Un amigo se coge a su madre muy sumisa

Un amigo se coge a su madre muy sumisa
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Hello, if you are reading this and are hopping for a Wham, Bam, Thank You Mam. Kind of story then looks some where else. If you like a story with a story line, than this is your story. I ma a little out of practice so take it easy on me with the comments. Every thing is true in this story, except for the sex part and the dating part of it. But every this else is true and the rest is just what I think about wile I beat my meat. Also All names have not been changed, Fuck the innocent. Let me begin with a little back ground on the two main characters.

Me (Eric) (At the time the story took place) I am 16, 5'8" skinny, 135lb with dark brown eyes and dirty blond hair that is always kept extremely short for ROTC.

Sarah (the other character) is 15, 5'4", 115lbs, Emerald green eyes, and nice 34B boobs, they fit her just nice, Not too big but not too small. Skinny (with a little pudge on her stomach) with shoulder length blond hair with natural dark highlights (Or some thing like that, I aint a fashion person or a hare dude so I don't know.), and a nice ass, when she wears tight pants boys get whip-lash, I have cracked my neck a time or two looking.

When I first laid eyes on her in my world history class I saw her as another target ( not sexually at that time I had not yet had my first girl friend, Never even made out before, but was rejected 17 times by then). As the first week progressed we became friends and we started automatically sitting next to each other in class. Wile the teacher was busy telling us about ancient earth I was busy gazing at her.

By the second week of school I began to feel something, something had never felt before. So that Friday I built up enough courage to ask her out, and after class I cornered her and was about to say " Hey Sarah, would you go out with me?"I know not the best pick up line but I was new tot eh whole dating thing. Well be for I got the words out she said "Do you know where John is?" I said "No why" "Because I have to talk to him" Wile she gave me that smile that tells me every thing that she wanted to ask him out.

"Why? You want to hook up with him?" "Yes" "Oh, Ok" I was crushed.

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I was just seconds too late, and it sucked. Now let me fast forward to January, from August. She had been dating her girl friend for about two months now (she's bi) and well at lunch that day she was complaining of back pains so I started massaging her back for her. She didn't tell me that in her lower back is a big turn on spot for her.

So I found it and there was a big knot there so I just start pushing and kneading my fist to that one spot. So when we get to class I look at there and she's all red in the face and I ask "What's wrong?" "You know that spot that you really worked on?" "Yea…&hellip. I didn't hurt you did I?" "NO! God no. That's my turn on spot, Well one of them" "Oh, Sorry I didn't know" "Don't worry about it" She said as she brought out some lip gloss. "Wanna try some?" "There's only way I will try that stuff, and that's how Kate, Her girl friend (at the time there now broken up and&hellip.

Yea), tastes it." "By kissing me, right?" "Yes" "Oh, Ok" And the rest of the period passes as usual, me staring at her, wishing. Then as I walk with her to her next class she says "You want to try this stuff?" "Yes, But you know what I mean by that" "Yes I do" "Err I am lost" "Oh shut up" as she leans in kisses me.

Even thought it was just a simple peck on the lips, it was more for me. There was some thing that happened; I fell in love with her. Right there on that spot I decided that no matter what I was going to be with her for some period of time.

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Hopefully to marriage and some kids, lest one boy so that my name can be carried on. And well I was so out of it I didn't even taste the lip gloss. So the next day I told her that I liked the kiss and that I didn't get a taste.

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So she gave me another in the same spot out side her last period class. It was berries I think. Now more jumping past a bracelet I got her for 15, down from 60, and white rose on the front porch on V-Day, and 6 rejections, one was one with me on my knees.

Now its summer time and we have been spending a fare amount of time hanging out with each other. But with me working at the Honda Service Department as grease monkey it was still limited some what. Then one day I was helping her family out with some of there friends yard work and we got to be alone for a wile to work on this one really bad par of the yardIt's a rental that went in to despair and we live in Florida, so its hot and jungle.

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And I just get this urge to kiss her. So wile she leaned up against a tree she was trimming. I just moved close to her and wrapped my arms around her and planted a big kiss right on her lips.

After a second of this embrace I came to my senses and broke away. Wile I was expecting to be smacked and beating and the end of it all for me. She just gets a look of confusion on her face. Then as if nothing had happened she said "Will help with this log? It's really heavy." "Errrrr" as I figure just go with it "Ok sure. It's not too heavy for you is it?" "No I can handle it if you help me." The rest of the yard work passes with out incident. Except there were a few times when she would get that confused look on her face and bite her lip as if contemplating something.

When I would ask her about it she would say nothing&hellip. Nothing&hellip. Well after we finished up the year work we ( Sarah, Her mom (Cathy), Her dad (Jon), Her sister ( Shelby), The friend we did the yard work for (Bruce), And I) Went and crashed Bruce's mom's pool and have a cook out.

Well I didn't waste any time with getting in that pool. It was warm so that made it better. Wither Jon and Bruce already in there I had to be careful not to splash them. "Now you had best close your eyes when Sarah comes out" said Jon "Yea there's no popping wood in this pool" said Bruce "Yes Sirs!" I said, already getting a boner from thinking of her in a bikini.

"Jon I thought you said that no kids these days knew how to respect there elders." "Elders is right Bruce, You're what 40?

Damn you old" I said "Eh watch it" Said Bruce "Ok. ok" Then what I see next dam near makes me splooge in the pool. Sarah walks out to the pool area in this really reveling camo bikini.


Alls I could do is stare. "What are you looking at?" She said "What?" As I came out of my day dream "Oh" cough "Erm nothing, nothing" Then she jumped in trying to splash me. "Oh it's on now" As I swam over to her and grab her and we start to wrestle in the pool. As she try's to put me in to a head lock she says, jokingly, "you going to pay for that kiss" as she nips my ear. "Oh I am, am I?" as I grab her thighs and fling her over my shoulder. But my hand slips and her knee comes down on top of my head and as my hand moves to rub it, I grab her chooch by accident.

As I snap my hand back in shock and fear of what I did she just get this evil grin on her face like 'Oh you want to play like that huh?' And we start to tease each other, very carefully as not to alert the parents. Then after a wile of that, I throw her under and try to keep her down, but she grabs me and pulls me down too. As we float there for a sec looking to each others eyes we lock in to another embrace.

This time I am in heaven, if I was shot dead on the spot there I wouldn't have minded. I was as happy as could be. When we serviced she whispered in to my ear "Is on of your six offers still good?" "Woh wait&hellip.

You have a boy friend." "Yea you if you say yes" "No I mean Erik, Aint you two still dating?" "Not since you first kissed me" "Oh. Then yes, my offer is still good, but do you have any Advil because my head hurts." "Yea out in the truck,come with me I'll get it for you" As we make our way out to the truck I just gaze at the beauty before me.

When we make it out to the truck I pin her up against the truck, and she pulls me to her and we start trying to pin the others tong down. And I slowly start tracing my finger tips up and across her stomach. When I reach her boobs I break the embrace to look in to her eyes and she just nods. I slid my hand up under her bikini top and fell the firmness of her young supple breats.

Her nipples are hard and pointing sky word and I pay close attention to them. And as I tweak them she gasps for air. "God! What are you doing? That feels sooo good! Please Eric don't stop." So I start kissing her ear and nipping it.

And slowly make my way down her neck, nipping some times and sucking at others, and I kiss around her neck. Tracing her collar bone around the base of her neck to her right shoulder. Then I make my way down to her left boob, and I move the bikini top cup down and out of the way for the moment. I start kissing and sucking all around it and teasing her by coming close but not touching her nipple.

Then I just stop. And replace her top. This look of utter surprise and despair cross her face. "I am sorry but we will have to continue this later, I mean hell if some one walked out and saw us, there will be hell to pay." "I know but it felt sooo good! I have never came so close so soon" "Then you're in for a real treat later". She got this evil grin on her face then one of confusion. "How?" "I have a plan, Alls you need to do is ask your mom & dad if you can come over to my house after we leave here, Just say I have some music that I want your opinion on or something." "Ok but I doubt that she'll go for it".

So we smooch one last time and walk back out to the pool area. "Hey mommy" Said Sarah in the most innocent voice ever. "Eric wants me to come over after were done here. He has a lot of music I like on his computer and I would like to make a CD from some of the songs he has." "Let me think about it" Says her mom Cathy "Okedoke mother" Said Sarah. Wile I secretly prayed that her mom trusted me enough to let her come over for a wile.

And that I had at least one condom in my night stand. So we get back in the pool and horse around some more. But every time we pull the other under we try to steal a kiss, wile the other tries to fend it off.

As we broke the service one time I whispered in her ear "If Bruce asks can I tell him, that you and I are dating?" As I nip it "I don't mind, my mom will love it." As she grabs me through my swim shorts. "Yea but you didn't ask me out because of her did you? And watch it not till later" "No, I like how you can hide the 'bad' side of your self, around her.

And I don't want to seem like a slut or any thing, I am just really horny, And no one has ever done that to me" "Yea well it kind of comes easy, on both parts" "Oh shut up and go under" As she jumps on my head and pushes me under. "Ok Kiddies time for lunch" Yelled Bruce "Food?!" I said, as I run out of the pool. "Ugh Food" Said Sarah, staying in the pool for a wile longer.

"Come on Sarah, Come eat with the family" Said her Mom. "Yea Sarah eat wit the fam" I said being sarcastic "Watch it punk, I'll beat you up" Said Sarah "Bring it" As I lightly push her.

"Hey!" "Well you said you would beat me up" "Shut up and eat your food" So I ate my food. And wile me and he kept stealing glances at each other.

Bruce invades one of my looks by asking "So, Eric, do you have a girl friend?" "Hmm…&hellip." I look at Sarah for help, and she nods 'Yes' "Yes, yes I do" "What was up with the delay?" "Oh I was just had some memories come to mind." "Oh, Ok, Well is she hot?" "Bruce! Why would you ask the boy that?!" exclaimed Cathy outraged "That is not something you ask a kid" "Oh. Its quite all right Mrs. Ball, I have no problem answering any and all questions you all have about me, And Bruce, no she's not hot, Hot and sexy are words that only the couple can use to describe them self's to themes selves such as 'Wow baby you look so hot right now'.

Now what I say to her in private is exactly that private. To me, she is the most beautiful thing in the world." "Ok then describe her" "She's at least 5'4", skinny, Brown hair with blond highlights, and the greenest yeses you will ever see." "Hmm, Have you two…&hellip. You know." "What? Had sex? No, sorry but really that stuff is too risky to do at our age, because neither one of us can care for a child where were both still one our selves.

Now am I a virgin? As much as I regret to say no I am not. I regret almost every day" "Oh ok, now I only have a few more questions" "And I only have a few more answers" "If given the chance would you marry her?" "Hmmm&hellip." As I take another look at Sarah, and she slowly nods.

"Yes I would, and I think she would too. Some day after high school, then once we have bout our careers settled, then kids. I don't really care what we have just as long one is a boy to carry on the Hass name. Because me and my brother are the last in the family line." "Well that answered a few of my questions, Now tell me what's her name? I might know where she lives" "Her name is Sarah Ball" *************** "Ok since its 4:30, just have her home by 7" Said Mrs.


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"I will bring her over on my four wheeler" "Ok see y'all at 7" AS she backs out of the driveway. "I thought she would never leave, she's sooo over protective" Said Sarah "Yea I know, but in contrast to what I said my parents are not home.

There out of town for the week." "Oh Really?" As she leans in and we start to kiss passionately, slowly exploring each others bodies. "Let's take this in side shall we?" As we walk around to the back of the house to get in.

once in side we head up stares to my bed room. AS we enter and get the door closed. She sits on my bed and starts to take off her shirt but I stop her. "Here let me help you with that." As I lightly grip the sides of her shirt and lift it above her head, Letter her beautiful mounds fall free. "I see you forgot your bra" "Less cloths easier to take off and put back on" AS I lightly push her down ad start kissing her forehead and down to her left ear, lightly biting it, and slowly going across her cheek.

Just briefly stopping at her lips and continuing on to her other ear to bite it just a little harder. Wile my hand her gently massaging her breasts and at times tweaking the already hard nipple. Then I make my way down her jaw line with the kissing and down her neck to suck and nip all around it. I then start sucking on her right boob, staying away from her nipple for the time being.

Wile my right hand finds its way down her flat stomach and under her pant line and finding her thong already soaked with her juices. "Horny aren't we?" "Oh you have no idea" So with me being content on giving her an orgasm before I even touch her pussy, I retract my hand and slowly start playing with her hair, lightly touching her head and neck. I then clamp on to her tit like a Hoover with teeth, sucking and nipping, wile with my left hand, on her left breast, I am massaging and tweaking just as hard.

And then I switch my left and on her right breast and my mouth on her left breast. I keep this up for five minutes and I feel her start to tense up, with the impending orgasm, and I just stop. She looks at me like she could kill me. "Why the hell did you stop?" "Because it seemed like you were having trouble with my belts and pants" All the time I was kissing, sucking and massaging she was busy trying to undo my belt pants and boxers to witch she was having just a tad bit of trouble.

So I decided to give her a little help. After I got my pants off my cock was straining to be free. "So let's let this bad boy out now shall we?" As she grabbed the sides of my boxers and pulled them down to the ground. "Oh!" Now I am not going to lie I had at the time a 6 ½ inch cock with a 2 inch girth.

Not the biggest but I will get the job done. After my boy was free I went back to sucking her tits and she started giving me a hand job. About five minutes later she started tensing up and her rate of breathing increased.

He hand on my prick started going wiled as if she wanted us to cum at the same time. So I slowed my sucking and biting a little so that I could blow at the same time. It wasn't long and I felt that usual sensation at the base of my cock, at the same time she started screaming "I'M CUMMING!!!" "So am I!" And as she twitched and screamed I grunted and squirted buckets of spunk all over her breasts and neck.

"Oh My God!


Eric where have you been all my life? That was amazing. Oh my god I can still feel it." "Eh I just picked up some techniques along the way" As I look down at her pant and see a big wet spot at her crotch. "So you're a squirter are you?" "No I have never squirted before in my life" "Oh really? Well let's get you out of these soaked cloths, Shall we?" AS I undid her pants and slid them down past her feet.

And then on to her soaked whit cotton thong. "Brrrrrr, with your fan going an&hellip." She never got to finish her sentence because I slammed my lips on her pussy so fast she was lost in ecstasy before she really knew what was going on. I found her clit fairly easy as it was sticking up like a little solder ready for battle.

And concentrated my assault on it. Sucking and giving her a mini blow job, but I had left her thong on and it was getting I n the way. So I reached over to my night stand and she gave a sharp in take of breath, thinking I was going for a condom, but I grabbed my knife and cut her pussy juice soaked thong off of her, wile she said " Even though the toughing feels good, just fuck me already please" "Ok" AS I grabbed that one condom form my night stand and slipped it on.

"Are you ready?" "FUCK ME ALLREADY!" "Fine Geez" As I got behind her in the missionary position. I guided my cock into her sweet love tunnel. I was going to take it slow and give her time to get used to my cock, but she had other plans.

As soon as the head of my prick touched her pussy lips she thrust as hard as she could, "Oh you like it rough do you?" "Well right now yes because it's already 6:00 and I need to get home soon, so fuck my brains out please" Well now I aint one to disobey a woman.

I grabbed her sides and proceeded to pound her as hard as I could. After about the 5th thrust she started to get with the rhythm and fallowed my meeting my thrust.

"Oh Yea! That's how I like it. Yea, yea, yea. Uhhhhhhhhh" she moaned. "I am close to Cumming again" "I am too" AS I felt the tingling sensation in my balls again. Wilt one final thrust I started creaming.


With that it sent her over the edge as spasum after spausm rocked her body I grabbed her breasts and started tweaking ht nipples and that sent her in to another set of body rocking spasums. "Oh my god Eric that was amazing, why did I wait so long to ask you out?" "It doesn't matter now, just that were together and that were happy" "Oh were happy all right, were happy" If I get good comments then I will write a sequel. But please don't post a comment like "It was too long this is a sex story sight not a romance story site.

If you do you will look like an idiot. Read the category's I have for it. And I told you it's not a down and dirty fuck story.