Sexy Teen Emma Hix gets banged by Mall Officer

Sexy Teen Emma Hix gets banged by Mall Officer
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My name is Ana and I am a slut to my mistress Andrea. I am a stunning 19 with black hair, black eyes, 36B sized brests, a 6 size waist and a shaven pussy.

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When I was 14 my parents so they could buy a couple bottles of beer. That's when my mistress Andrea bought me and (after lots of whippings and beatings) trained me to be a slut. I have also become a lesbian during this long period. I love her dearly and I will always be loyal to her. During one of my "inspections" of my mistress castle (which was in the middle of nowhere maybe because she didnt want to be found) my mistress aproached me.

She was a sexy 24 with blonde hair, blue eyes, 40B brests, a 8 size waist and a shaven pussy. She was wearing her latex mistress outfit which was a very skimpy dress that had her stomic showing and a pair of latex high heels.

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I was in a very sexy maid outfit that if I had to guess was bought at a halloween store. This would be one of her relaxing times and it usually included me "helping her relax". "My mistress" I said bowing to her. The bottom of my dress pulled up to show that I wasnt wearing any panties. "Hello my little slut follow me its time for relaxing" Andrea said and walked to her room in which I followed egarly. She was about 5" 9' and I was 5" 6' and she stood over me with her menicing glare.

"Get down and lick my heels" she told me in a comanding voice. "Yes mistress" I said getting down to her shoes. I began slowly licking her heels then went up to the top of her boot and then went back down. She lifted her heel and I began sucking the tip of it before going for a deepthroat then I stoped and began licking her leg slowly and went up to her latex skirt.

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I tounged that with passion and licked up until I began licking her bellybutton. While all of this is going Andrea was quietly moaning from pleasure. After a little bit of licking her bellybutton she undid her top and her brests popped out of her top to show that her tits were hard. I got on the floor and continued licking her heels until she told me to get on my knees.

"Worship my fucking tits you slut" she said with anger in her voice.

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"Yes my mistress" I said and I began licking her hard tits. They felt so good in my mouth and I began sucking them harder and harder until her brest milk began running into my mouth. "AHHHH!" she yelled out in pleasure as her warm milk ran into my mouth, teased my tastebuds on my tounge then ran to the back of my throat where I swallowed it with a small smile. "Mistress that was yummy!" I said with a smile.


"Well keep sucking them until they stop milking you little bitch" she said and I went back to my original position. I kept sucking them and sucking them until the milk stopped running down my throat. I stopped sucking them and began fondling my own brests while moaning in pleasure. "Now get on the bed you little bitch and strip yourself of your slut cloathing" she said with a strict tone.

I nodded and striped myself while walking to the bed. I felt furry cuffs go around my hands and legs and then I felt them get lightly pulled so that I was above the bed.

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It turns out that she had a machine had pulled up my cuffs up to the top of the bedposts. There was four posts that held up a curtain on my mistresses bed and my naked body was streched above the bedsheet. She began licking my pussy while fingering my ass and my body felt like it was being torn apart.

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"AHHH MY MISTRESS THAT IS SO NICE LICK ME HARRRDDDERRR" I yelled out. Soon I felt hard items stuffed into my pussy and ass that not only made me yell out it made my body shiver from the vibration of the items. Then while my head was looking to the sky and I was yelling out in pleasure I felt my hard tits get nibbled and sucked on. My mistress was eating out my tits and shoving some dildos in and out of my pussy and I felt ready to blow.

"IIIIIIIIMMMMMMMMMMM GOOOOOOOOONNNNNAAAA CUUUUUMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I yelled out feeling the heat wave exit through my wet pussy and the toys getting knocked out.

Then my mistress began eating my soaked pussy and I felt ready to cum again. I was already trying to recover from my eariler orgasm so I couldnt speak or move and this made me stiffer than ever. My mistress was enjoying licking my pussy and when I had my orgasm she took as much as she could in her mouth.

I was tierd and wet but felt great after what my mistress did to me. Then she did somthing she never did, she went up to my mouth and kissed me while putting the cum into my mouth and all I could do is kiss her back and put the cum back in her mouth.


We kept doing this for a couple of minutes until I was so tierd that I only got half of the cum in her mouth and I swallowed my own. It was the most tasty thing I have had in a while and mixed in with our saliva made it tastier.

After it went into the back of my throat I took a breath of deep air and smiled softly. "Mistress that was wonderful thank you for this" I said feeling closer to her.

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