Salacious and rowdy doggy position fucking for hawt couple

Salacious and rowdy doggy position fucking for hawt couple
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It was cold out and I was just sitting there waiting for the bus for school. I was a freshman, only 15. I had stayed back a year.


I wish I lived closer to the school so I didn't have to go on that bus and see those assholes. I say those assholes because I don't know their names.

It's just a gang of guys that bother me on the bus. Pulling my hair, asking me things like, "do I suck dick?" and such. I hated the bus. As I shivered there at the bus stop I thought about skipping today and going to the bowling alley like last week. I looked down the road up and down and then back at my mom's house.

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"Fuck it!" I exclaimed. I walked away from the bus stop and went down the road towards town.

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Maybe I could just hang out at the bowling alley for the day. I knew that some of the other kids who skipped usually hung out there. I entered the bowling alley. My light brown hair was covered with a pink beanie. The snow was frosting on the top of my head. I pulled my hat off and dusted the snow off. I walked to an empty booth near the food. I scanned the bowling alley. Mostly old bowlers.

I kept looking watching one guy throw a strike. Then, something caught my eye. A guy was sitting all alone near the arcade. He was so hot.

He had long dark hair on his shoulders. It was styled and layered. I had this feeling that he was gay. Well if he is I can still look I thought. I turned around in my booth like a little kid and watched him. He was so sexy.

His jaw was strong and he had full lips and a straight little nose but his eyes were the most amazing part. They were like blue pools of water and long dark lashes. I felt my cheeks turn red as he brought a class of beer to his lips and another part of me was turned on too. I was just staring wondering what he could look like naked when his eyes shifted and he looked back at me.

Our eyes locked. I shivered; his stare was intense.

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I swallowed my saliva. Something was wrong with this how old is he like 20? 25? I have to get out of here I thought. I grabbed my hat and pulled it on and ran out the door. When I got outside I breathed heavily. My hands on my pink stocking clad knees. The hairs on my neck stood up. I looked back and there he was; all hot and scary. Watching me. A smile tugged on his full lips. "Who you running from?" I stood up straight and turned to watch him walk up to me.

I bit my lip. He was tall and towered over me. "No one I was stuffy in there," I mustered thinking quickly. "You wouldn't be afraid of me now would you?" He leaned in closer.

His body nearly touching mine. I felt his body heat and then one of his arms grabbed both of my wrists in one of his large hands. I was helpless. I tried to scream but his other hand was over my mouth in a flash. I screamed and cried out into his hand; struggling for freedom. He pulled me towards a parked car and pushed me into the passenger seat.

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I kicked at him and scratched at the door trying to get it open but it was locked. He slammed his door closed and grabbed me by the hair, pulling me back. "Listen girly, don't fight it I felt your heat and I watched you shudder you want it badly, don't you? I know you do." His eyes were so hypnotic. I whimpered. the roots of my hair on fire. He looked away from me scanning for anyone that might have seen. He shoved me upright in the seat and I trembled shrinking away from him.

He started up the car and pulled out of the parking lot. I screamed and tried the door again. Crack! A hard blow to my head and I was out cold. I woke up slowly. My head hurt. There was so much pain throbbing through my head. I had the feeling I was being watched. I opened my eyes wide and there was my kidnapper.

his eyes not moving watching me. I swallowed the lump in my throat. I was in a dark room. I tried to move but I couldn't. My arms! They were handcuffed! "You sick freak!" I screamed. He laughed softly under his breath. He reached for me. One of his hands ran over my naked breast. Oh my god, I'm naked! He undressed me! I trembled as my body flushed. I could not believe it. I didn't want this. His hand massaged and flicked my nipple. I gasped, his eyes danced over me.

"Please please god.don't rape me please," I begged. He smiled wider; white teeth glinting. My eyes widened I choked out, "Oh my god!" Two long fangs like a dog or a cat slid from under his top lip. "Now you know what I am, little one," he said softly leaning over me. He slid his leg over me and he was hovering over me. Those eyes watching, scaring the hell out of me. "I could have taken you when you were out, you know.

But you have choice in this," he said softly. He grabbed the back of my head and yanked my hair. I gasped my back arching. His mouth found mine. I could not believe myself as I moaned into his mouth. His fingernails dug into the back of my neck. His tongue fucked my mouth harshly. He bit my bottom lip and I moaned again. He is going to rape me my brain screamed. But my body wanted him! My pussy was burning with desire.

My mouth ached for more of his harsh kisses. He growled deep in his throat and drew his mouth away from mine. I moaned softly. My eyes were heavy. I knew I must be a red as a beat. "You have the choice. Become one with me. Spread your thighs, invite me in, and let me have your flower or I shall take your blood and you shall die and your body given to my dogs.

They are very hungry." He was watching for my reaction and smiled when my eyes widened. "I.I.this is insane! My mother and Father will find me!" I squirmed against him. "That wasn't a choice." He growled he yanked my head to the side; exposing my neck to his fangs. "Now make your choice, girl." He licked along my neck sending shivers down my spine.

I could not think with his mouth pressing kisses onto my neck. His groin was grinding against my thigh.

I whimpered softly. I did not want to die. No one wants to die. If he raped me I could still escape somehow but if I died here my mother and father would never know what became of me.

"No.I don't want to die.," I said softly. "What was that?" He replied, an evil glint in his eyes. I swallowed. "You can fuck me," I said bluntly his eyes glittered. That's what he wanted to hear. "Good girl." He got off the bed and walked away until I could no longer see him.

It felt like forever laying there, shivering .it was cold. Only a few candles were lit in the room. Everything was black and red. I sighed heavily I was going to be raped on these sheets in this strange house by this oh so sexy but crazy man. I whimpered. Tears began spilling from my eyes. A vampire, no a fucking crazy man who thought he was a vampire and had mean little girl eating dogs. I began bawling. Tears upon tears rolled down my cheeks. Then I felt his presence again.

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He was completely naked, a bottle of wine and a glass in his hands. I could not help myself and I looked to his crotch. Through my tears I saw how big he was I began to panic again.

more tears my chest began to pound. He sat down near me and set the wine and glass down on the floor. I shut my eyes tight. His hand caressed my cheek and I felt his hot breath on my face. His lips running over my brow. "Shh.," I opened my eyes. He watched me and his eyes softened. he reached for my cuffed hands. When I was released I did the first thing I could think of, I tried to hit him.

He caught my fists and pulled me into his lap. I screamed and squirmed; calling him every foul mouthed thing I could think of. He gripped my throat, making me stop. He reached for the wine and poured it into the glass. I watched and became paralyzed with fear again. "Drink this." He gave me the glass. I looked down into the blood colored drink. He is getting me drunk. He doesn't want me to fight him when he rapes me.

I swallowed down the whole glass and coughed. He smile. I felt the buzz. He held me close giving me another glass full.

I leaned into his strong chest. I moaned softly; done with the second glass. His fingers ran down my back. "When I saw you I knew I had to have you," He breathed into my hair. "Such a pretty girl.

Such pretty green eyes and luscious lips," He tilted my head back. "And a virgin." I nodded my head. He smiled, laying me back on the bed. He spread my legs with his strong hands. I whimpered. This was it, my first time. I gasped as he took in my pussy.

he was admiring me. I bit my lip. My cheeks hot again then his head lowered I whimpered leaning up on my arms. "Wha.ahhhhh," His tongue was in my pussy. his mouth locked onto me. I cried out and he grabbed my thighs, bringing my pussy closer to his mouth. He was teasing my clit with his tongue.

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I screamed in pleasure as he stabbed his tongue into my virgin hole. "Ohhh. It feels so good." I said in a daze. He pushed two fingers into me and I winced in pain.

He kept finger fucking me like that his tongue teasing my clit. I was on the verge of cumming, this was so much better than my tiny fingers. "Ahhh I'm gonna.ahh." He growled, stopping what he was doing. He spread my legs wider. He took one of my hands and made me spread my dripping pussy for him.

"I want you to know my name," he said softly leaning over me. He ran the head of his massive dick over my clit. "Why would you let me know your name.?" He smiled, kissing me. I moaned as he pressed the head of his dick against my pussy hole. "I want to hear you moan it," He whispered in my ear.

I shuddered at the thought. "Alexander," He whispered and then he pushed against me. I bit my lip hard as the massive head pushed open my pussy hole. he stretched me. I grabbed the sheets, no longer able to hold open my pussy. He thrust hard into me taking my cherry for his own. He pinned me to the bed, his cock buried deep inside me. I whimpered softly. My pussy was throbbing around his girth.

He kissed my neck, my eyelids, and my mouth. Then he began to move. I cried out each time he thrust into my tight hole. He growled; his fingernails digging into my wrists as his hips slapped against my thighs.

It was beginning to feel so good. My hips followed his, searching for his cock. I was huffing and puffing.

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Little noises I didn't know I could make came from my lips. He groaned turning me over on my side and pushing my leg up so my legs were at a 90 degree angle. He began fucking me harder. I cried out. He was fucking me like an animal; hips moving fast, cock pounding away on my unused pussy. I faced the bed sheets, muffling my screams. "No. I want to hear you scream for me, slut." he growled my face from the sheets. He fucked me harder. The slap of our skin sounded around the room.

"Ahhhhh I can't take this.ahhh," I cried his hand squeezed my little breast. "Say my name! Say it!" he commanded rubbing my clit as he fucked me. "Ahhh mmm Alexander!" I cried gasping as I'm began to cum. "Louder whore!" I screamed cumming my pussy clenched so hard around his cock I thought I might just die.


I shook all over I could feel his cum pouring down my thighs. " Alexander.Alexander.," I muttered softly, tired and wasted. He moaned staying inside me pumping ever drop into me. "Mmm.My mate you were so good." He rolled off me and then moved me into a spooning position.

One hand wrapped around my waist and the other moved to my breast. I felt so weak. He moved his mouth to my neck. I heard him whisper, "This may hurt. And you will pass out. But when you awaken you will be a creature of the night, just like me. " I couldn't protest, even if I wanted to. I felt the sharp pain as his fangs sank into my neck. I felt him drink from me for a few moments before pulling away. I felt my eyelids becoming heavier and he whispered to me, "Sleep tight, my love." And the darkness overtook me.