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More Than Friends Prologue Mid - April A single house in a street thumped with the pounding music of the house party inside. Light still streamed out of the windows, among all of the other houses which had their lights turned off after midnight.

Inside the house, which was full of teenagers, who were either blind drunk or getting there, an incredible event was unfolding. Three girls were sitting on a couch, making out.

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Arianna was the blonde, sitting on the couch, her D cup breasts were suppressed slightly in the tight dress, her legs aching slightly in her high heels.

Staci was the second girl, her own bare legs draped across Arianna's, her right hand on the blondes' neck teasing gently through her hair.

Staci had natural brown hair, she kept it quite short, it just reached her shoulders and was styled so it hung straight, partially obscuring one of her chocolate brown eyes. Both of which were shut as her tongue was deep within Arianna's mouth. Staci's own breasts were double D's, and they were both on display in a dress; the neckline of which plunged to show her entire cleavage, and was so short it ended mere inches from the tops of her legs.

The third girl was another blonde, Hayden. Her hair fell down to the middle of her back in a dead straight line and was more of a golden colour compared to Arianna's peroxide. She was sitting on Arianna's right, and was kissing slowly along her jaw line and face. Her own outfit was a blouse and tight fitting faux leather leggings. And while her breasts were smaller than the other girls her ass was large and curvaceous and was sculpted and accentuated perfectly underneath the leggings.

Arianna broke her lengthy kiss with Staci and turned her attention to Hayden. She took a quick breath before the other girl placed a hand on her left breast. Arianna let it hold there and leant it to kiss Hayden, their tongue's intertwined and ran along each other.


Arianna felt the pressure on her knees relieve slightly as she Staci shifted her weight to turn and begin kissing Arianna's neck. Arianna had sex with a good couple of boys, all of whom had kissed her neck, but Staci was doing it differently, that and the fact she was another girl was sending adrenaline through her body. Arianna had sex with only boys, and was curious about the opposite sex and realised this may not be the best place to begin exploring them, on an old couch, with drunken boys starting to notice and cheers three feet from her.

But she kept going all the same. Staci kept kissing up Arianna's neck. She saw the flashing of tongues occurring between her and Hayden every time their lips momentarily parted. Her own sexual desires awoke and she felt something spark between them all. It had built when they were kissing but now she felt.aroused. Longing built beneath the surface and she felt her breath quicken as Arianna's hand snaked up her body.

Her lips left her skin for a second as she a drew a quick breath. God she was breathing faster all the time. This felt so good and it was only a kiss! And at the moment not even a proper one. Arianna continued kissing Hayden, more and more of the boys, and girls, around them were noticing now and were wooping and yelling at them.

At one point she felt the flash of a camera phone shine bright somewhere in the crowd. She flicked her blonde hair back over her shoulder and felt Hayden's hand lightly squeeze somewhere on her left breast, and a thrill shot through her.

Her own hand crept up, in the heated passion of the moment, and felt Staci's firm ample bust beneath her touch.

Staci's lips parted a millimeter from her skin and Arianna could feel heat emanating from her, hot breath skimmed across the surface of her cheek as the same fireworks erupted in their bodies. Arianna could sense the space between her legs moistening and for a split second she was dragged back to reality as she worried about her dress and the panties underneath.

Staci felt her vagina moisten, her lips warmed and were becoming slicker by the minute, it was beginning to seep into the sexy black panties, which originally came from a set of lingerie she 'borrowed' from her sister. Staci continued vying for Arianna's affection as she kissed at her face.

Then, in one of the most sexually frustrating moments of her life, Arianna pulled away from Hayden, whose pursed lips and outstretched tongue remained an offering, hovering in a the air for a few seconds before she realised Arianna wasn't coming back. She didn't lean in to kiss Staci either. Staci gently swivelled her bare legs, clad only in the tiny dress and wedges on her feet, not even caring if anyone saw up her skirt so great was her distraction. Arianna straightened her own dress and Hayden's hand fell from her breast.

She then got up, although Staci could feel Arianna's touch lingering on her own chest as she stepped up walked away. A few of the boys around gave exaggerated moans of disappointment but quickly went back to their beer. Hayden sat on the couch, and glanced at Arianna who was slipping through the crowd and away. She glanced at Staci who was almost struggling to walk upright in her shoes. Hayden couldn't blame her. She was so horny it was unreal. Damn she wished her boyfriend was here! She didn't really want to cheat on him but she was so insanely hot she had to find something or she'd go insane with frustration.

Slowly she got to her feet and tottered slightly as she walked off in her black stilettos.

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Her own pussy burned with desire and lust underneath her leggings and panties, and she could practically feel a physical ache of dissatisfaction. Jesus if her boyfriend were here she would be just about ready to jump him and fuck him in the first room she found. As Hayden walked, her shoes clicking on the floor, she could feel the eyes of the guys in the room staring at her ass in those tight leather pants.

She could probably have one of them without looking too much like a slut. In her mind she reconsidered it, but then decided to at least try to stay faithful. There were other ways of satisfying herself though. Hayden grabbed a drink and began to ease the throb of need between her legs.

Staci walked up to her friends in the kitchen, they were chatting about something, but they stopped and turned to face her when she approached.

Tammy, a petite blonde, and Jessica, slightly curvier with dyed red hair, glanced at each other, then back to Staci. "What is it?" Staci asked, although she already knew the answer, as she poured herself a drink.

Tammy giggled "Saw you making out with Arianna." She said coyly.

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Jessica jumped into finish the sentence "Arianna AND Hayden." She grinned. "So?" Staci replied, slightly defensive even though she knew they were joking. "At Randy Evans' you must've gotten through eight people between you, and then last week at Sandy's you wouldn't stay off each other." Tammy giggled again, obviously a little tipsy "I always thought Arianna would be a little slutty for your tastes." "Say what you want she's a really good kisser." Staci replied, then realised she was getting a little close to the truth about how good Arianna had really made her feel.

"I'm just surprised Hayden was with you as well." Tammy continued. "You never see her with other girls anywhere." "Yeah, I never knew she even liked that at all." Jessica added very quickly.

Staci was about to reply when another girl with auburn hair, Courtney, came up beside them with a handful of shot glasses. "Come on! They're doing shots in the living room!" "Come on then you little dyke." Tammy said teasingly as she kissed Staci on edge of her mouth and took her by the hand, leading her to the shots.

Arianna practically stalked through the crowd, looking for her boyfriend, Greg. She needed him. About an hour ago, a little while before she got tangled up with Staci and Hayden, a some guy had grabbed her ass and given it a squeeze. Greg would probably beat the guy up, she had to something to him, otherwise she'd look like a slut who didn't mind having any guy on her.

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Whatever the outcome of the fight she'd dump Greg tomorrow anyway, he was kinda annoying. Then she spotted him across the room, he spotted her as well and pushed past people to get to her. Arianna readied herself. "You were makin' out with other girls?" he slurred slightly. "Oh god, I'm so sorry" Arianna wished she'd worn a more revealing dress, she shifted her weight from one foot to the other to draw attention to her legs, and then clasped her hands together and pressed her boobs together between her forearms.

"You must think I'm a bitch." Greg fell instantly for the obvious ploy and his expression softened "It's okay" he mumbled.

"No its not." Arianna said, flustered, then she looked at him pleadingly. "You wanna go upstairs" "Yeah sure" Greg replied putting his arm around her and guiding her a little towards a spare room.

Hayden's moistness refused to ease regardless of how she tried to relax herself, every so often she'd catch glimpse of Arianna, or Staci, or even one of the other barely dressed girls crammed into the house party, and the little electric shocks would start all over again. She guessed it was just a night of being horny.

Then an idea occurred to her. It was a little boring personally, perhaps even slightly skanky to other people, but it was the only one she had. Leaving her drink at the side Hayden began to negotiate herself around a crowd of people watch shots being downed.

She saw Staci and Jessica, and the others, and her pulse quickened slightly and she began to make for the stairs. She got stuck behind Arianna, remembering her lips, her tongue, she scurried for the stairs but tried to stay quiet, not wanting to draw unnecessary attention to herself.

When she reached the landing there was no one in sight so she slipped into a room, her slightly tipsy state made her forget checking to see if anyone was in it, but thankfully it was empty, and had a bed.

Arianna lead Greg inside, his erection obvious through his jeans. He pawed at her breasts. "Stop it" she half-snapped at him. "Now sit down." Greg obeyed and sat down on the bed, his belt and button of his jeans already undone at some point. He shifted his weight slightly as Arianna pulled his jeans down his legs and round his ankles.

When she saw his cock spring up as his boxers slid away she felt the urge to fuck him, but that would mean he'd probably fall asleep, plus she'd only known him three weeks, and she wasn't THAT slutty. She gripped his cock and jacked it a few times with her right hand, nothing happened.

So she knelt up, her toes squished slightly inside her heels and licked the tip of his cock. Then she slipped an inch into her mouth and withdrew. Then two inches. She jacked the lower half of his cock slowly, and slightly clumsily, with her right hand whilst taking the top two inches into her mouth into a slow steady rhythm. The more she did it the greater her desire became for it to fill a different place, the soft opening was practically leaking as she grew hornier.

Soon the blowjob became a little much and she saw Greg begin to breath huskily and give soft moans. She took a little more in an increased the pace.

His balls tightened.

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Greg was coming closer. "Oh yeah Arianna. Oh yeah. Yes!" He groaned with pleasure and his cock squirted ropes of warm, slightly unpleasant tasting, sperm into Arianna's mouth. She accepted and quickly stood up and spat it into the bin.

Not a very attractive thing to do but he was hardly paying attention. "Hey there" she said, lying lightly on the bed next to him. "What's up" he mumbled back. "Some guy, earlier, he slapped me on the ass." Arianna launched into a slightly exaggerated version of the story. It served its purpose and Greg leapt to his feet, with nothing but a vague description and a stupid amount of testosterone he went to find and beat up a stranger. Arianna went to follow him, then she felt the bed, and her aching pussy, and drew a quick conclusion.

Staci's arms were wrapped firmly around Tammy's neck, she was seated on a wide stylish leather armchair in the corner of a room whilst everyone else was doing shots. Tammy was sitting on her lap. The faces were intertwined, lips locked together as their tongues danced around on another.

This many could, and had already, seen and they were actually ignored to a degree as people began passing out or throwing up, or both, from the shots. What nobody could see was Tammy's left hand snaking its way between the two bodies, and her fingers buried inside Staci. They plunged back and forth only moving about an inch in, but with incredible speed. Staci began to moan and gasp and even writhe a little underneath Tammy, but she tried to restrain herself. Then, she felt Tammy begin to slow.

She was so close, then a quick exchange, which couldn't be heard over the shouts of everyone else, Tammy left. Staci pulled herself up, she wasn't done! She needed something, something big.

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Hayden slipped into the bedroom unnoticed. She flicked the light on, then flicked them back off and sat down on the bed. She found a spare pillowcase and laid it under her mid-section, to absorb the results of this escapade. Hayden settled herself down on the bed in the dark. She quickly realized that a finger could barely fit, let alone a whole hand, into her leather pants. So she kicked off her heels and slid the leggings down her body. Her vagina, pink, tight, and glistening, felt the relatively cool air of the room and she shivered.

A hand slid down her torso until it reached her pussy. She gently slipped a finger inside, exploring, probing. Then two fingers, slowly building herself, then she couldn't hold back and she began plunging those two fingers in with something close to ferocity, her fingers quickly become slick with her own juices she slid a third in for good measure. Her heavy breathing became a moan and then a cry out. She managed a split second of it before cutting it short, and then in the moment of silence that followed, she heard something.

Faint, very faint. It came from the other side of the wall. A heavy breathing, the odd moan. Hayden waited and listened. Then she stepped up. She pulled her leather pants back around her waist and picked up her heels. The corridor on the upper floor was empty. Hayden tiptoed, one hand holding her stilettos, the other holding her leggings up, to the next room. She turned the lights off and the opened the door. A small flash of movement and she recognized exactly who it was.

The tight dress and matching heels. Hayden slipped into the room. She left her heels on the floor. She pressed a finger against the other girl's lips. As soon as Greg charged out of the room Arianna saw her chance to ease her aching desire. She lay back on the bed, pulling her panties down her thighs and shoved three fingers into her pussy.

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She manoeuvred them as swiftly as she could, her entire hand to the wrist was becoming wet and slippery and she gave a long low groan of pleasure as she indulged herself. Her back arched a little and her foot twitched. Her pussy juice had lubricated everything around her vagina, her inner thighs, her hand were both covered. For a second she though she heard the door open, then realised she could sense someone else in the room.

The new arrival pressed a finger to her lips and she twitched in surprise but didn't scream. She could see in the half light it was another girl. The girl's finger was replaced with a pair of lips which fiercely kissed her own.

A tongue practically invaded her mouth, Arianna didn't care as she returned the favour, her own tongue sliding into the stranger's mouth. Their lips locked for a few seconds, then the kiss broke as the girl clambered over the bed and straddled her left leg. Arianna's left hand lay there. The tips of her fingers brushed a warm, moist, area of body which she could only assume was the other girl's vagina. Her fingers erected and the girl slid down on her fingers, her body pressing down on Arianna's, their lips met and their tongues danced around one another as the girl slid her own fingers.

Arianna shuddered with an incredible pleasure as she felt a girl enter her. Their lips meeting, her hips rising and falling whilst the fingers moved ever faster into her own vagina causing her to stutter an moan trough any coherent words as pleasure enveloped her body.

The other girl suddenly went rigid and gasped and Arianna felt waves of pleasure wrack the girl's body as she shuddered on top of her. As the fingers moved every faster, Arianna could feel an orgasm building, it was an incredible feeling, beyond anything else she'd ever experienced.

The girl sucked ferociously on Arianna's tongue, preventing her from crying out, high heel clad legs splayed wide with the mystery girl's hair tickling her face and shoulders Arianna began to scream silently. Long low moans ran through their kisses as the girl reached her own orgasm. hen, almost as one, both girls stopped as they shuddered and shook in one another's grip.

Arianna could feel pussy juice seep down her left hand and onto her leg. Then her own orgasm hit her. Her back arched and she sucked viciously on the mystery girl's earlobe as waves of pleasure crashed through her body. Her body shook uncontrollably as unimaginable pleasure soared through her. Juice seeped down and into the bed sheets but Arianna didn't even notice. Then, slowly, the waves began to subside and, whilst incredibly buzzed, she began to settle back down to normal.

On top of her the other girl did as well. Then as the last of her juices slipped out of her and her body began to return to rational thought, and in the back of her mind Arianna wondered how she was ever going to walk home. The girl also shifted off of Arianna, her hand lingered across her breasts as she got up. Bare feet padded to the door. Arianna could only lie there, breathing heavily as her the effects of her orgasm began to wane. She wanted to say something but her mind was empty and her mouth dry.

And she could only watch as her partner's curvy behind left the room. Hayden could feel her cheeks burning as she slipped out of the bedroom. God she was glad she did that. It was perhaps one of the best feelings of her life, although she was fairly certain Arianna didn't even know who she was she held back on going back in and telling her.

Regardless of how good it had felt she had still cheated on her boyfriend Jon. While she didn't love him she liked him and didn't want to end it with him.

Confusion swarmed her head as she hurried into the upstairs bathroom to clean herself up and straighten up her clothes. By the end of the night Arianna's boyfriend Greg lost his fight, which he had picked with the wrong guy completely and got his ass kicked while the busy handed culprit slipped away. Arianna texted him and dumped him the following morning, which she woke up to at noon having got home at half three. Staci, still aching with dissatisfaction, remained abnormally quiet during her walk home with Tammy who she was itching to get some alone time with.

Hayden could only lie back in bed and rub herself gently, remembering fondly Arianna's kisses in the dark and wishing she could try what they did again. But she was pretty sure Arianna wouldn't do it sober and it was most likely a one time thing. A shame really, it would be quite a story. TO BE CONTINUED