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After I retired, I began to walk in the neighborhood every morning. During that time, I met quite a few people. Our neighborhood was once mixed with retirees and younger couples, with children. A few months I encountered a young woman pushing her baby in a stroller. After three or four meetings, we stopped to chat. We introduced ourselvesshe was Melissa and her baby was Joanie. Melissa appeared to be about 30 years old and was in fairly good shape. She was about 5'5, and weighed probably 135 pounds.

She told me she was walking to try to lose the weight she had gained during her pregnancy. Her hair and eyes were dark brown, and she had a rather attractive face.

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For the next few weeks we would talk a few minutes every morning. I learned that her husband was a college instructor, and very involved in the Obama campaign for reelection.


Melissa was a stay at home mom by choice, having earned a college degree in accounting. About two weeks ago I stayed home because of a threat of rain. I was happy I did, for soon we were being soaked by a heavy downpour. As I looked out the window, I saw rainwater piling up in the yard. Then I made some coffee. As the coffee was perking, I heard the doorbell. When I went to the door, I saw Melissa and Joanie, both of whom were soaking wet.

Opening the door, I asked them in. Melissa said "I am sorry to bother you, but we were getting drowned. Could we stay here until the rain lets up?" "Of course," I told her, "but we must get both of you some dry clothes" "That would be so nice, but I hate to put you to the trouble" Melissa said. I went into our bedroom and found one of my robes and t-shirt for the baby. Melissa took them and changed the baby, then went into the bathroom to get out of her wet clothes.

"When you get through I will put your clothes in the dryer to dry" I told her. "Thank you so much" she said. Melissa came back into the living room, and handed me her clothes. As I took them to the utility room, I noticed that she had taken everything off, including her panties. With this, I began to get a hard-on.

When I went back to the living room, I saw that Joanie was asleep and Melissa was rubbing her lower leg. "I hurt my leg when I was running with the stroller," she told me.

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I sat down on the sofa with her and said, "Let me look at it." She smiled and thanked me, and lifted her leg onto my lap. I began to rub her leg, then asked if she wanted something for the pain. "That would be great, 'cause it is really hurting." I went to the kitchen and got a Vicodin and a glass of water. She took the pill, and I sat back down and began to massage her leg. Melissa stretched back on the sofa, and in the process the robe opened up slightly, giving me a good view of her unshaven pussy.

I continued to rub her leg.

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"That feels so good, and the pill is helping" she said as she moved a little more. Looking up the robe at her cunt, my hard-on was getting serious. I rubbed her leg to her knee, then back to her ankle. "Oh, Bryan, that feels so good." Now is the time to move up a little, I thought. I rubbed her leg to her knee, then went a little higher. Melissa placed her hand on mine and said "No, No." I went back to rubbing her lower leg, then lifted her leg and began to kiss her injured spot.

By now Melissa was breathing heavy, and I kissed her calf, then moved to above her knee. I could hear her labored breathing as I kissed her inner thigh, and I could smell her pussy. Melissa put her hand on my head and said don't do that. I took a chance, though and darted a tongue onto her leg, tasting the salt from her sweat. She moaned and I moved the robe up and placed my tongue on her clit.

"Don't, stop, don't do that." She whispered. I pushed my tongue into her cunt and now she was responding, opening her legs wider. I kissed her labia and clit a few minutes, then picked her up and took her to a guest bedroom. I removed the robe and once again, she was weakly protesting.

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She told me nobody had ever done this to her. I told her just to relax. Then she said that her husband had defended Bill Clinton when his intern ate him "Chris said that what happened with Clinton was not really sex." "See," I said, "even your husband would not say we are having sex by doing this." I continued to massage her clit with my tongue, then placed a finger on her ass hole.

This triggered an outburst of moaning, then an orgasm. "Can I do you," Melissa asked? "Thought you would never ask," I said, and we got in 69 position.

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My cock is not huge, about 6 inches, so Melissa could easily get it in her mouth. She raised her lips away from my cock and said "I have never done this either. You may have to give me advice." I murmured, "you're doing fine." After a few minutes I could feel the cum building up and I told her so.


She asked if minded if she ate the cum, one of her friends had told her it added so much to the sex act. I whispered that I would love for her to do just that and unloaded in her mouth. She gagged a time or two, but did swallow all of it. She wanted to check on Joanie and the clothes, then came back to bed.


Melissa talked about how her husband Chris was so tied up in politics that she sometimes felt neglected and that he was such a prude when it came to sex. She talked about listening with envy her friends talk about cock sucking and eating pussy. Her sudden vulgar talking caused my cock to start getting hard again, and once again I moved down to her pussy and began to lick all over, moving the hairs out of the way.

We were now once again in 69 position, and she was nibbling on my cock.

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I was trying to put my tongue deep into her canal, and I also put a finger back in her asshole. I moved the finger, put it on her cunt to get some juices for lubrication, then pushed it in her asshole. We bucked for a few minutes, then she jumped up, straddled me, and placed her cunt on my hard cock.

I shoved up and she pushed down, and I was in her. I was glad I had already come once, so now I could last longer.

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We clinched, and the sound of flesh slapping and the sloshing of my cock in her pussy was so sexy. "Melissa, are you on the pill?" "No, just pull out when you are about to come 'cause this is my fertile time of the month." Soon I could feel the pressure building, and Melissa was slamming down on my cock with a passion.

"Melissa, I am going to comeyou had better move off me." "Fuck it, hold on just a second longer, I am about to cum again" "Melissa, I can't hold on any moreI am going to come." Instead of moving Melissa reached down and rubbed pussy juices on her hand, then placed a finger up my assholethis did itI shot load after load into Melissa's love canal.

Afterwards, as we lay there, I said "I am sorry. I should not have cum in you." She said "this is the best sex I have ever had." I was still worried about depositing my cum in her.

"If I get preggy, Chris will never know its now his. Besides, I think you will make a better baby." An hour or so later, the rain stopped, Melissa put her clothes on, and dressed Joanie. She kissed me as she left, and said "We must do this again." I agreed.