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Hs juicy boys eating cum off asshole gay first time Even however he
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My friend Roger was very well off on the financial side and was having a massive party at his dad's private beach house down the countryside. Knowing Roger it would be over the top and very fancy looking.

My name's Andy. I'm 25, have blue eyes and very light brown (nearly blonde) hair. I'm pretty tall and while I have an average amount of muscle, my body looks quite toned. I was 23 at the time and was still in college but had been out on a yearlong work experience internship.

I had been single for two years now, having the odd fling here and there but nothing much to brag about. I was looking forward to seeing everyone again. Work had been pretty intense for the last two or three months so I barely had time for them.

This being one of Rogers parties, it was guaranteed everyone would be there like old times. I set out on the three hour drive without a care in the world, stopping briefly to pick up my friend Jeff along the way.

I still saw Jeff regularly enough due to him living close by. We enjoyed the drive down, catching up on the latest events and laughing over old memories. The sea eventually began to appear on the horizon.

It looked beautiful in the afternoon sun. It was the perfect day for an event like this. We arrived shortly after noon and were immediately greeted by Roger and his girlfriend Sarah. We were rushed into the beach house and given the grand tour. It was all very spectacular to see but what really grabbed my attention was the massive yacht out the back. "Holy shit Roger. Is that yours?" I blurted out in the middle of him demonstrating the stereo system.

His face lit up. "Aha Andy it is indeed and you're gonna love this. We are all going to be partying through the night on it and into the morning", his grin was suddenly mirrored onto my own face. This was even better than normal. I had always envied Roger for having the amazing things he had. But you couldn't hate him for it.

He was very generous to his friends. While he did throw big over the top parties occasionally, his head didn't blow up to a snobby size. More and more people began to arrive throughout the day. Plenty of people I knew but there were others I didn't. All the guests were offered champagne and other beverages. I helped myself. It was summer. Time to let go. I was in the middle of a conversation with some random friend of Rogers when I noticed a group of people walk in that made my eyes light right up.

"Andy you sneaky bastard! Where the hell have you been hiding?" It was Chris, an old friend of mine. We used to be close. I hadn't seen the guy in nearly a year now. "Last time I saw you was at another of Rodgers parties. What's up with that?" He ran and tackled me to the ground and began bear hugging me and then made humping motions.

"It's because of these damn greetings you always give", I laughed. "I see you still haven't gotten him chained up", I called to the figure behind us with a big smile on her face. Janet and her friend Kathy were standing over us now looking at us as if we were hyperactive children. They weren't completely wrong to be fair. Janet was neither thin nor fat. She was about half a foot shorter than me. She was pretty and could be flirty at times without meaning to be. She was Chris' girlfriend of two or so years.

She was also an old enough friend of mine. I had met Janet through a buddy and we had actually gone on a few dates together. Eventually we decided we were better off as friends. I then met Chris while away on holiday with Janet and some other friends and I had introduced the two.


They had hit it off since. Janet had brought Kathy along tonight. I had met a couple of times before. She had a very similar body shape to Janet but was a little shorter, with brown hair. She was nice and funny but I didn't know her all that well. She sort of knew Roger too. I had to admit they both looked stunning. Janet was wearing a tight black dress that cut off mid-thigh. It suited her well. Her black hair was longer than usual and let down.

It looked nice. Chris looked scruffy as usual. But it was a scruffy look that suited him. Kathy was wearing a blue low cut dress. Like Janet's, it ended mid-thigh area and it complimented her body. She was wearing a light fitting opened white shirt over it.

Roger ran over to greet them all and I turned my attention to the other side of the room where Jeff was chatting up some girl I didn't know. Typical Jeff. The sun started to set as the last of the guests arrived. Even for a large beach house, the place was absolutely packed.

I got talking to a lot of new people, and hugged and laughed with familiar faces. I was never allowed to talk to one person for long before I'd be interrupted by someone I knew or pulled away to be introduced to somebody. The laughter in the rooms increased in volume as more alcohol was consumed and soon people were singing and dancing.

I eventually managed to drag myself to a corner where Chris, Kathy and Janet were sitting, talking. "I am going to pass out at this rate. There are so many-" I was cut off by Roger and Sarah grabbing us and pulling us towards a door. "Come on. You're gonna wanna see the boat before everyone gets on!" Sarah said excitedly. We happily agreed, taking pleasure from the cold breeze outside. We walked down the small pier to the glorious looking yacht at the end.

How Roger's Dad has given him permission to use this was beyond me. Maybe he hadn't. We stood beside it, all swaying on the spot from the small gust and the effects of the booze. It only really hit me how drunk I was when I stepped outside. Roger hurried us on board and began showing us about. We ended in the bridge with Roger showing us all the controls.

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"I had something special kept here for this occasion." He opened a little cupboard which turned out to be a sort of cooler and produced a bottle of champagne and a bunch of glasses. He poured out enough for everyone and gave a toast.

Almost straight away, his phone began to ring. "Shit, a fight has broken out. You guys chill here. I'll be right back". He ran off the yacht and was gone.


"More champagne for us", Sarah giggled. Kathy and Janet stepped out onto the deck to get some air while Sarah continued to show me and Chris random gadgets. Somehow, the conversation ended up as a competition between Sarah and Chris over who knew more about boats. I sat to the side, humored by their taunts. Sarah turned on the engine and began demonstrating her knowledge of all the various controls and screens on board while Chris criticized her. I decided to leave them at it and stumbled outside to the front of the boat.

Janet brushed past me. "Hello stranger. I can hear you guys squabbling from outside. I want to see what's so entertaining. And why has Sarah turned on the engines?", she chuckled and went inside. I continued across the deck to where Kathy was standing, looking out across the dark bay, her dress and shirt blowing in the wind.

I lent on the rail beside her and she jumped in surprise and then laughed. "Sorry, I was just thinking", she smiled. "About what?" I asked but scrunched my eyes for a second at the sound of myself slurring my words. Kathy noticed and chortled. "It's that damn champagne Roger is funnelling into us all", I smiled at the sound of her own words dragging on longer than usual.

"Nah I was just thinking some stuff that's not worth mentioning". She looked out again to sea. I sensed something in her voice. I wasn't sure if it was a little bit of anger, sadness or confusion. She shivered a little. "Here, take my jacket", I offered. "That's sweet but you need it too. Here", She moved in close to me and slid herself under my arm. Her body felt warm against mine.

"That's better", she said softly. "I hope you don't mind". I looked down and past her head I suddenly had an all too clear view of her rack.


Her double D's looked great in her dress, the way the moonlight bounced off them. "N.Not at all", I replied after a couple of seconds, my eyes not leaving the site in front of me. My arm twitched a little bit on its own out of sudden nerves. Kathy looked up at me and saw my gaze which immediately jumped from her boobs to her face.

She had definitely noticed. She grinned and giggled a little at my awkward attempt to hide my gaze. I smiled sheepishly back at her like a teenage boy would after getting complimented by a cute girl.

She pressed her body against mine, facing me now and looking up into my face. I was suddenly so turned on by the feel of her against me, her hips pressed against my own, her rack pushed up against my chest. I looked back into her face and felt her hand on the back of my head, her fingers running through my hair, pulling my head towards her. Our lips met and she began to kiss me passionately. I wrapped my arms around her and met her tongue with my own.

We held each other in an embrace. My arms felt numb. I wasn't really sure of what to do with my hands. Up until now me and Kathy had mostly small talked and made the occasional jokes together. Now we were making out. Our lip lock eventually broke and our eyes met again. She was smiling with a very seductive look in her eyes which made my stomach flutter. I brushed aside her wavy brown hair and kissed her again. She didn't react and just kept staring at me with that smile.

I felt a little confused and then suddenly realized. One of my hands was on her breast. I looked down at it, frozen in shock, and looked back up at her. Her smile widened even more as she grabbed my hand and pushed it a little harder against her boob, moving it partially onto the bare skin of her cleavage. I could feel myself down below; hard and standing like a lighthouse, against her own hips. There was no hiding it. We stood like this for some time.

Me wondering what to do next. Her still sporting that sexy smile, watching my reaction. With the same hand I squeezed lightly and her eyebrows raised a little. "There we are", she said softly and moved in towards me again. CRASH The sun was glaring down at me.

It's blinding light the only thing I could see. It pierced my eyes, strengthening the searing pain in my head. I heard movement nearby. I raised my head a little and tried to see where the source of the noise was coming from. My vision began to return and I started to take in the scene around me. Kathy was lying on her front nearby, leaning on her arms, trying to pick herself up.

I realized we were lying on the deck of the boat. I reached up and touched my head. It hurt like hell. There was some blood.

I groaned and sluggishly picked myself up. I hobbled over towards Kathy. She looked up at me appreciate as I grabbed onto her arm and helped her up. She held onto me for support. I looked around and it hit me. There was no sign of land. "What happened?", Kathy suddenly whispered. This snapped me back to reality. Without saying a word I ran across the deck and up the steps to the bridge. Chris was kneeling over Janet. She was awake but seemed only semi-conscious.

Chris was trying to comfort her. Sarah was sitting in front of the controls, sobbing quietly. She looked up at me. I opened my mouth to speak. Before I had a chance she interrupted. "We were just playing about. Showing off and stuff", she wailed. "The throttle must have been pushed forward and I didn't notice." "I just remember hearing the ropes to the pier snapping and we were flung sideways", Chris butted in.

Kathy entered the bridge and was filled in on the events. We sat quietly for some time. Janet fully awoke and the group of us set about trying to calm Sarah down, who was going into hysterics.

We had been knocked out for the duration of the night. It was midday now. We tried calling for help but our phones were dead. I was annoyed to find out that despite their boasting about boat expertise, Chris and Sarah had managed to screw up some of the equipment on board too. What was even worse is the Yacht seemed to have just sailed straight out to sea while we were out of it, and was now out of fuel.

The afternoon sped on and soon it was getting dark again. We had come up with all sorts of plans but everything was a failure. We turned on as many lights as possible to at least light up the boat in case someone was searching for us. We sat down in the evening, sharing out some of the food we had found on board. I estimated that there would be enough to last us a week at most. Moral was low and for the most part we sat in silence. Sarah went to sleep early down below in the cabin.

The rest of us tried to play games to take our minds off of the situation. Eventually, Kathy got up and walked outside. She said she felt like getting some air. I watched her leave, recalling the night before. With everything going on, I had nearly forgotten about what had happened. I watched the wind catch her dress as she stepped outside. It flapped around and I got a saw a glimpse of her underwear and butt cheeks.

My feelings from the night before returned to me. I jumped out of my daze as Janet spoke. "Poor girl. On top of everything else she's been going through, this happens", she said quietly.

"What else has been going on?" I replied "She is going through a rough break up with her boyfriend at the moment. They have been having problems for some time now and about a week ago he told her he wanted a break. I brought her down here to take her mind off of him", Janet explained. I sat there in silence while Janet and Chris talked about some irrelevant topic.

I felt kind of guilty. Kathy was still on the way out of a relationship and here I had been, groping her. In my defence she had started it. But still. "Right. May as well try and get some sleep", I said shortly and nodded to the others before heading downstairs. There were three cabins for sleeping in. I could hear Sarah snoring in one of them. I went into what seemed like the smaller of the other two, giving Chris and Janet some space.

I stripped down to my boxers and got into the bed. I lay in the dark, drifting off slowly while thinking about everything that had happened. The party, being thrown across the boat, that moment with Kathy. Kathy in that dress and shirt. Kathy. "Kathy?" I awoke to the sound of my cabin door closing. Kathy stood at the entrance looking at me awkwardly. I had presumed she would share the room with Sarah. Then again she didn't know her at all. "I'm sorry for waking you.

I wasn't sure which cabin to go to. I could hear noise coming from one of them and wasn't sure who it was. I thought this one was empty". I didn't reply immediately. I felt awkward now. Kathy didn't move. She remained at the door, watching me.

Say something dammit, I thought to myself. "It's ok. There are extra blankets. You can have the bed", I replied shortly. "I'm not kicking you out. I'll take the floor", she replied. "I insist", I said abruptly.

Realistically there was probably enough room for us both in the bed. I didn't want to suggest it though. I still felt guilty about before. I clambered out of the bed quickly. "Here you go", I said and then suddenly realized I was only in my boxers. I froze for a second and then hurried over to the blankets near the window. Kathy watched me with amusement as I did so. I picked up the blanket and saw Kathy in the reflection, looking at my ass. This pleased me a little and also made me very nervous.

I lay the blanket out on the ground. "There. It's perfect", I smiled. "Thanks Andy. You're really sweet", Kathy said and she walked over and hugged me. I remembered the feel of her body against mine. Her hair smelt amazing. I felt myself begin to stir in my pants and I quickly pulled out of the hug. Kathy turned and walked towards the bed.

She leant over and began straightening out the sheets. I stood glued to the spot, watching her movements. Her dress rode up to the bottom of her butt.

I imagined it pulling the full way up and seeing her bent over the bed, completely naked. Her hips swaying invitingly at me. Kathy turned suddenly. "Thanks again Andy", she said with a smile. I returned the smile and walked towards the blankets on the ground. It quickly came to my attention that I had sprouted a hard on while watching her and I had to move awkwardly. I heard a very low giggle behind me.

I must have looked so stupid. I awoke in the middle of the night needing to use the bathroom. I was very sleepy after the last day's events. I plodded out of the cabin and down towards the toilet.

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The boat was a lot quieter now. It bobbed gently in the calm night's sea. Despite the terrible situation we were in, it was kind of nice at that moment. I finished up and looked at myself in the mirror.

I looked tired and worn, though I didn't feel all that bad. Thoughts of Kathy still floated around my head. I imagined what would have happened if we hadn't been interrupted by the accident.

I was extremely horny just thinking about it. I had to take care of that. I sat back down on the toilet seat, lay back and grabbed my cock. It didn't take me too long to rub one out. I cleaned up and crept back out of the bathroom. I was glad nobody else was around. I was still standing at full attention. I hurried back into the cabin and climbed into bed.

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I had forgotten how comfy it was. Something felt off. I couldn't tell what it was so I shrugged it off and rolled over, right into Kathy. I had climbed back into her bed instead of my own makeshift sleeping space. I was now face to face, body to body with a slightly startled Kathy. I was terrified. I didn't know what to say.

Her facial expression projected sheer confusion at first but I can only guess it was the mask of mortification on my own that made her start laughing. "Changed your mind about the floor then did you?" she said with a grin. My fears drained away at this. She didn't mind at all. "Blame it on Ocean Madness", I replied and began moving out of the bed.

Kathy grabbed my wrist. I looked at her, surprised. Her smile had faded. "Keep me warm tonight", she whispered. I didn't know what to say. She pulled my arm around her as she rolled over, turning her back to me so that we were spooning. I felt my hard cock nudge up against her butt. She wiggled it a little and my prize nestled between her cheeks. What the hell was going on here? I rested my hand just below her breasts.

She was still in her blue dress but it was hiked up to midway up her butt. I fought the urge to grab it. I wanted to so badly. We lay still for some time. My hard on just slotted between her butt cheeks. There was no way she didn't know what was going on down there. I was afraid to move in any way. I recalled what Janet had told me about Kathy. I ran it through my head repeatedly. Eventually, my hand twitched a little.

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Kathy let out a soft sigh and put her hand on mine. She moved it up slightly so that my own hand rested on the bottom of her boob. It felt amazing which just made it harder for me. Losing control of myself, I slid my hand slightly higher so that I fully cupped one of her double D's. At the same time I instinctively thrust my hips forward a small bit, grinding my dick along her ass slightly.

Was I taking this too far? Kathy let out another soft sigh and her ass wiggled against me once again.

I returned the movement, grinding against her. She shifted once again. We both continued to move about until Kathy eventually stopped. I sensed movement below and felt Kathy pulling her dress up further. I freed my second hand from underneath me and moved it forward a little. I confirmed my thoughts as I brushed it against her now bare ass. I lay still for a moment, wondering what would happen next.

Kathy soon pushed herself harder into me.

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My cock felt ready to explode. I pushed my pelvis hard in return, my cock pushing hard against her asshole through my boxers. Kathy reached her hand behind and hooked her thumb under the thin material. She paused. Was she waiting? I didn't know. I pushed my hips forward into her even more as some sort of signal. Almost straight away she slid down my underwear on one side. I raised myself slightly as she continued to pull them down. My cock eventually sprung free, slapping her hard in between her ass cheeks.

I heard a low moan and was driven crazy. I pushed forward again and my cock buried itself down between Kathy's legs. I could feel the heat of her sweet pussy down below as my cock slid deeper. To my delight, her thighs were soaking. I rubbed my cock off her clit and Kathy let out another moan, significantly louder this time.

She clenched my hand in hers and used it to pull the front of her dress down. I felt her double D's bounce free and straight away my hand was being worked furiously on her left breast by her own hand.

Kathy really wanted it. Her ass pushed harder than ever against me. I wanted to bang her so hard but I felt that this teasing would drive her even wilder.

I continued to slide my cock against her opening and Kathy began to buck against me, trying to drive me inside her. Her breathing grew heavier. I continued massaging her tit in my hand as we rocked against each other violently.

She squeezed my hand hard so that it actually hurt. I was proud of myself for holding on my urges for this long and causing Kathy this much pleasure and teasing. I pinched her nipple in between my forefinger and thumb. Kathy whined in ecstasy. She turned her head around to face me, looking into my eyes almost pleadingly. I stuck out my tongue and gently grazed her lips. She moved forward and sucked hard and roughly on my tongue, all the while continuing to rock harder and harder against me.

After a few seconds we broke off again. "Please fuck me Andy", she panted. Enough was enough. I couldn't take it anymore. With one fluent motion I slid my cock deep into her slit. Kathy cried out in pleasure. Her pussy enveloping my shaft felt amazing. I slid back out and pumped forward into her again, squeezing her nipple simultaneously. Kathy let out another loud moan, and ground her hips back, meeting my next thrust with force. Within seconds we were fucking at full pace. The cabin bed creaked and groaned as I pounded away into Kathy.

I had to use all of my strength to stop myself cumming so early. The cabin was full of noise as I grunted furiously, Kathy moaned and the bed rocked against the wall. I was sure the rest of the boat would be able to hear. I didn't care. After a few minutes of ramming myself into her, Kathy pulled herself upwards and turned around, facing me. She climbed above me and with the sexiest smile I had ever seen, she lowered herself onto my cock in the cowgirl position.

It was only now that I got a full view of her tits. They were amazing. Firm, big and round, like melons. With her ass on my lap and her pussy once again engulfing my dick, she began to rock her hips forward quickly.

It was the best feeling I'd ever encountered. I lay back, enjoying the feeling, staring up at Kathy's face. She had a look of sheer sexual pleasure, like what you would see in a porno, only this was real. Kathy's pace picked up quickly. Her hips ground against me furiously as her ass wiggled around on my lap. Soon I began to take over, pushing my hips up and down. Kathy began to bounce up and down on me. My cock could now reach even deeper depths this way.

Our breathing grew heavier and heavier. I could feel my climax building but I wanted to hold out even longer. It was hard though. I knew she wasn't far off either. It felt as if her pussy was gripping my cock, unwilling to let go. The sight of Kathy's tits bouncing up and down with each thrust was more than I could take. "Shit here it comes", I panted. "Ohh.FUCK.YES.YES.YESSS!" Kathy screamed as her body was taken over by a violent orgasm. It was a sight I'd never seen before.

I felt my cock throbbing and I began to plunge harder and faster than ever into her. Her orgasm came to an end just as I began to unleash my own. I felt my full length spasm and right away cum started pumping into her rapidly. Our thrusts slowed and eventually stopped. We didn't move much for some time. Kathy remained seated on my cock. We were exhausted. She leant down and kissed me. It was a different sort of kiss.

Affectionate as opposed to lustful. I returned it and with that, Kathy climbed off of me. As she was rolling back onto the bed I gave her ass a light hearted slap. She giggled and looked into my eyes.

"That meant a lot to me", she eventually said. "Me too Kathy", I replied "There is something about you that makes you seem so irresistible". "What is it?" she quizzed. I grinned and put my hand out onto her breast. "Screw you!", she laughed. "I thought I just did" We both laughed and with that, Kathy rested her head on my chest, her hair waving down my body. I held her hand in my own and drifted off into a peaceful dream.

To be continued.