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Beautiful rosalin in nice dress show
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This takes a look back when I was in the service back in the 60's. I had been in the service close to three years.I had been trained being a Pay Master and Military Police with a side job as an Under Cover Agent like CID or NCIS which you don't get by asking.they drag you in a private office and tell you you just volunteered. Speaking of volunteering in 1965 when asked for assignment I decided, for some reason, to volunteer for Vietnam but got assigned to a base in the southwest.


This slipped into the past and after close to 3 years I figured I would finish my service at one base.wrong!! April 1968 I recieved an all expense paid vacation to Vietnam for 1 year. Needless to say I was less than excited and to be truhful scared shitless. Janurary 1968 was the Tet Offensive but things had calmed down a bit and I figured if I kept my head down and didn't voluteer for any further stupid stuff I'd be OK.after being in basic and the southwest I thought I knew what heat was.wrong.upon stepping off the plane and getting slammed in the face with 95 plus degrees heat and humidity I headed to in processing across the tarmack.

No one in the building looked like they were pleased to be there and the first guy to look at my orders told me to sit down and wait for the "boss" to show up.He finally showed up and looked my orders over and said.don't be surprised to be moved around a lot and here is an M16 and pistol with 25 lbs of ammunition and magazines in a bandoleer.

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I already had jungle fatigues and boots in my sea bag and he told me to get out of my class A's and head to my assigned compound.That nite was the scariest of my life.late in the afternoon it started to rain with liberal thunder and lightning and I was "given" a top bunk which was wet from the rain blowing through the screens.about 10 PM and just falling asleep the floor started rolling and noise of bombs going off.earthquake I yelled and the rest of the hut screamed shut up you "Fucking New Guy".it was a B52 strike just outside the perimeter.when the B52's left the gun ships headed in with min guns blazing.about midnite it quited down for a bit.then all hell broke lose with rockets and mortars being dropped all around us.Welcome To Vietnam!!

The next day I learned what a FNG was about and the count down started.the "Short Timers" would tell you no long conversations.they were to short to give an answer. my boss was a 3 war, WWII,Korea and Nam E9 who was a straight up guy but he loved to share the misery.I was assigned to a squad of guys I knew from basic and advanced training who all had 360+- days left in the service.we were given choice duty i.e. perimeter guard duty, sand bag duty, latrines, kp, truck driver and other really nasty stuff.enough of that.

After a couple months I settled in and achieved semi short timer status and started to explore on and off base. There were two gates into the base, one was guarded by US mp's and the other by ARVN's (Army of the Republic of Vietnam) where the locals came on base.

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There were a couple bars on base for EM and NCO's but they were nothing more than beer joints.there was a VNAF (Vietnamese Air Force) club that had a bar and sauna and massage. The VNAF Club had a bar with "hostesses" and you could buy them a "Tea" and cop a feel or two and the massage and sauna you could take a steam bath and shower with warm water and get a decent massage with no fooling around.I was horny as hell and decided I'd head off base and find a place to shoot my load.well maybe.

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My duty schedule was 3 on (24 hours a day) and 1 off if you got out of dodge and not volunteered for other shit jobs.literally! The chinese side of town seemed more laid back with bars and whore houses. I found a second home at one and this is where the "fun" was. Besides drinking local beer, BaMeBa we would bring american liquor and cigarettes to trade for whatever.The Mama San at one bar got pretty friendly and her capable assistant H got to be really friendly.

She was close to 30 and built very different than most of the locals.nice tits and ass that I would cop feels here and there. We would bed down in the bar later at nite and be their defacto security for them.

We were all armed with M16's and pistols with some having M79 grenade launchers or M60's demounted from the jeeps they were driving. Our beds were 4 bar couches pushed together with a mosquito net drapped over it.

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After being in the bar overnite 3 times or so I was accpeted as part of the gang and had something to snuggle with at nite. One of H's girls, C crawled in with me wearing nothing but a T shirt and told me flat out no pay - no play and if we played I had to wear a rubber and pay 1/2 price.

I was broke and no rubber. I fell asleep and an hour or so later woke up with her back to me and my arm over her holding a perky little tit in my hand. I asked if she was awake and she nodded yes.I started rubbing her nipple between thumb and finger.she moved my hand over to her other nipple and started grinding her ass on my cock. she mumbled no pregnant and took my cock and put it on her snatch which was almost hairless and starting to get wet.her labia was two lips that seemed to be sucking on me and soon I was rubbing between those fat lips up to her clit and she started breathing deeply.

I had heard the locals would put on a show to get you to cum and get it over with but this was very different. She rolled over and pulled her T shirt off and pulled my head down to her nipple which was very erect.I asked if she had any kids and she said yes.2.

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I told her I didn't want to impregnate her and was leaking precum all over her pussy lips . She said just pull out when you cum as I slipped into her pussy.ya right.her pussy wasn't very tight but seemed to get tighter but lots of natural lube.just then H came over and crawled under the mosquito net and grabbed my cock from her pussy and was giving her hell in Vietnamese for her letting me fuck her with no bath, rubber or money.I started to wilt but she kept me firmly in her grasp and started to stroke me back to erection with my precum and C's pussy juice on it.I figured time to be quiet to let happen.happen.

H told C to shut up and stay put and she started to suck on my cock precum and pussy juice still driping from about a wonderful blow job.5 minutes and I was shooting multiple jets down her throat and she never missed a drop. She kicked C out and snuggled up to.she said time to sleep and next time no bath, no rubber, no pay, no fuck.and I was to sleep with her. Next morning I headed back to the base and that night and the next two weeks were pure hell with rockets, motars and sappers in the wire.

i was on perimeter duty and it was a "Controlled Fire Zone" so we just stayed down and hoped a ricochet stray incoming didn't take us out.The last night we had 20 bulllets impact the sand bags and I got fed up and stuck my M16 over the top and let lose.

3 rounds and the sucker jammed.I had cleaned it multiple times but it was an old weapon and wore out. I unjammed it twice and let lose 2 or 3 rounds and jammed morning I ran into "Super Sarge" and immediately jumped me about shooting back.I told him my reason and he took me to the armorer to replace my weapon and also informed me my next assignment would be truck driving. I was over joyed.guess what.not a good assignment.

I headed back to town to get drunk.68 the dope problem was just starting and though I had smoked grass a couple times before Nam I had steered clear of it because I had heard the Cambodian stuff was wicked and laced with opium.well guess what.

that's just exactly what I found out.after multiple beers, half a quart of scotch (did I say I had a drinking problem?) and a couple joints I woke up about 10PM in an alley laying against a power pole.what woke me was something tickling my ear. I turned my head and a cat sized rat was sitting there getting ready to bite me. I cleared leather and stuck my pistol in his mouth and cleaned him from the inside out!! Did I say I was in a war zone and a gun shot in the middle of the nite would raise an alarm??

I jumped up and beat feet to the bar and was pounding on the door at light speed. MamaSan let me in and commenced to chew me out about the trouble I was causing. She herded me and all the GI's and ladies up on the roof quick time. There was 15-20 GI's all armed and 10 or so girls.

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The place was surrounded with QC (Vietnamese MP's) all looking at the building. MamSan was out there raising hell with the QC's and pointing down the street.

The QC boss looked up and saw all the weapons sticking up over the parapet and decided we had them out gunned and left. Needless to say I was ready to crash and H grabbed me by the sleeve and told me to come with her.she was pissed and MamaSan came in and told me no more trouble or I was 86'd from the bar.

H told me to undress and get in the 55 gallon drum for a bath.she commenced to soap me up front, back, top, bottom, cock/balls and ass crack. I told her no money or rubber and she said she can't have any more kids and she doesn't fuck for money!

I was still sort of high from booze and dope and horny so I let her dry me off and commenced to cop as much skin as possible.

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I pulled her jama's off, her bra and panties. Her tits were B+ cups and her ass was just right for me.her pussy had a light cove of black down hair and upon sticking my nose in there she smelled like lilac.she asked what I was doing.just stick my dick in her and get it over with or did I want a blow job??

I told her to lay back as I was going to kiss and lick her pussy.she asked why and I told her it's her turn to enjoy sex.she frowned but lay back and I spread hers legs and commenced to lick her asshole to clit and in short order she was lifting her hips and mewling like a cat.she said she had never had anyone do that and when i slipped two fingers in and started to massage her G spot she started a long slow orgasm and then another.


Her clit was close to an inch long dick and was throbbing on it's own.she pushed my head away and got on all fours and reached back to pull her ass apart and told me to stick it in her pussy and fuck her hard.the closer she got to cumming the tighter she got and finally screamed out loud to FUCK HER! Just as I was coming Mama San came in and wanted to know what was going on?? H just smiled and said stick around and I'll suck him back hard and you can see!! MamaSan said no thanks and left.H and I fucked each other bow legged that night .We saw eah other off and on till I rotated out but I did have a few other lady friends before I left.more to cum if you like.

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