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Straight sexy lads naked gay videos videos and straight sexy cowboy
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The next couple days i went to school, hung out with Alexis. I woke up Friday morning I already had the whole day planned. I called Alexis.

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"yeah babe you dont need to come pick me up im satying home today so i can get ready". "yeah see you at about 4:30"i said I got up and went into my room. "Sara im not going to school neither is Kelly" i said "okay but i think she is in the shower."i went into the bathroom and locked the door. I joined Kelly in the shower. I Held her for a second.

She turned around and slapped me. "what was that for" i said "you think you can just fuck me whenever you want" she said "first off, i wasnt going to fuck you" "second you did that to me" "And third i was going to say i was sorry" i said I was about to get out of the shower and then she grabbed my hand.

"im sorry"she said crying into my chest I held her. As the warm water showered us. "stay home today" i said "well i have stuff to do and i want you to be here." i said "okay" she said I got out of the shower. Sara was already gone. I called a car service.

"hello thank you for calling King Limo, How may we help you" the lady said "yeah i need a limo for tonight." i said "how long will you need it for" she said "from 6Pm until 1 am" i said "that will be around 300 dollars" she said I gave her my address and hung up.

Just then Kelly walked into the living room. "sit next to me" i said "who was that" she said as she sat next to me "i ordered a limo for tonight" i said "oh, so why did you want me to stay home" she said " i wanted to spend some time with you" i said "oh k" she said "im sorry for the way ive been pushing you away" i said "its not just your fault" she said "we moved to fast and we ended so soon" she added "yes we did but you cant plan these things" i said "i had no idea i would fall for Alexis" i added "i dont know what to do" she said "well we have 2 choices" i said "we can either stop, or keep doing what we are doing" i said "either way things between us are going to change".

i said "i know" she said "but its all so sudden" she said "well its better doing this now then months from now, and us being even closer i dont think either of us could handle that" i said "we either need to do this casually or not at all" she said "i agree 100%" i said "well then casual it is" she said placeing her hand on my crotch.

"mm very casual" i said She unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock. Stroking it as she licked the tip. She put my cock into her sweet little mouth. Flicking the tip of my dick with her tongue. She was playing with my balls making me get harder.

She kept sucking my dick deeper and deeper, Until i came gloriously into the back of her throat.

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She started gagging but not a drop left her mouth as she swallowed it all. "now its your turn" i said "MMMM" she said She laid down on the couch as i got in between her legs.

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I began to eat her juicy pussy which was already wet. Licking her lips, sucking on her clit.


I slid a finger into her tight pussy. I continued sucking on her clit. until after a couple minutes.

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She came just as i was getting hard again. i slid up and started sucking her little nipples. As i slid my cock into her pussy. She gave out a little moan. I went deeper and deeper faster and faster. never slowing down. Harder not letting up and with one final thrust i came deep inside her. But i did not soften up. I just pulled out. She got down and licked all the juice from cock.

Then i went back in slowly at first because my dick was still a little sensitive. But as the sensitivity died down i sped up again until i came again deep inside her. This time i was spent.

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She got up. "you hungry" she said "i could eat" i said "are you sure i usually cook" i added "well lately ive been cooking" she said "im sorry, i havent been around as much lately" i said "its ok, it just made everyone realize all that you do around here." she said "well i always had more time then everyone" i said "ive always finished my homework in school and never had to study in my life" i added "yeah we all dont have the greatest gift ever" she said "well it isnt always a gift" i said "what do you mean" she said "you know when you think you heard someone say something behind your back" or lie to you but then you forget what they say or did" i said "um yeah i think everyone does" she said " well i dont forget anything, i remember every little comment every white lie." i said "its unbearable" i added "you have to let that stuff go" she said "i cant i remember every bad thing that someone does" i said "like when mom used to lie to me before she fond out about the illness, she looks at me differently now" i said "its horrible to have this" i said "well look at the positives" she said "you can be what ever you want" she added "you could be the best doctor ever, you could do anything." she said "i know, but there is so much pressure" i said "forget what every one else wants do what you want." she said " your right" i said I walked into my room and got my laptop and walked back.


"now what are you doing" she said "im looking up how to dance." i said "oh yeah for the dance tonight" she said "yeah im going to learn all of them" i said "good luck with that" she said I looked over the tango and got up and put on the music.

"lets dance" i said "no way you already know that" she said "yep" i said I played the song Pot Una Cabeza. And grabbed her hand and we danced the first dip i kissed in between her breasts.

The second time i liked up from to her neck. Then the door bell rang.

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Part two will be later.