding that he fill her up completely. He felt the initial fluttering of her walls as it grasped and pulled on his turgid shaft, milking his cock in preparedness for the burst of his steamy spunk that was even now beginning to build in his balls and at the base of his cock.

Amy's breathing became more and more shallow and ragged. She clasped her uncle as tightly to her as she could, the pounding of his cock in her drawing another massive explosion of sights and sensations from her clit and spreading it throughout all of her body.

Once again, she began to scream as her cum completely consumed her. That burst of sound drove Ben over the top, and his cream blasted from the tip of his cock into Amy's waiting womb. Rope after rope sprayed her thirsty pussy, and Ben was enveloped by the intensity of the climax his niece had given him. The post-coital afterglow they both experienced seeped over them like warm syrup, coating every sensory input each possessed.

As their muscles finally began to relax, and their bodies gloried in the pleasure of their union, Ben eased himself onto his side, pulling Amy with him, his cock slowly softening until it slipped out of her cunt with an audible plop.

He sought her delicious lips, kissed her, and engaged her tongue once more. Then he rolled onto his back, so that Amy was now laying on top of him, the lazy flow of their combined juices trickling down from her pussy lips and over his balls. "Damn, but you feel so good on me" Ben whispered in Amy's ear. "I've never had a woman as marvellous as you, Little One. So wet, so hot, and so tight! I could get quite addicted to your loving, with no problem." "Mmm, and I could get very used to your meaty cock deep in my cunt every second of the day, too" Amy cooed to her uncle.

"After a beautiful fuck like that, I think I'm gonna sleep like a baby!" For the first time since they'd become lovers, Amy realized that she was unprotected from the possibilities of pregnancy, and voiced her concerns.

"Ben, we're gonna have to slow down until my pills kick in, or we're gonna be parents whether we like it or not. But I don't think I can live without your cock in me as often as we can. You think you could live with a diet of having your cock sucked, and fucking my ass, until we're sure that I'm safe?" Ben slid his hands over Amy's ass, squeezed her cheeks, then pulled them apart as he luxuriated in their firmness.

"Oh yeah! I could fuck your beautiful young ass every day, and still never get enough," he admitted, "and if you want to suck my cock, you're more than welcome to every drop of my cum you can swallow!" He paused for a second, then continued, "but only if I get to eat and lick that dripping pussy of yours.

God, girl, you have the most delicious cunt juices I've ever tasted! As a matter of fact, I think I'm gonna have pussy juice for breakfast, starting tomorrow morning, and every morning after that!" Amy smiled wickedly at the thought of waking every day to the manipulations of her uncle's tongue on her clit and pussy. She thought silently to herself, "and I'm gonna suck the cum out of your balls every night, then swallow every drop of your seed!

We'll see who can out-suck who!" Amy curled up on her uncle's chest again, using him as a pillow, and his body as a source of heat to combat the chill of the Albertan evening. Her uncle's light and steady breathing told her he was asleep already, and would probably be that way until the new day dawned. The memories of the time they'd spent together, the love they'd made, and the myriad of changes that her life had undergone danced across her mind.

With the melodic howl of the coyotes as a backdrop, she surrendered herself to the bliss of a deep and restful sleep. The cold air of early morning worked its way into Amy's consciousness slowly. As she passed through that grey area between sleep and awake, she felt a powerful tingling in her pussy, followed almost immediately by its spread both down her thighslegs and into her feet, and also up her belly, her midriff, as a filling sensation in her breasts, and finally as an explosion of sensation and light in her head.

That wild feeling caused her to gasp sharply, immediately joined by an uncontrollable tensing of every muscle in her body that made her shudder and tremble. This uncontrollable experience lasted for all of half a minute.

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She had woken in the middle of her body transmitting the effects of an orgasm. Damn! Her Uncle Ben had eaten her pussy for breakfast, and he'd made her cum, too.

Amy lifted her head lazily, to be greeted by the smiling face of her uncle as he gazed past her heaving belly with a lustful twinkle in his eyes.

Even now, he lapped her labia with long and strong strokes of his tongue, tickling her inner lips as he licked and sucked her cunt juices that she had involuntarily squirted all over his face. He raised his head and wiped around his mouth with the back of his hand, then licked the residue of her girl-cum off his hand.

"Morning, Little One" Ben greeted her. "Sleep well?" and he smiled seductively like the cat that ate the canary. "Oh shit, Ben! No fair waking me to an overwhelming cum like that!" Amy admonished her uncle. "I much prefer to savour being taken to that pinnacle from the beginning of being eaten, not from the culmination! But yeah, I slept like a log. . except that now you've got my pussy soaking wet with your slobber, and it's fucking cold in here!" Ben leaned forward, softly blowing his warm breath over her Mons, alternately kissing her mound.

She giggled lightly at the sight of his face smeared with her cunt juice. "Oh Ben! You are a sight! You've got my juice all over you! I hope you made me squirt enough to qualify as a full breakfast?" Amy teased between her young girl's giggles. "Not to worry, Little One, I've just found out that when you squirt, you really squirt!

But as for it being a full breakfast, you taste good enough that I might go back for a refill" Ben snickered as he answered her inquiry. "Forget it, Uncle! My clit feels so sensitive that if you even think about licking it, I'll pass out on you! How long have you been licking me? God, my whole pussy is still tingling!" Amy quizzed. "How long? Oh, maybe ten minutes, tops. Your lovely little pussy looked so delicious that I just couldn't pass it up, and you were wet with your own juices almost immediately.

For an old cunt-sucker like me, it was too good to pass up. Besides, I warned you last night that I was going to eat this soft and furry pussy of yours every morning. Remember that? So don't tell me you weren't warned" Ben joked with a light laugh in his tone.

Amy joined his laughter with her own. She had to admit that the experience was something she had very much enjoyed. "I'll get you back for this, Ben," Amy warned, "and when I do, you ain't gonna know what hit you! Now let's get some coffee on. I gotta pee like a race horse, then I'll get dressed and make us some breakfast" and she rolled off the bedroll, spun around, and kissed Ben's cum-covered cheek. "Mmm, tasty" she commented.

"Amy, there's a bush back of the tent you can squat behind, if you want some privacy. It'll be better if we find somewhere away from the tent for that stuff. But as for getting dressed, there isn't anyone else around here for miles. Personally, I'm gonna wait until after breakfast to get dressed.

. and I might not bother then, either. Your choice, though" Ben enlightened her. She had to admit that the idea of remaining naked had a definite appeal to it. It would allow her to show off her body to her uncle, and maybe even get him horny enough that his cock would stay hard for a few hours. If that happened, he'd almost beg her to either suck him off, or let him fuck her ass and fill her with that hot cum she enjoyed so very much.

Once she had relieved herself, Amy set out to make a hot trail breakfast for the two of them. Ben had gotten a decent cooking fire started, and she fried up some eggs and beef strips, folding in some diced potatoes, a handful of chopped green onions, and a spice that she couldn't identify, but gave off an appealing aroma.

They sat on a fallen log, still both naked, and enjoyed both the meal, and the sight of each other's body. Amy was aware of the effect she was having on her uncle, because she could see his semi-erect cock twitch every now and then. But the fact that it never became completely hard disappointed her. She really did want some revenge for the way he'd woken her up. She also wanted to feel his cum sliding down her throat and into her belly.

Her mind was made up that she would have his cock in her mouth at least once before the setting of the sun that day. As Ben cleaned up their morning's dishes, Amy wandered to the edge of the ridge's cliff and surveyed the pastureland below them. There were groves of aspen and cottonwood on three sides of an area that looked to be about a thousand acres, and mugo pines at the base of the cliff.

Water mustn't be much of a problem here, for the range grasses were tall and green. They'd make excellent grazing for almost five hundred head, she noted. Beyond that pasture appeared to be a similar piece of grazing land, but a little bigger than the one closest to her. Amy's mind was on the terrain, so she never heard her uncle walk up behind her.

When he did, he wrapped his arms around her, overlapping them as he held her belly and pulled her ass against him.

She was aware that while his cock wasn't hard, it wasn't completely flaccid, either. His cockhead rubbed against her ass at the base of her crack, and Amy thoroughly enjoyed the feeling. She just wasn't ready to take him inside her at that point, but she also had to admit to herself that it wouldn't take much to change her receptiveness. "Mmm, you gonna try to fuck my ass right here, Ben?" she moaned seductively. "Would you like me to?" he replied. "Yes and no. I'd love to feel your hard cock inside my asshole, but not right now.

Maybe later?" she answered. "You see that pasture beyond the one at the base of this cliff? There's a small stream on the north side of it that weaves through a cottonwood grove. When we get down to that grove later this afternoon, that's where I'm gonna fuck that beautiful butt of yours; fuck you until we both cum so hard we pass out" Ben growled softly in her ear.

Just the thought of his hard cock plowing into her bowels made Amy's cunt tingle and moisten. "Deal," she cooed, "but I'm still gonna suck your cock at least once before supper tonight. When you least expect it, I'm gonna swallow all of you, and keep you in my mouth until you fill my hungry belly.

You've been warned!" she lovingly threatened. Ben lightly slapped her ass cheek, then returned to holding her against him. Her sensual threats were beginning to have an uplifting effect on his cock. In response, Amy leaned back into her uncle while pushing her ass harder against his growing manhood.

If he did want to fuck her here on the edge of the cliff, she knew she wouldn't be able to refuse him. Ben kissed his niece lightly on the earlobe, then muttered that they had better get moving if they were to break camp and explore some more of the ranch.

Reluctantly, he let his hands drop from her soft smooth stomach, then guided her back to the campsite, his arm around her waist. They had the tent down, and everything packed and loaded onto the horses within half an hour.

Ben searched one of his saddlebags for a soft piece of cotton large enough to drape over Amy's saddle. When asked why, he told her that riding on a hot leather saddle all day was guaranteed to leave her with chapped thighs and butt cheeks.

The cotton would absorb her body's moisture, keeping her tender skin dry and away from the chaffing leather. He spread a similar piece of cloth over his own saddle. When they were mounted on their horses, Ben led the way around the south side of the ridge and into the first pasture area.

By the time Ben had pointed out all the nuances of this upper pasture, it was approaching noon.

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He led their explorations to the south corner of the pasture and through a break in the dense ash stand that marked one edge of the range they had just explored. Amy was impressed with the range grass's growth and freshness. She noted many clumps of wild alfalfa and timothy, a forage that was eagerly sought by many grazing animals. Ben pointed out a small herd of whitetail deer feeding at the far edge of the field.

She inquired whether he hunted deer in season, implying that she wouldn't mind going with him for at least one trip. He made a note of that, encouraged that she might be as good a hunter as she seemed to be a tracker and marksman.

Riding slowly along the west side's windbreak of aspen and cottonwood, Ben stopped about half way to the north west corner. Dismounting, he scanned a small depression just into the trees, then turned to his niece as he called her to confirm his observations.

When she joined him, she saw the indications of a cougar having used the depression as a resting spot. Checking the ground for disturbances and tracks, she concluded that the cat hadn't been in this depression for almost a week. Going back to her horse, she removed the rolled-up skin she'd cleaned the day before to compare the fur with tufts she found in the hollow.

They both concluded that it was the same cat Amy had shot, and Ben relaxed a bit. He turned and studied the land before him. This was her chance, Amy told herself, and she stood beside her uncle in an innocent stance, then suddenly dropped to her knees and slurped his unsuspecting cock into her mouth.

Ben's instinctive reaction was to pull himself back, but the light pressure of Amy's teeth on his flaccid cock changed his mind quickly.

With a sucking slurp, Amy began to pull Ben's shaft with her lips as she stretched it to its full extended length. Repeating the stimulation on her uncle's cock, she felt him becoming hard in her mouth. She bobbed her head up and down his cock, inducing the blood to fill his manhood until he was fully erect. Her tongue slid the length of him as she took more and more of his meat. Without warning, she inhaled sharply, then swallowed his entire cock down her throat until his balls were pressed tightly to her chin.

Ben was just overcoming his initial shock when Amy swallowed his entire meat. He wasn't ready for that, and the pulsing of her esophagus on his cockhead almost made him cum within seconds. Amy held him in her throat until she needed to exhale and refill her lungs.

She let Ben's cock slide back out of her throat until the tip of him was just outside her tonsils, then exhaled and returned to bobbing the length of his shaft as her lungs cleared the stale air and refilled with fresh mountain air. Inhaling deeply, she took him down her throat again, and flicked the tip of her tongue against the underside of his cock.

Ben reflexively thrust his hips forward, ramming his cock as deeply into Amy's throat as it would go. Each time she released him for another breath, Ben truly believed he was going to pass out from the pleasure she gave him, then she swallowed him again. It wasn't very long before both Ben and Amy felt Ben's balls begin to lift, moving up Amy's chin as they prepared to unload Ben's cum into his cock, then down Amy's throat. "God, my Little One, I'm gonna cum! Suck me, suck the cream out of my cock and swallow it all up!" Ben cried out, loud enough scare off most of the coyotes within a three-mile radius.

Amy felt the thickening of the base of her uncle's cock, and the pulsing of the underside as his first rope began to surge towards his cockhead.

She released him momentarily to refresh the air in her lungs, then took him as deep into her throat as possible. Ben felt that first spurt of his scalding cum burst out of his cockhead on its way to Amy's waiting gullet.

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She began to moan softly, and the vibrations of her vocal chords almost drove Ben out of his mind. He felt spurt after spurt of cum blast into his niece's hungry belly, until his balls had drained themselves completely, with dribbles of the remaining seed being sucked into Amy's mouth.

Licking the remains off, Amy cleaned her uncle's softening cock from tip to base until he was soft once more. Standing up and encircling his neck with her arms, Amy looked lovingly into Ben's eyes, then whispered to him, "That's for eating me out this morning without warning me. Now, we're even." She knew, deep inside, that her uncle would fuck her later that afternoon, and she was looking forward to having him take her once more.

But she'd evened the score, if only temporarily, and had no intentions of allowing the day to end with either a defeat or a tie; she'd win this sexual battle, no matter what! The two riders remounted their horses and headed towards the northwest corner of the grazing pasture, then headed east along the edge of another aspen windbreak. Ben slowed his mount a mile and a half from the corner, then coaxed his horse through the trees.

Amy followed his trail, more out of curiosity than anything else. Emerging on the other side of the windbreak, they came to a small but fast-flowing stream with an open glen on the opposite bank.

Crossing over to the glen, Ben dismounted and let his horse find whatever alfalfa might be there to graze on. Amy was right behind him, and followed suit with her own horse, easing the saddle cinch just enough to allow for the horse's belly to expand and contract easily. Sitting in the shade of one of the aspens, Ben suggested they relax, have something to eat, and wait out the approaching heat of the afternoon.

He estimated that the temperature was already in the mid-eighties, and would probably reach just over ninety before it began to cool down again. After a quick sandwich and the last of the beer, Amy strolled across the grassy foreshore of the stream, fascinated by the rivulets of the moving water.

In the back of her mind, her uncle's promise that he was going to fuck her somewhere around here became a focussed thought. Just remembering how good his hard cock had felt buried deep in her ass started her juices flowing, and a couple of heavy dribbles crept down her inner thigh.

The feeling on her skin made her even more horny, if such a thing was possible. That trickle of Amy's juice wasn't lost on Ben, either. The sight of her juices oozing from that perfect pussy excited him, and his cock began to rise in response. Raising himself up, he walked over to where Amy was standing, wrapped his arms around her middle, and felt his semi-erect cock easing itself between her ass cheeks.

Amy responded by holding his arms in hers, then pushing back until Ben's cockhead was just below her pucker. She leaned back into him, silently inviting him to invade her whenever he was ready.

"Little One, you have any idea of just how much you turn me on? How horny you get me? Or how badly I want to fuck this gorgeous ass of yours?" Ben growled lustfully.

"Well, in a word. . no" she purred back to her uncle. "So tell me, how bad do you want to slide that hard, thick cock up my tight little asshole?" she teased. Ben answered by moving his cockhead up enough to feel her rosebud centre his cockhead in the middle of her opening, then pressed lightly but insistently, so that it threatened to enter her and bury itself deeply in her bowel.

Amy was torn between surrendering herself immediately, or waiting for her uncle to slide his massive manhood up her slit, lubricating both of them for his final assault. As much as she wanted him inside her, she was aware that coating his cock with her cunt juices would make the experience more enjoyable for both of them.

"Uncle Ben? Rub it up my slit and make us both wet. As much as I want you up my ass, my juices will help you get into me deeper. That's how I want to be fucked right now; deep" Amy pleaded.

Ben complied, and began rubbing his cock up and down her gash, humping against her clit and the entrance to her sex.


The soft moistness of her pussy felt so good on his cock. He wished that she had started her prescription sooner, so that he might drive his hard cock deep into her silky cunt. The argument about conception drifted around in his head, but the sensuous pleasure of her pussy sliding on his engorged shaft made it hard to remember the consequences of filling her dripping pussy with his cum.

As soon as she thought he might have enough of her juices to lubricate both of them, Amy slipped her hand between her thighs and guided ben's cock towards her asshole. When he realized that she had positioned him at her rear entrance, he began to push against her pucker once more, feeling her sphincter slowly relax until his cockhead slipped inside her asshole.

With slow and calculated strokes, Ben began to slip inside her deeper and deeper, until he felt her cheeks press against his hips. Until now, his hands had held her hips in place, but now he slid them up and captured her breasts, one in each hand, twisting her nipples between thumbs and forefingers, gently tugging on them as they rolled in his grasp.

Amy moaned with lustful surrender, revelling with the feeling of that throbbing cock buried deep within her. Ben pulled her body tightly to his chest, held by the strength of his arms as his hands squeezed and manipulated her breast, then began to pump his cock in and out of her tight, silky asshole.

"Fuck me, Uncle," Amy growled, "fuck me until you spurt your cum in me! Squeeze my tits, while I finger myself. I want to cum with you, so fucking bad!" "Don't worry, Little One.

I want to feel you cum all over me as badly as you want to feel my cream fill you up" Ben whispered, as his cock began to piston in Amy's ass a little faster. He could feel her hand sliding down her belly on its way to her clit, then the touch of her fingers up her cunt as they stroked the bottom of his cock through the thin membrane that separated the two canals. That light touch of hers almost made him cream, but he did everything he could to hold back his orgasm.

Soon, Amy's fingers were pistoning inside her own cunt, searching for and locating the ridges inside that defined her G-spot, and her pussy began to tingle as a precursor to her pending cum. She could feel Ben's cock in her bowel, its mass filling her to the point of sheer ecstasy. As her breathing changed, Ben pumped himself up her tight hole faster too, in an effort to fill her bowel at the same time as the excitement in her clit migrated to the rest of her young body.

Within a few more strokes inside his niece's rear hole, Ben felt his balls begin to lift as they filled his shaft with hot seed, and built enough pressure there to send it deep into Amy's convulsing bowel. As soon as the first tremble of her spasming body manifested itself, he also felt the first spurt of his cream burst from his cockhead.

Despite being overwhelmed by the throes of her climax, Amy could feel the invading flood from her uncle's cock, and that drove her even further up her peak of pleasure. "God, yes-s-s-s, Ben! Cum for me! Fill me up with that hot cream of yours!

I'm cumming!" and her cries of encouragement became screams of delight. It was some time before either one had enough control over their shaking body to confidently stand without the support of the other.

Ben held his niece tightly to him as he leaned into her, his legs shaking and threatening to collapse. It was all Amy could do to lock her knee joints so that her uncle's weight didn't topple her to the ground. When she could stand on her own, she turned around, and as Ben's cock slipped from her hole, she silently cursed her impatience. That massive meat of his filled her up so good, and for a few seconds, she missed the reality of its invasion.

But now that she faced Ben, her arms flew around him, and she pulled him to her lips, entwining their tongues in a kiss of pure passion. Ben felt a little overwhelmed by Amy's response, but had absolutely no regret that she had abandoned his cock for his lips.

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He held her tightly, cupping her ass in his hands, and the slipperiness of his semen that had oozed out her ass and now coated her ass crack. "Umm, that was incredible, Ben," Amy whispered, "but I really would like to clean up a bit before we move on. Somehow, I doubt leather and cum are a good mixture." "Good thought, Little One" Ben answered back.

"There's a bit of a backwater pool just downstream, around that first bend. It's deep enough, and the flow slow enough, that we can take a quick dip, and cool off at the same time. But I'll warn you now; the water is pretty cold." Amy started off in the direction that Ben had suggested, finding the small pool on the other side of the stream.

Access would be relatively easy, as there were large boulders that could be used as stepping stones.

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Lightly on her feet, Amy crossed the creek, surveying the pool as she went. It appeared to be about six or seven feet deep at the deepest point. She was about to dive in, when Ben stopped her with a warning shout. "Amy! Don't! It's deep enough, but the cold will knock you out. Test the temperature first, and you'll see what I mean." Dipping her one foot into the rippling water, she pulled it back almost immediately, the cold water almost painful on her skin.

"Holy shit! That is cold!" she gasped. "I'd have thought is might be a little warmer, but that's freezing!" "Probably not too far from it" Ben agreed. "These streams are fed from the glaciers between here and the Great Divide.

It moves fast enough that the water doesn't pick up a lot of heat. The last time I tested this particular stream, it was thirty-eight, so it might be forty degrees this afternoon, at the most. Even watering the horses and livestock from here could be dangerous to them. When we get a little further down, you'll see where we've dug a divergent channel to one of the dug-outs.

As long as the water has a chance to warm up before the livestock drink it, it's about the clearest and cleanest you'll find." Amy moved to a shallow spot at the edge of the pool and began to wash her sweat-covered body. The cold water made her nipples stand erect as she scooped the stream's water in her hands and poured it over her chest.

That fact wasn't lost on Ben as he joined her. When he poured water over his groin, his cock shrivelled up in retreat from the cold. The sight of his usually massive meat now not much bigger than her thumb had Amy roaring in gales of laughter. Ben looked at her quizzically, unable to understand what she found so funny about his discomfort. "And just what the hell are you laughing at?" he asked.

It took a minute or two for Amy to get her laughing under control sufficiently to answer him. "You know how you always call me 'Little One'? I was thinking of calling you 'Meat-Ball', for that gorgeous hunk of meat you keep sharing with me, and those beautiful balls of yours that keep filling me up with your cum. But looking at what the cold water's done, you have to admit that both your meat and your balls are.

. well, a little on the small side. In fact, they've almost disappeared!" she chuckled. Looking down at his crotch, Ben could see the butt of her joking, and realized that she was right.

With a shrivelled cock like that, he'd have trouble fucking a chipmunk! Just that thought hit his funny-bone, and he began to laugh along with his niece. Once cleaned up, the combination of the sun's warmth, the light touch of the air on their still-naked skin, and the need to let both dry the off induced both Ben and Amy to lay in the range grass on their backs, Amy facing one way while Ben faced the other, so that their heads were beside each.

A kiss was only a head-turn away. Amy lightly but lovingly rubbed her sensuous lips on Ben's, and he returned the show of affection. Soon, the relaxing combinations carried them both off into a restful sleep that lasted for almost two hours.

Amy woke first, and she could feel her skin protesting her movements. She'd gotten a little sunburned, which she knew would become a tan within days. Rolling her head sideways, she was shocked, and a little concerned with the ominous shade of red her uncle's skin had become.

Every part of him from head to toe was a bright shade of lobster red, including his poor cock. She had to wake him before he suffered any more of a burn. "Ben? Ben! Wake up!" she demanded. "Shit, you're burnt to a crisp!" Ben woke slowly, the combination of his grogginess and his burned skin slowing him down. "Owww! Shit, that hurts!" he hollered. "Damn, I've got myself really well-burnt, don't it?" he questioned. "Come on, let's get you back to that pool.

Maybe we can put something cool on you to take the heat out" Amy commanded. "Just let me know if you start feeling dizzy.

The last thing we need is for you to get heat-stroke, or worse." Using a piece of the cotton cloth from her saddle, Amy softly rinsed Ben's burned skin with the cooling liquid from the stream. He twitched in reaction to the cold water at first, but as the heat from his body warmed the moist cloth, he began to feel better.

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Well, until Amy started to apply the cloth to his groin. The sensitive skin of his pubic area protested being touched in any way. Amy felt worry creep over her, while Ben just felt pain. "Shit, what a place for a fucking sunburn!" Ben growled. "Some people tan after a burn. Not me, though. I've got two colours; pure white, and glow-in-the-dark red!

This burn ain't going away until I start to peel!" There was some humour in the vision of Ben's cock peeling after a sunburn, but neither one of them felt like exploring humour at the moment. Amy knew she had to get her uncle back to the ranch house as soon as possible, she rifled through his saddlebags and located a loose shirt and a pair of sweat pants to cover his reddened skin.

Returning to him, she persuaded Ben to put the clothes on so that he wouldn't suffer too much more damage. "How far back to the ranch house from here?" she asked Ben. "About fifteen miles, as the crow flies, but we'll have to run south to get past that home ridge. That just about doubles the distance. Why?" Ben inquired. "Because I've got to get you out of this sun, and back to the house as soon as possible.

Think you can ride thirty miles in one shot?" "Not a hope in hell," Ben mumbled, "even if I didn't do something so fucking stupid, like getting fried! In this terrain, that thirty miles is an all-day proposition, with an early start, too. But we can try for the south edge of the range tonight, and finish off tomorrow. That's assuming I can stay on that old nag that long" he volunteered. They covered almost six miles, as the crow flies, but the necessary circuitous route was more like fifteen miles, with Ben in agony for most of it.

Several times they would stop to let Ben rest, with Amy applying cooling water to his burns. By the end of that leg of the journey, almost six hours had passed. Both Amy and Ben were tired, sore, and in desperate need of a night's rest. Amy set up a hasty trail camp, then made a quick meal to stifle the hunger they both felt.

As soon as they'd finished eating, Ben crawled into the tent and sprawled on top of the bedroll blanket, while Amy made herself as comfortable as she could without encroaching on her uncle. As the night air cooled down, Ben began to shiver, partially because of the skin burn, but ore because of the shock induced by the quickly falling temperature. He tried to ease himself under the blanket, but the movements were almost too much for his exhausted muscles.

His thrashing around woke Amy, who immediately did all she could to cover her uncle. When she had him under the warming blanket, she started to crawl back under her own cover. "Little One?" Ben pleaded, "stay with me? I know this isn't the most comfortable or convenient arrangement possible, but I really need you beside me." "Are you sure, Ben? I don't want to roll over and bump against your skin burn, and make you even more uncomfortable.

I'm not so sure that you need any extra heat from my body, either." "Yeah, you may be right, but I'll take my chances. I just need to feel you close to me. Call it an old man's security blanket, if you will, but even though you're only as far away as the other end of the tent, I.

. well, I miss you. It's as simple as that. I know it sounds silly, but I've gotten kind of used to you being beside me at night" Ben confessed. Amy had her reservations, but moved herself so that she lay beside Ben, trying to avoid causing him any discomfort, but also attempting to give him that secure feeling he seemed to want.

She also noted in the light of the dim moonlight that her uncle fell asleep with a happy smile on his face. His contented expression brought a similar feeling of happiness to his niece, and they both drifted off to sleep in mere moments. Amy awoke the next morning to the groans of Ben's discomfort. He lay on his back still, but was writhing around and wiggling like a drunken snake on his bedroll. Whether he was asleep or not, she culdn't determine, but he did have a problem alright. His cock was hard as a rock and pointed towards the ridge of the tent like a flagpole.

Under any other circumstances, she'd kill to be able to suck him until he filled her belly with his boiling cum. Under these circumstances, though, she was afraid that she would probably do more damage to his skin than relive his straining erection. "Damn," she thought, "what a fucking waste!" Amy struggled to get her thoughts off Ben's cock, and back to his immediate need for medical relief. Rolling over onto her stomach, she found that Ben was half awake, and in a state of mild distress.

"Uncle Ben? What's wrong? What can I do to help?" she inquired with a voice full of genuine concern. "My back's itchy as hell, Little One" Ben replied. "It doesn't make sense, because it's my front that's burned.

Take a look, and tell me what you see." Ben rolled onto his side, and Amy gently lifted the back of his shirt. The skin was slightly red, but covered in welts. If she didn't know better, she would have guessed that he'd been laying in some poison oak. "I think it's a heat reaction" Ben suggested. "There's some cream in the first aid kit in my saddlebag. I'll get you to try rubbing some of that on the welts, and we'll see if it helps." Amy ducked out the tent's flap, found the first aid kit, and brought a water bag as well.

Applying the anti-itch cream gave Ben almost immediate relief, although he wasn't quite prepared for the rag soaked in cold water that Amy slipped over his erection. The result, though, was as she'd hoped; his cock softened and became flaccid almost immediately. "Sorry, Uncle Ben, but it was either that, or suck you off and chance chapped skin. As much as I love the taste of your cum, your skin is in enough trouble already.

That was the only other thing I could think of to ease your discomfort" she explained to him. "Yeah, you're probably right, but a blowjob would have felt damned good, especially the way you give them" Ben grumbled.

It was a toss-up as to which one of them was more disappointed. While she had the rag and the water, though, Amy bathed Ben's body from head to toe. The cooling water made his burns feel more tolerable. "Maybe riding around naked wasn't such a good idea, was it, Little One?" Ben muttered to his niece.

"Oh shut up, Uncle! I loved the feeling of the fresh air on my skin, and I know you enjoyed watching my tits bounce as we rode. You know, and I know, that it was falling asleep after we fucked that did it. Does that mean that you're trying to tell me we shouldn't have sex when we're out on the range? Like, as if that's gonna happen! I gave you all my virginity, and I don't regret it for one single second!

I'll be damned if I'm gonna give up the benefits of loving you without a fight" Amy almost screamed. "Yeah, you're right" was all that Ben said. "Right about what? About riding naked?

About giving you my virginity? Or about having sex when we're on the trails?" Amy demanded haughtily. "Umm-hmm" was all Ben said, but the smile on his face finished the rest of his sentence. Amy would have slapped him if he wasn't suffering from burned skin, but that wasn't an option right now. Instead, she leaned over and kissed her uncle's lips softly, tenderly, and with the beginning of a new feeling inside her. Love; love for the man that had taken her in, had shown her about the joys of sexual fulfilment, that was offering to share his life, and everything he owned, with her.

In that one moment in time, she realized that she would be spending a lot of time learning about Ranchland, and about the man that had built it. Ben reached up, ran his hand around to the back of Amy's head, and pulled her lips tightly to his own. He held her there softly for almost a full minute, then as he unlocked his lips from hers, gazed into her soft, young, grey eyes, and whispered to her, "Amy, I'm falling in love with you, I think.

That's a big step for me, and I'll admit that it's a little scary." "Good" she replied. "Good?" Ben quizzed.

"Good how? That I'm falling in love? Good that it's a big step? Or good that I'm scared?" "Umm-hmm" was all she said, but her insistent kiss told Ben that he wasn't the only one that was looking forward to their future. He returned her kiss with every part of his soul. Deep inside, he knew that, despite all the challenges and pitfalls of running Ranchland, they'd do just fine.

. once he got over this stupid sunburn. But if he had it to do it all again, he wouldn't change a single minute. After all, his niece had been there, too. That was the most important part.