Tattooed glam babe assfucked in cowgirl pose

Tattooed glam babe assfucked in cowgirl pose
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Chapter Three "Why Can't I" The urge to mate and to expand my territory had subsided after my second session with Carolyn. I also noticed that it was quickly reaching the end of the school day and that I could not stay here overnight, not if I wanted to continue my plan.

I was able to focus and gain enough composure to get tell Carolyn to drive to my apartment. I think she was able to read my mind because she started to regain some of her poise as well, I believe she understood what was at stake and didn't want to disrupt the plan for our new utopia.

She got dressed, washed up as best as she could and I sent her back to her office to gather her things before she left for the day. Fortunately Ms. Pope (my queen) was already out for the day so she didn't have to clean up too much. I cleaned up the floor and my office before I left for the night. I didn't want the janitor too inadvertently see my intentions and try to take over my territory. I tidied up and went home; the drive was uneventful as I only had teachers on my mind. I didn't know who to mark first and it was driving me wild.

When I got home, Carolyn had already been waiting for me. She smiled nonchalantly as I opened the door, she still had my scent on her and I could sense that the control she had over her emotions was quickly eroding.

I let her into my house and closed the door behind me. Carolyn literally ripped the buttons off of her blouse as soon as she heard the lock click. "Gus, no more control. I want to be free." I told her that she was home and that she never had to worry about control. I kissed her sloppily and I felt all traces of control she had over herself washed away. She responded to the kiss in an animalistic fashion biting my lip and drawing a bit of blood.

I loved it and she knew that I did. "Gus, I do good for you?" She asked. Yes I told her, you are good for Gus. She smiled as she heard this and removed the rest of her clothes and threw them away . We slept on the floor of my bedroom that night after I marked it with my scent.

Carolyn even marked herself a spot with her scent. Her instincts were telling her that she was going to be a den mother and I believe she was beginning to nest.

My hold over her was complete and I could count on her to be a loyal member of my brood. In the morning, Carolyn called in sick and it took every ounce of willpower to make the call.

We did it and she knew that she had pleased me. Once the call was made she mounted me and said, "I want mate Gus, I want family in me." I went back to work the next day feeling incredibly powerful.

I had expanded my territory with Carolyn and she accepted her role as a den mother. I had the sense that I just impregnated Carolyn and I left her with some food and water and told her to stay on alert for outsiders.

As I entered my room, I was bombarded with my scent and I knew that I was in my palace. Nothing was out of place and no one had removed my scents.


I immediately marked the down again and went to my office to paint. My control over my urges had greatly increased since yesterday and I was able to hold some semblance of normalcy.


I painted a faraway cave with a very pregnant Carolyn lying on the floor with several children playing. She was nude and her hair was mated with dirt and grime from a long day of taking care of the cave. This image of the cave was the strongest I had ever had and when I was painting it was like I was looking at a picture.

Everything on the canvas flowed from my hand without even thinking about it. Once I finished I looked at the clock and saw that it was nearing 11 am. I had been working for three hours straight. The urges started to kick in and I started to focus in on Mrs.

Cortez, the Spanish teacher who had been at the school for 6 years now. She was originally from Houston and moved up here to Illinois after her husband became principal at a school in a town not too far from mine. I started to think about her black hair and brown skin and how she would make for an excellent den mother with Carolyn.

My only concern was her husband; she was his territory…for now. I desperately wanted to make her mine and take her home. My urges started to grow as I thought of her taking in my seed and demanding to become pregnant.

I walked out towards her room with the intention of marking her when I noticed another teacher, Mrs. Swanson heading towards the cafeteria. "Mr. Snead, how are you today? She asked in her always cheerful voice. "I hope the week of no school hasn't stopped you from painting." I smiled and informed her that I just finished a painting this morning.

I asked if she had some free time to stop by and check it out. "I'd love to Mr. Snead; can I stop by after my team meeting?

It should only be around 45 minutes or so." Of course I told her and watched her head off towards the cafeteria. She was wearing a Blackhawks shirt with jeans and sandals. I instantly wanted to rip them off of her and mark her many times over.

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I couldn't walk back to my room fast enough to prepare for my newest brood member. I wanted her in my office where Carolyn and I rutted the previous day. It was where my scent was the strongest and where I wanted to take her as my own. I marked my desk, chair, fridge, the painting, and the doorway with my scent. It was strong as my urges boiled over. Miss Swanson was going to be coming home soon. There was a knock at my door and it was Ms.

Swanson. She apologized for the meeting going a bit long but she was excited to see the painting. I accepted her apology and lead her to my back office. I walked in first sat down anxious to watch the transformation take place. Mrs. Swanson walked in and immediately saw the painting, as her foot crossed the threshold into my office she asked, "Is that Ms.

Dorsey?" I said yes. "Um…why is she naked and pregnant Mr. Snead? " I informed her that she was my den mother and that she wanted to have my seed. Mrs. Swanson stopped for a second and took a closer look; I could feel the effects of my scent taking a hold of her.

I feigned concern as I asked if she was okay. She meekly said yes with her back still turned towards the painting. I asked her if she need a drink or anything but there was only silence. I smiled intently as she was slightly leaning back on the balls of her feet as if she was close to fainting. With her back still turned from me she said, "Mr.

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Snead." I responded with a yes. "Will you paint me when I am pregnant?" She asked as she turned around to look at me. Her chin was dripping with salvia as she stared at the painting. "It's not fair that only Ms. Dorsey gets your seed." A long bead of salvia hung from her chin as she spoke.

"Why can't I have some?" I stood up and hopped over my desk and kissed her, the kisses were wet, sloppy, loud and messy. Mrs. Swanson was a sloppy kisser and I couldn't get enough of it. I pulled off her shirt, popped off her bra and stuck my fingers into her mouth. She pushed them into her mouth slightly gagging as they moved farther towards the back of her throat. When I pulled them out she let a long line of spit fall from her lips.

"I want home Gus, I want home." She growled, scratching my back. I returned the favor and it made her smile. With one hand she unbuttoned my jeans and her other hand went back into her mouth. Her fingerings rolling around her throat, when she pulled them out she went right for my member and started to stroke me off. Her transformation was more wanton compared to Carolyn's. I couldn't tell you if it was my pheromones that started it or if she was secretly harboring lustful desires that she kept bottle up.

Whatever the case, I could not get enough of it. I marked her with my scent as she continuously stroked me which accelerated her change.

I could see it in her eyes; she was succumbing to my scent and losing her self-control in the process. She was physically changing as well. Her fingernails were longer and her feet became thicker. So much so that her sandals busted open. I was shocked at this turn of events. Where Carolyn wanted to nest and begin her duties as a den mother, Mrs.

Swanson was becoming more and more feral with each passing moment. With one smooth motion she sliced the sides of her slacks with a fingernail and tore them off her legs, revealing a pair of panties that were sure to be shredded in moments.

She ripped them off with her thumbnail and now stood before naked, drooling and in heat. Well not really standing anymore but rather hunched over like a gorilla in a zoo. She pulled herself up onto the desk, turned over and presented her rear end to me. "Take prize master. I am yours." She said as she drooled with anticipation. "I submit master." I have seen cartoons in which characters are hypnotized to call someone master, but I never had been called that in real life. When I heard it, something in me snapped and I lost the little control over my impulses and mounted Mrs.

Swanson. I entered her on my first attempt and started to pound her mound like a caveman.

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She grunted with pleasure as I pushed myself deeper inside of her. The load I spent inside of her felt like the largest I had ever shot. I collapsed on to the floor and nearly fell asleep. However, Mrs. Swanson would not let me as she slid down the desk and pulled me close to her chest.

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She was sweaty and smelled like sex which was quickly becoming my new favorite smell. "Master must mark me, master make me yours." I instantly knew what I had to do when she said this.

I had completed another connection and expanded my territory. I had a den mother and now I had my warrior. But she was right; I had to mark her to show others she was mine. I simply couldn't mark her with my scent; it had to be more, and something to signify that she was my best warrior. Pulling away from her embrace I stood up and ordered her to her knees.


I squatted before her and created a puddle of my scent in between us. I then pleasured myself and released a dose of my sperm into the puddle and then spit several times into it. I told her to do the same as well and then I mixed the contents together. The smells were intoxicating to us and as I started to mark her with the concoction I felt the urges returning in my loins.

I rubbed it into her hair and around her eyes. I dabbed some of it onto to her breasts and under her ears I then commanded that she drink the rest of the mixture to signify her devotion to our brood. She drank it like a lioness and wanted more of it for herself, she said, "Master I protect, master I serve." I watched in awe as Mrs.

Swanson became this raging sexual beast that only wanted to please and protect me. I couldn't help but spread more of my scent on her and to let her soak in my pheromones. Mrs. Swanson was now and forever linked to me. My only concern now was how to get her out of the school in her current state. My gut feeling told me that she was too far gone in her transformation to have her walk out of the building on her own. I sat down on my chair and started to think of a plan.

It me, my office had a back door that opened up the rear parking lot. All I had to do was get her to my truck before anyone could us and take her back home. Then there was another problem, what could I cover her up with? She shredded her slacks and her sandals busted open as she transformed. I didn't have much of anything other than a few tarps in my closet. I looked at Mrs. Swanson; she was looking more brutish with each passing second.

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When she moved like a gorilla and followed me closely as I sat in my desk. I decided that the tarps where my best bet and retrieved them from my closet. I pulled the out and called for Mrs. Swanson; she obediently heeded my call and let me wrap her with the tarps. I tied them together with some old rope I had from a project I worked on last semester.

There would be no fooling anyone if I had been caught so I had to move quickly. I got dressed and went to move my truck as close to the school as possible. I left it running as I went back into my room, I locked the front entrance and turned off all my lights.

I lead Mrs. Swanson to the door, looked for any witnesses and quickly moved to the truck. I lifted her up and pushed in. I did another glance for bystanders and closed the door. I hopped in the driver side and sped off.

I sighed with relief once I couldn't see the school anymore and headed back to my house. As I was driving Mrs. Swanson tore off the tarp and waited for my next commands.

We got to my house and I pulled into the garage.

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I closed the door before I let Mrs. Swanson out. Once the door closed all the way I let her out to roam. She immediately went to the corner near the door and marked a spot that she could call her own.

She then sniffed the air and said, "Family." She walked to the door connecting the house to the garage and sniffed again, saying family once more. She opened it and headed up the stairs to where Carolyn was nesting. She took the steps in only a few bounds and entered the room that had become Carolyn's. Stopping at the entrance she lowered herself and waited for me to appear.

"Family here" she said as I walked in. She didn't move. I walked over to Carolyn who was resting snuggly in against the wall under the window. She had been eating pork chops which were littered all around the room. She saw Mrs. Swanson and stood up and motioned her to come to her side. She obliged and went over to her. She started to sniff around Carolyn's belly and pelvic area. She started to drool again but did not make any movements. Carolyn caressed her hair and sat back down, she said "Protect family now Swan." Mrs.

Swanson nodded her head and grunted in agreement, she went to the entrance and sat down keeping an eye for any intruders. I kissed Carolyn and Swan (her new name given by Carolyn) and went down stairs to eat. I was starving from my latest conquest and smuggling Swan out of my room only made my hunger worse; I needed food and I needed it now! I must have pulled out everything in the fridge and placed it all on the counter. I didn't even bother trying to create a sandwich or anything like that as I just ate everything as I opened it.

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I was devouring a jar of pickles when the doorbell rang. I heard Swan grumble as I went to the door. Oh shit I said to myself, it was Miss Benson. She must of seen me leave with Swan. I froze in shock, what was I going to do?