Le grabo las piernas a mi amiga

Le grabo las piernas a mi amiga
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This took place a number of years ago when I was still a freshman in high school. To many of those who may read this story the events I have witnessed may appear shocking and grotesque. Trust me, they were to me at the time. Now I look back at that and don't think much of it and in fact have some conflicting feeling of attraction and anger. It was a Wednesday, one of the days of September in 1997.


Usually I just walk home from high school once the classes end. My mom has stopped picking me up like she did in middle school because my high school was very close to home. Usually the classes ended at 3:16 as they usually do in most schools in America. But that Wednesday our English teacher who was supposed to teach the class that begins right after lunch was sick. We were told there was not going to be any class after lunch but that we should go wait in our homeroom.

I was really frustrated and decided to cut class and just go home. My classmates sometimes did that and so did I. No one would stop a teenage guy who's walking home with his backpack, our school wasn't very strict. Besides I was nineteen already and could do whatever I wanted. It is 12:40pm and I am walking towards our house with a cheerful smile. My mom would not get mad because she knows if I were to go home I wouldn't go wondering downtown anywhere and that I would head straight home to either sleep or play computer games.

The sun was out in the blue cloudless sky and lets just say it was pretty hot. I was sweating and wanted to take a cool shower and then crash. So as I open and close behind me the door of our house I don't see my mom anywhere downstairs.

She would usually be either reading or watching tv in the living room. That was kind of unusual not to see here there, but I didn't pay much attention to that I headed upstairs towards my room. After I threw my backpack to the floor I turned around to go to take a piss in the bathroom that was located half way between my room and my parents' bedroom.

When I was about to enter the bathroom I suddenly realized I heard something. I strange noises coming from my parents' bedroom and when I heard it I was very confused because in my mind I could not find an explanation as to whom it may have been in there because, first of all, I have never heard my parents behind their bedroom door, second of all, dad was not at home because his car was not near the garage like it is supposed to be when he is home.

The sounds that were coming out of the bedroom were clearly that belonging to a female. Even later, when I her with my own eyes, I could not believe it was mom. Let me describe you my mom a bit. Back then as a freshman in high school I have never viewed my mom in a sexual way. I mean it is my mom after all. My view of her is that of a homemaker and caretaker mom who loves me and I would never imagine her in any sexual situation at all.

Its just a taboo fantasy. I had to acknowledge that my mother is attractive however. She is not into going to gym or anything but she likes to walk a lot and sometimes would take a jog in the morning.

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She watches her diet so she has not become fat like most women after giving birth. At that time she was thirty six years old. She had brunette hair which she had arranged into a short haircut with strands sticking out into different directions from time to time. She had sizeable breasts and nice hips which showed really well when she wore a tight skirt.

Since she stayed home in our suburban neighborhood most of the time she had lots of time on her hands which allowed her to have a regular nice tan.

I never thought about any feelings or needs she might have because she always appeared cheerful and happy when I was at home. I assumed she was happy to be what most refer to as homemaker. With that said allow me to continue with my main story. The longer I stood there near the bathroom door, hearing moans coming from my mom's bedroom the stronger I felt the adrenaline rush through my blood. It was like that feeling you get when you're in extreme danger and you get a fight or flight response.

I could almost hear my blood running through my ear. I was just frozen on the spot. On one hand I was truly enraged because I realized that my mom could be cheating on my dad with some man, in my dad's bedroom!

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On the other hand I have been forced to realize that I had an opposing emotion building up inside and that I was unable to suppress it the longer I thought about it. This emotion was the thrill of arousal which awakened in me because I had to imagine what was going on in that room and that meant I had to imagine my mom in an erotic way.

I swear I was going crazy. I didn't know whether to run into that bedroom and confront whatever was going on in there or to think of some other plan.

I don't know what rationalization made me do that, but I quietly tiptoed back to my room and started thinking as fast as I could what would be the best course of action. I needed to know what exactly was happening and who it was. I looked outside my room's window and figured I could go right on the roof by stepping out of the window and walk towards the window of the room where the sounds were coming from.

Both rooms were facing the backyard and were connected by a roof. As I carefully sneaked towards the window of my parents' room, to my surprise the curtain was positioned in such a way that I could actually peer inside. I dont know what I was thinking I could be seen and then I would be in a worse situation than as if I simply walked in, but I was so enraged and angry that I felt like nothing mattered. Besides the fact that the curtain was revealing the whole sight of the room the window was half way open as well so I could hear the sounds clearly.

I laid on my stomach and crawled closer. What I saw next was just horrifying to me! I cannot describe how big of an adrenaline rush of anger and astonishment I felt. There was my mom in her and dad's bed, bare naked, laying on her back, moaning with an expression of shameless pleasure on her face as some unknown to me man buried his face in between her legs.

It was suddenly confirmed to me. My mother was cheating on my dad. She thought I was at school and invited someone over. I was ready to cry seeing this scene. Imagine seeing your mom eaten out by some guy when you come back from school. The dude appeared experienced too. He was sometimes helping with his fingers. The bed was positioned so that I was looking right at its corner so I could see as this man, whose face I wasn't able to see yet, inserted two of his fingers into my mom's hole and began finger fucking her.

I think part of my shock was that I actually became unwillingly aroused by having to watch this. I could feel blood rushing through my dick as it got harder and harder.

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It felt wrong too, because it was my mom that I was looking it. But I couldn't do anything about it. I just couldn't turn my arousal off.

I was becoming drunk with lust as I looked at my mom's hairy bush of pubic hair. It looked like she did not shave much because there were hairs on the sides of her opening. What made me even more horny is when she used her hands to pull her pussy lips apart to let this bastard's tongue in. Oh and how loudly she moaned. "Ohhhh YES!

baby. Lick that fuckin' pussy work hard on it, you .you dirty young stud. Put your tongue in boy!" As my mother said this to the man whose face was buried in her bush she grabbed his blondish hair and began to sort of push him into her womanhood.

I was paralyzed trying to see every detail of this wicked act take place in line of my sight. I think they just began this right before I came home because my mom was partially clothes. Her jeans lay on the floor but her unbuttoned white blouse was still on her.

My hard did not get any relief when I looked at her big boobs that were liberated from her white bra. As she lay there receiving pleasure from this young man I could see my mom's hand massage her boob and playing with her nipples. It was crazy. Next thing I hear is my mom's voice saying "I believe I should return the favor" as she got onto her knees on top of the bed looking into the man's face. "Let me suck that big juicy cock of yours. Yessss.put it on your dirty whore's face. Let me taste it!" my mom growled like an animal.

At her request the manwhose face was still hidden from me, got up on his feet standing on the mattress.

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As he was playing with my mother's brown hair she began unbuckling and unzipping his khaki pants. Everything inside me was boiling.

My mother, who has taken care of me since I was little, my mother, who has always served as an example of morality to me, was acting like a total slut. When the guy's pants have dropped down his cock has sprung up right into my mom's passionate face.

That fucker began to move the head of his dick all over my mother's face. Seems like was trying to feel every detail of my mom's face. "oooh baby, you want this? huh? tell me you want it bitch!" the dude said to my mom as he grabbed her hair. For a split second I thought maybe I was wrong all the way. Maybe he was a rapist who broke into our house and was raping my mom!

Yes, that would explain it! Maybe my mom is not a whore at all. But then I heard my mother reply to him, in a pleading tone, pretending to be some sort of school girl, "yes.please.I beg you.please stick it in my mouth. I want it.

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I want it bad. I want you .big guy.to fuck my dirty slut face." As I heard those words, the illusion that my mom was faithful has dissipated.

"Huh? What? I cannot hear you slut!!!" he told her still holding her hair in his fist. "Fuck my face!!!" screamed my mom at him like an animal. There was another shock coming for me. I did not realize it by hearing his voice. But for a split second the man looked to the side and I knew it was him. Yes, it was him and I could not believe my eyes.

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Another wave of anger and hate has hit me. It was my classmate Derek!!! My classmate Derek was getting a blowjob from my mother! I swear, if I had a gun right then and there I would shoot him.

I know he's twenty already, in fact only one year older than I am, and technically he can fuck anybody he wants.

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But for God's sake its my mother! I was trying to conceal myself, as well as my own excitement. I was aroused and mad at the same time and I wanted to see this to the finish. Derek was my friend from high school. I don't think my mom has ever met him until I brought him over to the house just three weeks ago to play computer games in my room. I would never suspect anything like this could happen. He barely talked to my mom when he was over. It was nothing more than an exchange of hellos and nice to meet yous and that is it.

I don't know how or why he was with my mom in my dad's bedroom but he was there, and he was treating my mother like a slut and my mother was begging him to fuck her face.

"Ooooh yesss.that's it.oh God yeah" Derek hissed as his prick entered my mother's mouth. I could see her lips envelop around it. My mom's saliva was dripping down from his cock as he began to insert it in and out, in and out. After a number of thrusts into my mom's moaning face he stopped with his big cock still inside and it seemed like he was exploring her mouth with his cock. I could see its shape protruding from my mom's cheek and under her lips.

As this was happening my mom wrapped her arms around his ass and began pushing his dick further in. I swear I don't know how it could all fit in her mouth but I think it went all the way down to her throat. My mom suddenly gagged when Derek quickly pulled out to prevent her from vomiting.

I thought she would be upset by what just happened, but it looked like she started to laugh with joy and was smiling like some sort of dumb kid. As I saw that I was constantly aware of my hard on as I watched my slut mother do this perverse act. "Now I am going to fuck you Julie" (my mom's name was Julia) said Derek. "Oh please do, I cannot wait for your hard cock to fuck my cunt Derek" my mom said. She quickly took off and threw down her blouse and the bra exposing her sexy breasts to the bastard, and indirectly to me as well.

Derek bent down and violently removed my mom's still present white panties. My whore mother laughed and turned around exposing her ass and pussy to Derek motioning to him to fuck her doggy style. This time they changed the position and my mom was almost looking into my direction, but not quite. "Yess, put that big fat cock into my pussy. I am so glad you're enjoying this Derek" My mom cried out as he grabbed her ass.

I saw him take his cock in his hand as he began to insert it into the womb of my mother, my mother who gave birth to me.

Judging by the motion he slowly slid it into my mom. I saw her face light up with pleasure and pain while the room got filled up with slapping noises of his hips against my mom's ass. Derek began to go into my faster and faster. I watched my mom hypnotized by her juggling boobs as she was being rammed by my high school classmate. I think my mom has climaxed shortly after because I could see how the expression on her face changed from that of effort to that of pure pleasure.

I could see the cross around her neck move back and forth, back and forth, moving in unison with her boobs. Derek started saying how he was about to cum. "YES, FUCK ME! Fill me up with your cum boy! Do it right in there!! PLEASE" my mom screamed! "oooh you fuckin bitch!!! Derek growled as he gave my mom the final pushes with his cock. With an animal's roar Derek pushed into my mom, apparently ejaculating his semen into her cunt.

"YES, OH MY GOD! JULIA! That is sooo great" he moaned delivering her some playful slaps on the ass. When Derek removed his cock from my mom's hairy pussy she reached into it, gathering his cum, and brought her hand to her mouth.

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He quickly reached for her hand and pulled it away from her face putting his cock in my mom's mouth again "You better clean up the mess you made Julie!" Derek laughed. My mom readily complied and with meticulousness licked my friend's cum from his prick. "Did you enjoy that? you cheating whore?" Derek asked my mom. "That was best sex I've had in months Derek, sweetheart" my mom said.

They laid next to each other for some time as I continued to watch them. My hard on raging with desire I watched now jealously, fantasizing about how it would feel to be in Derek's place. I had to move back to my room to avoid being noticed. I have not talked nor to my momnor to Derek about what I saw.

Something has prevented me from it. I think it may have been the fact that I knew that the sinful part of my nature sort of enjoyed it because basically I saw a life sex show and it was a glimpse into the world of sex that I only read or hear about on the internet. I was so aroused by what I saw that I felt I would want to watch if this has happened again. In my eyes my mother has stopped being my loving and pure mom.

I still loved her but I not as a mother anymore because whenever I looked at her I began having flashes of that incident and the dirty thoughts would always begin to flood my mind. Sometimes I even imagine myself with her. Who would have guessed that my mother was such a sex hungry animal?