Interracial Amateure 6

Interracial Amateure 6
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On the way back to my cabin I ran into Mark Dennis the muscular bronzed hero of all Good Health. He gave me a broad smile and invited me into his room for a drink. I agreed and followed him inside. His place was the same as mine, except for one or two important details. First, he had a cocktail cabinet filled with liquor and fitted into the wall, and second he had three little girls resting on his bed watching a portable television.

Mark saw the look on my face. "Shocked, old boy? Don't worry. This is my fifth consecutive year here and believe me, if you don't fuck yourself silly here the girls will rip off your balls." "But the rules," I stammered, "I mean, what if you're caught?" "Who's going to catch me?" he shrugged. "All those middle-aged ladies you saw organizing the girls are too busy planning snakes & ladders tournaments. Of course, now and then you get a girl with principles who wants to lift the lid, but the other girls deal with that.


A little internal terrorism, you know what I mean?" One of the girls on his bed, a pretty thing dressed in very tight, crotch-hugging shorts, lit a cigarette and took a sip of her drink, her eyes unwaveringly fixed on the television.

The other two lit up as well. "I see," I said slowly. "But what about the director of this place? Doesn't he care about what happens?" "The director has a postage stamp collection that's dearer to him than anything in the world," Mark shrugged.

"If you bother him with anything but philately, he's likely to snap your head off." "Sounds ideal, and here I was taking all sorts of precautions, that seems silly now." "You know," he said slowly, raising his martini glass up high, "I have never asked for a raise in pay." He laughed and we drank it down.


He poured another, and freshened the drinks of his girls. One of them complained how hot it was and removed her halter top. She was pretty well built for her age, he thought. She stroked her breasts and gave me a sidelong glance. I felt my cock throb, but I fought it down. With my choice running into the hundreds I wasn't about to be bulldozed by anyone. We drank to our month at the camp, and then I returned to my cabin. For a moment I felt like a pop star who comes back to his apartment only to find the hallways choked with eager groupies.

There were about six of them, all sitting on my doorstep, some more inside, and others hanging around the hut with a nonchalant air about them. It was up to me to say who could come and who could go without. I ran my eyes over them -- young, lissome, some as flat-chested as boys, others with their shoulders thrown back to accentuate the little plums under their flimsy tops. A few of the girls were in nighties, far too short, their long foal's legs loosely crossed to give me tantalizing glimpses of naked cunts, hot and new.

I couldn't come to a decision. Finally I told them all to undress and we would decide by means of a contest. They all stood outside my cabin in a row. Naked, their little bodies shining in the lights, cleft little chubs poking out from between their legs, naive little cunts and unbruised little tits. I gazed into their eyes, and they too were innocent. But a little spark of mischief danced in them. Apprentice women, I thought, about to submit their bodies to the instructor in an attempt at broadening their lives.

"Okay, I want you all to race to that hut over there and back. The first two to get here will spend the night with me." As if set off by the same trigger, the girls began running like dervishes towards the indicated hut, their little buttocks shaking and twisting with the effort.

Long gawky legs pounded over the grass. Squeals and nervous giggles resounded through the night. The first one touched the hut and turned to head back, but other girls got in her way and made her trip.

She struggled to her feet, crying out, getting in the way of others who fell and, in their turn, tripped up running girls. A ball of naked girls fighting to disentangle themselves. I stared intensely, my eyes searching out the little boxes from the heap, my eyes peeling away the darkness to see more closely. Finally, a figure broke loose and ran straight for me. It was Doris. Deep inside I cursed my rotten luck.

Poor little Doris. She was covered in scratches and bruises received from the melee. The second girl was a lot better. Tall, high breasted, narrow hips and full ass, she came running at me like a nymphomaniac after a year in a woman's prison, and for a second I felt timid in the face of such sexual drive. But then I took them both inside and slammed the door shut before the other contestants could take their anger out on me.

For a few minutes there was shrill arguing going on outside, but eventually they all went to bed to take care of themselves. I waited till Doris and the other girl, Irene, had caught their breath, meanwhile admiring Irene. In the dark she had looked good, but in the light she looked even better.

Her skin was dark, her eyes a deep brown, but her hair was a natural yellow color, a fact born out by the thin fuzz on her cunt. This beauty's tits were almost on her shoulders, they were so high, and she had high cheekbones, a touch of oriental in her blood I guessed. She was a true beauty, thirteen, perhaps fourteen, but already poised and sure of herself. I took my clothes off and Doris immediately huddled up between my legs to bring life to my prick.

I took Irene by the hand and drew her close to me. Now that she was the girl for the night, I could see she was having grave doubts, and would take any excuse to get out of here. She began to tremble when I took hold of her, her eyes nervously flicking to the busy head of Doris. I patted her paternally, soothing words coming from my mouth, while my eyes devoured her.

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Caressing her, stroking her arms, trying to make her feel at home, till her eyes became less shifty. I brought my hand to her tit and carefully brushed over her tender flesh. Her eyes closed for a moment as if in pain, but her chest moved closer to me. The next time I touched her more positively, squeezing her subtly, rolling her nipple between my fingers till she was totally relaxed. Only then did I take a handful to knead and, when she showed pleasure, I leaned over the reclining Doris to kiss her nipples and suck at the taut flesh, my lips and tongue regaling her tits with all the pleasures at my disposal.

Her breath came less regularly and her eyes closed to become small slits. Slowly, my eyes upon her for the slightest misgiving, I ran my hand down her silken belly and let my fingers rummage through the fine down covering her pubic bone. How good she felt! She looked uneasy, her eyes open again and searching mine for reassurance. I smiled and kissed her on the mouth. Below us Doris was making slurping sounds around my hard cock.

My hand moved down a fraction, a finger hooking into the top of her cleft. Smooth and tight, giving elastically when I tugged at it to get her started. She responded well, her legs opening ever so slightly, the fear draining from her. I wanted to eat her up right there, but Doris lay between us like an old inhibition! I didn't know what to do about her. The girl was probably unbalanced or something, and might very well be having delusions about me.

Maybe I had been the only person to treat her nicely. Some girls mistake sex for that. Yet, somehow I had to get rid of her. Irene looked at me, then down at Doris, and back at me with a frown.

I nodded, still trying to think up ways of doing away with Doris without hurting her feelings. She had a way of being hateful and pitiable at the same time. Still with her mouth around my dick, slobbering and gagging, her thin frame racked with deep tremors. "Damn!" I said suddenly, "I wish we had something to drink in this place. That's the way to really get turned on." As I expected, Doris could hardly wait to please me. She jumped up, her face wet and flushed, and volunteered to borrow beverages from Mark.

I told her that was a great idea and, as soon as she was out the door, I locked up behind her. Then I went back to Irene. She was lying back on the bed, her eyes closed, the light shading her face so that her fine bones stood out and gave her a regal air.

Little girls get bigger by the minute, I thought to myself, letting my eyes feast on her high tits, pointed slightly towards her armpits, firm and still, her nipples rigid. She had her arms by her side, so I could see the smooth plane of her belly, the way it flowed down into her sparse little bush.

Her legs were slightly parted, the full cunt open just a crack. The wide cleft polarized all my senses. My eyeballs felt like popping, everything in me was drawn towards her, and she lay there exercising her magnet with lazy assurance. I stumbled back onto the bed and let my face sink into her resilient flesh, my tongue licking at her dew, tasting her and finding she tasted different from any woman or girl I had ever been with.

At first there was almost no taste, just a tingling fragrance that I identified as bath soap. But as I sucked at her pink hole, more came down.

A subtle taste appeared, setting my taste buds on end, a fine flavor of crushed leaves and moss. I couldn't get enough of her. She lay quietly while I tried to swallow her. I forgot about her. A serious mistake, now that I look back on it, but I couldn't help myself. This was heaven. Her smooth little cunt, polished talcum stone but yielding, wet and hot, those little downy bristles brushing against my nose while I dug in deeper with my tongue to reach for more fluids, and the nectar taste, all of it combined to make me lose all self-control.

Hours could have passed, I don't know. I recall hearing an hysterical knocking on the door, but it never really registered. I drank and ate, lost in her loins, eating her asshole along with her cunt, sinking my teeth into her springy buttocks just to taste her firmness, and pushing fingers up all orifices.

I was a victim of frenzy, and it wasn't till much later that I thought to see how she was doing. To my consternation, there was no expression on her face. If there was one, it might have been a trace of disgust. For all her wetness and all her heat, she hadn't enjoyed this one bit. I sat up, wiping my face and feeling a fool. "You don't like me to do this?" I asked.

She shook her head, sending her yellow hair flying, "No, not at all. I mean, it feels nice, but there's something missing. It's as if you're jerking off over me, like I'm not here." Her cunning eyes looked into mine with a note of appeal.

A sensitive one, I thought, and wondered how to rectify the situation. "That's not true," I told her. "I'm just lost in you, your beauty and your sexuality. It's all about you, you're the reason I'm doing all these things. Do you see that?" "Not really.

I mean, we're lovers, so we should talk shouldn't we? But you haven't said a word." I was losing my temper. There she was, naked on my bed, the sexiest little girl in camp, and she wanted to fucking talk! My prick was burning, it demanded hot action, right now! And she wanted to discuss the junior prom or something. "We'll talk later," I said, and pushed her down on the bed, at the same time covering her body with mine and nudging the throbbing knob towards her cunt hole.

Her eyes opened with fright at the first contact, and when I pushed it further in she began to protest. But I was in no mood to listen.

Feeling her silky figure below me, her helplessness, her distilled sensuality, all of it made me rock hard and desperate to get inside her young sheath. I pushed harder and she screamed. That was the end of that cherry, I thought grimly, and began to poke my dick up further, fighting against the elastic resistance put up by her little cunt. I moved my loins back and gave it to her good, not sparing any of the horses.

My cock was inflated with a powerful lust, and the rest of my body was at low power so as to send all excess energy down into my prick. I lay over her, all dead weight, my hands holding on to her fine shoulders for support, my face buried into the pillow. I felt the spit dribbling out of my mouth and I was powerless to even swallow. In and out, out as far as the tip of my knob, in up to the hilt, widening her cunt despite the fact that she was drying out down there. The resistance was terrific, it was starting to feel as if I was fucking a cunt made out of life-like plastic!

And it proved too much for me. The friction set my prick on fire. My knob contracted as a spurt of hot sperm rushed up through it, tearing it apart and blasting up her cunt with gale force. More sperm followed in hot bursts each salvo draining me of life force.

Till finally I grunted like a bull that's been stuck for the last time and fell over her. "Get off!" I heard her say, and small hands pushed at my shoulders. "Get off you dirty pig!" I wanted to oblige her, but I couldn't. Vaguely I heard her insistent demands, and I heard the hysterical knocking again, but I was on the brink of consciousness, trying to rally.

Slowly my blood flooded out of my prick and back into circulation. And just as slowly I regained all my senses till I was able to get up off Irene and stand back to gaze over my handiwork.

Her eyes were shooting sparks of fury at me. For a minute or so she lay on the bed in the same position, the sperm oozing out of her box and over the sheets. Blood was mingled with it, coloring the stain red. She was flecked with sweat and dribble, there were bruises where my hands were and she was mad.

"You fucking pig!" she said, and it sounded almost comical coming from her childish lips. "You'll pay for this!" She jumped up and rushed for the door. I caught her in mid-flight and threw her back onto the bed. "Now listen," I said in a reasonable voice, "it's always hard to take the first time.

Give me a second chance and I'll show you how good it can be." She stood her ground, quivering with rage, her childish form taking the sting out of her words. "You disgust me!" she screamed. "First you put your mouth where I pee and then you nearly crush me! You've caused me to bleed and you messed me up inside and now you want me to let you do it again!" "You don't understand. You'll see how different it is the next time.

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Just think how it felt in the beginning before Doris left. That felt good, didn't it?" "Yes. But that was before you got disgusting." "You'll learn later that all men like to do that to a girl as pretty as you." "You think I'm pretty?" she said, her manner changing in a flash.

"Prettier than Doris?" "I'm prettier than Doris," I said, "but I would say you're the prettiest girl in the whole camp." "Now you're fibbing," she said, but I could see her glow with pleasure.

She sat back down on the bed and began to wipe herself. I got a basin of warm water from the shower, some soap and a cloth with which I rinsed her little cunt free of blood and sperm. Then I massaged it gently till she said she was all right. The massaging had made me feel a lot better too. My fingertips still tingled with the sensation of her full labia.

I kept my face as cool as possible, though, till she announced her willingness to try again. But my cock kept bobbing nervously, slowly refilling. "You see, when I put some of this stuff on you down there, it won't hurt so much.

In fact, it'll give you nothing but pleasure. Do you want me to put some on you?" I asked, extending the jar of Vaseline. She sniffed at it and finally nodded. Her body grew tense as my finger applied it to the rim of her cunt, but relaxed while I took my time. Rose pink, almost round, firm and warm, gleaming under its coat of Vaseline, the mysterious darkness beyond hinting at untold pleasures.

I had trouble holding myself back from brutally ploughing into her. But I wasn't about to take any chances. I finished greasing her, replaced the top on the jar, and sat on the bed beside her.

We talked for a bit, a few laughs, my hands caressing her back and shoulders, now and then lightly brushing over her tits and belly, but staying clear of her cunt. And I felt her recline towards me. She was ready and we both knew it. Her eyes flicked down at my cock, her shy hand reaching out to stroke it, and hold the knob like it was a delicate flower. I wanted her to give me some head, but I knew better than to suggest it.

Instead, I took to stimulating all her parts till she was driven to put both her little fists around my proud erection and jerk at it instinctively. When she felt up to it, she lay back and invited me to enter her. I told her she'd better get on top of me, that way I wouldn't crush her. She gave me a dubious look, but complied. Under my direction, she squatted over my hard cock, and carefully eased over it.

The Vaseline certainly helped. She almost slipped right down to my pubic bone and had to clutch hold of me. But then she felt the intense pleasure of it and actually forced her way down to around my hilt. She stayed in that position for some time, her tender loins bobbing over my cock. My hands cupped her taut buttocks and steadied the motion till my cock was subjected to an intensely pleasurable rhythm that made me squirm with the effort of holding back.

It felt so good that I lost my perspective again! Even as I write this, I feel annoyance at myself for making the same mistake twice, but what happened, happened, that's history. I closed my eyes and gripped her spring chicken ass more tightly, savoring each beat and each buzz-bath of sensations it provided my cock.

Emotions rippled through my system and broke in my head. My awareness of her physical presence was complete. Her slender form, her high tits, her boyish buttocks and her long, gawky legs, all of these were imprinted on my mind. But I was ignoring the part of her that she thought most important. Suddenly she got up off me and made for the door. I snapped out of my euphoria as if somebody had turned the ice water on me, and jumped up to stop her.

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"Let me go!" she yelled, struggling as I dragged her back to the bed. "You don't care about me! To you I'm just a machine." I couldn't talk. My mind was a cloud, all I wanted was to fuck, my cock demanded it, my body seconded the motion, and no one, especially not this little girl, was going to deny me my fulfillment!

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I threw her on the bed and fell on top of her, my cock reaming up her oily snatch so that my pubic bone slammed into hers. She screamed with pain and fear. I didn't care! She had asked for it. She shuddered and fought. Her nails raked through my skin and her teeth bit at me. The pain only intensified my pleasure. Harder and harder I fucked, my prick plunging in and out with lightning speed, trying new angles, bumping into new spots, nothing availed.


She kept fighting and spitting, biting and scratching. Something happened to me during that tussle. Suddenly her button-small pink asshole bloomed all over my mind, there was nothing in the world I wanted except that, and I would have it.

Seeing as she was in such a bad mood anyway, there'd be no harm in taking it. I pulled her off me and flipped her around.

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With quick, determined movements I slipped a pillow under her belly and pulled her arms back so her back arched and pushed her little ass upwards. There it was. Xanadu! I pushed my oily knob up against her ass and began pushing so hard my rock-like dick almost snapped in half. Her screams resounded through the cabin, adding fire to my fury. I felt my dick slip inside, up the hot, smooth passage, and get gripped all over by alarmed muscles and nerves. I blew almost immediately. Using the sperm to slip all the way inside, I held her pinned down, impaled like a butterfly in a collection, till my breathing was back to normal and she stopped screaming.

Whimpering, still mad but impotent, she lay still, just waiting for me to give her a break. Finally I got up, and like a shot she was at the door, fumbling with the lock and out. Before she disappeared into the night, she turned around, waved her clenched fists and shouted, "You'll pay for this, you pig!" A few minutes later Doris came inside.

Her face was tear stained, her hair limp from a drizzle of rain that had fallen while I had been fucking Irene. She looked like a cat that had drowned. Since all my nasty emotions had blown themselves out by this time, I felt sincere pity for her.

I invited her inside, closed the door, and let her crawl into bed with me for the night. Lovemaking was out of the question, so I just cuddled her till she fell asleep. I slept with all the soundness of a man with a good future ahead of him.

Doris' little body lay hard against me, her breathing regular, her cunt twitching nervously against my ass now and then as if she was dreaming of things to come. And the cabin was quiet and peaceful after the evening's struggle. Little did I know the storm that was brewing up just for me in the huts surrounding the cabin.

As I said before, girls together form terrible pacts, and if a man doesn't toe their lines, he might as well wave himself goodbye.