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Flüssiges Gold 13 Szene 2
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The truck pulled into the yard and expertly was parked in the space marked 13. The driver, Denny had been working for the company almost 15 years. He was in his late forties, but had the look of a man who was about ten years younger than he actually was.

Denny, although a driver with a bit of an attitude problem when it came to management, was one of the better workers that the company had at the time. Denny was a bit set in his ways when it came to working and a bit OCD about the order of how he did his daily job. But he did his job with pride and to the best of his ability and the results were most often on the plus side so he was allowed a bit of a long leash by management.

About a year ago, the company had hired some new drivers. Among those new workers was a young red haired girl named Mara. She was in her early twenties, and she was absolutely beautiful. Mara stood about 5'6" tall and weighed a modest 113 lbs. She wore loose clothing to work, a company shirt and the standard company shorts, but the way it draped her frame was a cute sight to most of the men who were lucky to gaze upon her beauty.

Many long looks were taken and filed away by the guys who worked beside her. Like most redheaded women, Mara was a bit of a firecracker. She was soft spoken but had a smile that would melt even the crustiest of drivers, and she was well liked by her peers. Still though, there was a hint of evil behind those beautiful light green eyes, an evil that was stoked from time to time and was sometimes hurtful to the recipient.

Denny was smitten at the first sight of her. A man twenty years Mara's senior, Denny never envisioned himself a possibility for Mara's affections, in fact truth be told, Denny wasn't that lucky when it came to any woman. He was just a simple black man that didn't draw many crowds and was destined to be alone.

Somehow though, Denny and Mara had struck up a pretty good friendship. They talked about the job and the daily grind of it all and Denny offered Mara the wisdom of past experiences, experiences that only a veteran would be privy to.

He mentored his young pretty friend in the nuances and the protocols on how to work with efficiency, and revealed the shortcuts he knew to help her make her workday easier.

Denny also would appear on her daily routes from time to time bringing her coffee or water, or maybe a breakfast sandwich. Denny did a lot for Mara in the year that he knew her, and it was clear to everyone that he was smitten with her. Every time he did something nice for her, Mara would smile and would have a look of thankfulness and it would fill the void in Denny even though he knew deep down that a romantic relationship with his friend was impossible and never going to happen.

It made him feel good; kind of like he was a father figure to her who was the closest he could get himself to her, which wasn't a bad second prize for him. He relegated his feelings to friendship and it was enough for him and everything was okay. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Then one week Denny took a vacation.

When he returned, Mara was acting differently towards him. During Denny's vacation, the company had hired some more drivers, and a driver who was the same age as Mara a Spanish kid named Franco had caught her eye.

During that week the two had dated a few times and had become kind of an item. Denny and his kindness had been all but forgotten by Mara, which would have been ok except that she had become very standoffish towards him now that she had a steady beau. In fact, Mara was acting very mean to Denny. Since returning from vacation Mara treated Denny like dirt and it broke his heart.

The friendship he thought he had with this very pretty young white girl apparently wasn't what he thought it was. He was devastated. All he had ever been to Mara was kind and now he was getting the brush off. One day on the dock, Denny was sitting by himself and wallowing in his misery when one of the other black guys who worked there, Terry sat down beside him. Terry: "Damn Denny, you can't let all that shit eat you up inside, man! Not over some Ho!" Denny: "I know. It just hurts so much.

I mean I know I never had a chance with her given the age difference and all, but I thought we at least were friends. Now I hear she talks shit about me and makes fun of me behind my back, it just hurts too much Terry." Terry: "Hey man!

Fuck that bitch! Who the fuck is she anyways? Listen, I got an idea. Did she hurt you enough to where you wanna get some revenge on her?" Denny: "What do you mean?" Terry: "Answer my question?" Denny: "I…guess." Terry: "Ok here, take this card.

You figure out a way to get that bitch to go to this address and I promise you, things are gonna change for the better. Don't worry, She ain't gonna get killed or nothing, but when you see her again she won't be a fucking cunt anymore towards you.

You dig?" Denny nodded and took the card. Terry patted him on the back and left. The card read: The Factory, 34 Harrison Blvd. Denny had no clue what was at that address, but he knew he had to get his ex-friend to go there. It was the only way to stop the hurt. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The next day, Denny sat in the break room.

Two tables from him Mara sat with Franco and they were giggling together. It was apparent that they were making fun of Denny again. This pissed off Denny to no end as he sat trying to not look in their direction. It was at that point that Denny thought up a plan of how to get Mara to go to the address on the business card that Terry had given him. Mara and Franco liked to frequent clubs after work.

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But that night Franco had agreed to work a few hours overtime so going to a club would be off for that night. Denny thought quick and devised a plan. He got up from his lunch table and went to the offices to retrieve some paper and a pen.

He then wrote a letter to Mara…from Franco: Mara Only had to work 1-hour overtime instead of 3. My buddy called me and told me about this new place.

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Meet me there tonight. It's Called The Factory. I'll see you soon baby. -Franco Denny got an envelope and put the letter in it along with the card with the address on it that Terry gave him.

Denny then waited for both Mara and Franco to return to their trucks to return to their routes. As soon as they were gone, Denny put the envelope in Mara's locker. Denny then went back to his own route. At the end of the day, Denny watched Mara from afar as she opened 'Franco's' letter. A smile appeared on her face and she quickly got her things and punched out and drove home. Denny hadn't a clue as to what was in store for his ex friend, but he smiled to himself knowing full well that she had taken the bait.

Mara had decided to dress herself provocatively for her 'date' at the new club with her boyfriend. She put together a dark blue skirt and blouse combo, along with some black stockings and a pair of four-inch heels. She put this altogether quickly and got back to her car to head to the address on the card. The Factory, she thought to herself, this sounds like a really hot spot. Ten minutes later, Mara arrived at 34 Harrison Blvd. And parked her car. The building didn't look like a club.

There weren't any neon signs or anything, and the parking lot looked only about half full. Mara deduced that it must have been an exclusive club and it was still early and that the heavy party wouldn't begin until a little later. She quickly adjusted her make-up and then grabbed her purse and headed for the door of the building. When she opened the door she found a darkened lobby with a large black man sitting behind a desk at the end of it.

Puzzled, she walked up to him. Mara: "Excuse me…is this a place called The Factory?" Man: "Damn girl it sure is! What can I do you for?" Mara: "Well, my boyfriend told me to meet him here.

He told me it was a dance club. Is it alright if I wait here for him?" Man: "Sho-enough. Take a seat baby. The club isn't open yet, but would you like some refreshments? I can order you a drink and have it sent here." Mara: "Sure! I'll have a Long Island Iced Tea, if it's not too much trouble." The black man pressed a button on the phone on his desk.

Man: "Hey yo Tyrone! Bring me back a #12, and make it a code number 7." Mara: "What's a code number 7?" Man: "Oh…it just means quickly." Two minutes later, another black man came thru the door with Mara's drink order and handed it to her smiling. She excitedly took a sip. Mara: "Oh, this is good!

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It tastes a little strong but." With that Mara's words trailed off and she slumped back into her chair and passed out. Her drink was definitely spiked with something that made her lose her consciousness. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A few hours later, Mara began to slowly wake up. Everything was fuzzy and her head hurt.


She looked around the room but she couldn't figure out where she was. As she woke slowly she started to come to some realizations one by one. First off, she realized that she was stark naked. She also figured out that she was strapped in a weird plastic chair, her legs and her hands were tied down. It also was clear that her legs were strapped higher than her head in what felt like gynecological stirrups.

As Mara awakened further she realized that her mouth was gagged and that her ass was stuffed with something wet and hard. Her ass had never felt that full before. As she looked around the room it was at that point she realized that she wasn't alone.

Seated in a chair across the room with his arms folded and watching her was a large black man that she had never seen before. He looked to her to be in his fifties, and he was fit and muscular and was wearing black jeans and a black t-shirt.

Man: "Well Mara, you're finally awake. Look at you, you have no fucking idea where you at do you?" The man unfolded his arms and stood up and walked over to her. A weird grin appeared over his face. Man: "Girl you done fucked up! You pissed some motherfucker off pretty bad because, no one knows about this place! See, you were lured here. And tonight you gonna pay some mother-fucking penance for some shit that you did to some mother fucker!" Mara looked at the man dumbfounded.

She had no clue what he was talking about. Who sent her here? Al she knew was that her boyfriend had told her to meet him and as far as she knew, he wasn't upset with her at all. But still, where was she?

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How did she get there in that room? Why was she naked?


And WHAT was in her asshole? All of these questions would soon become clear to Mara as she lie naked and helplessly bound with her legs up high in front of a huge strang black man. Man: "Bitch don't be acting all innocent. You've been walking around and living your life like you were some kinda queen shit! Well tonight, you find out that you ain't all that!

See, tonight&hellip. tonight you gonna get got! But listen; whatever happens tonight…you best count your lucky stars because you ain't here on the A-plan. No-no-no&hellip. you here on the tag and release program. That's the orders. See, there's been white Ho's through here that have become mother-fucking professionals, but that's not what's in store for you.

But that's okay, your little white ass will yearn for more after tonight anyways so it ain't no thing!" Mara took all of his words in. She still hadn't a clue as to what he was talking about. Her heart started to beat a little faster but the one thing that registered from everything he had just told her was that she was being released after some time so she felt secure in the fact that she wasn't going to be harmed.

The man continued. Man: "Bitch, you see that door? Behind that door is twelve of my brothas. Big motherfuckers too! And very shortly, they coming in here and you gonna get the biggest fucking that you eva had in you're sweet Polly pure bread life.

And Bitch&hellip. when it's all done you gonna be begging for more!" So it was to be a gangbang, a black gangbang Mara thought to herself. In her short life she had never been involved with group sex before.

She had dated a black man in high school but they never had sex. It was a lot of kissing and groping and they were only together a few weeks because he had died in a car accident shortly after they had met. Now she was tied to a chair in a strange place and she was being told that she was gonna get fucked by a dozen of them. Mara had never seen a black cock before but she had heard all of the rumors about them.

Her heart started to beat faster again at the thought of being fucked by a bunch of them. Just then, the man leaned in between her legs and tugged and pulled out the object that was stuck deep up in her asshole. It made a popping noise and she stared in horror at it as he held it up to show her. Man: "Yup! This shit is a eight-inch black dildo and it was balls deep in your asshole. Look at that magnificent large tool! I bet you can't believe this huge thing was all the way up in yo ass?

Well, by the end of tonight this motherfucker is gonna seem like a toothpick. Now…it's time for the fuckings to commence." With that the man opened the door and twelve of the biggest black men Mara had ever seen entered the room. They were all naked with their giant black cocks swinging between their legs. Wow, Mara thought, those things look huge. A weird tingle started to come over her body again and her pussy was getting very wet.

It was almost like her body was salivating for what was about to happen to it regardless of what her mind was thinking. A loud bell rang and startled Mara for a second. With that, one of the black men walked between her high and tied to stirrup-ed legs with his hand pumping his cock to erection.

It was huge. It looked to be about 9 inches and it was thicker than any white cock she had ever seen. He then stuck a finger into Mara's vagina. Black Man: "Hey man…this bitch is soaked!" The man then removed his finger and started pushing the head of his large monster against her pussy lips. Mara's back arched and a visible look of pain came across her still gagged face. The man got himself about halfway in and then started to pump in and out with larger and longer strokes.

Mara's cunt was being filled and opened to a capacity that no cock in her past had ever reached before. She felt like she was being impaled by a telephone pole. After about two minutes, the man pulled himself out and another big black man who was equally endowed as the first replaced him. The second man gained access to her box with better ease than the first did, and Mara's pain was changing to pleasure.

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She began to moan around her gag as the second man got himself into a rhythm and pumped in and out with more vigor. Mara had her first orgasm of the night during this and it was the most intense one that she had ever experienced.

Another two minutes had passed, and another man took his turn. This went on for the next 3 hours, each of the twelve men taking turns, one after the other, fucking this cute little redhead's pussy.

Mara was having orgasm after orgasm and she was becoming a sticky mess from all the semen these giants were shooting deep into her pussy, and onto her alabaster white stomach. When 3 hours had come the loud bell rang again and all of the men stopped and began filing back out through the door. Mara sat in her special chair trying to regain her senses.

She actually had enjoyed all of that fucking she was just given and now she was wondering what was in store for her next.

Her original captor returned to the room. Man: "Well bitch, that pussy is broken in quite nicely isn't it? That's good! But we gonna give that cunt of yours a rest for a while. See, it's time to see how much black dick you can swallow.

But you listen to me carefully because there are some rules.

I'm gonna untie you from that chair and I'm gonna remove that gag. Then we gonna go down to a special room that is specially made for dick sucking. That's right bitch, a glory hole room. Once I put you in there, you will suck each and every dick that is pushed through the hole.

You will not bite, you will not harm any of my brothas during this, and you will swallow every bit of cum that they spray at you without dropping one drop. Any violations of these rules and you will have to suck all those dicks anyways but it will be more brutal and you will be put in the stocks during it.

So don't fuck up you dig?" Mara nodded in affirmation as the man began to release her from the chair. He then removed the gag from her mouth and then handed her a bottle of water.

Mara quenched her thirst and then followed the man out the door. She followed him down a poorly lit corridor that had several doors connected to it. From behind the closed doors she could hear moans and noises, and sounds of sexual pleasure.

It was then that she had realized that she wasn't the only woman going through this weird experience. At one point on their journey, the man opened an occupied door and allowed Mara to peek inside at what was going on.

Inside, a short big-breasted longhaired blonde was locked into one of those medieval wooden stocks, with her feet, her hands and her head securely locked in. Naked black men surrounded her and she was being force fed a long black cock deep into her mouth.

The men were very rough with her pulling her hair and slapping her face. It was a horrible sight and Mara decided that she didn't want to go through what she was seeing. Her original captor then closed the door. As they continued down the corridor, Mara's legs were a bit wobbly from being tied in the chair for so long. She guzzled some more water trying to clear her dry mouth from the gag and struggled some more to keep her balance while she followed her captor.

The man then stopped and opened a thin white colored door. The room inside was small and looked like a small closet. It had a chair in the center of it and it was turned towards the back wall of the room. On the back wall there was one large hole about seated head level in the wall.

Man: "Ok bitch, take a seat and get ready. When the bell rings, every cock that comes through that hole you suck it until it cums. This shit ain't over until the bell rings again, so I suggest you keep yourself busy.

Like I said, you're gonna suck them all anyway so do yourself a favor and do it in here where it will be more comfortable for you. Remember, big brotha is watching you so do what I tells ya! Now get in there!" Mara entered the room and sat in the chair and the man shut the door and locked it. About a minute later the bell rang and the first black cock was pushed through the hole in the wall.

It was huge, almost the full length of her arm. Mara hesitated for a few seconds then reached out and touched the cock and stroked it a few times. It began to grow to her touch and her eyes marveled at the size it was growing to.

Mara then put her lips around the head of it and tried to suck it the best that she could. She was having a bit of a hard time fitting it into her throat so she started to use her hands to assist her mouth. Mara stroked and sucked the big black schlong to the best of her abilities.

After about seven long minutes, the cock started to tense up and she heard the man behind the wall moan in pleasure and then she felt her mouth filling with his black seed.

Mara swallowed as quickly as it squirted into her mouth. She didn't think it would stop. Once finished, the man's cock disappeared and another one appeared and Mara went to work on it.

This went on for another three hours. Mara sucked each black cock presented to her and swallowed all the jizz that shot from each one Her stomach was beginning to fill and her mouth was beginning to stretch. There was no telling how many different cocks she sucked, Mara had lost count after the seventh one, but by the end of the three hours Mara could fit a solid 7 inches of meat into her mouth and down her throat.

Before tonight, Mara wasn't a fan of oral sex. She had always found it a tad gross. She would accommodate her past boyfriends and suck their dicks during sex, but it wasn't something that she did often or with any gusto. The last three hours though, after sucking numerous big black cocks, Mara was becoming a cock-sucking specialist. It was a crash course and she was passing it with flying colors.

The bell rang again and no more cocks were put into the hole in the wall. Her original captor returned again and opened the door to the room. She followed him down the corridor again to her next sexual destination.

Mara's demeanor had changed by this time. No longer was she afraid or scared.

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In fact, she seemed to be enjoying what was happening to her. They arrived to another room, which had a long skinny about twenty-inch wide table in the center of it. There were straps hanging from it, and from the ceiling there was two long harness ropes. Mara was told to lie on her back on the table. She was then harnessed at the waist to it and her head was hung off of the end of it.

She then felt her legs one by one being secured to the ceiling ropes at her ankles. After they were secured and tied, the ropes were tied to another set of ropes that were tied to beams that were located above her head. Basically these ropes pulled Mara's legs up and back and raised her ass up from the other end of the table. After everything was secured, about fifteen naked black men started filling the room. Her original captor then spoke to her again. Man: "Oh Sweetheart you gonna enjoy this next exercise.

See, each one of these studs over here, they gonna fuck that tight little white ass of yours and wear it the fuck out! And just to keep your mouth busy, you're gonna simultaneously toss every one of these mother fuckers salad. Don't know what that means? It means while your ass is fucked you will be licking their asses with that pretty tongue of yours." Mara had never licked a man's ass before.

She also never had anal sex before. The only thing had ever been up her ass in her life was the dildo that her captor had jammed up it earlier in the night while she was unconscious. Her heart started to beat faster. What she was being told she was about to do was disgusting with every thought she had of it. Then the bell rang again and Mara started to panic. One of the men walked to her head and turned and stuck his filthy asshole right over her face and pressed it onto her nose and mouth.

It stunk.

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Mara coughed and tried to pull away from it but there was nowhere for her head to go. The black man whose ass was covering her face yelled at her. Black Man: "Lick it bitch! Lick it now!" Terrified, Mara stuck her tongue out and started to lick the man's hairy asshole.

It was disgusting and the smell was putrid. Just then she felt her own asshole being sprayed with a wet substance, which she figured was some kind of lubrication. A few seconds later, she felt the stinging pain of a large penis being jammed into her asshole. The pain was excruciating. Mara decided to concentrate on her ass licking duties to distract her from the pole being shoved into her tight asshole.

After two minutes, the men rotated out and Mara had a new asshole to lick and a new cock up her ass. After a while, her ass was more accepting to the girth of then black cocks that were filling it. In fact, it started to feel pretty good and her pussy was starting to get wet again.

During the next three hours, Mara licked every black man in the room's asshole clean and took every man's cock balls deep up into her tight little white sphincter. Each man sprayed their jizz into her ass at least two times each making her hole a sticky cum filled mess.

The bell rang again signifying that this session had ended. The men filed out and Mara began to wipe her mouth with her bare arms trying to get the taste of ass off of it to no avail.

She was then released from the ropes, picked up from the table, and sat into a wheelchair that had been brought in. Her original captor returned again. Man: "Well bitch, this was just a taste, so to speak of what could happen to a stuck up white cunt like you!

Be careful whom you piss off in life because you never ever know what their connections are! Now…I bet you want some of this water huh?" Mara took the bottled water she was given and took a few long swigs from it. After a few seconds she passed out. She had been drugged again.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A few hours later, Mara awoke at her own apartment in her own bed. She thought to herself that she must have been dreaming. Those thoughts disappeared when she moved and realized that she was still naked and her asshole, pussy, and mouth were sore.

The smell coming from her face was horrible and she jumped up from her bed and went to her bathroom and brushed her teeth vigorously. Mara then hopped into her bathtub and took a long cum cleansing shower. She tried her best to figure out why she had endured the past night's activities but couldn't come up with any answers. Mara decided to forget it all and after her shower returned to her bed and fell into a long deep sleep.

A couple of days later, Mara returned to work. At the time clock she saw her former black friend Denny talking to Terry. Her eyes immediately and involuntarily went to their crotches as she walked towards them and she was convinced that she could see the outline of their cocks.

Her pussy began to water again and her body started to tingle. It had only been a few days since she was fucked silly by numerous big black cocks and now she was suddenly craving more.


Mara couldn't believe what she was feeling, but the urge to be fucked by black dick again was very strong. Without even thinking, Mara winked at Denny and Terry then punched her time card.

She then leaned over and whispered into Denny's ear and walked away. Denny's mouth hung open in disbelief. Terry: "Hey man, what the fuck did she just say to you?" Denny: "I can't believe it! She said for you and me to meet her behind the trailers in the yard in five minutes, and that she wanted us to fuck her with our big black cocks." Terry: "Well shit man!

What are we waiting for! See…I told you that bitch would be different." Terry and Denny then hurried themselves to the yard to get themselves some of their pretty redheaded co-worker's pussy. The End