A tattoo or a banging in the tattoo shop tube porn

A tattoo or a banging in the tattoo shop tube porn
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"I need to talk to you about something I've noticed recently," says Syd, with a slight grin on her face. "Fuck, she knows I've been sneaking looks under her skirt," you realize. "You left your notebook in class the other day… You're a real artist," she says. "You saw the drawings?" you wonder, thinking about how fucked you are. "No. The words.

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You're a literary artist. I noticed it when you wrote that essay on the Red Light District. The way you… described it… it turned me on. Come with me; I've got something I want to show you." "What the fuck? I'm not in trouble?" you think. You're in complete and utter shock at what she's said, but intrigued. Under her desk Youʼre kissing; breathing heavily in anticipation of whatʼs to come.

She takes off her shirt and unhooks her bra to reveal two perfectly round 32B breasts, and two heavily aroused, petite nipples with them. She cups them with her hands while you reach into her skirt. She moans as you pull down her panties and rub her clitoris with your index and middle fingers in clockwise motion. Starting slowly and working up your speed gradually, you feel it becoming aroused.

"Fuck, I'm getting hard," you think to yourself. "I want you to fuck me. Now," she whispers. "Holy shit! Is this actually happening? My classmates will be so jealous," you think to yourself. You've fantasized about this moment for months, and it's finally becoming a reality.

"NOW!" Syd yells, becoming impatient. Syd pulls down your pants and underwear and throws them off to the side.

"I donʼt think weʼll be needing these any time soon," she says, lifting her skirt to reveal a shining, soaking wet pussy. "Now come on, stick that cock inside me!" Your cock is throbbing immensely hard at this point and you thrust yourself inside her.

"AHH!" she squeals as you tear through her hymen. You think to yourself, "Holy shit! She's a virgin?" "It's so big!" Syd yells as you continue thrusting yourself in, out, in, and out again. You feel her shaking with sheer pleasure as she exclaims, "Ohh, fuck! I'm gonna cum!"' You then feel the semen rushing to the head of your thrusting, throbbing cock, and echo Her words: "I'm gonna cum too!" "Fuck!

Cum inside my pussy!" You blast your warm, creamy cum inside her pulsating pussy and hear her moan as you feel her trembling in ecstasy. "Fuck! That felt so good!" Syd slurs after you've blown your load inside her. "I didnʼt know you were a virgin," you admit.

"Well, actually I'm not. I've had sex with another woman before, but never with another guy. I'm… um.


bi." The fact that Syd is into women as well as men makes you even more horny, and you feel yourself getting hard again. "Your cock is getting hard again," she points out. "Letʼs do something about that." She stands up, showing off her perfectly round ass and thick pussy lips. Walking over to a nearby shelf, she reaches behind it and retrieves a bottle of lube.

After strutting over to the middle of the classroom wearing nothing but her skirt and boots, she beckons you over and gets on her knees.

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You, absolutely bewildered: "Holy shit! She's gonna blow me?" You walk over to her, your once-again erect penis bouncing up and down as you go. Your heart begins to throb in excitement. You stand over her with your rock- hard, 8-inch cock in her face. She squirts some of the lube onto her hands and then massages it onto your cock. She begins stroking it with her soft hands and says, "Relax.

I'll take it from here." Obliging her, you tilt your head back, close your eyes, and feel her hands moving up and down your cock, steadily moving faster and faster. You hear the sound of the lube moving from her palms to your cock and back again, making every stroke nothing short of spectacular.

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You are entranced, but not soon after you feel yourself convulsing. You're going to cum again. As a drop of precum oozes from the head of your cock, Syd gets impatient again.

She asks, "Are you going to cum on me or what?" You jerk yourself off in front of her makeup-covered face and begin showering her in your load. Syd has her eyes closed and you notice her smiling and laughing.

She's savoring the moment: You, one of her students, showering her in cum. Grunting and moaning, you finish yourself off and Syd yells, "Holy shit! Itʼs everywhere!" You look down to see your cum in her hair, on her face, on her tits, and on her skirt.

She takes off her cum-soaked skirt and throws it on the floor, which is also soaking wet with your cum. "Holy shit! That's the biggest load I've ever had!" you exclaim in self-amazement. "Well, I guess itʼs more work for the custodians," she says, looking into your eyes. Syd then takes your cock and sucks the remaining bits of cum off the tip. "That was everything I thought it would be," she says, chuckling.

"And a little bit more. " She then takes your hand, runs it from her right breast to her clitoris and, massaging her pearl with your middle finger, she moans, "Now it's your turn, baby. Show me what those fingers can do. Make me cum." Massaging her clit once again, you make it your sole goal to make Syd cum from her sopping wet vagina.

"This feels so wrong, but I want to cum for you so bad," she says. "And the fact that it feels so wrong just makes me more horny! Push on my clit and make me cum, baby." You turn your hand so that your thumb is hovering over her clitoris, and press down on it.

"OH MY GOD FUCK YES! YES!" Syd grabs the desk below her with both of her hands and a river of cum rushes out of her vagina like Niagara Falls. It starts to splash on the carpet beneath her and, thinking quickly, you get on your knees and open your mouth wide, catching the last bit of her cum in your mouth. It tastes heavenly. "Clean me up baby. Lick my pussy," she says, or so you think. She's panting so much at this point it's almost impossible to understand her. "This has to be a dream," you think to yourself in awe at what you're experiencing Syd lays down on the desk behind her, spreads her legs, and says, "Get over here.

You've got work to do." You crawl up onto the table and get to work. You slide your tongue in between her pussy lips and slowly lick it, cleaning off the cum. Moving your tongue farther up her vagina, you start to lick her clitoris. Syd thrusts her hips towards you and moans, "Eat my pussy; make me cum again." You begin licking her cherry like a popsicle on a hot summer day, and as your tongue moves up, her hips move down.

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Your tongue moves down, her hips move up. You move together, your bodies intertwine. You become one. Syd is moaning and breathing heavily, your lips are pressed against her pussy, her hands are squeezing her breasts, and she is unable to contain herself any longer. Her moaning gets louder and louder, her movements quicken, and she becomes consumed in orgasm. "AHH!

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I'M CUMMING AGAIN!" Syd begins to squirt more from her pussy, and you get on your knees, angling your cock towards her. She ejaculates on your cock and as though she's reading your mind, spreads her legs on the edges of the desk and says, "Fuck me. Fuck my pussy so hard I can't walk straight." You reply, "Oh yeah? You want to be dominated?" "Yes, baby.

Make me your sex toy," she says with her pinky in the side of her mouth, smiling.

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You pick Syd up by both of her sweaty thighs and plunge yourself deep between them. "I'm gonna fuck her like she's Mia Khalifa." You're fucking her: In, out, in, out, in and out, but you're also controlling her. Pulling her to you and then away, banging her as hard and as fast as you can. She pulls herself when you pull her, grabbing your neck and clinging onto it like her life depends on it. "I know you want to. Shoot that cum inside my pussy." You move back over to the desk.


In, out, in, out… "FUCK!" Her eyes roll back in her head. Syd's pussy wraps around your cock and together, you climax. You feel the semen shoot out of your cock and inside her, filling her up so much that her pussy overflows with cum. You pull out and slap your cock on her neatly-trimmed, dark brown pubic hair.

"THAT. WAS. AMAZING," she says, propped up on her elbows and looking you in the face. Syd smiles at you and adds, "No one's EVER fucked me like that! I loved every second of it." "I've fantasized about this for so long; I never thought it would happen. Thanks for making my dreams come true." "Hey, come here, I've got something to tell you," she says, beckoning you to her.

"Oh yeah? What's that?" "What could she want to tell me?" you wonder in confusion. "I love you." to be continued…