Gloryhole amateur cocksucks in spex blowjob and facial

Gloryhole amateur cocksucks in spex blowjob and facial
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Chapter One of My Life I am 17, new to public schools because I was home schooled until my Dad ran off with his secretary and Mom had to go to work to support us.

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I'm average build, average looks, very smart but very lacking in knowledge about life that most 17 year olds have already learned. That includes sex, which is what my story will be about. I've been at High School now for about three weeks have made a couple of friends but not really accepted yet.

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I marvel at being in big classes, big lunch room, the mass of people in the halls and taking a shower with 20 or 25 other guys after PE. I look at girls and imagine what they would look like with no cloths on but I also look at the guys and know what they look like and it sort of pleases me. I find them looking at me also, and have decided it's because my dick is bigger than any of theirs.

Last Saturday night I was invited to a sleep over at one of my friend's house and of course the only thing we talked about was girls. Girls in general and girls in particular especially the ones with the big tits. We jacked off, only ourselves, and laughed as we each shot our load. My friends were amazed at how big my cock was hard, about 9 inches long and how much cum I shot. When I thought about it later I was pretty sure that Donnie was a little more interested than the others, but nothing happened.

Anyway, I stopped at a box store on my way home from school one Friday to pick up some groceries for Mom. When I got there I had to pee so headed for the Men's room. It was a big place with 5 urinal's and 5 stalls. There was a guy peeing at one urinal and why I picked the one right next to him I don't know but I did.

I looked straight ahead at the wall as I peed and when I finished he also finished and stepped back a bit as he shook his dick. For some reason I looked down at his cock and he sort of chuckled as he said, "Would you like to shake it for me?" Without thinking, without answering my hand shot down and I took his cock between two fingers and shook it. He told me to grip it a little better and I did, wrapping my hand around his hardening meat and shook it again.

He didn't say a word, just turned away, took my hand and led me back to one of the stalls. Inside we stood beside each other and he put my hand back on his cock. "Stroke it; jack me off," he sort of ordered.

I never once thought about what I was doing. I just did it. My cock was hard, my mind just enjoying what I was doing. I had never in my life thought about doing this to another guy. "Why don't you set down," the man asked, "It gives you a better angle on my cock." Without thinking once again I did so there I am with a hard cock in my hand that is about three inches from my face.

The man doesn't do anything except stand there giving out a moan once in awhile. I knew that girls and sometimes guys sucked cocks but had never seen it done. For some reason it entered my mind that I wanted to. I wanted this cock in my mouth. I wanted to experience the feeling of this hard love stick on my tongue, pushing down my throat.

The man put his hand on my head but didn't force my face forward. I was intrigued by how the foreskin of his cock covered the head when I stroked forward and then the head reappeared as I stroked back. He moved a bit closer and head was only an inch or so from my mouth. I was stroking him faster as my eyes moved up and down his shaft and explored all the hair above his cock and his dangling ball sack.

Then my tongue touched it. My tongue without direction started licking the head of his cock. The taste of the gooey stuff coming out of his pee hole was intriguing. And of course in only a few minutes my mouth encased the hard meat and the sucking began. His moans came more often as I serviced his sex organ but he made no move to control what I was doing. After a bit I heard very softly, "Suck my balls," he whispered. I pressed his cock to his stomach and moved my mouth down below.

I took one in my mouth and he pressed harder against my face. I sucked slowly and then released the first one and took the second in. After trading back and forth I licked and kissed up the shaft and took it back into my mouth. This is when the Man took over. Both hands grasped my head as he pushed his shaft in and out of my mouth. I just sat there with my mouth open as he fucked me like he would a hot cunt.

Then with my nose buried in his pubic hair he stopped and I felt hot cream filling my mouth. I swallowed once and his cum kept spilling; I swallowed a second then a third and a fourth time as his seed kept flowing. Then all was quiet. No more action, no more cum. I still had my hand wrapped around his cock as he backed out. Juice was still oozing out so I licked it off and kept hold of him. His cock shaft was now soft but the foreskin seemed the same size as when I was jacking him off. I took him back in my mouth and sucked a bit, licked the head and released my grip.

The Man stepped back, put his cock away and smiled at me and mouthed a thank you. As we walked toward the main store area he asked, "Would you like to get together again?" Without hesitation I said, "Yes!" "Good," he replied with a big smile, "My name is Allan and here's my card. Do you have anything planned for tomorrow morning?" I was a lot fluster with this conversation so I replied, "Well, no errr my name is Donald, and I don't have anything on tomorrow." "Wonderful, why don't you come by about 9 and we'll get to know each other." I was completely blown away, didn't know what to say or what to do.

"See you tomorrow," Allan said as he turned and walked away. I just stumbled around for a bit, not knowing where I was going or really what I was doing. All I could think about was that I had just sucked a guy's cock and swallowed his load which left a delightful taste in my mouth and now I had made a date with him for tomorrow morning.

I was almost home when I realized I hadn't done the grocery shopping. Mom would be home in about half hour so I needed to hurry. I pedaled fast as I could to the grocery store, got everything on the list and speeded home. I had just finished putting stuff away when Mom arrived home.

"Did you have a good day?" she asked. "Yes, yes I did," I replied.


"Well I hate to cancel any plans we have for tomorrow but I have to go in about 8. One of the girls is home sick." Hooray, I thought to myself, I'll have all day to do whatever Allan wants to do. But I said, "Come on Mom I so wanted to spend the day with you." "You know I'm getting my hours cut so I have to take everything that is available to me." I gave her a kiss on the forehead and headed for my room while she fixed dinner.

My cock was so hard and so wanting some relief but I decided I wasn't going to do anything until the next day with Allan. Things were pretty quiet and dinner and as I was clearing the table Mom said, "I am really sorry about tomorrow but Sunday we'll hang out and talk about anything you want. OK?" "OK ," I replied. I looked at Mom and suddenly realized what a hit lady she is. Full breasts that looked like maybe the nipples were a bit aroused.

Nice face with just the bare essential makeup. And I knew she had a flat tummy and a nice ass although I couldn't see it because she was sitting. We watched a little TV and headed to bed around 10. I told Mom I would have her breakfast ready at 7 so she could leave and be on time for work. I could then get ready and head for Allan's house. Things went perfectly.

I kissed Mom goodbye at 7:30 and was ready for my journey at 8:30. I had to keep my mind in focus to find the building Allan lived in but found it, locked my bike in a stand and headed for the front door. I was stopped by the Doorman, who said, "Whoa there young man, you just don't go busting in there, who are you here to see?" I didn't know if I should tell him or what.

I must have looked dumb but the guy was patient and said, "I understand you not wanting to give me a name but I guarantee that if you have an appointment with someone in this building I have your name." As he spoke he looked at a list and came up with, "Would you be Donald, by chance?" "Yes," I said. "And you are going to see Allan Mayfield?" "Yes." "OK Donald, my name is Willard and I've been the Doorman here for 12 years.

I take very good care of my people and they take good care of me. Before I tell Mr. Mayfield you are on your way up I will just say this. I don't expect a tip from visitors but occasionally I might ask a favor.

If you come back again please come a little early so we can chat. Visitor coming up Mr. Mayfield." "Thanks Willard, tell him the door is unlocked," I heard over the intercom. With that statement I got a very large but sly sort of smile from Willard and was told to enjoy my morning with Mr.

Mayfield. He opened the door, I went in and he whispered, 5th floor as I went by. When the elevator stopped on the fifth floor the door opened and there about a foot inside was a door like the front door of a house.

I reached for the handle and pushed down and the door opened. "Come in Donald," I was greeted. "I am so looking forward to this morning." I followed his voice and went into a room off the hallway that looked like a den.

There was Allan setting on a sofa in what looked like black pajama bottoms and a sort of sports coat. He looked way cool. "Grab a seat, would you like a soda?" "No, I'm good," I replied.

With a laugh he said, "I already know you're good." "Do you have any reservations about being here or what might go on while you are here?

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"No," I said quite honestly, "In fact I'm looking forward to it." With that Allan got up, came to me and extended his hand. I took it and got up and he led me down the hall. His bedroom was an awesome room with high ceilings, lots of mirrors and a big oversized king bed.

There were several pillows but no blankets, just a multicolor sheet covering the whole thing. We stopped at the bed and in one motion Allan dropped his coat and pants to the floor. He looked awful good nude with that big dick just starting to grow. He helped me out of my t-shirt and then sat on the bed. He pulled me to him, pushed my pants to the floor and took my cock in his mouth without another word.

The feeling was unbelievable. My cock felt so good as he worked it in and out of his mouth. Then he drove me over the wall sucking my balls. This was my first time and it was wonderful.

Allan hadn't worked on me for 5 minutes before I felt a load of cum heading for the end of my dick. I tried to pull out but he grabbed an ass cheek in each hand and held me with my cock down his throat. I pushed against his face as squirt after squirt of my seed filled his mouth. When he finally released me I collapsed on the bed, not believing what a mind blowing orgasm I had just gone through.

Allan scooted up and patted the bed beside him. When I started to lie down he put his arm out and pulled me to him. I looked at the smile on his face and suddenly bent up and kissed him. When my tongue entered his mouth it discovered he hadn't swallowed all my cum.

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He pushed some into my mouth which I eagerly accepted. We kissed several times with tongues in each other's mouths. My head rested on his shoulder and we lay quiet for a few minutes. "Do you miss your Dad?" he asked softly. I thought a minute then said, "No, I hate the bastard, not for what he did to me but what he did to my Mother.


All my life he insisted she was going to be a stay at home Mom and home school me. He would do the providing. Then one day he was gone. No explanation, no kiss my ass or anything, just gone. Someday I'll find the bastard." We were silent for awhile, just laying there. My hand was caressing his body and my fingers found his nipple.

I tweak it and pulled it and the saw the other one right by my lips. I kissed and nibbled on it while playing with the other one. Then my hand slid down and took his semi hard shaft in my hand and started stroking. In little more than an instant it was harder than it had ever been up to this point of our relationship. "What all have you done with a girl?" Allan asked. "Nothing, just talk to a couple at school but never kissed or touched one," I whispered.

"You seem to know the right things to do, that's why I'm so surprised you've never been with a girl and for that matter a guy before." "I just do what you tell me you like, not vocally but by how you react. The first time I had your cock in my mouth you were definitely enjoying it so that's why I continued.

If I had felt it wasn't good for you I would have stopped sucking and just stroked you till you came." "What is the one thing you want to do with a woman, if she was agreeable to do whatever you wanted?" "I'd like to feel my cock in her tight pussy. It feels so wonderful in your mouth and hand but I want to feel what it would be like fucking her." "You could fuck me!" Allan sort of whispered.

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"WHAT?" I exclaimed. "It's called anal, guys do it to each other all the time and women like it also." I was quiet, contemplating what Allan had said.

"I could fuck you?" "Yes, and I know we would both enjoy it." Allan rolled over and opened a drawer by the bed. He retrieved a rubber and some lube and laid them on the bed. "First, I need some preparation from you.

It takes a little more to get a guy ready to fuck then a gal's pussy." He rolled the rubber onto my cock and handed me the lube. Then he got to his hands and knees and told me, "I need a little tongue from you, suck my cock a little then lick down my balls and up and down across my rosebud. Push you tongue in as far as you can. Then put some lube on your finger and start with one in me as far as you can and then add a second finger.

After you have fucked me a bit with two fingers I'll be ready for your cock." I really enjoyed this preparation because Allan had such a strong reaction. When I started with my tongue on his hole he about came unglued and when fingers went in he started moving back and forth against my hand.

"OK, press your cock against my hole and let me take it from there until you are in me." I gave him a last couple of wiggles with my fingers and moved in behind. No more than just touching my cock to his asshole and he pushed back, taking the head in. He was tight and it took a bit but I entered him. Such a feeling, I thought my hand felt great stroking my cock and then I thought him sucking was the absolute top but as he pushed back and my cock entered his tight love hole I thought I was going to cum immediately.

He was pushing back and I was pushing forward and we were both moaning and enjoying. Every stroke my cock was completely in him and then was almost completely out. "Oh Donald, this is the best ever. Your cock fits so nicely and fills me so completely…&hellip.mmmmmm." I fucked him for 5 or 6 minutes before I felt my cock filling with cum ready to shoot. "I'm going to cum," I warned him. "So am I, he replied, "Pull out and pull of the rubber and lets 69.

I want your load in my mouth. I did and we did and just in time.

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I was on top and had just barely got his cock covered before I felt his cum hit my tongue and I was unloading a big batch of juice in his mouth. After more sucking and licking and swallowing I collapsed down beside Allan.

Nothing was said, neither of us moved for several minutes. "Are you OK?" he whispered.


"More than OK," I replied. "That was awesome, how could fucking a woman be any better?" Allan laughed and started to get up. "I've got to get going, it's a little after 11 and I've got a meeting at noon. Let's shower." By the time we got thru washing each other I was a about half hard and so was Allan.

I was thinking I would really like to try his cock in me so moved over and pushed my butt back against him and started wiggling. "Can't do right now, but I promise we will next time we meet, OK?" We walked out together, Allan waiting for his car to be brought around and me waiting for my bike. He said, "By the way, I'm leaving town tomorrow and will be gone until Wednesday. Give me a call Wednesday evening and we'll set something up." Just like that I was brushed off.

It made me feel like just what I was, an expendable toy. I was upset, angry and felt rejected. But there was nothing I could do about it. His car arrived first and Willard held the door as Allan got in. As Allan drove off Willard asked if I had a few minutes, he was about to take his lunch break.

I said yes, he said something into his radio like "Hold the bike" and opened the door for me. He led me to the back of the lobby and down a short hallway to a small office type room. He closed the door behind us and told me to make myself comfortable. "You know why you are here, don't you?" he asked as we settled in on a nice couch.

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"I'd bet a hundred I do," I returned with a big smile, "to make a payment for your services." I dropped to my knees between his legs and rubbed the growing object under his uniform.

His suspenders under his coat made it impossible to get his pants all the way down so I just pulled his cock out and began work. It was nice size, not too big and had a cut head. My tongue made friends quickly so I proceeded to lick his meat and fuck my mouth with it. His moans told me I was doing a good job but I worked harder, wanting the taste of a new man's juice. I was soon reward with a big mouthful which I swallowed slowly, getting full enjoyment of my reward.

As Willard got ready to return to work he asked me if I had anything on the next day. I said no and he told me he could arrange a profitable meeting if I was interested. I must have had a very curious look on my face because he said, "Yes, you would get paid for having sex. And quite well if you are as good as I think you are." He opened the door and motioned me out and as I got on my bike I asked, "What time?" "Nine sharp and plan on spending the day," he replied.

"Have a great night." I waved as I rode away, already thinking about what might happen tomorrow.