Webcam couple fuck with a toy

Webcam couple fuck with a toy
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Daniel loved the farm life; the outdoors, the fresh air, the work, all of it was everything he liked, there was only one thing missing from that mixture and that was a woman. Part of it was his own fault, since he was rather shy around girls, during his college days it was much easier, met girls in a group and by the time they ended up in a room it didn't matter if he was shy or not.

Once he finished college things changed, since he moved back to the farm he grew up on which was in another province, he didn't get to see his friends; that meant that the only gathering of people he ever went to was fairs and competitions. It was month-end and he was driving to town, he had a list of groceries for himself and the farm workers, as he approached the main road, he noticed a figure on a bicycle not far in front of him. As he drew closer he noticed that it was a mountain bike and that the person's arms and legs was bare, which was strange, not because it was cold, but that the most people who rode a bicycle around here usually wore clothing to protect them from the sun, the person wasn't even wearing a hat.

He slowed down and as he drew abreast the cyclist he saw it was a girl, she was wearing a black dress with white polka dots. He stopped the pick-up and rolled down the electric window, the bicycle came to a stop next to his door and the girl leaned forward to look in, "Hey there." She had a stunning smile, rather cute face with a dash of freckles over her nose and her ash blonde hair caught up into a bun, "Good morning, I take that you're on your way in to town?" She nodded, leaning onto the open window with her elbows, sighing slightly, "I have to go to the doctor, totally forgot about the appointment, parents have gone to the other farm yeah." He grinned, "I forgot various appointments in the past, want a lift?" She pursed her lips for a moment and then nodded, "Yeah sure, it will definitely be much quicker and I only realized half-way just how silly it is to wear a dress on a bicycle." He chuckled, "It sure is, here let me help you." As he got out of the cab he wondered for a brief moment where his shyness had gone to.the only explanation he could come up with while he loaded her bicycle onto the back and opened the door for her to get in, was that he was only talking to her, giving her a ride and not trying to get laid.yeah that about explained it.rationally.

It also helped that she was friendly and seemingly VERY spontaneous.

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She mentioned that her father also farms with sheep, but for some strange reason she kept omitting her surname or her father's name, come to think of it, as he helped her take down her bicycle he knew very little about her, he knew they shared the same taste in music, she had finished school the year before, she read the same authors as he and she kept in shape by cycling and jogging.

"Thank you Daniel, you really saved me a lot of hassle." He nodded with a wry smile, briefly touching the edge of his cap, "No problem." She started pushing the bicycle and paused, looking over her shoulder, her blue eyes capturing his for a brief moment, it only then dawned on him that she was tall, basically as tall as he was, "Name's Natalya." She seemed to wait for a brief moment, leaving him at a loss, " was nice meeting you Natalya." She flashed him that bright smile and walked away, he watched her toned legs as she walked away, the dress surely was a lot shorter than he had imagined a girl would wear on her way to the doctor.

He shrugged, got into his pick-up and drove off to do his shopping. With the town basically surrounded by farms, the shops carried a wide variety of stock, also Fridays and end-of-the-month's saw people flooding the town, some came to stay over in their "town houses" for the weekend, other's to fetch the children and of course all of them went shopping.

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Daniel met a lot of people he knew and his trip became a breakfast, became lunch and he skipped town before it became any later. His pick-up was loaded to the brim with groceries, he sat sipping on a cooldrink as he drove, drumming his fingers on the steering wheel. He turned onto the dirt road and as he finished his drink, a very familiar figure loomed up on the next rise; he slowed down and came to a stop next to Natalya.

He could see her laughing and as he rolled down the window that laughter reached into the cab over the music, which he leaned over to turn down. "Well if it isn't Mr Daniel the good Samaritan." He took off his sunglasses, "Well if it isn't the doctor visiting Natalya." She pulled a face, but smiled none-the-less, "I'm guessing you're going to offer me another lift?" He glanced up and down the road, "Yes actually I will want to offer you a lift." She held up a finger, "On one condition only." He shrugged, "Sure." "You drop me off where I tell you to." For some reason that sounded strange to him, but what harm could it do?

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He spread his hands, "You got yourself a deal." She hopped off of the seat and swung the cycle onto the back before he could even get his hand on the door handle, a few moments later she kicked off her black pumps and leaned into the seat, something seemed a bit different about her, she still wore the black polka dot dress, her hair was still tied back and she still seemed very guarded, not by words, but this certain look in her eyes.he shrugged it off, started the pick-up and drove off.

It only took him a few minutes to realize what was bothering him; it was the sweet smell of marijuana which clung to her clothing and the slight redness of her eyes.

That was what was different, he smiled to himself, so much for going to the doctor.or maybe she had gone, she just had to make a little side-trip as well. She was definitely chattier this time around, but what made him uncomfortable, was that she was now actively flirting with him. Sometime between talking to her and looking at the road, her dress had ridden up her legs, there was much on display when she had gotten in, but now it was almost up to her hips.

Two buttons on the dress had come undone, as she moved her arms during her very animated talking; her black bra caught his eye repeatedly. Through it all he kept his cool, she wasn't curvy, being as tall and as active as she was, but her body was lithe, toned and tanned just perfect. It really took all of his concentration not to sit and stare at her, but to keep on the road.

What really got to him was the moment she sank down in the seat, pulling her legs out from the foot well and rested them on the dashboard, the dress riding up enough for him to see the black band of her thong.

He now kept his eyes on the road, certain that if he looked at her, he would stare and drive off of the road, still she talked, more babbling than talking any sense, but it became quite clear that she was trying her best to seduce him and that made him nervous, horny, but nervous. After what felt like hours, she languidly sat up and pointed at a huge tree next to the road, "There, you can drop me off there." She slowly buttoned the buttons that had come undone and when he stopped, she leaned over to him, getting onto her knees as she used her hands on his leg to keep herself propped up.


"You're a good guy Daniel." She smiled and leaned closer to him, her lips brushing over his, her breath sweet and warm against his face, "Don't change." The door closing behind her, brought him back to his senses, he looked and found her straddling the seat of her bicycle, flashing him a smile and waving.

He waved back and when she didn't budge, he finally got the idea and drove off.of course after a few minutes cursing himself for allowing the moment and chance to slip through his fingers. He didn't see her again for a few months, he heard about her in town, people talking about her driving around on her bicycle, usually on the dirt road, wearing sleeveless tops and shorts, mostly without a hat to protect her from the sun.

Daniel was returning home on a Friday evening, he has had a couple of beers and a few shots of tequila, he wasn't drunk, but he wasn't sober either. It was good driving with the windows open, music playing and not a real care about how late he got home, movement caught his attention and he only registered it to be a bicycle when he passed the person. He stopped, he felt rather generous and it would have been good to give the cyclist a lift.he wasn't prepared for the cute face of Natalya popping up on his side of the cab.

"Well if it isn't Daniel.I've been wondering what happened to you. Gonna offer me a lift?" He frowned slightly, "It is kind of late to be cycling without any lights." She smirked at him, "Yes dad." For some reason she said it in such a way that his less-than-sober mind could imagine her leaning over his lap, ready to get spanked. "Yeah.yes I was going to offer you a lift." "Oh.good." She disappeared for a few moments, then the passenger door opened and she got in, in the dashboard lights he could see that she wore the black polka dot dress again, her hair loose and hanging passed her shoulders, she had black eyeliner, which actually accentuated her blue eyes and her lips glossed what he took as a rose pink.


She sat back into the seat, stretching out, "I had a really shitty day." He placed the pick-up into gear and pulled away, "Want to talk about it?" As it turned out she did want to talk about it, it also became clear that she was far from sober and after a few minutes started flirting with him again.

Having lost most of his inhibitions thanks to the drinks he had, he flirted back. He wasn't sure how far they drove before she had the buttons undone again, this time there was no bra, thanks to one more button undone, the dress opened up more, exposing the soft flesh of her breasts.

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She shifted, getting onto her knees, her hands resting on his leg as she nibbled on his ear, one hand sliding to his crotch, slowly stroking his cock, making it grow steadily under her very experienced hand.

It became clear that his concentration was slipping, but who could blame him? Especially when a hot girl was nibbling on his earlobe; her cool hand massaging his throbbing cock and the smell of her arousal filling the cab of his pick-up.

"Stop here." He complied and found that he could make out the tree where he had dropped her off last time; she switched off the engine and flicked off the lights. They both knew that she would not be able to straddle him, her legs was just too long and the cab too small for that particular trick, her lips sought and found his, he pushed a hand into her hair, feeling the silky soft strands slide through his fingers.

He met her tongue with his own, tasting mint and a slight hint of marijuana on her breath as she moaned into his mouth. His other hand slid over her arched back and over her firm ass, the dress ended just under her cheeks and she arched her back even more as he followed the soft skin of her legs up to her ass.

She suddenly pulled away, grabbing the front of his shirt, "Get out." She pushed him back into his seat and slithered away from him, he managed to get the door open and get out, he felt kind of silly standing there in the semi-dark with his cock throbbing through the open zipper of his shorts, "Oh Danieeeel." He saw her standing at the bonnet of the pick-up, he made his way to her, she grabbed him by his shirt again and pulled him to her, pushing her lithe body up against his.

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Her lips found his and her tongue slid into his mouth like a sinewy snake, one he tried to pin down with his own tongue, for a moment he was at a loss what to do with his hands, but quickly filled them with two firm globes of ass-cheeks.

He squeezed and she moaned loudly into his mouth, writhing against him, he could feel her nipples brushing against him as her firm breasts squashed against his chest. She broke the kiss after a long while, leaving them both gasping for breath, she grabbed hold of his shirt again and out of nowhere slapped him. The sound was loud in his ears, his cheek stinging from where her hand impacted, he was lost for words or actions as she pushed herself against him.

Her tongue found his cheek, lathering the impact with her spit, her hand slowly stroking his cock, her fingers deftly unbuckled his belts and pushed his shorts and briefs down to free his cock. Her whisper hot on his damp cheek, "You're such a nice guy." He wasn't sure if that explained why she slapped him or if it was part of the reason she was all over him, "You know what nice guys do to me?

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They make me want to act like a slut, just to shock them." She pulled away and he could hear a slight rustle in front of him, he reached out and impacted with her naked ass, she sucked in her breath and her hands found his, she guided his hands over the firm, yet supple flesh of her ass.

Hooking the thin material of her g-string, drawing it inside to push the fingers of his other hand into her wet opening, she moaned lewdly, clearly enjoying it. Daniel didn't wait for further instructions, he pushed his fingers deeper into her wet pussy; she released his hands and moaned as his fingers delved into her. Seeking and probing, finding the spongy area and rubbing it with the pads of his fingers, his hand sliding down the front of her g-string, finding her clit and rubbing it in time with his fingers massaging her g-spot.

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It didn't take long, her breathing quickened and her scream was deafening as her pussy clamped around his fingers, her juices flooding passed his fingers and drenching his hand. Her whole body convulsed and she went rigid, her breathing hard, he could hear her nails scratching over the metal of the bonnet, her pussy kept on convulsing though, it felt like soft tugs on his fingers. A huge shudder ran through her body after a few moments and she slumped forward, her ass pushed back, trapping his hand between their bodies, "Come on big boy, I felt that cock of yours, come on, fill me up with that thing." He was surprised to say the least, but not by her actions, more by her words, as he withdrew his fingers from her, she whimpered softly, swaying her hips, like she needed them to be replaced.

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He gripped the throbbing shaft and pushed it towards her swaying groin, the head brushed over her lips, sending delicious shudders down her body, she held still for a few moments and in those moments he slid into her. "Don't cum inside me." Her words was moaned out, she was so wet that he slid all the way in to her, his groin pushing up against the pale globes of her ass, "Oh yessssss, you're way up in there." She swivelled her hips and he pulled back, pushing back into her, drawing moans of encouragement from her.

He leaned forward as he started to stroke his cock inside of her, his head pushing past her cervix with each deep thrust. He slid a hand into her dress, grabbing hold of her soft breast and squeezed it firmly, "Mmmm you got big hands too, come on, fuck me." He rolled her hard nipple between his fingers, tugging on it, she moaned louder, still begging for more. He let go of her breast and leaned back, taking hold of her hips, thrusting harder into her, "Oh yesh, much better." His groin started to slap loudly against her ass, the sound fuelling him on to thrust faster, drawing her into each hard thrust, she moaned out her approval, nails scratching across the paint of the bonnet.

Soon he was thrusting as fast as he could go inside of her, she shouted out curses and moaned wildly, seconds before climaxing, her cum coated his groin and her ass, dripping down his balls.

He relentlessly kept on thrusting into her, one hand on her hip, the other rubbing her wet, hard clit, he could feel his own climax building up fast, he tried to think of everything but the feeling and tried to ignore her moans, the pressure kept building, the strokes started to get shorter and just as he was about to climax, he pulled out at the last moment, his cum erupting from his throbbing cock, splattering over her ass, he grabbed hold of his convulsing cock, aiming at the soft globes of her ass reflecting in the moonlight.

His cock was still convulsing, cum spewing from the head when he shoved it back into her pussy, he thrust hard into her, driving deep into her. She cried out at the sudden intrusion, not expecting the hard, fast thrusts that pushed her up against the grill of the pick-up, his hands on her hips, pulling her back into the almost frantic thrusts. She was building up to a huge climax before he pulled out, but now he had her right up there again, Daniel pulled back a hand and slapped her ass as hard as he could, the slap had his own hand stinging, but it was exactly what she needed.

The scream sounded like a banshee in heat, again her body convulsed, he pushed his cock deep into her, feeling her body tugging at it, her fists drumming on the bonnet as she ran out of breath to scream and settled down for moans.

She leaned onto the bonnet, breathing heavily as he kept his cock buried deep inside of her, as her climax passed, so too did the insistent tugging on his cock, which made it to slowly start to grow flaccid, finally his cock slipped from her pussy, accompanied by the squelching sound of their combined cum escaping her.

He found that he had shoved her g-string over her one cheek and slipped it back into place, she was still leaning over the bonnet, breathing heavily as he pulled up his shorts and briefs, wet from her cum.

With a soft groan she pushed herself upright and her dress fell down over her hips, he slipped an arm around her as she seemed to wobble slightly for a moment and she leaned against him, her head resting on his shoulder as she stared up at the sky. She giggled softly and he could feel her shake her head, "What?" She turned her head to look at him, "You really did a number on me, fuck I swear you dislocated my hip with that smack." He winced, "Yeah that was a bit hard, sorry." She chuckled softly and kissed his cheek, "You gonna be sorry for fucking me so hard that I will not be able to ride my bike for a while?" "Uhm is that a trick question?" She chuckled again and kissed his cheek, "Tell you what, come here Sunday afternoon and I'll give you a surprise.

Now help me with my bicycle." She pushed away and he walked with her to the back of the pick-up, he pulled the bicycle off and she took the handlebars from him.

"Thank you for the lift Daniel." "It was a pleasure." He found it strange that after what had just happened, those simple sentences sounded like much more than what they were.actually they were, but that was another story. He got back into the pick-up and drove away, watching her disappear into the dark behind him.