Lusty dude is pounding sweetheart wildly to find her wet spot

Lusty dude is pounding sweetheart wildly to find her wet spot
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"Drone control must be having trouble piloting," Mindy's father said, the three of them watching the screen, following the progress of their new Goddess, Bess Atwater.

Mindy found her fascinating. She was such an inspiration. A Goddess who used the powers granted her by the Halo, the device created by the very Institute of Apotheosis Research that the eighteen-year-old girl was at. It made her shiver, her naked body pressed against her twin sister, Cindy, their round tits smeared in their father's cum.

They loved incest and now they loved being submissive to their father. To let him control them the way Bess let herself be controlled by her parents. The Goddess had the power to be dominant the way the previous four Gods had, but instead she surrendered herself to others. She was a living example to women on how to serve the men in their lives if they craved that need.

Mindy couldn't look away from the shaky image. The drone hovering in the air over the Goddess and her family wasn't flying smooth. Cindy giggled while Mindy imagined the drone pilots being so turned on by the image of the three naked women, two of whom were barely legal girls, following a man down the street being led by leashes attached to collars around their throats. It made Mindy ache.

She wanted to be paraded naked by her daddy. To stride with her round tits, coated in their father's jizz. She couldn't wait for the Gods to spread their teaching and show the world that such prudishness was outdated.

That people should be able to go around naked, to be shown off by their sexy daddy who owned them. "I want that," Cindy whispered.

Mindy nodded to her twin. They glanced at each other. The mirrored passion she witnessed in Cindy's dark eyes made Mindy shiver. Then her lips found her sister's.

They kissed so hard, their tongues dancing together. I love this so much, Mindy thought as the heat washed out of her pussy. "They're at the tattoo parlor, girls," groaned their father. The twins wrenched their lips from each other, staring at the screen. Mindy let out a whining, "Ooh, I hope drone control gets a camera inside! I want to watch the piercings so badly!" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I loved the feel of the leather cuffs on my wrists, the short chain connecting them holding my arms pinned behind my back, my fingers brushing the tops of my naked ass.

I trembled as Daddy fit the leather collar about my throat, a thick ring set into the black material. My half-sister (I thought she was my cousin for the longest time until we learned today that she was actually my father's daughter) Georgia already had her collar, a leash connected to it.

"Oh, she just looks so sexy, Father," Mom said, the submissive woman always addressed Daddy as "Father" in lieu of "Master." She, too, had a collar about her neck, a thick choker with an attached leash. She also had a leather corset that lifted her round breasts into a lush pair of mounds, her fat, pink nipples thrusting out before her.

She also had these sexy, thigh-high boots with stiletto heels. I didn't have anything on but a pair of white socks and boring shoes.

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But my parents were practicing BDSM from before I was even born (another surprise that came out since I gained my mind control powers). I would soon have my own naughty outfit because we were going shopping today. But first, Daddy wanted his slaves marked. Daddy connected the leash to my collar. He gave a sharp tug on it, making me gasp and flutter, my pussy clenching.

Already a line of juices ran down my thighs. "Yes, you are a sexy thing, young lady." "Thank you, Daddy," I said. Part of me wished I was gagged so I wouldn't be tempted to use my mind control powers. I needed to be careful with them. I should never use my powers on my parents now that I had corrected them. Now that I had shown them that they didn't have to treat me in their weird, hippy, liberal way where they tried to be my friend instead of disciplining me.

Instead of treating me like their daughter-slave. Now that they understood, part of me never wanted to speak again. But the world wouldn't accept us. So I needed to speak. Especially with what Daddy had planned for today.

He was so hard, his cock tenting his leather pants. He, too, had his BDSM outfit on, black leather pants and a leather vest that showed off his muscular torso.

It made him look so strong. So powerful. I quivered just looking at him, his dark-brown eyes almost swallowing me up. I loved him so much. I was so glad I was his slave.

Daddy grabbed the leashes dangling from my half-sister and mother's collars. He held all three in a tight fist. Mom opened the door—unlike my Georgia and me, she wasn't cuffed—and bowed her head, murmuring, "Father." Daddy walked past her, his polished boots thudding on the ground.

We all followed after, stepping naked into the outside world. I shuddered at the feel of the late morning sun kissing my naked breasts. A hot thrill rippled through me. My heart beat faster and faster. Anyone could see us. Anyone. Our neighbors. My friends from college. Strangers. People would judge us.

They would be shocked. Object. They wouldn't be free enough to be controlled by another. To have the strength to dominate and unleash their passions upon the world.

I would show them. The weird Institute sent me the Halo to become a Goddess. I would be an example to them all. I would show everyone the joys of submission.

The thrills of exhibitionism. The rapture in bondage. My small breasts jiggled before me. I walked with my back straight, proud to be Daddy's slave. Georgia walked beside me, her brassy-brown hair tumbling about her eighteen-year-old face. We had similar features. Her round breasts were large, but we both had those same fat, pink nipples my mom had. Did Aunt Louisa have the same nipples? I'd find out tonight when Mom's sister and her husband, Uncle Wayne, came over to play.

Daddy marched us up to the family minivan. Not his cool Mustang. I wrecked that yesterday. Only Daddy didn't go to the driver seat like I expected. Mom did. He let go her leash so she could walk around the other side of the car. He wrenched open the sliding side door.

"Georgia," he said, letting go of her leash. "Daddy," she whimpered and then climbed in, her thighs glistening with her excitement. Then Daddy wrenched open the passenger seat and sat down.

He still held my leash. He tugged on it. I gasped, stumbling forward as he slid the seat back as far as he could. He fished out his hard cock from his leather pants. It thrust thick and huge from it.

"Take your seat, young lady," he said. My pussy clenched. "Yes, Daddy." I climbed up into the minivan, my cunt growing hotter and hotter. Tingles buzzed through my body. I whimpered, my body trembling at how hot this was. I wiggled, my fingers flexing, wishing I could grab stuff and steady myself as I moved into place. I couldn't. This helplessness made it more exciting. I felt so helpless. So weak. So naughty. I shifted over and groaned as his dick nudged my butt-cheek. I couldn't grab his shaft and guide it to my cunt.

I had to wiggle my hips, feeling his cock sliding around my crotch, probing into my trimmed, black bush. I gasped as the tip brushed my clit. I shifted forward, feeling that spongy crown against my slit. It was right at my pussy. I just had to press down and. I groaned as his dick popped downward and slid past my taint and nuzzled in between my butt-cheeks. I lifted with my thighs, my muscles burning as I shifted my hips back. My face screwed up with concentration. My cunt ached to be filled.

"We're in a hurry, young lady," Daddy said, his voice stern. "Sorry, Daddy," I whimpered. I shifted back. His cock nudged me again. My pussy lips loved the feel of him. My hips swiveled to the side, pressing against his crown.

It nuzzled into my labia and. I slid down his shaft. My eyes widened at the hot feel of his thick cock spreading me open. My back arched. I let out a long, shuddering moan as my pussy swallowed every inch of my Daddy's incestuous dick. "I did it, Daddy!" I moaned out in delight, my butt-cheeks resting on his leather-clad thighs. Daddy slammed the passenger door before hugging me to him.

He pulled me tight against his chest, my hands pressed against his stomach, the leather vest rubbed on my arms. His hands cupped my tits, squeezing them. His thumbs swept out over my fat nipples. "Last time they're going to be like this, young lady." "Yes, Daddy," I quivered, my pussy clenching on his dick. Mom smiled at me in that motherly way she did when she saw Daddy and me bonding or sharing a moment.

It almost made me giggle. Before I gained my powers, she never would have made that smile while watching Daddy fondle my tits while my pussy engulfed his dick.

She backed the minivan out of the driveway. I groaned as the movement stirred my pussy around his dick. I whimpered, pleasure fluttering through me. My snatch squeezed down hard on his cock, reveling in the feel of it. As she drove down the street, I preened.

I squirmed, making Daddy groan and knead my tits. I stared out at the pedestrians hoping they would see us. I loved it, being shown off. I savored my incestuous submission. My pussy grew hotter and hotter, my juices dribbling out of me. I kept wiggling my hips, sliding my sheath around Daddy's cock, giving him as much pleasure as he could.

Mom kept glancing at us, her tits jiggling with the car's vibrations. She had smoky, green eyes. Her light-brown hair swept about her flushed face. She squirmed, too. I smiled, realizing she had such a hot pussy. She wished to be in my place.

But I proved that I didn't know how to drive yesterday. "Is my pussy making your dick feel good, Daddy?" I asked. "Is it making the trip feel amazing." "What do you think, young lady?" he asked, his fingers finding my fat nipples.

He pinched them. I whimpered, my pussy clamping down hard on his dick. That swelled the pleasure building in me. I groaned, "I think my cunt is making your dick feel amazing.

You're so hard in me. You're just throbbing." He twisted my nipples. I gasped. My pussy clenched. My back arched. A wave of dizzy darkness washed across my vision.

My impending orgasm swelled in me. I groaned, wiggling more and more, wanting to drive myself towards cumming. But Daddy didn't give me permission to. Mom hit a pothole. I gasped as my pussy slid up Daddy's shaft.

I gasped at the sudden stimulating friction. Then I slammed down his shaft. My butt-cheeks smacked into his leather pants. His dick speared so deep into me. I gasped, a sudden rush of pleasure rippling through me. I squeezed my eyes shut, my cunt clamping down on his dick. I wanted to cum. I wanted to just explode. I whimpered through my clenched teeth.

I couldn't cum. I couldn't cum. I wanted to cum. I could just give the command. I could just order my Daddy to let me cum when I want. I could just tell him to give me so many orgasms and— I was the slave! Not Daddy. Me! I let out an explosive breath as the impending orgasm passed. I leaned back into Daddy, my head lolling to the side. My head pressed against the window. The cool glass kissed my flushed forehead. I let out a groan of relief.

"You were almost naughty, young lady," Daddy groaned. "Yes, Daddy, but I want to be a good girl." I truly did. Which was why I needed to control myself. A few minutes later, Mom parked on the side of the road. Down the sidewalk a block ahead flashed Wicked Dragon Tattoos. I shivered, our destination. My nipples throbbed as Daddy gave a final twist before he wrenched open the door. I groaned as I climbed off his dick. His cock popped out of my pussy. I stumbled, my wrists pulling on the restraints.

Daddy steadied me and helped me step down onto the sidewalk right into the path of a family. Father, mother, and two kids who were eighteen or nineteen. They all gasped at the sight of my naked body, my hands cuffed behind me, a leash about my throat connected to Daddy's hand. "Honey!" the wife squealed. "I. I." the man stammered, his hand fumbling at his pocket. The boy, my age, gaped at me while the girl, maybe a year older, jaw dropped. Then she whimpered and grabbed her dad's arm, hindering him from grabbing his phone out of his pocket.

I loved the reaction. "Calm down," I commanded, my thoughts buzzing, pain prickling across my mind as my brain waves rewrote theirs.

"There is nothing wrong with people walking around naked and bound. It's normal." "Yeah," the boy said, a smile growing as he openly ogled me, a dominating glint spreading in them. I shivered at it. "Sorry," the wife said. "You just startled us." I smiled. "You, daughter," I said, staring at the girl still holding her father's arm. "You want nothing more than to be your daddy's sex slave. You love him. You ache for him.

You want to submit to everything he does to you. And you—" Pain raged across my mind. My words choked off as my vision fuzzed. I drew in deep breaths as I rewrote her brain.

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I shook my head, stars bursting across my vision, dancing in red and blues and greens. "And you, Mom, you want the same. from your son. You're his sex slave. You worship him with your mature body." More pain burned, but it wasn't as bad. Sweat broke out across my forehead. My breath quickened, heart hammering in my chest. "Oh, yes," the mother said, suddenly hugging her son from behind. The daughter whimpered, molding herself to her father. "Oh, Daddy, what would you like to do to me?" The father gaped while the son.

The son grinned. "And you, Dad and son, you will dominate your new sex slaves," I groaned, my voice so strained now. Daddy grabbed my shoulders, stopping my swaying. The pain hurt but. but it was easing with every word I spoke. "You will tie them up. You will fuck their holes. You will use them to satiate any sexual desires you have. They will love everything you do to them." "Yes, I will," the boy groaned.

"Will you fuck me, Daddy?" the daughter whimpered. "Yes, kumquat," he groaned, voice so thick, eyes wide. "Head home and enjoy your new life," I said, smiling at them, my pussy growing so hot as prickling faded from my thoughts.

The family turned around, heading for the car, mother clutching to her new master, her son, while the daughter clung to her Daddy-Master.

It made my pussy so wet. I shivered, trembling in delight. I loved my powers. It was so amazing to teach women to be submissive sluts to their men.

To their daddies. To their sons. To their husbands or boyfriends. I turned, facing the street. Others watched us. I smiled and started giving commands. My thoughts prickled as I walked behind Daddy with Georgia and Mom. I gave my commands to everyone I could see. Everyone I passed. I told women to be submissive sluts. To worship their men. My thoughts burned but. it eased with each one. It was like. exercise. The more you did something, the better you got at it. I had more.

mental endurance. I was buzzing on my power when we reached the tattoo parlor. It was only a short walk, but it was such a busy Saturday and people were shopping. I grinned as Daddy opened the black-tinted doors, with a neon dragon drawn snarling on it. I stepped in, the shop smelling of spicy incense.

The walls were covered in pencil sketches of various designs, ideas for tattoos. There was a pair of leather couches and other seats around, a table covered in tattoo and ink magazines. It was owned by a fellow BDSM master Daddy knew with the help of the man's wife/sex slave named Lilac. Through a curtain of black beads, two people entered. The first was a man, burly and muscled, wearing a black tank top that left his thick arms exposed.

Sleeve tattoos full of dragons, skulls, and vines covered his forearms. He had a thick mustache growing on his lips, his eyes hard. The woman wore a belly shirt, her lips pierced three or four times with silver rings, other piercings adorning her eyebrows, nose, and ears.

She had her hair dyed hot pink, cut short with a fade on the right side. "Hey, Cliff," the man said then his eyes bulged. "What the fuck, man? Why are you bringing naked women.? Is that your daughter?" Anger swelled through the man's face. "You turned your daughter into a slave? What the fuck is wrong with you? You fucking crazy?" His anger offended me.

This man was a friend of Dad's! A fellow master. A man who'd fucked my mother before. Daddy was originally going to order me to fuck this man to pay for my piercings. My Daddy was going to give this man an amazing gift, to fuck his Goddess-daughter's cunt, and now he was getting mad and insulting my Daddy?

"Shut up!" I snarled at him, my will slamming into him, my thoughts prickling. "You listen to me, you little worm. My Daddy is not crazy! He's amazing! He's my Master. My owner! You should understand that! You're a dom! You shouldn't judge him! There is nothing wrong with incest!" "Bess," Daddy said, voice stern.

My anger surged out of me. "You don't deserve to be a dom! No, no, you're a little sub! You're her sub!" I pointed at the girl who must be his slave-wife, Lilac.

"She owns you. She's your mistress. You worship her. You do whatever she wants." My eyes fell on Lilac. "You own him now. You're his bitch-mistress. You love spanking him! Using him! Making him eat your pussy! You enjoy making him your bitch!" "Yes!" Lilac groaned, her body shivering, her eyes wide.

I didn't even feel the pain through my anger. My eyes shot over to the man, Jim. This big, burly man fell to his knees and kissed at the leather boots Lilac wore. I shuddered, my pussy on fire. I needed to cum. I needed to explode right now. I just had to— "Young lady!" Daddy snarled, jerking on my leash. I gasped, spun around to face Daddy. Anger filled his face. He pulled me right to him.


I shuddered before him, my stomach twisting with guilt. His face filled my vision. "S-sorry, Daddy. I. I. He insulted you and. I." "We will discuss your punishment later, young lady," he growled.

Then he glanced at Lilac. "My women are ready for their piercing appointment." "Mmm, right," Lilac said. She glanced down at her former master. "Enough of that, bitch. You need to get ready for your next customer." "Yes. Mistress," Jim moaned, stopping kissing her boots. It was only when Daddy led me and his other two slaves through the beaded curtain that I realized he didn't order me to fix Jim and Lilac. He was just mad that I used my power without his permission.

That I lost control. His friends already had the BDSM lifestyle I told those we passed about. I just needed to make them accept incest. But these powers were so. so intoxicating. I wanted to keep talking. To keep changing people. I wanted to cum so bad. My pussy was on fire. Past the beaded braids there were several stations each with their own privacy curtains.

They each had chairs that could fold in a variety of ways to allow the tattoo artist to work on the various places on the human body. "You're up first, young lady," Daddy said as Lilac closed the curtain around the station, enclosing my family in a screen of privacy.

"Just hop on up," Lilac said, giving me a soft smile. It was almost motherly, but also naughty with her piercings.

I took a deep breath. This would hurt. Even with my healing powers, it would hurt. I would have to endure it. For my Daddy. He wanted my body marked in a permanent way. He wanted us all pierced in the same way.

I wanted to submit. I pushed down my fear and stretched out on the chair. It was arranged so I would lie down but my legs would dangle off the edge.

I settled down, my bound wrists still trapped behind me, putting an arch to my spine, pushing my flat belly upward. I swallowed, glancing at Daddy. "May I be gagged, Daddy?" I asked, my heart beating faster. Cold pumped through my body, making me shiver.

"No," he said, giving me a look, almost pinning me in place with his strength. He understood. He wanted me to swallow my fear. To submit to his will when I could stop it. When I could put an end to all of this. I had something even more powerful than a safe word. I swallowed, a fist squeezing my heart.

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I squeaked when Lilac picked up the piercing gun. I saw the needle. It was so thick. That would pierce through my nipples and clit.

I whimpered, my breath coming in fast gasp and— Daddy loomed over me. He brought his cock to my pussy. He rubbed it against my hot flesh as his eyes captured mine. I stared into his dark depths as he slid into me. His thick cock filled my pussy I whimpered at his confidence, his belief in my inner strength, filled me. The coddling father I used to know was gone. Now I had a Daddy who knew I could take pain. That I could withstand discipline. "That is kinky," Lilac purred.

"I had my nipple pierced with a vibrator churning my cunt. It's going to hurt. And you're going to love it." "Okay," I whimpered as she brought the piercing gun to my nipple. My hard nipple. Despite my fear, I was aroused. My pussy was soaking wet. My cunt clenched about my Daddy's dick. The anxiety heightened my rapture. The piercing gun encircled my nub. I shivered, my eyes staying locked on Daddy's eyes, my body concentrating on his cock filling my pussy and— Pain exploded in my nipple.

A sharp, hot ripple rushed down to my pussy. I gasped, my cunt clenching down on Daddy's cock. My body bucked as the needle withdrew from my nub. Painful heat surged through me. I embraced it. I drank it in. Like with the spanking, it changed inside of me, crossing that line from agony into ecstasy. Then Lilac threaded the golden piercing through it. Fat and heavy, shaped like a ring with a small opening to let her slide it through my nub.

I quivered, my burning nipple stimulated from the inside. I gasped and shuddered, my pussy squeezing and relaxing on my daddy's dick. She screwed a large ball onto one the end she threaded to me, the other already capped. The balls were too big to fit through the hole in my nipple and since they were so close together, the balls almost touching each other, they made the ring feel solid.

Permanent. "There you are," she said. "Mmm, you look just delicious.


When your father called and told us he wanted three women pierced with heavy rings, well, I thought it was your mother, her sister, and someone else. Not you and your cousin." "Half-sister," I moaned, my voice thick with pain and pleasure.

My body squirmed, stirring my juicy cunt around that incestuous shaft. An ache swelled in the depths of my snatch. "Daddy bred my aunt." "Mmm, naughty," she purred moving around the chair to the other side. She squeezed my firm tit and found my pink nipple so hard and bare. It wasn't pretty like my right one was. Already the pain fled, my nanites healing me. The piercing gun went around my nipple. "You're doing good, young lady," Daddy said, his hips moving, pumping his cock just an inch or two in and out of my snatch.

"Thank you, Daddy!" I whimpered as ripples of delight washed— The needle pierced my nipple with molten fire. I cried out in pain, my back arching. My thighs locked about Daddy's waist, holding him tight to me. I squirmed, the agony crossing that line, feeding that ache. I whimpered and moaned as the ring slipped through the hole, teasing my nub from the inside.

Daddy grasped my right ring, tugging on it. My nipple stretched. My pussy clenched. He groaned as I undulated my hips. My entire body trembled on the verge of my climax. This was so incredible to submit to him in this way. To let him mark my body permanently. "For you, Daddy!" I moaned as Lilac capped my other nipple ring. I squirmed, my hands pressing into the small of my back.

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My fingers flexed as the throbbing in my nipples fed my pleasure. I couldn't cum. I had to fight this. But. these new sensations were intoxicating. My nipples both felt so much more sensitive now. The rings caressed the inner parts of my nubs, teasing them, shooting electricity down to my pussy stuffed with Daddy's cock.

"Last one," Lilac purred. "You got to stop fucking her, Sir, or I might slip. We don't want to mess this one up." "No," Daddy groaned. He stopped thrusting. He didn't even have his dick all the way in me, only halfway, leaving her room to work.

I whimpered, my stomach clenching. Would this one hurt more? My clit was so sensitive. And to have it pierced. I whimpered as Lilac's fingers rubbed through my folds. She found my bud, touching it, making my cunt flutter. "Mmm, such a cute clit," she purred. "It'll be beautiful adorned in gold." "Yes it will," Daddy groaned, his voice so thick. The piercing gun pressed against my pussy and pubic mound, so cold and mechanical.

I sucked in a deep breath. I was so afraid to move now. I stared up at Daddy, that ache swelling as Lilac lined up the device to pierce my clitoris. Daddy's eyes were my universe.

I was his slave. "You can do this," Georgia whispered. "So proud of you, young lady," Mom whispered. I'd forgotten they were here through the pain. But they watched me, too. They would soon be in my place, submitting to Daddy the way I— Agony knifed through my clit. Ecstasy exploded in my cunt. The feel of the needle penetrating my sensitive bud fired rapture into my swelling orgasm.

Before I could stop it, my pussy convulsed about Daddy's cock. My back arched. I screamed out as waves of euphoric ecstasy slammed into my mind. Stars burst across my vision as throbbing pain and delirious rapture warred in my spasming pussy. My body bucked on the exam table, my back rubbing against my bound wrists. I moaned and shuddered, my small tits jiggling. My new nipples piercings shifted, stimulating my nubs without them even getting touched.

"I'm your slave, Daddy!" I screamed through the drowning bliss. His cock slammed into my cunt, burying to the hilt in my convulsing snatch. He grunted. His cum fired into me. Spurt after hot spurt spilled through me. I whimpered, staring into his eyes, my pussy milking out every drop of his incestuous spunk into my fertile depths. "Naughty young lady!" Daddy groaned, his face twisted with his rapture.

"So naughty!" I gasped, my pussy wringing his dick dry. I wanted every last spurt of his jizz in me. I shuddered, my pleasure peaking in me as the pain throbbed through my clit. "Oh, yes, yes, yes." "Isn't she just a little pain slut, Meredith?" Lilac asked. "Yes," Mom moaned. "Ooh, young lady, you look so pretty." "She takes after her mother," Daddy groaned and ripped his cock out of my cunt.

"Though she's more disobedient." My eyes widened. I came without permission. "I'm sorry, Daddy." "I'll remember when it comes time for your punishment," he said, his voice throaty.

His cum leaked out of me. Then I groaned as Lilac leaned over and threaded the fat, gold ring through my clitoris.

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I gasped, another orgasm almost rippling through me, a mini-burst of rapture. I groaned, clamping down on it as my throbbing bud drank in the twisting feel. She capped it. I was marked by Daddy. I was forever his. I stared down my body and smiled at the gold glittering in my bush and adorning my pink nipples. Fat rings perfect for being leashed. My head fell back on the table as my body buzzed and throbbed. Pain and pleasure tingled through me. I loved it so much. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mindy trembled as she stared at her twin.

They lay atop each other, their Daddy fucking back and forth between their pussies. "She came so hard!" "Yes," Cindy moaned back, her nipples kissing Mindy's, adding to the delight churning through Mindy's cunt. Her daddy ripped his cock out of Mindy's pussy and slammed it into Cindy's. He fucked her hard, groaning, "Damn, that was so hot the way the Goddess exploded." "Yes, it was, Daddy!" Mindy whimpered, her pussy feeling so empty and— Her daddy slammed back into her.

The eighteen-year-old whimpered in delight. Her body trembled on the table. She kissed her sister as Daddy groaned.

His cum fired into her cunt, inspired by the antics of their newest Goddess. As the hot cum filled her, Mindy wondered, Does Daddy want to pierce us? I hope so. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I shivered as Lilac brought the piercing gun to Mom. I stood beside her, my nipples and clit still tingling with excitement. Daddy's cum leaked out of her. Daddy watched from nearby, his eyes hungry as Mom stared at him. "For you, Father," she said. "I love you." "I love you, slut," Daddy said, taking her hand.

Lilac let out an awwing sigh and pulled the trigger on the piercing gun. Mom sucked in a deep breath as the needle pierced her fat nipple. Both of mine throbbed. Georgia gasped nearby. She leaned forward, my half-sister's blue eyes open so wide. She wiggled her body, her arms still bound behind her like mine were. It made her breasts sway, her nipples in desperate need of being pierced. "Damn, that hurt," Mom whimpered. "Oh, damn, it hurt so amazingly, Father." "It's only going to get better," Lilac purred as she threaded the heavy gold ring through Mom's nipple.

It was so hot watching the end vanish into mom's nub then appear out the other side, passed cleanly through her nub. Lilac screwed on the ball. "There you are." "Thank you," Mom moaned then gasped as I leaned over and engulfed her nub. I had to spread my healing nanites. According to Daddy, who read the thick instruction manual for my Halo, I spread them with my fluids; especially my saliva.

So sucking on her nipple would let them heal far faster than normal. Mom whimpered as my tongue danced and played with her fat nub and its new adornment.

I flicked it back and forth inside my mouth, making Mom squirm. I loved it. Her green eyes fluttered. Her body squirmed. "Oh, Daddy, our little girl is getting so naughty." Her hand reached out, fingers brushing my stomach. They slid down my body, making me tingle as she reached my brown bush.

Then she found my clit piercing. She tugged on it. A flash of throbbing pain was then swallowed by a wash of shuddering pleasure. "Mmm, she's so juicy," Mom said. "She— "Fuck!" The piercing gun needled her left nipple. She shuddered on the chair, her breast jiggling in my mouth. I sucked hard on her right nub, playing with her gold ring, my eyes locked on her other nipple. Mom tugged again on my clit piercing, my pussy clenching, forcing out more of Daddy's cum.

She whimpered as Lilac threaded her nipple. I released her right nub, leaned over Mom's body, and licked her left nipple ring. I fluttered my tongue against it, batting her ring. Then I sucked on it so hard, drawing as much of her nipple and areola into my mouth as I could, loving her. She hissed in delight, squirming on the table. "Ooh, Bess, I can't wait for you to soothe me," Georgia whimpered, her thighs glistening with her juices.

She leaned over the other side. "I want to be in your place so badly, Aunt Meredith." "You will, young lady," mom moaned. "Now, Lilac, pierce my clit. My Master has wanted this for so long." "Mmm, and he's going to love it," Lilac said.

"You have such a hot pussy, Meredith." The pink-haired woman leaned over, bringing the piercing gun to my mom's shaved pussy. Lilac's fingers pulled back my mom's labia, exposing that pink, glistening clit. I sucked so hard, watching out of the corner of my eye. I nursed on Mom's nipple, my pussy squeezing tight in anticipation. My body shook and— "Oh, yes!" Mom cried out as the piercing gun hissed, plunging the needle through her sensitive clit.

"Oh, Father, I'm marked! I'm yours!" I popped my mouth off mom's nipple, hungering to suck and nibble on her clit now. Lilac threaded the third golden ring through that beautiful nub. It twitched and throbbed as she worked. I licked my lips, leaning down and— Daddy grabbed me.

"Georgia, you're up." "Don't you want me to heal Mom, Daddy?" I asked, my body shaking as his dick nudged against my rump. "You will," he said. Mom's round tits jiggled, gold rings flashing as she moved. She stood up, her pussy dribbling its juices. She squeezed her tits, staring down at her piercings, her green eyes so hot. Then Georgia slipped onto the piercing station, my eighteen-year-old half-sister shivering as she squirmed, her belly arched into the air, her thighs spread wide.

Her shaved pussy glistened. I loved my sister's nipples after each one was pierced. I sucked on them. I played with her rings. I swirled my tongue around them. I made Georgia gasp and moan. She squirmed on the table while I wiggled, Daddy rubbing his hard dick, still wet with my pussy, across my rump. It made me ache and shiver. "Daddy!" Georgia screamed when Lilac pulled the trigger, piercing her clit. My half-sister bucked, my mouth sucking hard on her left nipple. "Oh, Daddy, I'm yours!

Yours! I love you so much! I'm your slave! Everyone will know!" "Everyone," Daddy groaned, his voice so thick, his cock sliding up and down my butt-crack.

"Slut, drape yourself over your niece. And you, young lady, heal their clits." "Oh, yes, Daddy," I moaned as Mom purred, "Yes, Father." Mom stretched her mature and gorgeous body on my half-sister's youthful form. Mom straddled her, bringing their shaved pussies together. Their pierced clits nuzzled, rings sliding against each other.

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Mom leaned over, bringing her breasts and gold-adorned nipples down to my half-sister. "Mmm, he owns us both, doesn't he, young lady?" Mom purred. "Yes, Aunt Meredith," Georgia panted. Then they kissed. I groaned at the lesbian, incestuous passion. Their bodies squirmed together, pierced nubs rubbing against the other's. I moved between their legs, Georgia's hanging off the chair, Mom's half-tucked under my sister's.

Their two beautiful pussies awaited, both glistening with their passion. I nuzzled into their clits. My tongue flicked out, sliding through my half-sister's folds.

I loved the taste of her tangy cunt. The feel of her on my tongue. She whimpered, squirming, grinding her clit into my mother's. I flicked up, brushing their piercings.

Mother's spicy cream mixed with my half-sisters. What a delicious treat. I sucked on both their clit piercings. I made them both groan into their shared kiss. My nose nuzzled into my mother's folds, her spicy musk filling my inhalation. I shuddered, wiggling my hips, cum and pussy cream running down my thighs.

"What a delicious sight," Daddy growled from behind me. He grabbed my waist. His cock slipped between my butt-cheeks, dripping wet with my pussy cream. He found my asshole. Thrust. "Daddy!" I whimpered into the two pussies grinding together before me. My breasts jiggled as his cock slid into my asshole.

It was amazing. My bowels expanded to take his dick. That velvety heat swept through me. My eyes squeezed shut. My entire body trembled. My tongue fluttered out, circling round my half-sister's and mother's pierced clits, battering their rings. Making them moan in delight. They tribbed together, humping their pussies into the other as I licked them. I drank their tangy and spicy musk as Daddy sodomized my asshole.

He drew back his cock and rammed it into me again. His balls smacked into my taint. My pussy clenched, loving the feel of him burying into me. The heat from the velvety friction consuming my asshole flowed into my cunt. More and more of his cum ran down my thighs.

He smacked my ass with his rump. His hand slid around my hip to my belly. His fingers were so strong. I whimpered as he moved lower towards my pussy.

Towards my clit. I squeezed my eyes shut, nibbling on both my mother's and half-sisters buds. Daddy found my new clit ring. He tugged on it. I squealed in rapture, my bowels clenching down so hard on his dick. "Young lady!" he growled, twisting my clit piercing as he hammered my bowels.

Pain swelled through my pussy, meeting the rapture flowing out of my asshole. I groaned and gasped, my thighs flexing to buck my hips back into Daddy's thrust. My clit throbbed, loving the abuse, feeding my cunt all the agony and ecstasy it craved. I sucked so hard on my mother's and half-sister's pierced clits.

I loved them both with my tongue and lips as the pleasure hurtled through me. Daddy's cock hammered my bowels, driving me towards another orgasm. But I couldn't cum. I squirmed, resisting the urge to be naughty and to surrender to my own deviant lusts. I squeezed my eyes shut, my entire body trembling. The heat swelled and swelled through me. My bowels clenched down so hard on my Daddy's cock.

The friction burned through me. His finger tugged on my clit over and over. It was so hard to resist. I pressed my face into the two pussies writhing before me. Spicy and tangy juices coated my face. My head spun, assaulted by bliss and pain. They drove me towards new heights of rapture and agony. "Oh, Father, may your slaves cum?" Mom moaned. "May Georgia and I writhe on your daughter's mouth? She's making our new clit piercings feel amazing." "So amazing, Daddy!" Georgia whimpered.

"May we cum?" Daddy pulled hard on my clit piercing, stretching out my bud to her limits. I whimpered about my mother's and half-sister's rings. My lips were sealed tight about them both. I sucked so hard, my bowels squeezing down with such pressure on Daddy's cock. "You may!" Daddy growled.

"You two may cum! Drench her face! Drown Bess in your pussy juices!" "Yes, Daddy!" "Yes, Father!" As if Daddy's words were enough to set them off, my sister and mother exploded. Their pussy cream gushed from their cunts as they spasmed and writhed together.

They bathed my face in spicy and tangy cream. I lapped it up, my eyes fluttering, my own orgasm building and building. "May I cum, Daddy?" I gasped as he hammered me so hard, his heavy balls smacking into my taint. "Please, please, Daddy?" "Not yet!" he growled, his voice so throaty. He twisted my clit piercing, my bud throbbing beneath the assault.

My juices flowed. My cunt on fire. That swelling ache made me tremble. I was so close to exploding. "I'm almost there and.

Yes!" Hot cum erupted into my asshole. Daddy buried his cock to the hilt in my bowels as he unloaded his spunk. "You may cum, young lady!" I surrendered into pain and rapture. Agony and ecstasy consumed me. The dueling sensations catapulted me into a new space. A buzzing euphoria swept over me, consuming me. I gasped and moaned, my legs quivered.

My bowels milked Daddy's cock. I whimpered into my mother's and half-sister's pussies. I quivered as my mind was inundated in numbing bliss. Darkness crashed through me. I sank into a wonderful delight of ecstasy. I drifted through rapture, an endless space of a wordless passion. I felt strong arms holding me. I felt such powerful love about me. Other arms joined me, holding me.

My family. My eyes fluttered open. Mom smiled down at me. Dad was on the other side, his hand stroking my hair. I whimpered, my wrists still bound behind me. Georgia knelt before me, smiling at me, her green eyes wide with some emotion.

Awe? "You exploded, Bess," she said. "It was awesome!" I smiled, my body feeling drained yet energized all at the same time. I buzzed, wanting to sleep and yet wanting to have more sex. With my family. With my Daddy's harem. But it wasn't complete. Aunt Louisa, Daddy's whore, needed to join the fun. I couldn't wait for her to show up tonight. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Will you pierce our clits, Daddy?" Mindy asked, his cum running out of her cunt as she knelt before him.

"Yes, Daddy, will you?" Cindy moaned, kneeling beside her. Their father grinned at them, his cock hard before him coated in their pussy juices.

"Yes, I will." Mindy shuddered with her twin sister as their daddy grabbed their heads and guided their eager lips to his dick. Thank you, Goddess Bess, thought Mindy as her tongue lapped up the mix of her and her sister's sweet juices. Thank you for enlightening us! To be continued.