My Wife Seduced Our Maid

My Wife Seduced Our Maid
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A Lesbian Rape Chapter One I sat in the back of the seedy run down bar. I was scanning for my next victim. The bar was full of rough looking people, dock workers, construction crews, and few biker types. This was my kind of bar, but I was not looking for a rough type tonight. I was looking for someone craving some excitement, someone you would not expect to see in a place like this.

I sat there for a few hours, watching the strippers and sipping a few beers. I was watching the strippers on stage, when I noticed a blur out of the corner of my eye and I glanced in that direction. The first thing I saw was a mane of long blond hair; it was touching the top of her ass.

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My eyes were suddenly glued to that ass; it looked so tight and firm. My eyes slowly traveled down her long legs and wandered back up to that fine ass.

Her legs seemed to go on forever.

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She sat at the bar and ordered a drink and crossed her legs. A few people glanced in her direction and a few got close and started talking to her. She rebuffed them all. This chick was all class and just by her being here I knew she was the one. This chick belonged in The Ritz Carlton bar, not some seedy bar full of roughnecks. I had not seen her face as of yet, but that didn't matter much since it was her ass I was most interested in. She got up from the bar stool and headed to the bathroom.

The bathroom was down a long dark hallway. There was only one bathroom in the joint working as the other one was closed for repairs. I got up and followed her, checking to make sure no one was behind me.

She opened the bathroom door and asked if anyone was in here, no one answered so she went in and I followed her in. I took a peek under the stalls and no one was in there. So I waited for her to come out. I crossed my arms and stood against the wall. When she came out of the stall she looked at me for a second, shot me a look with disdain.

I looked at her more closely as she washed up. This chick had the bucks to be sure. Her nails were manicured, her skin flawless, and she wore an expensive diamond bracelet on her wrist, which in this neighborhood was asking for trouble. She finished washing her hands and had to reach past me to reach the paper towels. Just has her hand was raised I grabbed her wrist and held it firmly. She glared at me, but not fighting.

I pulled her close to me and kissed her hard on the mouth, forcing my tongue down her throat. She just sat there as if this was an everyday occurrence. My calloused hand reached under her skirt and grabbed her ass, and squeezed it hard in my huge hands.

I felt her relax just for a spit second and then tighten up again. My tongue was gagging her now and finally I felt her fight to get away. I released my hold on her and slapped her hard on the ass and left the restroom. I went out to my van and looked for her car. It wasn't hard to find. It was a fire engine red Camero, and looking out of place with the pickup trucks and bikes in the lot. I slashed two of her tires and pulled my van next to her car.

I figured the bitch would be out in 5 minutes, but she made me wait a good hour before I saw her high and mighty ass walking to the bar.

I almost wish I was walking behind her just to see that ass wiggle, but I was going to see all of her, whether she wanted me too or not. She walked to her driver's door and pulled her keys out of her purse. I slid the sliding door open carefully (I always made sure that everything was well oiled) and pulled the chloroformed rag out of my pocket and slammed it into her face.

I am 6'3" and 250 pounds and her 100 pound was no match for me. She collapsed in my arms in a matter of moments. I lifted her up and placed her in the van. I grabbed my rape kit and filled a hypodermic needle and put in her arm. I got in the van and drove to the warehouse I owned. It would be hours before she woke up, so I took my time getting everything prepared.

I got out my ropes and the blindfold. I checked to make sure that the chains were in place and that the pulleys were functioning. I lifted her up still dressed and put her over my shoulder. I carried her to the middle of this special area and hooked a padded cuff to her left wrist, then did the same to her right wrist and laid her down on the mat. I then attached one pulley to each wrist.

I used the remote that was in my pocket and pressed a button and watched as the pulley was activated slowly pulling the unconscious victim to her feet.

I stopped just as her toes were about to leave the floor. I took the leather blindfold and placed it over her eyes. Then I went to a control room that I had built and made sure the cameras were working. The warehouse had some of the most expensive surveillance equipment money could buy. I grabbed a quick snack and then took a shower and went to go wake my victim. Chapter 2 I held the smelling salts under her nose and waved them around a moment, she was coming around slowly.

I kept the salts under her nose until I was sure she was going to wake up and then pressed a button filling the room with loud rock music. She was waking up now due to the smelling salts and the noise. I smiled as she struggled to come fully awake, when she awoke she was thrashing around and kicking her legs trying to regain her tiptoes and get the pressure off her arms. I caressed her cheek and told her to be quiet and calm and take a deep breath because it would help clear her head.

I could see her breath deep, her chest rising and straining against her lace blouse. She got her feet under her. I told her if she behaved I would put a box for her to stand upon and that would take the weight off her arms. I asked her if she would behave and she slowly nodded her head yes. I got a stool and placed it under her feet and guided her feet to it.

I went to the kitchen and fixed a glass of water laced with ecstasy and held it to her lips, I told her it was just water and to drink it, she gulped it down greedily. I asked her if she wanted more and she shook her head no. She asked where she was and I told her that she was in my self made prison and that we would have the chance to get to know each other quite well and if she was a good little slut, she would go free, if not well then she would surely die.

I gave her the following orders: 1. You will not speak unless asked a direct question. 2. You will do everything I command of you without hesitation. 3.

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If you fail to do what I command immediately, you will be punished. 4. Your blindfold will remain in place at all times, if it comes off then you will die since then you will be able to identify me. 5. If it remains in place, you will be released, since you will never be able to identify me. I asked if she understood my instructions and she nodded her head yes. I told her she could scream all she wanted to because no one could possible hear her and that her screaming turned me on.

I grabbed my knife off the table nearby and held it to her throat making sure she felt the coldness of the steal. I ran the tip of it across her cheek, and saw her body shiver; I ran the blade down her neck, kissing after each spot left empty by the blade.

I took the knife and cut open the buttons on her blouse. She squirmed and tried to wiggle free, but of course she wasn't going anywhere. I took the knife and cut open her bra, freeing her tits.

I grabbed the collar of her shirt and ripped it off her body, it bit into her shoulders causing a few small welts to appear. I cut the straps of her bra and watched it fall to the floor. I ran the knife over her chest, touching everywhere except her tits.

Her nipples were perky and pointing straight up. He breast were small and pear shaped but her areolas were large and dark brown. I reached out and flicked each of her nipples with the tip of my tongue until they were as hard as could be. My hand went to my pants and I reached in and rubbed myself. I ran the knife down her belly and I stopped to lick her bellybutton while the knife continued its exploration.

Goosebumps started to appear on her skin and I could detect her muscles relaxing as I continued to slowly tease her. I grabbed the hem of her dress and the knife made quick work of the material. She was standing now with her arms stretched to the max by the pulleys and wearing nothing but stockings and 6 inch fuck me heels. I stood back admiring the view and rubbed myself a bit harder. Damn did she look fine, but then rich bitches usually do. I stared at her tits; they were a little small, but a good mouth full.

I couldn't wait to get those long legs wrapped around me as I pound her pussy. I approached her again and got down on my hands and knees. I grabbed her ankle and she jumped a bit.

I lifted her foot and gently took off her shoe, and then I kissed and ran my cheek all over her foot. I ripped her stocking just above the knee and removed it from her foot. I took her big toe into my mouth and sucked it in, running my tongue all over it.


A soft moan escaped her lips as I took each toe and gave it the same treatment. I then ripped the stocking off her other foot and did the same thing. She was squirming by the time I licked and kissed my way up her right leg and down her left. I stood up and tore the remainder of her nylons off her sexy body. I kissed every inch between her feet and her cunt; I could smell the wetness of her and need to taste her as well.

I lifted each foot and placed them on my shoulders, with her arms supporting the rest of her body, I was in a perfect position to lick and suck her cunt as much as I wanted to. I ran my tongue gently over each pussy lip, planting kisses here and there.


My tongue found her tight asshole and I longed to give her a rim job. I licked all around that little hole before ramming my tongue deep inside. I had her ass in my hands and I playfully squeezed her cheeks while I fucked her ass with my tongue. Her moans were coming more frequently now, as I fucked her harder and harder, faster and faster.

I with drew my tongue and I swear I hear a little whimper of disappointment. I ran my tongue hard from her asshole all the way up to her clit, but did not touch the clit, her hips thrusted upward trying to get me to do something, anything to her clit. I licked all the way back down and all the way back up again. I was like a dog lapping away at her cunt. I spread her pussy lips apart and pushed my tongue deep inside. She tasted so sweet, her scent and her taste could easily cause an addiction.

I took my finger and brushed lightly over her clit and I rammed my tongue in and hot of her soaking wet cunt. As soon as my finger hit her clit, she arched her back and screamed in ecstasy. I pulled my tongue out of her pussy after her orgasm settled down and then attacked her clit.

I alternated between hard licks and taking it in my mouth and sucking it to gently nibbling it. I also ran my teeth against her clit. I kept this up until I had driven her to another orgasm. I lowered her legs to the board beneath her feet. Chapter 3 I decided I had enough of teasing her and it was time to get down to some serious fucking. I got out 3 suction cups that were connected to a machine that operated the same way a milking machine does on a cow. The suction cups were held in place with glue that actors use to hold mustaches and beards in place.

Since her clit was still hard I placed one suction cup on her clit and pressed down to make sure the glue took hold. I then took each nipple into my mouth, biting and sucking them until they were hard and attached the suction cups to them as well. I then turn the machine on a low frequency and watched her face and body movements adjust to this new sensation.

Every minute I increased the frequency until it was at full power. Sweat was pouring off her body now and I could tell she was very close to another orgasm. I pressed the remote and lowered her down to the floor. I told her I was moving her into a new position and that she should allow me to do so.

I don't think she was even listening to what I was saying at that point as she was having another orgasm. I placed her on her back and added padded cuffs to each ankle. I attached a chain to each cuff and used the pull to pull her legs up and also to spread them apart, but not enough to be in pain.

I then attached the chains around her wrists to hooks in the floor.

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I removed the wooden box that her feet had rested on and pressed a button located on the wall and watched as a table was raised under her. I went to the head of the table and removed a section of the table causing her head to drop leaving her mouth at the perfect angle for a hard fucking.

I took off my clothes and told her to open her mouth. I slapped her face a few times with my cock just to let her know what was coming. She was so horny now between the drugs in her system and the milking machine doing the work on her nipples and clit, that she was moving her head from side to side trying to capture my cock. "You want to suck my cock don't you bitch?" She nodded her head. "I want you to speak and tell me how much you want to suck my cock" "P…pl&hellip.please…please let me suck your cock" I told her to hold out her tongue and not to close her mouth.

I ran my cock up and down her tongue and brushed it against her lips. I then slid my cock into her mouth and began to slowly fuck her mouth. I watched has her lips tightened around my cock and saw her cheeks sink in as she took my ten in cock in her mouth.

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I pushed further getting the head into her throat, causing her to gag; I pulled all the way out and rammed it back in and started to rape her mouth, her lipstick smearing all over my cock. I wanted to cum in her mouth but right now I was more interested in that ass I had admired early that evening. I raised the head of the table back up and went to the foot of the table. I grabbed a dildo on my way and laid it on her stomach. I spread her pussy lips and easily slid in three fingers, god this bitch was so wet.

I slid another finger in and then my thumb. My hand was stretching her clit. I wanted to humiliate her. "You're a hot little cunt aren't you?" She nodded her head again. I shouted at her that I wanted her to talk now. I told her to tell me what a hot cunt she is. "I am hot cunt, a dirty whore that needs fucking, Oh God please fuck me" I had read about a thing on the internet called milking the G.

I had always wanted to try it. So my fingers found her G spot and I gently squeezed it. "OHHHHHHHHHHHH SHIT SHIT SHIT THAT FEELS SO FUCKING GOODDDD" 'FUCK ME, I NEED TO BE FUCKED, I AM A DIRTY WHORE BEGGING FOR COCK, GIVE ME COCK." He head was thrashing back and forth and it seemed as if her whole body was having an epileptic seizure.

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I pulled my wrist out and slide my cock inside. All ten inches rammed to the hilt. My balls slapping were against her ass. I brutally fucked her and she was thrusting her hips to meet me on each stroke.

Sweat was running off my face and drops where hitting her body. My long hair was flying everywhere; I fucked her to yet another orgasm and pulled out. I took the vibrator and turned it on and inserted it into her well fucked cunt. I then lined up the head of my cock and drove it deep into her ass.

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I did not wait for her to get use to the size. I pulled all the way out and rammed my cock back in. I could feel the buzzing of the vibrator in her pussy on my cock and this only caused me to fuck her harder.

I pulled all the way out and rammed it back in. Over and over I pounded her occasionally slapping her ass with each stroke in while one hand held the vibrator in her cunt. I was close to cumming and slammed home a few more times, just as she was having her final orgasm of the night. I took the vibrator out of her cunt and watched as the juices leaked out.

I released all the chains and cuffs while she shivered on the table. I gently picked her up and carried her to our bed; I took the blindfold off and removed the dildo from between my legs, wiped the sweat from between my breasts and got under the covers snuggling with my beautiful wife. I asked if she was alright and she said yes and then she said those four little words I love to hear. "I love you honey." Authors note: While milking the G is a very real way of making a female ejaculate, the G spot is an extremely sensitive and delicate feature of a woman's body.

I highly recommend that you do not attempt this maneuver with out some extensive reading and a willing partner.

Also this is dedicated to my beautiful wife and although we are lesbian and our marriage is not legal you are my wife in every sense of the word and you are my soul mate. I love you.