Cute little boy masturbating in shower

Cute little boy masturbating in shower
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Hey everyone, I'm going to start casually uploading stories again, starting with this one about my best friend.

This will have multiple parts. Anonyboi ----------------- "God damn he's so cute." I thought to myself. My best friend Alex was seated in front of me in my English class. At 18 years old, I'm 5 foot 6 inches and he is 5 foot 7 inches. Alex weighs about 115 pounds. He's got long hair and he's a ginger. Oh, and he's straight. Myself, I have long blonde hair, brown eyes, I'm white, and am 100% gay. I weigh 105 pounds. My name is Jake. "Stop thinking that." I told myself. "He's straight and will never go for you." I felt my jeans tightening as my boner awakened.

I licked my lips imagining me sucking my best friend's cock, and him fucking my ass silly. "Jake would you please solve this diagram?" Mr. Harris said. "Wh-what?" I asked, realizing I had no idea what was going on. "Come up here and do this for us." Mr. Harris repeated. "Shit. How am I going to hide this boner?" I asked myself. I put on my thin jacket and walked up to the document camera.

"Okay. This is easy." I told myself as I diagramed it. When I was finished, Mr. Harris thanked me and I returned to my seat. Mr. Harris handed out the classwork and I grouped with Jenny and Alex. "Jake what were you so distracted about?" Jenny asked. "Can't let Alex hear, so I'll whisper to you." I told her. "Was it another gay daydream Jake?" Alex asked. Jenny and Alex knew I was gay so I expected him to say something like this. My face got red and he laughed knowing he was correct.

Goddamn I wanted him. I wanted him tonight. "It wasn't about you don't worry." I lied. "Whatever.

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Wanna come and play Call of Duty at my house after school? You can spend the night, just no gay shit." Alex said. I rolled my eyes. "Of course not.

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I'd be happy to come over." I said. "You gonna try to get him tonight Jake?" Jenny whispered to me. "Yeah. Tonight's the night." I responded. We went back to our classwork and about 10 minutes later the bell rang.

The school day was over. I followed Alex to his bus and we went to his house. While we were playing, I couldn't help but stare at his crotch, I wanted it so bad. I had a huge boner and I hoped Alex wouldn't notice. Thankfully he didn't. Around 6 his parents ordered pizza for us. We ate and went back to playing. At around 10, I decided to set my plan in motion.

"Alex I'm tired let's go to bed." I told him. "So early? Fine. You can have the bed, and I'll take the extra mattress." Alex said. "Alright, sounds good." I responded.

We went to Alex's bedroom. "Hey Jake help me pull out the mattress would you?" Alex asked me. "Sure." I said. I got on the opposite side of him and we pulled it out.

I went into his closet and grabbed a pillow and blanket and threw it on him. "Thanks." Alex said. He took his shirt off and I was face to face with his chest. "Fucking hell." I thought to myself. I could feel my boner awakening again. I licked my lips by accident and he noticed. "Like what you see? Well don't get excited. I'm straight." Alex said jokingly. "Yeah, yeah, don't worry dude. You don't turn me on, you're my best friend!" I lied. I took off my shirt too and he took off his pants, leaving just his boxers on.

"FUCKING HELL!" I thought to myself. "Stop getting turned on Jake." Alex said, clearly annoyed. "I'm not getting turned on willingly. The body sees sexy it gets turned on." I explained. "Whatever." Alex said.

He rolled his eyes. "Mind if I too?" I asked. "No go ahead." Alex said. I took my pants off, leaving just my boxers aswell. I now had a raging boner. I was sure Alex noticed but I hoped he would forgive me. I couldn't help but stare at his boxers. There was no indication of a boner in them, so I knew he was soft. "Remember. No gay shit." Alex warned me. "Then why dress only in boxers? That's like begging me to be turned on!" I protested.

"Because. You know I sleep like this every night." "Want to atleast masturbate before we go to bed?" I said, jokingly. "No!" Alex said. "Fine. Anyway, night dude." I said. "Night." he responded. I pulled myself under the covers of his bed and imagined him fucking my ass. I moved my hand to my cock as I started to wank. I have a 7 inch cock, and it was just about that hard as I started wanking.

"Oh god Alex! FUCK ME!" played in my head over and over as I imagined him sliding in and out of my ass. Very soon I felt myself hit climax, and I came all over my chest. I cleaned it up with a sock, and threw it under his bed. There were already about a dozen socks under there. "Yum." I thought to myself, knowing those socks had cum in them. I drifted into sleep, but set an alarm for myself. The plan was about to be set in motion.

About an hour later, I got up. "Alex, you up?" I asked. No response. Perfect. I quietly walked over to his head and listened. I could hear him snoring so I knew he was asleep.

Time to put the plan into action. I slowly pulled his blanket off of him and turned him so he was laying on his back. I knew from past sleepovers he was a very heavy sleeper, but I still wanted to be careful.

I laid down next to him and met his lips. The kiss I had wanted for years; his lips tasted heavenly. I continued kissing him for 10 seconds, and then stopped. I then went over to his crotch. I was about to see the cock I've wanted to see for 3 years, ever since I met him. I pulled down his boxers. His limp circumcised cock came into view. The smell was intoxicatingly delicious. Even soft, it looked 5 inches long, and really thick.

He must have done some spring cleaning down there recently because I couldn't feel any pubes. "Clean shaven. Just like how I imagined it." I thought to myself. I quietly moaned to myself. I knew I had to devour it. I licked my lips and put my mouth over it and descended. The first taste of his cock was magic. It tasted delicious and my god, it was getting harder! I licked the head and underside with my tongue as I bobbed up and down on his now 8 inch cock. It tasted absolutely amazing.

Soon, precum started to flow and as I licked it up his cock tasted even better! I continued blowing him until after about 5 minutes when I felt his cock shaking.

"This is it." I told myself. I felt warm salty liquid flow into my mouth as he released his seed. It tasted absolutely delicious, and I wanted more! I tried my best to swallow it all but there was so much of it!

I got it all down as I heard him move. Oh SHIT! I woke him! "Ugh.What's going on Jake?" he asked. I noticed his eyes were still closed. "Why the fuck am I hard Jake!?" he asked angrily. "I.umm.I." I couldn't even form a sentence. Smooth. He opened his eyes and got up and turned on the light. "Did you just blow me? Be honest." Alex demanded.

I knew if I lied he'd know it, so I had to tell him the truth. "Y-ye-yes. I did." I said sadly. "Why the fuck? I'm straight you IDIOT!" Alex was furious. "Calm down. Let me explain why I just did that." I franticly exclaimed. "Fine. Talk." Alex said. "I've loved you since I met you. You're the reason I'm gay. You're straight so we can never be together. I wanted your cock and now I've had it." I said, starting to cry. "That blowjob was pretty hot, I guess. I'm still mad though." responded Alex.

"You were awake?" I asked, scared. "Of course I was. A guy doesn't get his dick sucked and sleeps through it." Alex said. "Why didnt you stop me?" I asked. "So you'd admit you had feelings for me." he said.

"You knew!?" I asked, shocked. "Of course I knew. Everyone knew. You're terrible at hiding things." Alex said. I sighed, knowing I'd made a big mistake. "I don't want to lose you as a friend, Jake, but please stop having a crush on me." Alex said. "How am I supposed to do that!?" I questioned.

"Figure it out. I'm going to bed." Alex said with an angry tone. He turned around and starting walking towards the light switch. "Wait! Please." I begged. Alex sighed and turned around. "What do you want? I'm tired and not in a good mood." he said. "I know how to get over my crush on you." I stated. Alex rolled his eyes. "And how is that, then?" "I have to come up with something quick." I thought to myself.

Fear struck me as my mind went blank. All I could do was stare blankly at him. "Well?

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I don't got all night." Alex said impatiently. "Fuck me." the words escaped my mouth before I could hold them back. I panicked on the inside, afraid of what his reaction would be. "The fuck? I'm not gay dude!" Alex said angrily.


"Think about it. I'm gay, you're not. I like you, you don't like me. We both want to remain friends. Just fulfill my fantasy so I can forget it and we can stay just friends." I said.

Alex was silent for a minute. He walked to his bed and sat down, sighing heavily. I knew he must've been thinking hard about it. "Fine. However, promise to me once this is done we'll be friends and nothing more.

This stays between me and you." Alex stated. "Holy shit." I thought to myself.

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My cock jumped at hearing that, now at full hardness. "Deal." I replied. "Condoms are in my top drawer. Grab one and the lube there, too." Alex directed. I walked over to his drawer and opened the top. Inside were dozens of socks and boxers. I fished through them all and felt a small box and bottle, which I assumed was the lube.

I pulled them both out. I pulled a condom out of the box, and handed the lube to Alex. "You might aswell put on the condom.

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I'm not touching your saliva on my dick." Alex directed. I opened the condom's wrapping and got onto my knees before him.

Alex wanked himself to become hard again, and I slipped the condom onto him. "Are you ready, Jake?" he asked. I knew what he meant and I took no time to think about it. "Yeah I guess so." I responded. I stepped out of my boxers, and moved over to the bed. I sat on the edge and laid down.

His bed is pretty tall so it was a perfect position to fuck me in. "Someone's eager for a pounding! But I won't just fuck you." Alex said with an evil grin. "Why not!?" I protested. "Beg." he responded. I sighed. "Please please please fuck my ass with your hot cock I fucking love you and want your fuckstick up inside me!" I did my best to beg.

"Good enough I suppose. Remember I don't want you to love me after this." Alex said, rolling his eyes. He walked over to where I was, and I spread my legs, wrapping them around his hips.

He put his cock head right up against the hole. "You sure you're ready for this, Jake? It's going to hurt. A lot." Alex warned. "JUST FUCK ME ALREADY!" I complained, wondering why Alex's parents haven't woken yet. I then remembered we're in the basement and the other bedrooms are on the top floor. Nobody can hear us! I took a deep breath as Alex slowly pushed the head in.

As it entered, I heard a pop sound. "Damn you're tight Jake. So tight." Alex said. Alex began thrusting his hot meat into me, slowly at first but picking up speed. I cried out under the immense pain from his cock. Alex stopped. "You okay, Jake?" he asked.

Between deep breaths, I replied "Yeah.just give me a sec to let the pain.go away. Are you starting to enjoy this?" "I'm enjoying this because I know once this is done we can be friends again. Might aswell enjoy fucking a hole, even if it belongs to a man." Alex replied.

The pain began to fade, replaced by immense pleasure. I began to have a huge grin on my face as his cock felt like heaven in my ass. "That grin mean I can continue?" Alex asked. "Mhm." I replied. Alex began thrusting again really fast, as I moaned like crazy. "God dammit this feels so great!" I yelled. We continued in this position for about 5 minutes, when Alex decided to stop. He pulled me up and sat down where I was. I took the hint as I faced him and began descending on his cock. It felt strange not being able to see his cock, but as I rode up and down picking up speed I began to love this position.

"I'm getting close Jake." Alex said. "Let's do one last position then, please?" I asked. "What is it?" Alex responded. "Fuck me from behind." I said. I climbed back onto his bed and got on all fours, and he got on behind me standing up. He placed his cock back in my ass and started pounding again. This position scared me at first because I couldn't see him, but I really loved it.

"OH FUCK. COMING NOW!" Alex moaned in ecstasy. Not a moment later I felt cum gush from his cock into the condom. He pulled out, threw his condom on the floor, and we laid down next to each other on the bed. "I don't know why I enjoyed that.

I guess I don't care the gender of the hole." Alex said. "You're probably bi then." I suggested. "Maybe, but guess what?" Alex said. "What?" I asked. "Blackmail, bitch. You're going to let me fuck you whenever I want or else I'll tell the world you raped me while I was sleeping." Alex said, sinisterly.

I could not believe what I was hearing. I knew he wasn't doing this because he liked me. "But you aren't gay? Why make me let you fuck me?" I protested. "Because ever since Stephanie and I broke up, I've been forced to masturbate.

I fucked her so much I never masturbated. Now that she's gone I need a new cum dump. You will be that." Alex said. I was angry, but there was nothing I could do. Nobody'd believe me, because I did blow him while he was asleep. I knew there was a reason he enjoyed fucking me so much!


I was also extremely turned on by this, though. Now the love of my life would fuck me brutally any time he wanted to cum. "Fine. I'll be your bitch." I responded. "Good boy. This'll be fun I promise.

And remember, you ever say no and I'll tell." he warned me. "Yeah yeah. Can we go to sleep please?" I asked. "Yeah. Night dude." he said. He got up and turned the light off, and laid back down next to me. "Night." I responded.

"And remember, any time I want.

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No objections." he whispered.