Therealworkout cute asian teen fucks friend after workout

Therealworkout cute asian teen fucks friend after workout
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The moment had been so quick, I had hoped to get fucked and I was afraid Justin wouldn't be in the mood now. I need to act quick.

I licked his cum covered dick, even though it kind of grossed me out to put that in my mouth. And went "mmmmm". "God your gross dude." He said, but seemed to like it. So I said "want me to grab a towel or something?" "yeah grab that shirt over there." I grabbed the shirt and wiped my face off and wiped his dick off and his bush was a hot sticky mess of cum.

He said "you can use that one too" to a nother shirt. And I got him all cleaned up. The whole time his dick never went completely soft, and stayed like half hard. "God your big dick shoots so much." I said trying to dirty talk him back into the mood. He didn't say anything so I figured maybe the encounter was over and I should get going, I didn't want to push my luck for future times, I was happy to get anything I could. "well, should I head out?" I asked.

He paused and seemed to be contemplating.

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Then he got up and took his pants off his other leg and walked over to his stereo. He put on a cd with some rap music. The whole time I was staring at his dick and ass. His whole body was great. His pale freckly legs and ass turned me on so much. Then he turned up the music a little and said "lets see you shake that ass." I was not expecting this and didn't really know what to do. "what do you mean?" You want to be a girl, then lets see if you can dance like one. I was really nervous and embarrassed and didn't know what to do.

"You want me to fuck you?" He said. I nodded, not sure what was going on. "Then make me want to." He finished. I figured what the fuck.


And turned my back to him and tried to shake my butt like girls did when they were dancing. "Strip" he said. So I pulled off my sweatpants so I was just in my boxers over the thong, and a t shirt and sweatshirt. I took off the sweatshirt next. Then he said "that shirt too." This surprised me as we had never taken our shirts off. I wasn't fat or anything but I wasn't muscular either, I had kind of a girly physique on my upper body so this made me timid, but I figured what the hell and took it off seductively with my back to him.

"turn around" he said. I did. "Keep dancing." I kept dancing and turned around, "You have kind of a girls body." He said. Normally I would have been horrified, but I knew it was kind of a compliment the way he meant it, like it turned him on.

As I was dancing I rolled up my boxers at the hip to make them shorter and tighter. Then I turned back around and bent over and shook my ass at him. "Take those off." He said. I ignored him and walked over to him and turned and tried to rub my ass on his now rock hard dick like girls did when they danced. He sat back and let me give him a kind of lap dance. At this point I was fully into it. So I danced back away and turned and pulled the boxers down seductively while shaking my butt.

Revealing just my ass in the thong. "Oh god. Thats pretty good." Justin said. And he got up and walked over to me and kind of wrapped his arms around me with his dick pressing into my butt. He was feeling me all over.

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Grabbing my little love handles and my stomach and chest that still had a little baby fat. I could feel his hot dick on my ass and leaking a little. I broke his graps and turned around and said "take off your shirt." He looked at me for a second and hesitated as it was the first time I had told him to do something.

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But he complied. Standing naked, with me in the thong, I got really close so my stomach was touching his, and rubbed my hands behind him on his back and ass.

Then I got on my nees and kissed and licked softly the area on his thighs just next to his dick. Then I slowly went upward. Licked up his stomach. Then I went to his nipple and licked and put them in my mouth, flicked them. I looked up and his eyes were closed so he seemed to like it. So I moved upward and licked and kissed his neck seductively. At this point he grabbed my ass so I took it that he liked it. I went back and forth on both sides of his neck, careful not to give him a hicky.

Then I pulled his head down as he was taller and went to his ear and slowly blew into it before softly putting my tong around it. This was all he could take and he took control. He grabbed me by the shoulders and turned me around and roughly bent me over. He frantically grabbed a bottle of vaseline from a drawer and put it all over his dick. Then he yanked down the thong I was wearing and shoved me over to his bed. I leaned on the bed with my ass out and went behind me and had to squat down a little since he was taller and then he shoved his dick in me in one swoop.

It hurt like hell.

"OW OW SHIT!" I yelped. "sorry" he said. He gave it a second to let me adjust and said "are we good?" I said yes. And he took that as his cue to start fucking the shit out of me. This was different than last times as he was fucking me with a fury. He was grabbing my ass and reaching under me and grabbing my tits and hips. At one point he grabbed my hair and bent over on top of me and whispered "you like that you fucking bitch." in my ear.


"oh god yes." I replied. This egged him on. "You like that? You like that? You like my big dick bitch?" "tell me you like it." "yes I do I do I do!" I moaned. He slapped my ass. "tell me you like my big dick.

Tell me how big it is." "I like your big dick. I love your big dick its so fucking big. Omg its so big." "Youre a dirty little faggot. You fucking faggot ass bitch" he said. "say it. Say youre my dirty faggot." I didn't say anything. He grabbed my hair and said "say it fucking whore say it." "Im your dirty faggot. I'm your little bitch. Youre so big oh god." "Im gonna fucking cum in your ass oh god oh god." He said "give it to me.

Please please. Oh please fuck me" Then he grabbed my hips and thrust really deep and let out a loud moan. I could feel him cumming in me.

He layed on me and reached around gave my dick a few strokes and I came almost instantly.

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"You have such a little bitch dick." he said to me. While laying on top of me. Despite the words he was saying it felt really intimate, different than before.

"Not like my big mans monster cock." I replied. And then he took his dick out and crouched down behind me with his face by my butt. I had no idea what he was doing. He kissed and licked my butt cheeeks while grabbing them and kind of bit one. I was so turned on by this. At that exact moment we heard his garage door open. In a panick he yelled "SHIT FUCK SHIT!" And we scurried to get dressed as fast as possible.

We quickly pulled up our pants and threw on shirts. He was spraying axe as it smelled like sex. And meanwhile cum was dripping out of mine. His dad opened the garage door and yelled "Justin, you home?" He answered and whispered to me to get the fuck out. I walked out and tried to nonchalently say hi to his dad. His dad was kind of a redneck ass hole so he just grunted like he always did.