Amateur t Mädchen in weißen Strümpfen

Amateur t Mädchen in weißen Strümpfen
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It has been a long time since I've updated this series and I'm really happy I've gotten back to work on it.

I've gotten a lot of e-mail about it since the last time I updated and I'm sorry if I've neglected to respond. It wasn't my priority. I've tried to be better at responding lately and will continue to do so.

As always, you can e-mail me any questions, comments, critiques, etc at [email protected] I hope this chapter has been worth the wait. Note: Due to new rules, all the ages in the series have been changed. The original versions can be found on Nifty. Chapter 10: Vice Versa I couldn't believe it. I'd gone to bed with Steven sleeping in the other one. This vacation had been so amazing but tomorrow was the last day; it had to end.

And it seemed to be ending the way it started: with Steven and me sleeping separately. I didn't want it to end. I was awoken at some early hour by Steven crawling into bed with me. I smiled to myself as I felt my heart quicken. He couldn't deal with sleeping in the other bed any more than I wanted him there. "Charlie?" he whispered, "You asleep?" "Yes" I whispered back. He wrapped his arm around me, seeking out my hand to hold.

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I grabbed his hand and squeezed it tightly before rolling onto my back so I could look at him. Even in the dark he looked cute. No matter what happened there was no way I could be mad at him. He was my brother and, now, he was my lover. "I'm sorry" we whispered to each other almost at the same time, causing both of us to smile. "I really am sorry" I said, "I love you.

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I don't want to push you. If you want to keep it between us for now I'm ok with that. I really am" I thought I could live with that. I hoped I could. It was better than losing what we had. "Are you sure?" "Yeah. You're worth some sacrifice." My little brother leaned over and kissed me. We'd kissed many times now, often while he was fucking me, but I still loved it each time.

But this wasn't a kiss of lust. This was a kiss of caring. He backed off and looked into my eyes. We stared into each other's soul for a second before I lifted my head up and touched my lips to his. We kissed again. He pushed his face against mine, forcing my head back down against the pillow. My dick hardened quickly. From lovey to lusty in 30 seconds flat. I snaked my hand under the covers and down my brother's body.

Finding his cock was easy. At his length I didn't have to reach his crotch to find it. It was hard as iron with the head just north of his belly button. I couldn't see it, but I could picture it in my mind's eye. It truly was a perfect cock. I trailed my fingers up the length until I got to the head, half-covered in his foreskin.

My finger ended up touching a small dollop of precum oozing from his pisshole. I took it and brought it to my tongue. We kissed again, sharing his sweet juice. I wanted his dick. I really was a slut for my brother's cock. I couldn't tell you why other than that it felt amazing when he was deep inside me. It just felt right. And when he hit my prostate I wanted to scream in pleasure. That too. I loved that. I started to roll over onto my stomach, giving my brother access to me. "Wait." "What?" I asked impatiently.

I just wanted my hole stuffed. Now.


"I…I want you to do me." He looked a little sheepish as though he'd said something forbidden and shameful. He wanted me to fuck him?

"Are you sure?" "Yes. I want to feel you… Will it hurt?" No shit Sherlock. "Well, I'm not as big as you but I guess so? But even when you fuck me the pain doesn't last that long. It starts to feel good." He looked scared. For the second time in not so many hours I wanted to hold Steven close to me and make sure he didn't get hurt.

This time, though, there were other things I wanted to do as well. I hadn't considered fucking him before. I had assumed it would always be his dick in my ass; never the other way around. But now that I was thinking about it, my dick was rock hard. My brother got on his stomach and spread his legs a bit to give me access to his hole.

I'd seen my brother's cock a number of times but I'd never seen his ass. It was beautiful. It was a wonderful pink and looked tight. There was a light sprinkling of dark hairs around the hole. This was going to be fun. "You're gonna have to get me wet first." Steven said. I paused. Oh shit, I'm gonna have to rim him?


The idea was weird to me. When Steven had first done it I'd been disgusted by it. I'd gotten better with the idea but I still wasn't sure about doing it to him. What would it taste like? "You fall asleep back there?" He knocked me out of my head and back into the world. "Sorry." I lay down on the bed between his legs and brought my face close to my brother's ass.

I sniffed cautiously. It didn't smell like I'd expected. He smelled of skin with a faint hint of soap. Maybe this wouldn't be so bad. I stuck out my tongue an inch then hesitated. There was no going back. I took a breath, then went in. I took a quick lick, almost a peck, at his hole.

It tasted delicious. To this day I can't describe the taste of a nice ass. I didn't know what it was. All I knew was that, at that moment, I wanted more. I dove into my brother's ass, lapping away at his hole. He moaned, "Jesus. That's what that feels like?" He pushed back, forcing my tongue into his ass as I lapped at his tight hole.

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"Uggh. Yes" He reached back and grabbed my head, pulling it tighter against him. I drilled my tongue into him, getting his hole wet and ready for my cock. It was rock hard beneath me, the foreskin pulled back and the shaft throbbing. Precum was leaking out of the hole. Soon. I only rimmed him for a couple minutes.

We both wanted more. "Please, I can't take any more," he panted "fuck me. Fuck me now." The moment was now. My cock was harder than it had ever been. Precum glistened on the tip and the veins were standing out along the length. I semi-reluctantly removed my face from my brother's ass, my lips and chin wet with my spit. I wiped my face off and scooted forward, moving his legs apart. As his legs spread, his cheeks separated, exposing my brother's hole to my gaze.

It looked so perfect glistened with wetness in the pale light. I wanted to be inside him. I got closer to his hole. His whole body was tense in anticipation and fear of being fucked. I knew he wanted it but he'd seen the pain he'd caused me.

I couldn't blame him for being scared. Pain is part of the process. I knew it and so did he. I spit into my hand and rubbed it around the head of my cock and down the length of the shaft like I'd seen him do. I stroked my cock a couple times, enjoying my foreskin rolling over the ridge of my head. "You sure about this?" I asked one last time, giving him the chance to back out if he wanted.

"Yes. I want your cock." I sighed in happiness, I was about to lose my virginity. I mean, I'd already lost my anal virginity, but I was about to fuck a guy in the ass for the first time. The fact that it was my brother only made the deal sweeter. I rubbed the head of my cock up and down his crack.

I could hear Stephen moan and see him twitch each time I went over his hole. I loved teasing him this way; the anticipation building for both of us. I stopped at his hole and started to push. There was too much resistance though. He was squeezing, trying to keep me out. "Relax" "I'm trying." I leaned forward and kissed his neck while keeping the pressure on.

My lips on his neck caused him to relax involuntarily, his hole started to let me in. We gasped as the head of my cock slipped into his ass.

Me in pleasure; him in pain. "Oh fuck! Shit!" "Just breath and relax. The pain will stop." His ass was squeezing me so hard. It almost hurt my dick. I wanted more of my cock in him. I wanted to bury myself balls-deep in his ass and live there.

I continued to kiss his neck and, after a couple moments the pain he was feeling started to subside. He started to relax again little by little. "Ok," he whispered. I started pushing. At first, nothing. But then, slowly, I felt my cock begin to sink further into my brother's depths. The more cock I got in, the easier it was to get more in.

Inch by inch I filled him with my dick. Finally I was in him all the way. My balls rested against his and my pubes were against his ass. He was so warm. It was as though there were a fire inside his ass and it were surrounding my cock in a gentle heat. I basked in it. And he was tight. His anal ring squeezed the base of my cock as though he didn't want me to leave. "Oh my god," he panted. "You like that? You like your big brother's dick inside you?" "Yes.

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Oh god yes, Charlie" I flexed my dick inside him and he gasped. I giggled involuntarily. He was mine.

For now. As much as I loved being inside him, I couldn't just sit like this forever. I was inside of a tight ass that needed to be fucked. I knew what he needed and I was going to give it to him.

I slowly pulled my cock completely out of his ass. Stephen moaned as I pulled out and then protested as I left him. "I feel so empty. Please put it back." I looked down at his hole, it looked a little open. I'd done that. I'd opened his ass up with my cock. I pushed my dick back against his hole; it sank in much easier this time.

I was balls-deep in him in less than a second. Fully inside him once again. "Uggh. Fuck. Do that again." I did. Quickly pulling out and pushing back in. "Yes!" I started to fuck my brother in earnest, my dick seeming to fly in and out of his ass at an amazing speed.

The entirety of my body was against his, laying on top of him, as I pumped my cock into him over and over. My hand didn't even begin to compare to this. I was in love with the sensation of my cock inside of my brother. Fuck. He could give me complete pleasure with both his ass and his dick, it didn't matter how. Maybe I was really his, even now. "Fuck me" he whined, "I want you to fuck me harder." I decided to go for it.

"You want it?" "God yes! Fuck me!" I sped up my thrusts. I knew I wasn't going to last much longer. Already I could feel my balls tightening up and my body tensing in preparation for my coming orgasm.

The sensations of his ass around my cock only intensified as I sped up. "I don't think I can last much longer Stephen." I barely managed to say anything as I felt like my body was beginning to thrust on its own and I was losing control. "Keep going. I- I'm close." His statement was almost pointless. I didn't think I could stop if I wanted to. "Fuck.

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I'm going to cum Stephen." "Do it. Fill me up." I felt like the fire within Stephen was consuming me. The heat was spreading up through my dick and into my body. I kept thrusting until the moment I erupted. I instinctually thrust deep into my brother and held myself in him balls-deep. "I'm cumming!" It felt like I was shooting the entire contents of my body into him. My cock jerked and the first jet of cum shot into him.

Then another and another. I could barely think as my hips jerked in short thrusts in time with my load shooting into him, filling him with my seed. My head swam in pleasure. Underneath me Stephen was humping back at me, his ass milking my cock of every drop of my cum.

At the same time I was apparently ramming into his prostate, my dick milking him of his load. I felt his ass tighten around my cock and I knew that he was cumming. "Ugggh…Mmm. I'm cumming. Oh fuck." He managed to gasp. His ass squeezed my cock like it never wanted to let it go. His ass rhythmically squeezing and loosening, my cock still twitching inside him, we laid there in the aftermath of our orgasms.

Nirvana. I was almost in a daze. I had fucked my brother. I had fucked him and I had cum in him. The turnaround of this last week had been amazing. I had gone from repressed, closeted gay guy to still-closeted but ok gay guy.


I'd been fucked in the ass and I'd fucked my brother in the ass. I'd been the subject of a gangbang and I'd been double penetrated. This had shaped out to be one hell of a vacation. I was knocked out of my reverie by Stephen squirming beneath me.

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"Charlie? Could you.uh…get off of me?" I chuckled an started to lift myself off of him, my cock pulling as I lifted. "Uggh. Slower". My cock was stretching as I tried to pull it ou.

Finally it popped free and Stephen gasped again. A drop of my cum followed my dick out of his ass. His hole winked as it tried to return to its previous state. I giggled. Stephen rolled over and I saw the massive amount of cum he had shot between the bed and himself. His stomach as practically soaked with his load. A creamy white mess. "Holy shit!" was all I could manage.

He looked sheepish as he realized that I'd literally fucked the cum out of him. He hadn't touched his dick. "Let's get you cleaned up," I suggested. We hopped in the shower and I gently scrubbed the cum off of my brother's chest. He leaned on me as I washed him.

I whipped his ass clean or our combined juices and then washed my dick. I dried him and then we got into the other bed. I was, for once, thankful that we had a second bed.

I didn't want to sleep with all his cum. Though I'd been the one to fuck him tonight I knew that wasn't what I wanted. I still craved my brother's cock and I would continue to crave it. I was his, there was no mistaking that. He took his rightful place as big spoon and I swooned, as I always did, when I felt his large soft cock between my cheeks. This is what I wanted for the rest of my life. Stephen kissed me on the back of the neck and whispered to me.

"Thank you." Was all he said. Soon I could hear his breathing deepen and become more regular, letting me know he was asleep. I looked at the clock; 5:13 AM. I don't know how long it took me to fall asleep after that.

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All I know is that I fell asleep with my brother's body against mine and his arm wrapped around me, our fingers intertwined, the way it was meant to be. End Chapter 10.