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"Potter I wanted talk to you." Snape told Harry as they walked away from Ginny laid down naked. He continued, "Dumbledore had made me promise to kill him if the circumstance was right. Malfoy's job was to kill Dumbledore and help the death eaters into the castle. I had not found out about this until after I talked to the dark lord." he paused for a second and looked at Harry.

When Harry did not say anything he continued, "Now I want you to understand I did not want this to happen. I cared for Dumbledore as much as more people that is why I dared not disobey him. I did not try to kill him either, you many know that you have to mean a curse in order to use it.

I there fore could not use the killing curse on him. There fore I said the words but I was thinking, "Levicorpus" I tried to float him out the window and I figured he would be fine.

Nevertheless when I heard he had died I had blamed myself for the longest time until I remembered my promise I made to him about keeping you safe." Harry just stared at him for a second. He then spoke up, "Well I know about the unbreakable bond you made with Malfoy's mother.

I also know that Dumbledore trusted you with out a doubt. But what I want to know is," Snape interrupted, "is why I had remorse for your parents. I thought we might get to that. You see Harry your father saved my life, after school had happened we all went our separate ways.

I ended up joining the dark lord and he married your mother and had you. A week after you were born I was attacked by a group of dogs. I was left bleeding to death and your parents did not live that far away, from where I was attacked. I had somehow made it to their house and they took me in and cared for me until it was safe enough to transport me to St.

Mungo's where I healed the rest of the way. "Now Harry we don't have much time but I have found the three Horcruxes you seek. The snake is a Horcrux, as well as the cup. I destroyed the cup without the dark lord knowing, and the snake can be easily killed when the time comes. Now the only problem is the third one.

It is an item of Rowena Ravenclaw. I have not found out what it is but I know Draco was told to sneak it into the school last year. That is all I way able to find out." Harry spoke up just as Snape finished, "so there is only one Horcrux we have to worry about, it belonged to Ravenclaw, and it's in the school?" Snape bowed his head and Harry took it as a yes.

Before Harry could think about it Snape spoke up, "It is time to go now Harry.

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Harry woke up and Ron was up getting dressed for breakfast. Harry slowly got out of bed and got dressed. He followed Ron down the stair to an awaiting Hermione and Ginny. They gave them a quick kiss and headed down to breakfast after everyone else. Harry had them hang back a little from the group so he could tell them about the dream. Hermione's response was as Harry had expected, she started suggesting books they could look in.

Ron and Ginny did not say anything as she talked. They all traveled down to eat and then headed off to classes. They next few weeks were uneventful. Harry didn't have Snape come to him and they spent most of their time in the library. Hermione even tried Ancestry logs she found but they were having no luck at all. They were well into October and Halloween was approaching fast.

Ron and Ginny both made the Quidditch team again so they all spent allot of time practicing along with schoolwork was making time fly. Harry awoke on the morning of Halloween before anyone else. He got dressed and headed down to the common room. There were a few early risers so Harry sat in his chair and waited for everyone to wake up. Harry started wandering, "Why are we looking for what belonged to Ravenclaw.

Why not look for where Malfoy would have hid it?" Then Harry started thinking of where he would have hidden it. Harry was thinking boys' bathroom, his dorm room, maybe even Crabbe or Goyle had it. Before Harry realized it Ron, Ginny and Hermione came over and shook him out of his thinking.

He looked at them shocked; he had forgotten they were coming. He they relayed to them what he was thinking as they headed down to breakfast. Luckily, it was Saturday and they had no classes today so they sat around the common room thinking. After an hour or so Harry noticed Luna and Neville walk through then it hit Harry. "What about the room of requirement." Harry blurted out, "Malfoy spent most of his time in there last year. It is bound to be in there." They all jumped up and headed to the room.

Harry stood there for a few seconds staring at the wall then it hit him.

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Last year when Harry entered here to hide his book, which still was sitting inside, he saw the vanishing cabinet. Therefore, Harry started pacing back and forth thinking, "I need my book back.

I need my book back. I need my book back." As soon as he thought it, Ginny grabbed his arm and he opened his eyes. The door stood there right in front of his face so he reached out and turned the knob. They all stepped inside and shut the door. This room was filled with odds and ends ceiling to floor.

Harry thought to himself, "this is going to take some time." and he started looking. The rest took their own areas and started searching around. Harry picked up a broken wand, a cauldron with a big hole in it and even an old book, which was torn to shreds. They searched for what seems like hours until they decided to give up and try again tomorrow.


As they left, they noticed everyone was heading down to dinner. They joined the crowd and sat at their table. They just sat there enjoying the meals the house elves prepared for them. Then it hit Harry, he could get Kreacher and Dobby to look for the Ravenclaw item. Harry contemplated this while he ate and had a good time with everyone else. Pumpkin, apple and cherry pies, along with other items, were a great dessert. Being full and all Harry decided to go down and visit Dobby in the morning.

He followed the rest of his classmates out into the hall with Ginny hugging on his arm. Ginny decided she wanted to have a little Halloween party in the room of requirement. Ron and Hermione followed them as the split from the rest of the class. They showed up in front of the room but this time Ginny decided to pace back and forth in front of the room.

When she finished they all stepped inside, the room was covered in red velvet curtains and satin sheets. There were candles lining the room to give it a little light. Harry looked at Ginny and she just smiled, "I've been planning this for a while." She then mentioned more of her plan, "I want both you and Ron in me at the same time." Harry was a little taken back by this but he quickly agreed.

Hermione was in on the plan so she didn't mind because she would get them next. Ginny grabbed Harry's hand and walked him over to a huge bed in the middle of the room. The bed could have held all of Dumbledore's Army on top plus some. Ginny stripped down quickly and jumped into the bed. Ron and Harry quickly followed suit. Just as they started getting into bed, the door opened up. Luna and Neville walked into the room and shut the door. Harry looked at Ginny and she just smiled again, "I invited them along to.

I also invited someone else but I guess she isn't coming." Before Harry could ask whom Luna, Neville and Hermione Stripped down. Harry and Ron jumped into bed next to Ginny while the other three climbed in next to them. Ron laid down onto his back and Ginny climbed right on top. Harry (just helping it go faster) grabbed Ron's cock and pointed it to her pussy, Ginny slid down his shaft until she bottomed out.

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Harry got up behind her and gave his cock a few strokes. Harry got a firm grip on it and pointed to her ass.


When he felt it was going to stay, he let go, grabbed her hips, and pushed against her. She moaned as he slid the entire length in. Harry and Ron started moving in and out of her. It did not take them long to find a good rhythm since they had already done this a couple of times. Meanwhile right next to them Hermione, Neville and Luna were having their fun. Neville was lying down on his back with Hermione trying to push his cock into her pussy. She had only managed to get the head in and was trying to push the rest in.

Hermione started moaning with anticipation.


Neville's cock was bending as if it was going to break when it straightened up. Hermione's eyes shot open like a rocket. Neville's cock shot all the way into Hermione with one shift movement. Hermione's eyes glazed over as she felt him settle in her. She moved her hips in a rocking motion back and forth on his stomach. Luna climbed up and settled her pussy onto his face. Neville stuck his tongue deep into her pussy. Luna gave him a moan of pleasure; she leaned forward and stuck her tongue down Hermione's throat.

Hermione never missed a bounce as she impaled herself on Neville.

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Hermione reached out and grabbed Luna's breast and squeezed her nipples in-between her fingers. Neville grabbed Hermione's hips, shoved her down onto his cock, and moaned into Luna's pussy. Hermione got off and laid down next to him, Luna meanwhile got up off his face, got between his legs, and took his cock into her mouth. Next to them, Harry decided he wanted some pussy so he pulled out of Ginny and lay down on the bed.

Ginny pulled off of Ron and impaled herself onto Harry's awaiting cock. Ron meanwhile climbed over to Hermione and stuck his dick into her pussy. Luna seemed to get Neville's cock to stick back up so she planted her pussy on his member. All six of them were now fucking and enjoying themselves. Hermione felt like the weird one so she rolled Ron over so that all three girls were on top of the men.

They were lucky that the room was sound proof because they were making allot of noise by now. After what seemed like hours, but only 20 minutes had passed, Harry grabbed Ginny's waist and impaled her as much as he could and came deep into her pussy.

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Just as Ginny fell onto Harry's chest Neville moaned again and came so hard, sperm started seeping out of her pussy. Luna meanwhile fell backwards and Neville's cock plopped out of her. Ron on the other hand lasted a few more minutes longer than the rest until Hermione collapsed on him.

All six of them were exhausted and fell asleep. Harry was dreaming he was swimming in the prefects' bathroom. Myrtle decided to pay him another visit and while Harry tried covering up from her, she just stuck her head through his hands. Harry felt his cock get warm and wetter as she sucked him off. Harry decided to remove his hands and enjoy the feeling. He took his hands, grabbed the back of her head, and fucked her face as good as he could.

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Harry then realizes she is a ghost and should not be able to do this. Harry awoke with a fright and laid there. He could still feel Myrtle sucking on him; he then realized someone was actually sucking on him.

Harry looked down and saw a head full of black hair. Who ever it was knew what they were doing so Harry laid his head back down. She kept picking up speed and she took all of Harry's cock down her throat without any problems.

She then released his cock and Harry felt a little disappointed until he felt her climb up his body. Harry looked her straight in the eyes and smiled. HAHAHA To Be Continued.