Amazing twinks Jared Lysander is a splendid young fellow with a tight

Amazing twinks Jared Lysander is a splendid young fellow with a tight
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Fbailey story number 378 14yo Girls Gone Wild I was suckered into chaperoning a field trip with Miss Amore. She was the Earth Science teacher and it was her idea to take just the girls off into the woods for a full day of exploration. I was the teacher adviser of the Photography Club and Miss Amore told me to come prepared to take some nature pictures. Miss Amore had requisitioned a small bus for the trip that would hold the nineteen girls and her along with the driver, I was to be the bus driver too.

She sure knew how to pick her helpers. In me she kind of got three for one. That particular bus was normally used to take the basketball players to 'away' games and was equipped with a VCR and a DVD player so that they could review games with the opposing players. I had just pulled out of the parking lot when one of the girls hit 'play' on the machine. The screen came down automatically and the music began. It sounded loud, strange, and choppy but the girls seemed to like it. It went silent and I wondered why.

Then there was a lot of giggling with Miss Amore trying to keep control. After ten or fifteen minutes it dawned on me that the boys had left some sort of a dirty movie in the player and Miss Amore was allowing the girls to watch it. I told them to turn up the volume if they wanted to hear it and reminded them that we had another half-hour to go before we got to our destination. At my suggestion Miss Amore cranked up the volume and the girls went wild. The conversation turned to breast sizes and who had what on the bus.

From there it went to who had sex, what positions they liked, and if they liked girls too. After that it was which ones of them would dare flash me when I was holding a camera.

I knew they were all approximately fourteen years old, give or take a year, and that it could only cause me harm…but I couldn't help but wonder if Miss Amore would join in. There was some rustling around back there and then I heard Miss Amore tell the girls to save it until the bus stopped at our designated area. She told them that if they wished to become Girls Gone Wild that they should do it in front of the camera.

They talked for a while and then they agreed that to be even more daring that they should do 'their thing' as they got off the bus. They would get as revealing as they dared and walk down the steps to the ground and then walk right at me. I would be several paces away to make them expose themselves for a longer period of time.

Then of course they had to figure out the order of decent down those stairs. After that they were all talking about going down topless, or nude, or just lifting their blouses for me.

They talked about dropping their shorts and mooning the camera.

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I figured that they were all talk but then again I was hoping for something good, especially if it were only Miss Amore. Miss Amore, which means love in French, was a very attractive woman in her late twenties. She was about five feet two inches tall and she had her hair in a ponytail. She blended right in with the fourteen-year-old girls in size and appearance. Even her breasts were perfect compared to the other girls. Then the moment of truth arrived.

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I pulled into our designated area and stopped. There was not supposed to be anyone within a mile of us so that our section of the woods would not be disturbed by anyone else. I looked back at the girls and they watched me as I dug out my digital camcorder, checked the tiny disc and the batteries before grabbing my bag and heading off the bus.

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I heard a commotion behind me as the girls realized that they had put their feet in their mouths, so to speak. I was ready and waiting for several minutes when finally one girl walked off the bus, looked at me, turned pink, and then lifted her T-shirt to show me her tiny tits. She held it up for the entire walk to me, and then she stated her name for the record. She slowly lowered her T-shirt and stood next to me. The next girl walked off the bus carrying her shirt and proudly displaying her breasts and her hard nipples.

She got to me and stated her name then stood off to the side. One by one the girls tried to 'one up' the previous girl by showing me their ass or lowering their shorts to show me some pubic hair. The last three just walked off the bus carrying their T-shirts, shorts, and panties. Apparently no one had been wearing a bra. Two of the girls were a little shy and tried to cover their pussies with a hand but eventually moved it for me to photograph them.

Last but certainly not least was Miss Amore. She was not only naked but she wasn't carrying any clothes with her at all. She smiled, she turned, and she squatted to show off her shaved pussy to its finest.

Her body sure matched most of the girls. When she got closer to me she said, "Hello. My name is Miss Amanda Amore and I'm the teacher.

I'm horny from watching that Girls Gone Wild DVD and from all of the sexy girl talk on the bus." Then she called me by name and said, "You need to fuck me real soon and often after that too. That is if you don't mind me being a sure thing." Mind? Hell no. I didn't mind at all. When Miss Amore told the girls that she had no intention of putting her clothes back on, especially on such a nice spring day, they chose to discard their clothes too…on one condition… that they get to watch me fuck their teacher.

Miss Amore was all in favor of mixing Sex Education with her Earth Science fieldtrip. The girls stripped off their clothes and put them back on the bus.

I chose to stay dressed so that I could protect them if anyone came near. Really, I was afraid that someone would catch me naked with all these minors and arrest me. They got their notebooks, pens, sample bags, and then we took off. Once we were into the woods a short distance Miss Amore found a downed tree. She told me that it was time for me to fuck her.

She helped me out of my pants and underwear and then played with my hard cock. She gave the girls a sex education lesson on the male anatomy and then sucked it into her mouth. That caused a few of the girls to gag. Soon she was masturbating herself and gave the girls another lesson on the female anatomy.

Then without any need for foreplay she sat me on that log and sat on my cock facing me. With our height differences we were perfectly matched to kiss, and kiss we did until I thought that she was going to suck my entire tongue into her wonderful mouth.

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As her orgasm approached she asked me to pinch and twist her nipples hard. That put her right over the edge along with me too as I filled her pussy with cum. Miss Amore then showed the girls my discharge as it dripped out of her pussy and had each girl suck some from her fingers as she fingered herself. Most of the girls liked it but a few didn't. We did a good hour of fieldwork like we were supposed too, then it was time for me to fuck her again…that time doggy style.

Again I had to pinch and twist her nipples when her orgasm hit. Another hour of fieldwork and we returned to the bus for lunch. The girls sat in the grass and ate as I filmed them in the nude. That time they didn't hesitate to open their legs and even hold their pussies open for me. It was quite a change from the 'getting off the bus' scene earlier. Right after lunch Miss Amore wanted sex again. That time she wanted to be gagged, blindfolded, and tied to steaks.

I looked around and then had some of the girls help me. I shoved a pair of damp panties into her mouth, I pulled a black pair of panties over her head to cover her eyes, and then I had four girls wrap T-shirts around her wrists and ankles and pull them tight. It was then my turn.

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I undressed, climbed over her, and just thrust my member into her without any warning at all. I entered her in one thrust. I knew that Miss Amore was into light bondage and that some pain translated into pure pleasure for her.

So I tried to beat her into the ground and bruise her pelvis as I fucked her. To continue their sex education I told the girls all about the missionary position, how Miss Amore was enjoying the slight pain, and how they could raise their legs to encompass their boyfriend's waist and allow deeper penetration.

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I encouraged the rest of the girls to give their teacher a tittie-twister. In no time at all I was filling Amanda for the third time.

When the girls released her limbs Amanda removed the panties from her eyes and mouth. She wanted to know who the panties in her mouth belonged too. When she found out who, she just smiled and told the girl that they were very tasty and that she would love to taste the source.

After that Miss Amore explained how nice the missionary position could be for the girl and how much deeper the boy could get his penis into her. They laughed when she said that every inch counted.

An inquiry got me an immediate answer that only three of the girls had lost their virginity. They even told the rest of us how and who with.

One surprised us when she said that her father had been fucking her for over a year.

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However, she did not want anyone to cause her or her father any trouble. Miss Amore swore everyone to secrecy about that girl and what they had done all day long.


She reminded them that her and I could get in a lot of trouble. The afternoon was very beneficial. The class managed to find about twice as many items as Miss Amore had intended.

The girls identified each one and Miss Amore was very proud of their work.

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Before we got back on the bus, Miss Amore got on her back and had me slip my cock into her asshole. She was not lubricated and it was very hard for me to force it into her but the harder I forced it in the more she enjoyed it.

As we performed anal sex she told the girls all about it. She told them that anal sex and oral sex would keep them from getting pregnant too. Of course on the way back to the school Amanda gave me a blowjob and showed the girls her mouthful of cum before swallowing it. Miss Amore filmed all of the girls sucking on the head of my cock, as a way of saying thank you for a great day.

Miss Amore came home with me that night and never left.


The End 14yo Girls Gone Wild 378