Silikon reife Schlampe in Aktion

Silikon reife Schlampe in Aktion
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Hi all this is my first story. So I'm gona b telling you of the experiences I have had. Well I am 26 now but my experiences started when I was young. So pleas don't b A-Holes and critisise. Some of the story will be fabricated to make the story more intresting but 80% will be all true ill put fabricated portions in (****) so u know what's truth and lies.

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I'm not a great speller so don't be grammer nazis. It anoys everyone when u point out there mastakes I'm open for new ideas I won't be wrighting truth all the time but I will try to make a new entry once in a while. So sit back masterbation material on and enjoy. It all started when I was a young lad to young to post an age but I'm still wrighting.

I had gone to my grandmothers appartment I have only known of her living in diffrent apartments. Well my uncle was watching me for the night well my grandmother was at work.

It started out normal sock hocky in the kitchen, ham sandwitches for lunch, and a drive to the store to pick up dinner and snacks. My grandmother was a health nut so there wasent much that tasted good but my uncle had gotten us pastries from the store.

Well we had made one extra stop along the way at the news stand. My uncle left me in the car and told me that he would be right back that he wanted something to read and watch. So I stayed in the car well my uncle dissapeared into the store and came back with a black bag a few minutes later.

I wanted to se what he got so I tried to peak into the bag but he said I had to wait till we got back to the apartment that it was a suprise. We made it back to the apartment. I was really excited to se what he got.


He told me to take the pastries to his room that he would be up stairs in a few minutes. I ran upstairs with the pastries and waited pacently for the exciting suprise.

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He came up a few minutes later like he said with the bag in hand. I started to get realy excited. Then he had said that he got some porn.

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I was confused not knowing what porn was but he poped themovie into the vcr. It started out with some comertials for a good time call these 800 numbers but when the movie began there was a blond geting nacked with good size boobies my eyes we're glued when the man came into the pickture they started messing arround with eachouther. I was till slightly confused but I was learning my eyes never left the screen. When it started boring me I thought I could eat my bordom away so I picked up a strawberry pastry and continued watching.

That's when the guy spued his load all over the girls face. My uncle made fun of me for that moment he saw I was eating the filling. I am still made fun of for that. (My uncle told me that he had a bigger suprise for me I was again excited he told me that I could have the same treatment as the girl in the movie. I was mortified. Then he told me he wasn't going to fuck me. But he wanted to blow his load on my face scence I liked the pastry so well during the dirtiest part of the movie.

I didn't want to upset him so I said ok. He pulled down his pants and told me to open my mouth he put his dick on my lips and told me to suck I licked it first confused still but I began to put it in my mouth and suck on it. He grabed the back of my head and guided me back and forth on it. He was moaning and I was still confused. When he was at the point of no return. He pulled out and told me to keep my mouth open and close my eyes and just befor he cummed he said here's the jelly fealing.

It got all over the plase most of it hit my tung and it was salty the rest of it was all over my face. He then told me to clean up so I rushed to the bathroom and spit out the salty stuff washed my face and swished some water. ) A few minnutes later my grandmother showed up. I never spoke of it till now. Nither has my uncle as far as I know but he never asked me to do that again. 2 years later I was at school with my friends laughing and joking arround with eachouther.

Not much diffrent than outher kids my age. You know pokeymon yugio playing nerds. It just was a normal day as usual. My buddy patric and I were always hanging out goin to the parks walking the ditchbanks and riding our bikes up to Mc Donalds.

We were always doin diffrent things he introduced me to rap music I got him listining to rock. One day patric asked if I wanted to go to his house and play some viedo games an posibly baskit ball I said shure. I showed up his mom was in the kitchen making us some snacks and we went to his room to play mario or somethin.

His mom brought us snacks and said she was going to go watch some tv well were having fun playing our game for a while. Then we went out side to play some baskitball. I was never good at baskit ball so he always won it didn't bother me that he won well after he won a few times he told me that he wanted to show me somethin in his shed I said ok we got in the shed and he opend up one of the tool boxes and puld out some playboys. I was excited cause it was the second time I had seen naked women I studied them real hard.

Not noticing that my buddy pulled down his pants and started jerking on himself. When I noticed it suprised me he asked me if I wanted to tuch it. I said shure so I started jerkin him off for a bit. (Then he asked me if I wanted to do what the ladies in the magizine were doing and I said shure I droped to my knees and liked it a bit and started to suck on it he asked if I had done this befor and I said no but I've seen movies were the girls were doing this he sat back and just let me suck him for a bit then he started to moan and I knew what that ment so I.

Took my mouth off of his dick while he continued to jerk off into my open mouth. This time it wasn't as salty but a little sweet. So I swalowed it down like I've seen in previous movies. There was a dirty towel in the corner that I wiped my face off with. ) his mom yelled out the door that my mother had called that I had to go home.

We hid the magizines and I got on my bike and went home.

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A few weeks later patrick wanted to hang out again I said ok. He said he found a cool plase arround the corner from my house so we waked up to the ditch bank and walked for a little bit down the ditch where we found a bee farm and a hay stack so we would climb up to the top of the hay stack and jump off onto a few bails of hay that we set up at the bottem we did that a few thousand times. Eventuly we got bord and patrick asked if I wanted to suck on his dick again and he pulled down his pants so I went for it I started to lick on it then I started to suck on it then eventuly he asked if I wanted to try something else so of corse I said shure.

He told me to take off my pants and bend over one of the bails of hay. So I did but the hay was itchy and scratching up my legs. So I got back up and put my pants over the hay as a guard he put his pecker on my but and humped my crack. Again I was confused not knowing what he was trying to do then he put his dick on my ass hole and he gave a little push then he started to fuck me then thoes movies started to make a little more scence it hurt a little bit but it wasn't bad he humped me for a little bit then he started moaning and I felt it squirt into me then I was confused again but he pulled out and told me he was ready to go home.

We would go back to the same spot finding diffrent things to do we eventuly went into a trailer there and it always landed up the same me sucking then fucking. But after that day I wanted more I would go and hide in the bathroom playing with myself and fucking myself with the toilet plunger. I was addicted doing it to myself over and over again. Eventuly I had moved and started going to a diffrent school all together we didn't stay in tuch all that much so we lost our contact.

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I never saw him again. 5 years after I moved I started a new school in las vegas nevada I made a name for myself I was the weirdo and I embraced it. Knowing I was truely weird but that's when I started noticing girls and found they had porn picture on the internet. My parents would get really upset when they would look at my history on the net.

They realy got pissed off when they found out that it caust them a hole lot of money. Well there was this one girl in my band class that I had a big crush on her name was diana. She was brunet not fully developed but stll very cute. I would talk with her neviously but we would go to dances and malls and we would hang out at the librarys reading books to kids. She eventuly told me she didn't want a boyfriend.

So all I had were my fantices and my imagination. That I would keep to myself but being as I'm older with a website dedicated to fanticies I'm gona tell you a bit about them. We meet at the library late at night kissing and hugging eachouther way past buissness hours.

I wanted to take her to the tunnels that ran underneith the library they were always open but its a dark quiet plase we could be by ourselvs she would undress and so would I and we would make some sweet loving in a dark tunnel. I know it is a cheesy fanticy but it was my fanticy at the end of the school year I moved to a diffrent school again.

This time I was an outcast and still the wirdo. Then after half the schoool year there I met my ex girlfriend tiffiny we did a lot together but nuthing sexual we would go to the parks and librarys. We would hang out and I would get her presents for her birthday and christmass.


Then she moved to a school across vegas. But like a mounth or two after I moved to the same school she was happy to see me but she was already daiting someone else. Diana was also at that school but she just gave me the cold sholder when I looked at her when the school year was over tiffiny broke up with her boyfriend and started hanging out with me again.

Well my uncle came into town not the uncle at the begening of the story but my outher uncle he was only 3 years older than me well. Tiffiny had wanted to hang out with us I said shure we went to the park down the street my uncle was talking to her mostly but he asked if I would run home to grab his inhaler so I did I was only a few minutes away.

When I got back to where I left them I walked arround the corrner and saw her giving him a head. I was verry jelious cause I've been trying to get something out of that relationship. I still hung out with her but not nearly as much as I use to.

It wasent till a year later that I met my ex girlfriend angle she was 5'4 with a few extra pounds but not fat she had black hair and an evil grin and laugh that I loved we started dating after half of that school year when the summer began we started making plans for new things to do she invited me to her house but I had to ask my parents to go see the new shreck movie they said yes and I went to her house.

She threw on some light music I wana say enigma than she lit some incence sandelwood I think she told me to strip down and she did to we messed arround for 45 minutes it was my first time with a girl and I loved every minute.


we started out slow kissing and hugging then she got on top and started riding me she hoped up and down I never felt a sinsation like that befor then she layed on her back and I climed on top and started to push as far as I could go and I started to hump and bang her for seemed like an eternity then she told me to get off and she got on her hands and knees I started to enter her again but she handed me a condom and said we have to use the condom from this point on.

So I put it on and entered her again this time she told me not to hold back so I pushed as far as I could go and started to make the bed creek and thump againced the wall. I was moving so fast that I was making her moan. I was getting close to exploding and she told me to cum in the condom so I just kept fucking her and when I was done I pulled out and I could see it seeping out the condom but I cleand up and she droped me off at home. A week later I went back to albuquerque to take care of my grandmother after he surgury.

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I lost my girlfriends number while I was out there so when I got back and the first day of school I was excited to see her but she was upset with me and she broke up with me I was devistated. I was only 16 when I graduated I moved back to albuquerque and I wished ever scence I still lived in vegas.