Busty brunette spex giving handjob to lucky guy

Busty brunette spex giving handjob to lucky guy
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Angela was at the meat processing plant, her breasts and fillet have been removed and now she faces the tube. The tube is a circular blade that is pushed up inside the pussy, slicing the flesh from bone as it goes in. When inserted all the way it is twisted so the flesh is cut free and the tube is then removed.

This is usually the final act when the butchered female realises that she is meat and there is no return. Angela was still crying quietly, she had come in her hair and her mouth had been filled on numerous occasions by myself, her brother and father. Her mum had done a great job of making sure Angelas face stayed clean and all come had been scraped into her daughters mouth.

Now it was time for the tube. The butcher had the tube inserted just inside Angelas pussy. Angela now had a pillow behind her head so she was able to see right down her body.

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The butcher asked her if she was ready, without waiting for an answer he pushed the tube deep inside her pussy. Angelas eyes opened wide and before she had time to scream the butcher had twisted the tube slicing through flesh and was already pulling it out.

Tears flowed down Angelas face and her cries sounded more like a tortured animal than a human. As he cries for mercy died down, I stood next to her and held her hand and spoke quietly to her, telling her she could rest a few minutes as her legs were now being strapped to the block, wide open of course and ready to be sawn off.

Angelas dad massaged his daughters legs rubbing the muscles, telling her that she was doing well, her debt would soon be paid. The butcher then pressed a button on the side of the block and placed a platter underneath. Anglea looked around asking what was happening and then she found out. The blades that sliced through the cheeks of her sexy arse were razor sharp and slicked her arse into bacon rashers in just under 5 minutes. Poor Angela begged for it to stop, That just resulted in more sperm finding its way into her open mouth.

She really was suffering and there was still more to come. When her arse had been sliced into bacon strips and placed with her breasts and pussy meat, the butcher sawed off Angelas feet at the ankle and then again just below the knee and again above the knee removing that joint, finally to saw her sexy legs off at the hip.


Angela had watched and screamed herself hoarse, when she asked for a drink at one point she was given more sperm to swallow.Looking at her ravaged body she couldnt believe what had happened to her, and when her arms were sawn off as well she couldnt scream any longer, just cried and begged for it to end.

But of course that wasnt about to happen just yet.

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When the butcher told Angela she was going to be gutted before she was put on display she cried and begged for him to reconsider. However before the butcher could answer Angelas mum said she wanted her daughters tummy flesh to roll and bake and could remove that herself after Angela had been gutted and put on display.

She also said she would skin her daughters pubes as well.

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Angelas brother wanted his sisters tongue as the last thing to be done to her as she choked her last seconds away on the garrott. All these things were decided and Angela lay there mutilated and very much alive listening to her family deciding on what parts the wanted and how they would be cooked.

So now the butcher placed the scalpel just below where Angelas lovely breasts used to be and pressed down, pulling the knife down her flat stomach all the way to her pubes. Angela watched in horror her mouth open and a groan escaping her sexy mouth, tears running down her face. The butcher opened the would and gutted her professionally and slowly, watching the poor woman her face covered in sperm struggling with the ordeal she was facing.

Once again her mother scraped all the sperm into Angelas mouth, telling her to swallow it all. Having no choice she swallowed.


With her stomach opened and gutted the block was wheeled through to another room to go on display. Around the room were various windows where people paid and had a peep show of the unfortunate woman in her final hours.

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When settled, the garrott on Angelas neck was set to 5 hours. Each hour it would get tighter and in the 4th hour breathing would be restricted and the 5th hour there device would close a bit more after 30 mins and finally closing in the last 30 mins. It was at that point the unfortunate woman would choke her last as her tongue was removed.

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All this was explained to Angela as she lay there. The butcher then left and Angelas mother picked up the skinning knife ready to remove her daughters pubes. With all the viewing windows open, it was noticed there were cups for the guys to leave a present for Angela in the way of a cup full of come for her to drink. I made a point of telling Angela about this she just lay there shaking her head asking for it to stop, of course this wasnt going to happen just yet.so now it was time .

To be continued

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