Zwei verheiratete Paare spielen in einem Vierer ffmm

Zwei verheiratete Paare spielen in einem Vierer ffmm
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Lilith A Devil Unbound The portal errupted into flame, starting to close as a delicate red hand with long black femine fingernails. A women with a vipercated tale rose from the flame, she had two horns on her forehead and soot black hair down to her neck that shined in the light of the flame. She had long shaply legs. Her tail was wrapped around her leg and came between her large ample breasts with nice round nipples. She had piercing black eyes that shined like obsidien. She had a hard sixpack and hips the swung out when ever she walked.

She took a step forward her ass swung out. She had a perfect apple ass. She wore a white half buttoned T-shirt that barley contained her large breasts. She also wore a green, plaid miniskirt and 8 inch black open toed high heel clogs.

She pulled a sucker from her skirt pocket and using her tail unwrapped it sticking it in her mouth filled with perfect teeth. However her canines were a bit longer. She sucked on the green pop as she took it from her mouth and four smaller devils crawled up from her back.

Only a a foot tall the red gremlins whispered into her ear. "That's right, since 1956, they tried to make me a warrior of god. Said I was evil. Fuck 'em, I usualy sucked the headmaster off to get him off my ass." she smirked, she had a chrismatic, and rebelious voice. "Actualy I usualy liked him on my ass. They tried to spank me for punishment once. They knocked that shit off when they saw how much I liked it.

Pricks." "Princess." one said, She cut him off, "Darro, I told you if I ever got back to call me by name." "Yes Lilith." it said. She gave a deep smell. A demon has just been here, I smell him. He has obviously just raped a girl, I smell her juices. She smiled insidiously. "I'm not going to waste my time on earth this time." Lilith was was a devil.

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Seperate from the demon counterparts who were always brawn and brought destruction with them always. Devils on the other hand were diabolical, insidous, and devious beyond belief. Chrismatic a devil loves order (unlike demons) and they are extremely intelligent. Just as there are creatures as malevolent as them there are creatures equaly benevolant.

"Angels", creatures on their own plane and usualy kill devils/demons on sight and vise versa. Lilith walked up the stairs and looked around. "Humanity has improved." she said looking around at all of the new technology they had.

She walked outside into the night and smelled the clean fresh air. The moon shined bright. She saw a car pull up, a policmen she realized. Being only to tell by the lights at the top. The police officer got out of the car as her gremlins slinked from her and hid in the bushes.

"A little early for Halloween isn't it?" he said in a condesending tone. "I thought I smelled bacon." she said with a devious smile. The police officers smile turned into a frown as he spoke again.

"Ok, miss, are you drunk, because I will take you in." he warned, "Do you feel powerful?" she asked, "Wearing thatbadge like it gives you some sort of superpowers.

Like somehow that tight blue uniform makes you different from any other human." "I up hold the law!" he nearly yelled as the gremlins started to come closer to him hiding in the dark. "So what if you had to arrest someone for something you didn't think was a crime?

Would you arrest them anyway? What if you thought drinking Should be a crime and you saw someone drunk? Would you arrest them? What gives you the right to choose these things for everyone else? What makes you so damn special?" she asked licking her lolipop standing suducivly making him question everything he ever believed in, "See, you've arrested people just because you didn't like them.

Then you gave them a bunch of charges they didn't commit. Then you wear that molded scrap of metal on your chest like it means something. It's nothing." she explained. The police officer looked like he was going to throw up when he suddenly yelled out in terror. He looked down to see his ankle bleeding badly and didn't realize one of the gremlin was crawling up his back.

He began to draw out his pistol when a gremlin popped out and took a major chunk of his hand out with it's teeth. He yelled out dropping the gun. He looked over seeing the red woman in front of him it was the last thing her saw as her tail came up whipping past his throat. His eyes flew open as he grasped his throat choking. "Thanks for the gun. And the car." she giggled. She sped down the road at over 100 mph, she loved humanities new toys.

She flew past a cluster of trees as sirens started and came up behind her car.

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"Sqaud 44, will you pull over please?" a female voice came over the radio. Lilith rolled her eyes as she slowed down and pulled over to the side of the road.

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The other squad pulled up behind her as a black haired white woman got out of the car with short hair. She had alot of eye shadow a a hole in her lip where a peirceing went.

She had almond colored eyes. She was slim. A spark came into Liliths eyes. She rolled down both her window and the back left window. She said a few words under her breath. The camera on the other squad car cracked. "I want this one alive. Get ready." she said as the gremlins climbed into the back seat.

The police officer pulled a flashlight as she approached, "Over a hundred miles an hour without a siren on, are you nuts Jerry?" she scolded as she pointed it in, she gasped backing up when she saw the devils face.

The gremlins jumped out roaring and crawled all over her. She screamed out in terror as one cut her belt with it's razor sharp fingernail and reliquished her gun. Then one to her pepper spray and to her taser. One tried grabbing her badge but it screamed out being burned by it and falling to the ground. The other gremlins dragged her weapons away as Lilith had already exited the vehicle and grasped her by the throat and whipped her over the car.

Her clothes tattered by the little monsters that were all over her. Lilith grabbed her badge. It burned her flesh for a few moments and flung it to the side. Lilith put her legs under the officers and spread them. Her tail snuck into a rip and out of her waist pulling hard tearing the pants from her.

"I haven't had human flesh for so long." she whispered into the police womans ear, sticking out her tongue licking around her ear. The police woman named, Trisha, was terrified. She was a god fearing woman who knew she was a demon.

"Please god help me?" she cried out, "You don't really believe there's a floating man in tge clouds with a big white beard watching everyone at all times do you?" she asked mocking the woman. Trisha put her hands together and started praying, "Let me let you in on a little secret." she whispered, "There is no god.

He's an astrological myth. If you want proof, the egyptian god Horace is exactly the same as Jesus, and everything in the bible is reflected by the constellations. Your belief and blind faith is foolhardy." she laughed, "but I garantee that I am real." she said slowly sliding her fingers into the womans white cotton panties.

Her expression went into a state of shock as her hands slammed down on the car trying to loft herself away. Lilith grabbed her hair and pulled her head back opening her mouth a little, enough for the devil to kiss her. Sliding her tongue into her mouth and licking her tongue. "I forgot how good humans tasted." she said with a devious grin as she kept rubbing the womans clit.

Her other hand ripped Trisha's shirt off as Lilith licked her belly. Then started to suck on her left breast and sqeezing the right. She plunged her middle finger into Trisha's womanhood making her give a gasp that was almost a moan. Lilith took one of Trisha's breasts in one hand and using her large canines bit Trisha's nipple hard.

She screamed out, echoing in the forest. "You're getting wet officer." Lilith whispered into her ear, feeling her pussy starting to leak in her juices.

Lilith ripped off her panties as she grabbed both of Trisha's breasts and sucked her neck as her tail slowly slid up Trisha's thigh. Her tails touched The womans clit and slowly rubbed it.


Trisha moaned out loud trying to maintain her dignity and her humility as the hard vipercated tail rubbed her. Trisha was extremely wet. He clit was being violated by the devils tail, while her breasts were being assualted by the devils hands with long fingernails and her neck was being kissed and sucked by her mouth.

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The tail stopped rubbing and plunged deep inside of the womans pussy. The woman cried out in pain and pleasure unable to contain the built up stimulation. She wanted to start humping the tail but wouldn't give into the devils temptation. Lilith bit into her neck drawing blood and raked her fingernails down hard scatching her belly deeply causing her to shout an orgasm of pleasure and pain. "You're done, I think it's my turn now." she said forcing the woman to her knees. Lilith opened the door and put up one of her legs spreading them wide as her steaming hot pussy was staring Trisha in the face.

Lilith grabbed the back of her head and shoved her face into her pussy. "Lick me, or else I'll eat kill you and leave you for dead." she warned. Trisha shut her eyes tight as she started to lick the boiling hot vagina. Lilith started moaning right away. She started gyrating her hips as the to gue penetrated her soaking wet folds.


Her tail whipped back and forth in excitment slicing the dirt floor. Lilith grabbed Trisha's hands and forced her to grasp her breasts and sqeeze them hard. Liliths head fell back as she moaned and felt these foriegn hands grab her ample chest.

She rubbed her pussy on her face when she suddenly cried out an orgasm and gushed onto Trisha's face filling her mouth a bit. Lilith closed Trisha's mouth forcing her swallow her juices.

Trisha was in a small bit of pain from the hot cum of the devil. Steam was coming from it as it felt like a steaming hot shower. "You're not done yet." Lilith said with a grin turning around, "You are going to lick my ass until I cum, got it?" before Trisha could answer Lilith forced Trisha's face between her plump ass cheeks under her skirt.

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It took a few seconds but she soon felt the tongue in her ass licking away. With a smile she bit her bottom lip starting to gyrate her hips letting her tongue flicker around. She moaned a giggle as she tailed whipped Trisha's ass.

Trisha screamed out in her ass which just made a pleasureable vibration. She kept moaning as the tongue continued and Liliths tail penetrated Trisha's ass. Trisha screamed again but in the end kept licking fearing for her life. Lilith looked to the stars and cried out an orgasm. Lilith took her tail from the womans ass and whipped her back harshly drawing blood from a deep cut. She stood over the woman as she licked the blood from her tail.

"As fun as you have been, I need to find some human dick. She placed her hand over the womans head and said a few words, staring into her eyes." the woman fell over unconscious. Lilith drove all night. At record speed she was heading back to a place where she grew up.

Picking up a male hitch hiker along the way to sit under her while she drove. His dick in her ass, her gyrating her hips and moaning while they reached speeds over 120.She was in heaven here on earth.