Unzensierte Japanische Rasieren Sitzung Vor Orgie

Unzensierte Japanische Rasieren Sitzung Vor Orgie
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Living a double life, one of a man married to a beautiful woman who is perfect in almost every way. The conversations are great, the attraction is intense and the relationship is perfect. Almost perfect.

The second life is one of sexual satisfaction, the desire to have a woman crave my attention, my direction, challenging them to push their sexual limits and help them discover their own sexual needs, needs and desires that they did not know they even had yet! Achieving this by making these women go through tasks that peak their interest and curiosity but give them a sense of helplessness as they would need to trust my words and actions knowing that following my directions is the only way they will truly see or understand what they need.

Making women experience something for the first time, drive me insane. Push me to continue crossing the line that a married man should not be crossing. My desire to fulfill this need is not due to the lack of love in my marriage. My sexual appetite just happens to be beyond what my wife can provide. Let's face it, a wife who is willing to go along with certain sexual fetishes or needs because she loves you is not as satisfying as a woman who follows your lead because SHE WANTS TO!

This story is about one of those women. This woman was named Cindy. Cindy understood my needs and desired my attention and trust and in return, she discovered that letting go and allowing me to be me, was the only way she was going to discover herself.


It was a weekend business trip, one she had anticipated for some time. Until now, Cindy was kept at a distance. She wanted so badly to see me often and by not giving her what she wanted, delaying satisfaction for the both us, only made her crave me in a way that I can only explain as necessary in my life.

The trip was well planned, I was in California for 1 week. We had planned that Cindy would sign up with a Temp Agency of my choosing and I would pick her to be my assistant based on guidelines and requirements given to the Agency that made sure she was on the short list of applicants.

My wife even helped choose Cindy because of her background and what I needed on this trip. It was perfect. My wife even corresponded with Cindy to make sure that she had my itinerary, hotel information and my contact details.

Cindy had not seen me for 7 months and I was not going to let her simply run into my arms. Maintaining control was necessary and rules had to be put in place. She was to pick me up every morning, drop me off every night and attend every meeting to take notes. What ever happened in between was deliberate and made to put her in a situation that forced her to experience something she never had before.

She met me at the airport, waiting in the pick up zone with a driver. She thought a limo would be a good idea for the first day. I thought it cam across as pretentious, but she was trying to impress. She had a sign saying my name; she was playing along just perfectly. As we sat in the back and the driver was not visible through the glass. She looked at me but did not say a word.

She knew my moods. I was either my cheerful, playful self or in my dominant mood which required her to simply listen and do. That is the mood I was in! I said hello and handed her a box, she grabbed the box and said, "aren't you going to&hellip.?" I cut her off and said "please open the box". She smiled and opened the box quickly and she stared at the content of the box for a few second and picked up this small, flat, translucent pair shaped object that fit in the palm of her hand and looked at me.

I told her "slide it under your panties and between your lips, it will fit perfectly and your panties will hold it there. She chuckled " I'm not wearing any" I told her look in the box and there, there was a sexy paid of panties that I chose to perfectly hold the remote mini vibrator that she was about to place on her pussy. She proceeded to lift her knee length skirt and put on the panties and slide the vibrator in place.

She asked "are you happy now? But where is the remote?" The look on her face as that moment, as I pressed the button of the remote in my pocket was priceless! When I first turned it on, it was on high and her body jolted.

I immediately brought it down to a level that did not make her move around and cum within minutes but strong enough to make her drip through her panties as a constant reminder of the control I had.

It was late and I was hungry, so I asked her where we should go. Her concentration was not impressive, for obvious reasons but she did manage to pull it together and inform the driver of a Sushi restaurant near my hotel that was known for having some of the best sushi in a genuine Japanese restaurant. As the driver was about to drop us off, she asked if we could drive around a little longer because she was about to cum.

I immediately turned it off and she looked defeated was confused and asked why I would stop it. I said: "you know the rules, you ask for permission to cum" and then I click the remote to high and that made her gasp as it brought her close to climax and since I enjoy orgasm denials and I know her limits, I can see on her face that she was ready to burst but held off as much as she could because she knew I could easily walk away if she came without permission.

I waited for that exact moment where the build up was going to be too strong to resist and then I stopped it again. Needless to say, the remainder of the evening was a rollercoaster for her as we laughed and joked while constantly reminding her of who had control of her body, her emotions and her attention. We ended the evening without her feeling the release she desperately wanted. Around 9 pm, I exited the car, I handed Cindy a key to my suite and told her to be in my room around 10 am because I will be in the shower at that time and I would like her to be outside the shower waiting for me when I come out.

I told her to keep the vibrator in her purse for tomorrows meetings, Cindy knew tomorrow was going to be another tease! Cindy nodded yes and asked "it's so early, what are you going to do for the rest of the evening?" I told her that I was meeting up with someone.

She knew what that meant; Cindy knew I was meeting another women. It drove her insane but turned her on so much knowing that I had this control over all her emotions. She was curious, angry, jealous, excited, just a cluster of different conflicting feelings but Cindy knew I did everything for a reason and simply smirked and said: "have a good evening". I closed the door and watched her drive away.

The following morning, I woke up next to Jessica. Jessica is someone who I a couple of years ago and our relationship started with her pursuing me as she tried to come across as Dominant, which she was not. I made her realize very quickly that she had a lot to learn so I have spent the last couple of years, challenging her to push beyond her comfort zone and determine if she truly is dominant and what her style is and in the end, it seems like her true Dominant self comes out towards women.

She never had an interest in women before but when confronted sexually with another women, we discovered it became very natural for her. Almost second nature to dominate them. Maybe a fear mechanism to cope with something she could not understand or maybe a way for her to hide her insecurities around how to act around another women sexually.

But the discovery of Jessica is another story. One that I may choose to write on a later date. Back to the story: As I woke up and saw Jessica lying next to me, I informed her that Cindy was on her way and I needed to get ready.

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So I asked her to get ready quickly and have breakfast ready for when Cindy arrived but that I wanted her to wait in the kitchenette just off the terrace and stay out of sight. (it was a large suite and I didn't want Cindy to know that another woman, especially Jessica, was still one my suite.) To give you some context, I met Cindy and started to "play" with her after I had already started "playing" with Jessica. They came to know each other after I had made an introduction.

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Cindy and Jessica have exchanged stories about their experiences with me, after they had asked my permission, and she intimidated Cindy and Jessica knew it. They had never met and both were excited and also scared about the possibility of ever meeting. At this point, Jessica now knew Cindy was on her way and she followed my instructions and after taking a quick shower, kept quite and stayed at the other end of the suite.

After picking out my clothes, brushing my teeth and shaving, I jumped in the shower at 10 am, knowing Cindy will be arriving shortly. I wasn't really thinking about what would happen once she arrived, I tend to just go with the flow depending on the mood I'm in. It's about 10:15 at this point and I step out of the shower to grab a towel and I see Cindy Naked Head lowered Arms behind her back Wrist crossed Cindy is waiting for me to come out of the shower I step out of the shower, water dripping off of my body and she does not look up.

She is just staying there, waiting for me to make the next move or give her some form of direction. "open your mouth" I walk up to her and stand almost above her and I tell her: "you're going to take your time to suck my balls into your mouth and work my asshole with your tongue while I watch my cock grow and then I'll jerk off while you look up at me" Her eyes are closed at first as her mouth opens as she feels me walk up to her, I slowly lower my balls into her mouth and watch her and she slowly jungles them around, glistening them with her saliva as I hold my cock and watch it grow.

Once my cock is so hard that that it stands alone above her face, I slowly begin to work the tip as her big beautiful eyes open and watch me teasing my cock. All the while, she remains on her knees with her hands behind her back.

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I tell her to play with my ass and her one hand grips my ass and she pulls me in to take both my balls into her mouth, I moan out load and right then, I can feel her finger trying to find my asshole.

My ass tightens up as she forces to keep her finger rubbing my asshole and I begin to stroke my cock hard and fast. The build up was immediate but I couldn't cum then, there was so much more I wanted to do. Just before I came, I step back and grab her under her arm and she stands up and follows as I quickly push Cindy; face down on the bed with and I begin to tie her arms behind her back with my belt.

She says nothing. I proceed to spread her legs apart and use a couple of my ties to tie her ankles to the bed posts. Still she says nothing. I cover her face with a pillowcase so that she would not see or predict what I was going to do next. Only then, did she speak under her breath and say: "I've waiting so long for you to do this to me" All I could do at this point was take a step back and admire this woman tied to my bed, it was like a work of art.

I wait there for a few minutes, making her wonder what was going on and when I felt she waiting long enough, I lowered my head between her legs, getting closer and closer to her wet swollen pussy and in one motion, lick her clit to her asshole and stopped! Her reaction was intense. She immediately buckled and arched her ass and swayed her hips as I listened to her beg: "please more!!" I continued to do this over and over again, increasing the frequency all over your ass as i work you up and tease your thighs as i run my fingers over them sending goose bump, which drove her insane.

I began to focus more and more attention on her asshole and clit while running my hands up and down her thighs, sending shivers through her body as goose bumps were now visible all over her body. But I never do it hard enough for actual gratification. It was always just a light tease which made her pussy drip out of anticipation. I stood up and looked at her and since Cindy could not see me, her mind was going through so many scenarios of what I might do next; was I punishing her, was I going to satisfy her, was I only going to satisfy only myself and leave her restless like last night.

Her thought process was interrupted by the sudden feeling of something entering her pussy and asshole so slightly. Her asshole was so tight! I place a lot of lube and worked Cindy's asshole slowly with one finger and then another - making you gasp and tense up and I just held them in there until her body settled down and she began to relax.

She knew what was coming, she knew what I was preparing her for. She had always told me that she wanted to feel helpless as I fucked her in her ass. I stood back again and she could here that I was doing something but with the pillow case covering her face, she was left with only the sounds to guide her thoughts. Cindy began to breath really heavy as my weight on the bed shifted her body slightly as I positioned myself between her legs.

The view was amazing; a woman lying face down, arms tied together behind her back, dripping wet pussy, nice round ass and a welcoming pussy and asshole just begging to for attention. But the attention she was about to receive was unexpected. Cindy felt the head of my cock pop into your asshole and she froze and tightened up, I told her to relax and pushed in slowly and then back out.

But as I pushed back in to her asshole, she also felt my cock slide into her pussy. THEN IT HITS HER!!! W hile I had stood up to admire her body, I was putting on a strap on and I had my cock in her pussy and the tip of a strap on in her ass and just as Cindy squirmed to push the pillow case off her face so that she could look at me to see what was going on, I reach for her head and grip Cindy's hair and pulled back hard as I push in HARD AND DEEP IN ONE BIG THRUST!!!!!

and she screamed! Not a scream of pain but one of absolute excitement and I just hold it in her deep. I release her head out of fear that I have hurt the one who kneels before me and all she whispers is: "please continue Sir" I tilt her head to the side and her body slightly while I spend the next half an hour, pulling her head back by her hair slightly while thrusting into her at a slow but consistent pace.

My other hand has never left your nipple as I kept a slight hold by squeezing and pinching and tweaking it the entire time.

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Something that Cindy has grown to crave from me. Nipple play had such an effect on her that I knew exactly what she wanted and needed and what triggered her orgasms.

I began to pull her tis from the base and pull them away from her body as I continued to thrust inside of her. The harder I pulled on her tits, the more intense it became and as she came closer, she begged: "please, please Sir, can I cum?" and I didn't have to say a word, my next action was the only approval she needed, I gripped her neck with one hand and grabbed her nipple with the other and pulled really hard making her almost breathless as a silent scream escaped her mouth and I pounded her from behind while wave after wave of orgasms control her body as it shook and heaved and jerked and she simply collapsed.

I released my grip on her but left the strap on in her ass and my cock in her pussy and she whispered: "you own me, please don't stop" - and then I stopped! She immediately tried to turn to see what was going on and then I began to slap her ass repeatidly while she remained penetrated. At first, the pain was stinging her as I went from cheek to cheek, smacking and slapping each one. Little yells were coming from her mouth but as I continued, I began notice that her juices were suddenly running all down her legs.

Her pussy was beginning to spasm and what first hurt her and stung her on ever slap was now exciting her.


I could not stop and now every slap seemed to send a shock to her pussy. SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP! Her body began to quiver and my cock was suddenly being squeezed like crazy from her pulsating pussy as she asks if its ok to scream because she is about to. Mid sentence, she is hit with the most intense, heart pounding orgasm that she have ever had. Cuming from only having her ass slapped and as her mouth opens to scream, I say: "shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" She had no choice but to experience the most amazing orgasm she ever felt in pure silence and right when she was at her peak, she lets out the slightest noise.

She knew immediately she fucked up&hellip.I had told her to be quiet. Her head sunk into the bed as she knew she had disappointed me by not following instructions. She did not know what was going to happen next. In one motion I back out. Letting my cock and the strap on slide out slowly as her climax was lost. I removed the strap on and laid on the bed as she looked at me. The look of defeat was all over her face.

She waited for me to say something and all I could say was: "all you had to do was be silent".

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She closed her eyes but he immediately opened as she heard the door open as she hear the sound of heals walking behind her. It was Jessica, Jessica was the one who had handed me the strap on and had been watching the entire time from the doorway, slowly teasing her own pussy and putting elastics around her nipples to increase the sensitivity.

A trick I had tough her when we first started to play. Jessica walked past me, seeking approval as she asked: "do you mind Sir?" I aid "no at all. She didn't follow the rules" Cindy looked at me, wondering what was going on and what was about to happen and she suddenly see this woman come into view. She noticed it was Jessica and Cindy's face looked shocked.

Cindy asks: "is she who you were with last night?" My response: "you don't get to ask questions, you didn't follow instructions now watch!" I sat on the bed, next to Cindy's face as she was force to watch Jessica slide onto my cock and ride me like an animal with Cindy's face only feet away. Jessica was a squirter and it didn't take much to get her going. Soon, Jessica's juices were gushing after every time she slammed down onto my cock.


Just as she was about to cum, I pulled her up and got Jessica to stand at my face while I finished her off with my tongue and knowing Cindy was only feet away, staring at my cock and watching this women ride my face, I lose control and grip my cock and begin to jerk off as I cum and stream after stream is shot towards Cindy and my screams into Jessica's pussy makes Jessica lose control and I tell her to scream as loud as possible and for a few seconds, the room is filled with the beautiful sounds of a woman having an intense orgasm.

Jessica collapses onto my lap and I slide her off as her bare ass is right next to Cindy's face and bound body. I whisper to Cindy: "you should have listened to me and came is silence" and I walked away. Leaving a very satisfied woman and a pissed off, sexually frustrated woman to contemplate what just went down.

I go to the kitchen to get a drink of water and within minutes I hear loud screaming coming from the room upstairs. I run upstairs, only to find that Jessica has put on the strap on and is now taking advantage of tied up and bound Cindy.

Cindy was now getting fucked in a way that she could only wish she would be fucked. So I sat down on the chair and watched and jerked off as my cock grew again while watching Cindy get fucked all over again. Jessica's thrusting and ass play and boob slapping and nipple play was too much for Cindy. Cindy look at me for permission to cum and I nodded my head to say yes. Jessica begins to pound Cindy hard while pulling her hair and all Cindy could hear me say is: "CUM LOUD" That's all it took as Cindy looked at me as she screamed and pushed her ass back, wanting all of that strap on going as deep as possible and she came so hard.

Harder then I've ever seen any woman cum. The sounds, the smell, the way her body moved and to watch Jessica finally fucking Cindy, something that her and I have been wanting and planning for so long, made me cum instantly!!!!!! One of the best morning of my life